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Pakistani Taliban says it’ll seek revenge for CIA drone killing of their No. 2

The Pakistani Taliban confirmed Thursday that its deputy chief had been killed by a drone strike and vowed revenge against the government for allegedly providing the terrorist chief’s coordinates to the CIA. | 05/30/13 17:17:56 By - By Tom Hussain

Drone strike kills Pakistani linked to ’09 blast at CIA Afghan base

Missiles from a CIA drone killed a Pakistani Taliban leader Wednesday who was carrying a $5 million U.S. bounty on his head, Pakistani security officials said, an indication that the Obama administration and the Pakistani military still are cooperating on the top-secret U.S. targeted killing program. | 05/29/13 18:50:56 By - By Tom Hussain and Jonathan S. Landay

Asif Ali Zardari likely will lose Pakistan’s presidency – and immunity from prosecution

Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, will certainly lose his job in September – and like his predecessor, retired Gen. Pervez Musharraf, he’s likely to face criminal charges under the government of newly elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. | 05/23/13 16:19:59 By - By Tom Hussain

Nawaz Sharif’s victory in Pakistan elections likely to change nature of U.S. relationship

The victory of Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan’s parliamentary elections will usher in a new period in Pakistan’s relationship with the United States, with Secretary of State John Kerry likely to assume the lead role in relations long dominated by the Pentagon. | 05/13/13 14:29:14 By - By Tom Hussain

Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s likely next prime minister, pledges to curb attacks on India

With Pakistanis heading to the polls Saturday, the man who’s expected to be the country’s next prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, has signaled his determination to seize control of policy toward longtime foe India from Pakistan’s overbearing military and prevent militants from staging attacks on India from Pakistani soil. | 05/09/13 15:18:31 By - By Tom Hussain

Son of ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani kidnapped in bid to disrupt elections

Suspected militant extremists kidnapped the youngest son of Pakistan’s former prime minister Thursday in the central city of Multan, the latest in a series of attacks aimed at disrupting the campaign for the country’s general election Saturday. | 05/09/13 13:52:10 By - By Tom Hussain

Pakistan election campaign reflects new faith in democratic process

Pakistanis head to the polls Saturday to elect a new Parliament after five years of bitter disputes with the United States over bases for the Afghan Taliban, U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas and the covert operation that killed Osama bin Laden. But those topics have been largely ignored in the election campaign. | 05/06/13 15:48:21 By - By Tom Hussain

Pakistani prosecutor who charged Musharraf in Benazir Bhutto slaying is gunned down

A Pakistani state prosecutor leading a federal investigation into the December 2007 assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was gunned down by suspected terrorists Friday as he drove away from his residence in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital. | 05/03/13 15:21:24 By - By Tom Hussain

Karachi is part of Pakistani Taliban plan to bring war to urban centers

A spate of Pakistani Taliban bomb attacks on candidates campaigning for Pakistan’s May 11 general election in the coastal city of Karachi has signaled what people close to al Qaida say is a strategic shift by the country’s militant insurgency from areas bordering Afghanistan to major urban centers. | 04/29/13 17:03:29 By - By Tom Hussain

In test of Pakistani democracy, Pervez Musharraf appears in court

Pervez Musharraf, the 69-year-old former president of Pakistan, surrendered to authorities Friday and was arraigned before a local magistrate on a range of charges that could send him to prison for years. He was the first of the country’s four former military dictators to appear before a civilian court. | 04/19/13 15:35:26 By - By Tom Hussain

Once Pakistan’s strongman, Pervez Musharraf holed up at farm in test of country’s democracy

From October 1999 to February 2008, Pervez Musharraf held unequaled power in Pakistan as the country’s dictatorial president and a key ally in the United States’ war on terror. President George W. Bush was considered a close personal friend. | 04/18/13 15:01:57 By - By Tom Hussain

