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Obama's budget frames election choices, doesn't solve long-term problems

President Barack Obama's proposed federal budget is more campaign commercial than governing document. His $3.8 trillion budget for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1 — and blueprint for the coming decade — is filled with promises sure to appeal to voters that he wants to win for his re-election in November, such as new spending to hire teachers and tax increases on the wealthy. | 02/13/12 17:34:00 By - Steven Thomma and David Lightman

Obama budget projects $1.3 trillion deficit this year

President Barack Obama expects the federal budget deficit to reach $1.33 trillion this year, administration officials said Friday evening, the fourth straight year of trillion-dollar deficits. | 02/10/12 20:24:00 By - Steven Thomma

Romney cruising toward solid win in Nevada on Saturday

Republicans in Nevada are poised to do what no one has yet done in the 2012 Republican presidential campaign — sustain momentum. | 02/03/12 15:21:00 By - Steven Thomma

Billionaire Trump endorses millionaire Romney for president

Donald Trump on Thursday endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination, a move with little likely impact on voting but rich with billionaire-meets-millionaire symbolism. | 02/02/12 17:03:00 By - Steven Thomma

Romney remark on poor draws attack from Obama campaign

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney engaged in a skirmish over the middle class with President Barack Obama's campaign Wednesday, a preview of a clash that could dominate a fall campaign between the two. | 02/01/12 17:36:00 By - Steven Thomma

After Newt and Mitt cut each other up, can GOP recover?

They worship at the political altar of Ronald Reagan, but Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney ignore one part of his creed: his so-called 11th Commandment forbidding criticism of fellow Republicans. | 01/30/12 14:43:00 By - Steven Thomma

Romney opens lead in Florida as Republican rivals start to look elsewhere

Mitt Romney opened a commanding lead in Florida Sunday, driving his rivals to start shifting their sights to other states as more suitable battlegrounds to keep challenging him for the Republican presidential nomination. | 01/29/12 16:19:00 By - Steven Thomma, Lesley Clark and David Lightman

Romney, Gingrich battle in Florida ahead of key primary

As Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich dueled across Florida four days before the state's pivotal Republican primary, a new Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald poll showed Romney with a commanding double-digit lead. | 01/28/12 18:24:00 By - David Lightman, Steven Thomma and William Douglas

Florida primary may take new route as Romney rebounds, Gingrich sags

Florida may be Newt Gingrich's Waterloo. After storming into the state with a head of steam from a surprising win last Saturday in South Carolina, Gingrich's support has waned and polls now suggest that he could lose Florida's primary when voting ends Tuesday, perhaps by a wide margin. | 01/27/12 18:17:00 By - Steven Thomma

In Florida debate, Romney slams Gingrich for toxic rhetoric

Mitt Romney pummeled Newt Gingrich repeatedly in a fierce war of words Thursday, striving to capitalize on a turn in the polls in the final debate before Florida's presidential primary on Tuesday. | 01/26/12 21:15:41 By - David Lightman and Steven Thomma

Obama frames his election-year vision in State of the Union address

President Barack Obama used an election-year State of the Union address Tuesday night to frame the national debate not as a referendum on him but as a pivotal decision on how to save the American dream. | 01/24/12 18:42:00 By - Steven Thomma

Obama to frame re-election themes Tuesday in State of the Union address

President Barack Obama delivers an election-year State of the Union address Tuesday night at a moment when the country is worried about the economy and his own prospects for re-election are mixed at best. | 01/23/12 17:33:00 By - Steven Thomma

Gingrich wins huge come-from-behind victory in South Carolina

Newt Gingrich surged to a landslide victory in the South Carolina Republican primary Saturday, a stunning come-from-behind upset that shook the contest for the party's presidential nomination. Mitt Romney came in second, a crushing loss for the one-time front-runner, his hopes dashed for a quick and triumphant march toward the title. | 01/21/12 18:04:18 By - Steven Thomma, David Lightman and Gina Smith

Late S.C. poll shows Gingrich surging to big lead

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Newt Gingrich appeared headed for a big victory in South Carolina's Republican presidential primary Saturday, as he rides a wave of momentum cresting off two strong debate performances here this week. | 01/20/12 18:49:00 By - David Lightman, Steven Thomma and William Douglas

Gingrich scolds media for spotlighting ex-wife's complaint

Newt Gingrich lashed out angrily at the news media Thursday night for fresh reporting on his failed second marriage, in an extraordinary opening to a high-stakes debate two days before a pivotal GOP presidential primary in South Carolina. | 01/19/12 21:02:49 By - Steven Thomma and David Lightman

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