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Reversal of Rios Montt verdict in Guatemala sparks criticism of genocide charge

The overturning this week of former military dictator Gen. Efrain Rios Montt’s conviction on charges stemming from Guatemala’s brutal civil war has created a surprising consensus among critics on both the left and the right: Prosecutors badly overreached when they tried to pin accusations of genocide on the 86-year-old former president. | 05/24/13 18:17:15 By - By Tim Johnson

Mexico’s Pena Nieto, seeking wide reforms, wants to limit power of governors

Barely a quarter-century ago, Mexico’s all-powerful presidents could run any of the nation’s 31 governors out of office at will. Then the pendulum began to swing. In the last decade, the power of governors grew to such levels that they became known by the moniker “little viceroys.” | 05/17/13 17:20:55 By - By Tim Johnson

In Mexico, fears for democracy as threatened journalists curtail coverage

Quitze Fernandez, a columnist for the El Guardian newspaper in this capital of Coahuila state abutting Texas, picked up the phone in his newsroom one day. | 05/16/13 13:26:45 By - By Tim Johnson

On the crime beat in Mexico, danger lies in knowing too much

It is a sultry morning in this crime-ridden resort, and little movement occurs at the main police headquarters. Francisco Robles, a freelance news photographer, glances down at an incoming text message on his phone. | 05/16/13 13:28:26 By - By Tim Johnson

Murder of Mexican reporter in Veracruz spotlights official hostility toward press

The story of Regina Martinez’s murder opens a window on a different facet of the violence afflicting journalists in Mexico, one in which gangsters play a lesser role than government officials, who routinely bully journalists and foster an environment in which impunity is nearly assured when journalists are the victims. Even when they are murdered. | 05/16/13 13:29:25 By - By Tim Johnson

Few convictions for Mexico’s special prosecutor for crimes against journalists

Complacent. Ineffective. Bungling. Inept. | 05/16/13 14:59:08 By - By Tim Johnson

In Mexico, ‘juniors’ and ‘ladies’ find scorn in social networks

Those who resent the powerful ruling class of this country have coined colorful slang phrases for the rich and entitled. The sons of the elite are called “juniors,” or worse “papaloys,” a Spanish language contraction of the words “papa” and “lords.” | 05/10/13 16:44:01 By - By Tim Johnson

Guatemala court gives 80-year term to ex-dictator Rios Montt

A three-judge panel Friday convicted former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt of genocide, saying his military regime used “extreme terror” in an effort to wipe out a Mayan minority ethnic group in the early 1980s. | 05/10/13 20:33:13 By - By Tim Johnson

Mexico, to attract U.S. retirees, may ease limits on landownership

Mexican legislators may soon lift a major impediment for foreigners who want to own a piece of Mexico’s Pacific or Caribbean coasts. For the first time in nearly a century, lawmakers are moving to allow non-Mexicans to buy coastal real estate and hold the deeds to it, without having to set up bank trusts or find silent Mexican partners. | 05/09/13 13:06:02 By - By Tim Johnson

Obama might accept immigration bill without help for same-sex couples

President Barack Obama said Friday he might accept a rewrite of the nation’s immigration laws even if it did not allow tens of thousands of same-sex couples to apply for legal status for their foreign-born partners. | 05/03/13 21:31:16 By - By Anita Kumar and Tim Johnson

Obama, Mexico’s leader link trade to immigration

President Barack Obama won the strong support of Mexico’s new president Thursday to control the flow of migrants and strengthen border security, measures that may give momentum to a pending overhaul of U.S. immigration laws before Congress. | 05/02/13 20:44:22 By - By Tim Johnson

Mexico seizes father-in-law of Sinaloa drug cartel chief on eve of Obama visit

Authorities on Tuesday captured the father-in-law of the powerful chief of the Sinaloa Cartel, chalking up a victory against crime in a week in which President Barack Obama is to travel to Mexico. | 04/30/13 22:09:01 By - By Tim Johnson

Crisis in political alliance imperils reform drive in Mexico

A vaunted three-party alliance that sustains President Enrique Pena Nieto’s drive to enact major changes in Mexico is severely fraying, casting a shadow over pending overhauls in tax collection, finance and energy production. | 04/23/13 16:58:03 By - By Tim Johnson

Gulf Cartel’s power struggle holds Mexican city of Reynosa hostage

The sinister-looking men seem to be everywhere. They stand idly, walkie-talkies in hand, at key intersections or at the entrances to gated communities where their unseen masters live. They are the front line of the dark power struggle that’s roiling Reynosa, a Mexican border city just a short drive from the tranquillity of Texas. | 03/28/13 15:31:01 By - By Tim Johnson

As U.S. tightens rules on lead emissions, battery recycling has moved to Mexico

Mexico’s standard for lead emissions standards are 10 times less stringent than the United States’. Since 2004, that’s meant a fivefold increase in the number of spent car batteries being shipped to Mexico from the United States and a dwindling in U.S.-based smelting operations to just 14. | 03/26/13 16:49:36 By - By Tim Johnson

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