Adil Omar, a young rapper with explosive lyrics, breaks taboos in Pakistan

Adil Omar has struck a chord with educated Pakistani youth who – after five years of Taliban terrorist attacks – are using artistic expression to rebel against the moral policing of their conservative society and being labeled as extremists in the West. | 07/12/12 15:41:00 By - By Tom Hussain

Rise of Islamist seminaries is latest worry in Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad is practically besieged by seminaries run by militant organizations, which house about 24,800 students, mostly from religiously conservative areas of the country. Analysts say that the Pakistani military, which dominates foreign and security policy decisions, has prevented the weak civilian government from acting against the seminaries. | 06/26/12 16:52:33 By - By Tom Hussain

Afghanistan withdrawal fuels fears in neighboring Pakistan

The impending withdrawal of U.S.-led NATO combat troops from Afghanistan is raising worries next door in Pakistan, where a growing number of experts are warning that the forces’ departure could reinvigorate a domestic insurgency that Pakistan’s military is barely keeping at bay. | 06/05/12 15:02:35 By - By Tom Hussain

Pakistan deports bin Laden’s family to Saudi Arabia

Pakistan early Wednesday was scheduled to deport the 14 members of Osama bin Laden’s family who had lived with him in a garrison town near Islamabad until U.S. forces killed him in a raid in May 2011. | 04/17/12 05:00:00 By - By Tom Hussain

After Himalayan avalanche, many in Pakistan call for patching ties with India

The probable loss of an entire garrison of Pakistani troops to a Himalayan avalanche on the country's disputed border with India has firmed national support for settling the longstanding political disputes between the nuclear-armed neighbors. | 04/12/12 14:45:00 By - Tom Hussain

Weapons smugglers thrive in chaos of western Pakistan

The P226, a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol made by the weapons manufacturer SIG Sauer, is a favorite of law enforcement agencies and militaries worldwide, from the FBI and Navy SEALs to NATO troops in Afghanistan and police departments across the United States. | 04/09/12 14:49:00 By - Tom Hussain

Avalanche buries garrison of Pakistani troops

An avalanche Saturday buried alive a garrison of at least 100 Pakistani troops stationed on a glacier high in the Himalayas that has been fought over with India for 30 years. | 04/07/12 14:45:00 By - Tom Hussain

U.S. announces $10 million reward for Pakistani militant figure

Pakistan was stung Tuesday by the U.S. State Department's announcement of a $10 million reward for the capture or conviction of the founder of a Pakistani militant group that allegedly carried out the November 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, India's largest city. | 04/03/12 16:49:00 By - Tom Hussain

After sentencing, bin Laden's family might leave Pakistan soon

Pakistan's government might wash its hands of Osama bin Laden's family as early as April 17, after an Islamabad court's decision Monday to impose the lightest possible sentence on his three widows and two teenage daughters for violating minor immigration laws. | 04/02/12 16:36:00 By - Tom Hussain

Baluchistan separatists in Pakistan beset by divisions

The insurgents' presence is obvious in the mountains and ravines of Pakistan's western Baluchistan province, where hilltops are fortified with slabs of rock to serve as secure lookout posts for snipers. | 03/29/12 17:07:00 By - Tom Hussain

Seeking new trade partners, Iran eyes Pakistan

Iran and Pakistan are negotiating a barter deal in which Pakistan would supply up to 22 million tons of wheat in return for discounted electricity and petroleum products, Pakistani business leaders involved in the talks said. | 03/12/12 15:05:00 By - Tom Hussain

Insecurity impedes relief efforts in flood-stricken Pakistan

Western humanitarian groups have accelerated their plans to exit areas of Pakistan that were devastated in the 2010 floods after a spate of aid worker kidnappings and amid growing tensions with Pakistani security agencies. | 02/16/12 15:44:00 By - Tom Hussain

Deadly drone strike signals renewed U.S.-Pakistan cooperation

A U.S. drone strike reportedly killed a notorious Pakistani al Qaida operative before dawn Thursday in a tribal area bordering Afghanistan, the latest sign that the United States and Pakistan are stepping up coordinated intelligence operations despite a downturn in relations. | 02/09/12 15:41:00 By - Tom Hussain

