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Smoke hasn’t cleared yet on facts surrounding China bombing

Questions have continued to linger this week over one of the largest reported bombings to hit China in recent years, a blast Friday that killed 11 people and wounded more than 30 and was apparently followed by an attempted coverup by local powerbrokers. | 01/16/13 17:06:09 By - By Tom Lasseter

Watching Newtown from afar, China wrestles with its own tragedy

Not long after Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 schoolchildren and six adults Friday at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., the news swept through Chinese media and websites. The state Xinhua newswire ran an editorial headlined, “Innocent blood demands no delay for U.S. gun control.” | 12/17/12 13:25:46 By - By Tom Lasseter

North Korea sends object into space with surprise launch of multi-stage rocket

North Korea caught the world by surprise on Wednesday morning with the launch of a long-range rocket that it said had successfully put a satellite in orbit, a move that the West views as part of a military program aimed at one day being able to deliver a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile. | 12/12/12 00:11:21 By - By Tom Lasseter

China sacks many officials in Chongqing, but man’s corruption claim unresolved

In the past year, much would seem to have changed in Chongqing, the mega-city that’s been the epicenter of China’s recent round of political intrigue. The city’s Communist Party boss was fired, his wife convicted of murder, his police chief sentenced to jail and a local bureaucrat removed after a sex tape surfaced. Still, for Hu Cheng, whose struggle over local corruption led him to attempt suicide 13 months ago, nothing has changed. | 12/10/12 14:26:48 By - By Tom Lasseter

Future under new Chinese leadership remains murky

From the outside looking in, so far there’s only speculation about the Communist Party’s intentions since a party congress that ended last week. | 11/23/12 17:19:05 By - By Tom Lasseter

Retirement looms for most of the men named to China’s new ruling elite

Faced with mounting social pressures and concerns about corruption in the ranks of the ruling class, the Chinese Communist Party on Thursday stacked its all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee with men who are nearing retirement. | 11/15/12 16:11:05 By - By Tom Lasseter

Xi Jinping takes helm in China; new Communist party ruling circle named

The Chinese Communist Party on Thursday unveiled its new top leadership with a procession of seven officials who walked across a red carpet before flashing cameras, finally drawing the curtain back after months of speculation about a group of the most powerful men on the globe. | 11/15/12 00:20:36 By - By Tom Lasseter

Chinese Communist Party may fear reform more than corruption

Even for a Chinese Communist Party known for its cognitive dissonance, a report delivered by General Secretary Hu Jintao last week was hard to reconcile. He warned that the state could collapse under the weight of corruption and lack of political integrity, but at the same time he signaled that reform should not be overly aggressive. | 11/13/12 14:51:32 By - By Tom Lasseter

Chinese Communist Party blames Dalai Lama for Tibetan self-immolations

Chinese officials on Friday renewed their accusations that exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and those around him are responsible for instigating a wave of self-immolations in China. | 11/09/12 12:49:50 By - By Tom Lasseter

China’s Hu Jintao warns corruption could prove fatal to Communist Party

Ten years ago, there were hopes that Hu Jintao would bring reform to a Chinese Communist Party that had opened up the economy but maintained a hard-line, authoritarian style of governance. Now, with Hu stepping down as the nation’s president and the party’s general secretary, that central challenge remains. | 11/08/12 07:10:23 By - By Tom Lasseter

China turns to police, cabdrivers to enforce orderly transition in power

As the United States ends its political season, China’s is beginning, and Beijing would like to keep things in order. That means red banner slogans strung along roadsides, flurries of propaganda-as-news and, of course, a police crackdown. | 11/06/12 15:15:28 By - By Tom Lasseter

Power is about to change hands in China, but likely impact is unknown

If all goes according to plan, in about two weeks a small, secretive group comprising some of the world’s most powerful leaders will walk across a red carpet in downtown Beijing. The members of the Chinese Communist Party’s new politburo standing committee almost certainly will make their first public group appearance lined up and wearing uniformly dark suits, tepid smiles and dyed black hair. | 11/05/12 07:07:13 By - By Tom Lasseter

Dispute over village election highlights China’s Communist Party challenge

As the party readies for a once-a-decade changeover of national leadership, speculation has spread over whether and to what extent the new administration may introduce change. | 10/29/12 11:49:49 By - By Tom Lasseter

New string of Tibetan self-immolations renews fiery protests of Chinese rule

Seven ethnic Tibetans in China set themselves on fire in a week’s time, bringing the number of self-immolations in defiance of Chinese government rule to about 60 since last year, according to announcements over the weekend by the Tibetan government in exile and an advocacy group. | 10/28/12 15:16:56 By - By Tom Lasseter

China strips Bo Xilai of last official post, setting stage for his trial

China on Friday announced that it had stripped disgraced politician Bo Xilai of his final immunity against criminal prosecution, expelling him from the rubberstamp National People’s Congress and setting him up for almost certain trial and conviction. | 10/25/12 23:42:27 By - By Tom Lasseter

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