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Bashed by Obama and Romney at debate, China shows its patience is wearing thin

In the aftermath of a U.S. presidential debate that included blistering accusations about unfair Chinese economic practices, a commentary carried by China’s state Xinhua newswire on Wednesday warned that targeting its country’s products or currency would risk a trade war. | 10/17/12 13:42:03 By - By Tom Lasseter

Pew report finds growing worry among Chinese about corruption and income gap

China’s citizens are increasingly concerned about official corruption and the widening gap between the very rich and nearly everyone else, even as a vast majority say they are better off economically than they were five years ago, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Tuesday. | 10/16/12 10:14:28 By - By Tom Lasseter

Mo Yan, Nobel literature prize winner, not a dissident in China but still a controversial figure

Chinese novelist Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday, an honor that brought acclaim for an author whose work traces the turbulent history of China through a surrealist lens but that also underlined the nation’s current political complexities. | 10/11/12 16:57:09 By - By Tom Lasseter

Protests over forced land evictions soaring in China, Amnesty International reports

The pace of forced property evictions in China has increased during the past three years, fueling social discontent and prompting at least 41 people to set themselves on fire in protest from 2009 to the end of 2011, according to a study published by Amnesty International on Thursday. | 10/11/12 08:45:15 By - By Tom Lasseter

China moves to silence journalists who offered rare taste of transparency

Investigative journalism provides a pressure valve in a society laced with pent-up discontent. Allowing it to continue, however, creates the possibility of questions arising about the ruling party – unthinkable for an authority whose power is predicated on its near-infallibility. | 10/04/12 15:43:21 By - By Tom Lasseter

Bo Xilai expelled from China’s Communist Party

The Chinese Communist Party on Friday announced the expulsion from its ranks of former high-flying politician Bo Xilai, with state media saying that he will “face justice,” a move that sets up a coming crescendo in the biggest leadership scandal to hit Beijing in decades. | 09/28/12 14:28:17 By - By Tom Lasseter

Chinese media link Bo Xilai to court case for 1st time

Chinese state media on Wednesday for the first time mentioned disgraced politician Bo Xilai in connection with one of the trials springing from the scandal that ended his once-bright career and shook Beijing’s ruling elite. | 09/19/12 17:02:30 By - By Tom Lasseter

China asserts control over anti-Japan protesters, allowing fruit throwing but not arson

The Chinese government took steps Tuesday to quell at least for now a troubling spike in domestic political tumult, tightly controlling anti-Japanese protests that over the weekend had threatened to spin out of control and concluding the highly-sensitive trial of a former police chief tied to the biggest political scandal the country has seen in decades. | 09/18/12 10:40:19 By - By Tom Lasseter

Near caves where Mao lived after Long March, worries about the future

In the Chinese Communist Party’s mix of history and mythology, the cave homes dug in the soft, loess hills of Yan’an hold a defining moment. It was here after the Long March, the epic cross-country retreat by Mao Zedong’s Red Army fleeing Nationalist soldiers, that Mao and his comrades found a base from which to launch victory. | 09/17/12 17:16:34 By - By Tom Lasseter

Biggest anti-Japanese protests in 40 years sweep China as Xi Jinping reappears

Anti-Japanese protests flared in more than a dozen cities across China on Saturday, with some demonstrators trying to storm police barricades outside Japan’s embassy in Beijing as thousands pelted the building with rocks and eggs. | 09/15/12 14:33:54 By - By Tom Lasseter

Where is China’s presumed next president, Xi Jinping?

Xi Jinping is expected to become the next leader of China, making him one of the most powerful men on the planet. But right now, no one outside the inner circles of power in Beijing is quite sure where he can be found. | 09/10/12 16:08:05 By - By Tom Lasseter

China’s Bo Xilai scandal takes new turn with indictment of ex-Police Chief Wang Lijun

A former police chief whose dramatic overnight stay at a U.S. consulate in February set off the biggest political scandal to hit China in years has been indicted on charges that involve defection, abuse of power and taking bribes, state media said Wednesday. | 09/05/12 14:42:09 By - By Tom Lasseter

Modern China: A tale of luxury villas and displaced villagers

As uniformed maids bustled about the yard of the villa, Zhu Xinxin ushered a guest across black and tan Italian marble floors to an elevator that rose with a hushed glide. In the master bathroom upstairs, Zhu paused to point out gold-plated swan sink faucets that cost $7,865 each. | 08/30/12 17:29:29 By - By Tom Lasseter

Suspended death sentence given to Gu Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai

A Chinese court on Monday handed down a suspended death sentence for Gu Kailai, the wife of fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai. It’s customary in Chinese law for suspended death sentences to be converted to lengthy prison terms after two years. | 08/19/12 23:49:08 By - By Tom Lasseter

In high-profile trial of Gu Kailai, China’s party bosses will dictate result

When Gu Kailai walks through courtroom doors to face charges of killing a British businessman, she’ll do so knowing that her fate already has been sealed. | 08/02/12 14:46:32 By - By Tom Lasseter

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