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Ex-CIA officer tied to abduction of Egyptian cleric allowed to flee Panama for U.S.

Panama on Friday allowed a retired CIA station chief wanted in Italy for his role in the 2003 abduction of an Egyptian Muslim cleric to leave for the United States, permitting the former U.S. intelligence agent to avoid an Italian jail cell. | 07/19/13 19:30:15 By - By Tim Johnson

Panama arrests ex-CIA station chief sought by Italy in rendition case

Panamanian authorities have arrested a retired CIA station chief who was convicted in absentia in Italy for kidnapping an Egyptian cleric who was accused of terrorism and sent back to Egypt for questioning and a jail term. | 07/18/13 20:05:27 By - By Tim Johnson

Panama summons U.N. experts over North Korea arms ship

Panama said Wednesday that it had slapped disorderly conduct charges on 35 crewmembers of a rusty North Korean freighter carrying “obsolete” military equipment – including apparently two MiG-21 fighter jets – and summoned U.N. experts to ascertain if the shipment violated U.N. resolutions. | 07/17/13 19:38:16 By - By Juan O. Tamayo, Tim Johnson and Jonathan S. Landay

Panama finds missile parts under bags of sugar in North Korean freighter

Panamanian officials Tuesday sought to unravel the mystery surrounding a rusty North Korean freighter in whose hold they found what experts said were parts of an obsolete Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile system hidden beneath sacks of sugar. | 07/16/13 19:47:32 By - By Tim Johnson and Jonathan S. Landay

Mexico captures kingpin of dreaded Los Zetas crime gang

Mexican marines captured the leader of the nation’s most feared drug trafficking group, Los Zetas, along the northern border with Texas, marking a major blow to a crime gang with tentacles deep within the United States, authorities said Monday night. | 07/15/13 22:52:49 By - By Tim Johnson

France’s foreign minister, in Mexico to bury hatchet, says U.S. no longer dictates world events

France’s foreign minister called Monday for far-reaching collaboration with Mexico, officially burying a diplomatic squabble that roiled relations between the two nations for years. | 07/15/13 17:10:51 By - By Tim Johnson

Latin American complaints over U.S. spying ignore their own wiretap programs

Several Latin American presidents have complained bitterly following recent revelations about U.S. electronic surveillance, but there’s a bit of hypocrisy in some of their griping. | 07/11/13 17:23:47 By - By Tim Johnson

PAN’s victory in Baja California vote keeps hope of oil industry reform alive

The National Action Party held on to the governorship of Baja California in state and local elections, returns showed Monday, breathing life into the sputtering center-right party but failing to clarify the outlook for pending changes in Mexican oil industry law. | 07/08/13 15:54:34 By - By Tim Johnson McClatchy Foreign Staff

Baja California candidate’s brother, a former Tijuana police chief, accused of taking cartel payoffs

Just days before state and local elections that will send a third of Mexicans to the polls, the ruling party candidate for governor in Baja California faces allegations that his brother is tied to a drug cartel. | 07/03/13 18:49:50 By - By Tim Johnson

Cuba’s danzon musical form dies at home but endures in Mexico

Every Saturday of the year, hundreds of couples converge on a shady park in this capital to embrace one another in the slow-moving, genteel dance known as the danzon. | 07/01/13 15:17:11 By - By Tim Johnson

Anger at U.S. complicates efforts to capture Snowden

Edward Snowden, the fugitive American contractor who revealed details of the U.S. government’s extensive spying network, so far has evaded capture by hop-scotching around the world with the help of nations that have their own beefs with the United States. | 06/24/13 19:39:37 By - By Hannah Allam and Tim Johnson

Transparency laws give citizens tool against Mexican corruption

One day this year, citizen activist Jose Manuel Arias Rodriguez was told by the state of Tabasco that his request under the state’s sunshine-in-government law had been granted. | 06/17/13 15:22:56 By - By Tim Johnson

Mexico opens telecom market to foreigners in move to break up monopolies

Mexico’s president signed into law a monopoly-busting telecommunications law Monday that’s expected to drive down telephone prices for consumers and cost the country’s richest man billions of dollars. | 06/10/13 18:16:38 By - By Tim Johnson

China’s Xi splashes cash, deals on leisurely trip to woo Mexico

China’s leader is a guest who brings lots of gifts and lingers. President Xi Jinping, on the second day of an unhurried three-day visit to Mexico, spoke to the nation’s Senate Wednesday afternoon, then left for City Hall and prepared to visit the nation’s most renowned Mayan pyramid before heading on to California later in the week. | 06/05/13 17:01:36 By - By Tim Johnson

Blight sweeping Central American coffee plantations puts thousands out of work

Across Central America, even as rains arrive, many coffee plantations contain only spindly, nearly defoliated bushes, the result of a blight known as coffee leaf rust whose devastation, so far, has yet to affect the prices of premium highland coffee that baristas serve around the developed word. | 06/03/13 00:00:00 By - By Tim Johnson

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