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Supreme Court trims N.C. share of disabled child’s malpractice settlement

The parents of a disabled North Carolina girl defeated the state on Wednesday, as the Supreme Court struck down a law allowing state officials to seize one-third of a medical malpractice settlement. | 03/21/13 07:45:05 By - By Michael Doyle

Supreme Court chews over case pitting raisin farmers against USDA

Nearly a dozen burly California raisin growers watched intently Wednesday as Supreme Court justices struggled to figure out how their industry works. | 03/21/13 07:44:48 By - By Michael Doyle

Supreme Court hears Arizona’s voter proof-of-citizenship case

An Arizona law requiring would-be voters to show proof of U.S. citizenship seemed to divide Supreme Court justices Monday in a case important to many states that want to stiffen their own voting standards. | 03/19/13 07:25:11 By - By Michael Doyle

Supreme Court agrees to hear Sierra Nevada forest case

A long-running Sierra Nevada forest planning dispute will now be settled by the Supreme Court in what could shape up as a crucial public lands case. | 03/19/13 07:24:53 By - By Michael Doyle

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy right at home in Sacramento visit

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy arrived in his native Sacramento on Tuesday with education uppermost in his mind. "A democracy is only as strong as you make it, and you can't make it strong unless you know its history," he told high school students Wednesday at the federal courthouse. | 03/07/13 16:38:14 By - Denny Walsh

Gay marriage case offers Supreme Court many options

Opponents of California’s Proposition 8 have served up quite a diverse menu to the Supreme Court. | 03/01/13 17:42:09 By - By Michael Doyle

In upcoming Supreme Court fight, Obama lines up behind gay marriage

The Obama administration on Thursday declared that gay marriage can be a right that deserves constitutional protection, supercharging a Supreme Court battle that started with California voters and is now shooting for the history books. | 03/01/13 06:22:52 By - By Michael Doyle

Supreme Court reviews whether parts of 1965 Voting Rights Act are out of date

The politically charged issue of race was before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday in a case that could determine how the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act applies to the South. | 02/27/13 13:37:52 By - By Maria Recio

Landmark Supreme Court voting rights debate will have California impact

WASHINGTON A Merced County legal victory has unexpectedly pulled it into one of the biggest Supreme Court cases in years. | 02/25/13 06:29:32 By - By Michael Doyle

Are some civil rights era protections still relevant? Supreme Court will decide

The Justice Department stayed silent when Indiana and Washington state strengthened their voter identification rules. But when Georgia and Texas lawmakers wanted to do the same, they needed federal approval. | 02/22/13 15:27:47 By - By Michael Doyle

Supreme Court rejects one inmate’s plea but leaves others a lifeline

Tara Sheneva Williams’ last chance to leave her rural California prison alive may well have died Wednesday at the U.S. Supreme Court. | 02/21/13 06:26:20 By - By Michael Doyle

Every drug dog has his day – in court; even Supreme Court

Aldo the drug-sniffing dog and his canine colleagues won a big treat at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, as justices unanimously approved a sniff search that had led to a Florida bust. | 02/19/13 14:40:23 By - By Michael Doyle

Florida land-use case at Supreme Court may have national impact

Coy Koontz Sr. had a plan when he bought 14.9 acres east of Orlando, Fla. It did not include having his son end up at the U.S. Supreme Court, however. | 01/11/13 15:59:20 By - By Michael Doyle

California’s Bradley Blackwell may benefit from Supreme Court leniency on juvenile life sentences

A Northern California man who was sentenced to life in prison without parole after being convicted of felony murder committed when he was 17 might gain his freedom eventually, under a brief Supreme Court ruling Monday that's the latest indication of potential leniency for similar inmates. | 01/07/13 17:17:37 By - By Michael Doyle

Supreme Court case involves medical malpractice awards, Medicaid

Sandra and William E. Armstrong’s 12-year-old daughter will never learn of the Supreme Court’s deliberations Tuesday, though the results could change her life. | 01/07/13 17:44:12 By - By Michael Doyle

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