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Animated ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ hits 100 episodes

A milestone, the 100th episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” will air Saturday on Cartoon Network. “The Clone Wars” centers on war between the decaying galactic Republic and a separatist movement lead by the evil Sith Lord, Count Dooku. | 01/04/13 15:30:48 By - Tish Wells

‘1356’: When things were rotten

All in all, the Middle Ages in Europe was lousy living for most people. How can you tell? Just pick up “1356” by prolific author Bernard Cornwall and you’ll see. Like the period it is written about, it needs a strong stomach to finish | 01/02/13 10:59:51 By - Tish Wells

Mayan exhibit celebrates changing calendar and royal jade

If you’ve outlived the apocalypse and still are interested in Mayan culture, drop in on a new exhibit about the Mayans in Washington. | 12/20/12 17:03:03 By - By Tish Wells

Steinmetz's 'Desert Air' offers a bird’s view of deserts

‘Tis the time of year for coffee table books and, for the adventuresome, there is nothing better than “Desert Air.” World-class photographer George Steinmetz who worked for National Geographic and GEO Magazine has published a number of his finest photographs in a book that is only just big enough to hold their subjects | 12/19/12 08:27:11 By - Tish Wells

A scary Victorian 'Doctor Who' Christmas special

What’s the use of a “Doctor Who Christmas Special” if you can’t have the children cowering behind couches by the end? In the case of this year’s special, to be broadcast Christmas Day on BBC America, you may never see a familiar holiday icon in the same benign light. | 12/19/12 08:14:54 By - Tish Wells

On the (Supernatural) road with Sam and Dean Winchester

“Supernatural” started in 2005 as a simple horror television show. It has become a tangled multi-season series with angels, demons, witches, vampires and the (human) brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. Their jobs are to actively hunt that which goes bump, rip, and mutilate in the night. | 12/12/12 08:12:21 By - Tish Wells

‘Mankind’: The story of us all

In “Mankind: The Story of Us All,” Pamela D. Toler introduces us to the connections, over time, that led to our domination of the planet. It’s a vast task that she does well | 12/05/12 08:22:10 By - Tish Wells

D.C. exhibit details history, complexities of the Arabian Peninsula

There’s more to Saudi Arabia than sand, oil and camels. The proof is at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C., with the “Roads of Arabia” exhibit, on display until Feb. 23, 2013. | 11/26/12 22:15:50 By - Tish Wells

A lesson on how fashion affected human history

It’s always fun to find a book that is one-stop holiday shopping for both newcomer and expert, especially when the fat book is full of fashion history and photographs. | 11/21/12 10:28:31 By - Tish Wells

‘Leonardo and The Last Supper,’ a portrait of the times behind Da Vinci

Inventor, painter, designer — Leonardo Da Vinci was a brilliant man. This undeniable fact is borne out by his drawings, his notebooks, his paintings, and one fresco in particular — The Last Supper in the Dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. But, according to Ross King, it wasn’t a job Da Vinci wanted. | 11/21/12 12:25:17 By - Tish Wells

D.C.'s International Spy Museum salutes '50 years of Bond Villains'

Do you have what it takes to be James Bond? You can test yourself at the new exhibit “Exquisitely Evil: 50 years of Bond Villains,” which just opened at the International Spy Museum. It runs through 2014. | 11/19/12 10:15:53 By - Tish Wells

‘The Watchers’ offers Elizabethan intrigue, history and espionage

If you’re looking for something that combines Elizabethan intrigue, history and espionage, try Stephen Alford’s “The Watchers.” | 11/14/12 15:02:25 By - Tish Wells

Holiday season for ‘Star Wars’ book fans

If you have a “Star Wars” fan in your family, you may end up wondering what to get them. Don’t worry — Lucasfilm has got you covered. It’s intent on providing all your book needs this Christmas season. | 11/07/12 11:59:05 By - Tish Wells

Graphic comics of H.P. Lovecraft enough to give you nightmares

Don’t read either volume of the “The Lovecraft Anthology” before going to bed. You may never want to turn out the light. Two new graphic collections, edited by Dan Lockwood, are enough to give nightmares to any imaginative reader. | 10/24/12 09:14:07 By - Tish Wells

‘Star Wars Reads’ invasion of schools, bookstores, libraries, set for Saturday

Don’t be surprised if you see Imperial Stormtroopers, Jedi, Rebels or various configurations of R2-D2s on the streets of America on Saturday. They will be enjoying “Star Wars Reads Day” at your local libraries, schools, independent bookstores, Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million. | 10/04/12 10:42:43 By - Tish Wells

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