Parties campaign in Pakistan's tribal areas despite fears of Taliban

For the first time ever, political parties have started campaigning for votes in the militant-infested tribal areas of Pakistan that border Afghanistan, ahead of a general election likely within the next 12 months. | 01/30/12 15:29:00 By - Tom Hussain

Pakistan's high court to hear murder charges against spy agencies

Pakistan's military spy agencies face unprecedented public scrutiny when the country's Supreme Court on Monday begins hearing charges that operatives murdered suspected militants in custody. | 01/29/12 14:24:00 By - Tom Hussain

Al Qaida still holding American contractor hostage in Pakistan

A kidnapped 70-year-old American aid contractor is alive and in good health, being held by a Pakistani al Qaida affiliate that's likely to use him as a bargaining chip, according to militants, security officials and analysts. | 01/25/12 19:00:00 By - Tom Hussain

Pakistan's Gilani, Kayani make nice, easing fears of coup

Fears that Pakistan's military might orchestrate a collapse of the civilian government abated Wednesday after the prime minister and army chief publicly signaled that they'd reconciled their political differences. | 01/25/12 19:00:00 By - Tom Hussain

Analysts: U.S., Pakistan collaborating again on drone strikes

Two apparent U.S. drone attacks last week on militant targets in Pakistani tribal areas bordering Afghanistan very likely signal the resumption of joint counterintelligence operations by the CIA and Pakistan's military spy agency, security analysts here said Monday. | 01/16/12 15:31:00 By - Tom Hussain

Pakistan speeds pursuit of Iranian pipeline, defying U.S.

With a decision to fast-track the construction of a natural gas pipeline from Iran, Pakistan is underscoring not only the energy needs of its flailing economy but also its growing estrangement from Washington. | 01/10/12 17:17:00 By - Tom Hussain

Pakistan's President Zardari fights back at moves to oust him

The Pakistani government has mounted a counterattack against moves by the country's military and Supreme Court that could result in what critics call a constitutional coup against President Asif Ali Zardari. | 01/05/12 16:39:00 By - Tom Hussain

Militants agree to truce with Pakistan, unite against NATO

Pakistani Islamist militants on Sunday pledged to cease their four-year insurgency against Pakistani security forces, and join the Taliban's war against NATO troops in Afghanistan. | 01/02/12 15:16:00 By - Tom Hussain

Power struggle could further destabilize Pakistan

Pakistan's powerful army wants President Asif Ali Zardari gone, but it has ruled out staging a coup, and instead is hoping for a legal ruling that could lead to Zardari's impeachment by the country's parliament, analysts and military insiders say. | 12/30/11 17:23:00 By - Tom Hussain

India, Pakistan renew talks to avert nuclear clash

South Asia's nuclear neighbors, India and Pakistan, tentatively agreed Tuesday to renew an agreement that aims to reduce the risk of an accidental nuclear war. | 12/27/11 15:03:00 By - Tom Hussain

Tensions rise between Pakistan's civilian leaders and its military

A destabilizing confrontation between Pakistan's fledgling democratic government and its powerful military is evolving into a debate over the country's controversial nuclear weapons program. | 12/26/11 14:07:00 By - Tom Hussain

Pakistan's military rejects Pentagon findings, denies coup plot

Pakistan's military on Friday ratcheted up tensions with the U.S., rejecting the findings of a Pentagon investigation into the friendly fire deaths of 25 Pakistani soldiers. The rejection came amid increasing political instability in Pakistan over allegations that the president, Asif Zardari, had in May sought American assistance to avert a military takeover. | 12/23/11 17:32:00 By - Tom Hussain

U.S. says both sides erred in deadly Pakistani border incident

A U.S. military investigation has blamed poor coordination between American and Pakistani forces for the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a friendly fire incident along the Afghanistan border in November, the Pentagon said Thursday. | 12/22/11 17:31:00 By - Tom Hussain

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