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Washington state's breweries' new beers held up by government shutdown

The federal government shutdown is starting to impact Washington state beer and even next year's St. Patrick's Day parade. | 10/16/13 12:04:24 By -

Newark Mayor Booker strong favorite in today's Senate race

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a strong favorite to win a U.S. Senate seat Wednesday as New Jersey voters go to the polls. Booker, a Democrat, would boost the party's Senate majority to 54-46 if elected. | 10/16/13 08:25:16 By - David Lightman

Hanford workers in Washington state could get furlough notices this week

Hanford workers in Washington state could start receiving furlough notices Wednesday because of the federal government shutdown, according to the Tri-City Development Council. | 10/15/13 16:22:00 By - Annette Cary

NC poverty program suspended because of federal shutdown

North Carolina on Monday suspended its Work First program, formerly known as welfare, because of the federal shutdown in Washington. | 10/15/13 15:57:13 By - Rob Chrisstensen

Mitch McConnell ally plans to bring big money to Kentucky's Senate race

When Steven Law ran Mitch McConnell's first reelection campaign in 1990, they raised more than $5 million. Last year, Law helped raise $117 million as head of the behemoth Republican groups American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, which sought to defeat President Barack Obama and other Democrats. | 10/15/13 13:59:33 By - Sam Youngman

As cities improve rapid transit, buses get a new look

It’s the fastest, cheapest, most effective way to move large numbers of people in an urban area, some transit advocates have come to conclude. But it’s not a streetcar or light-rail system: It’s a fleet of buses that acts like one. | 10/11/13 06:21:18 By - By Curtis Tate

Chinese in Sacramento quarrel over which ‘China’ to recognize

A decade ago, the influence of Taiwan pervaded the halls of the Sacramento Chinese of Indo-China Friendship Association. Its south Sacramento temple was built with funds from Taipei. Its leaders hoisted the Blue Sky, White Sun flag of Taiwan. | 10/10/13 15:18:43 By - Richard Chang

Kansas scholar: President Coolidge would have compromised on today’s shutdown

If Calvin Coolidge were president today, the federal government wouldn’t be shut down. | 10/10/13 13:07:53 By - By Dion Lefler

State lawmakers get paid during shutdowns, too

Members of Congress deadlocked over funding the government are taking heat for receiving paychecks during the federal government shutdown. Given recent experience at the state level, it is no surprise. | 10/09/13 06:13:56 By - By DANIEL C. VOCK

Without its monied partner, Alaska's Pebble Mine developers is cutting staff and ending contracts

Developers of the proposed Pebble gold and copper mine are laying off staff and ending contracts as a result of partner Anglo American pulling out of the project, a spokesman said Monday. | 10/07/13 18:01:07 By - Lisa Demer

Manatee homeowners to get double whammy as flood insurance rates skyrocket

Pamela Lazaroff and her boyfriend Mike Martell have to grin and bear it when they look at their estimated flood insurance bill for their humble Holmes Beach abode. Because of changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, the couple's insurance bill will jump 614 percent, from $914 a year to $6,500 a year. | 10/07/13 15:03:28 By - Charles Schelle

FEC proposes ‘significant’ penalty for former Sen. Craig

Former Republican Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho should personally pay a “significant civil penalty” of $70,000 for his “serious violations” of campaign finance laws, the Federal Election Commission argues in a recent court filing. | 10/04/13 15:45:47 By - By Michael Doyle

Davis makes it official: she’s running for governor

Wendy Davis walked across the stage at Wiley G. Thomas Coliseum more than 30 years ago to accept her diploma from Richland High School.

On Thursday, she returned to that stage to kick off her bid to become Texas’ 48th governor. | 10/04/13 07:37:23 By - By Anna M. Tinsley

Video: German Luftwaffe arrives for military exercises in Idaho

Military training exercises taking part in Idaho this October include the Tornado, a twin-engine combat plane jointly developed by the United Kingdom, West Germany and Italy. The Germans arrived earlier this week at Mountain Home Air Force Base, as captured in this video and the accompanying photo gallery. | 10/03/13 12:56:45 By -

Government shutdown at Yosemite National Park - 'Ghost park'

Day two of the federal government shutdown in Yosemite National Park: "Ghost park." That description from Dan Williams -- one of about 600 Park Service employees in Yosemite furloughed since Tuesday -- was a surprising revelation, even for him. | 10/02/13 22:21:39 By - By Carmen George

Citrus industry backfills federal funds in Valley pest fight

The federal shutdown isn't stopping California's citrus industry from keeping up its fight against a potentially devastating citrus pest. | 10/02/13 22:08:59 By - Robert Rodriguez

Dakota Meyer says he is considering a run for public office

Kentucky Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer says he's considering running for elected office. Meyer posted on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, "I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support & encouragement about my decision to pursue elected office!" | 10/01/13 19:40:44 By - Karla Ward

How California lawmakers are handling the shutdown

No California Central Valley lawmaker wants the federal government shut down. | 10/01/13 17:45:53 By - By Michael Doyle

N.C. voter law intentionally discriminates, Holder says

The U.S. Justice Department’s lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s controversial voter ID law is the Obama administration’s latest forceful response to a Supreme Court decision that critics say gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act. | 10/01/13 05:49:58 By - By Franco Ordonez

New questions raised about South Carolina federal court nominee

Stiffening political headwinds could complicate the nomination of at-large Circuit Judge Alison Renee Lee to the federal bench, amid fresh questions about her judicial decision-making. | 09/26/13 06:35:53 By - By Michael Doyle

NCAA reduces sanctions against Penn State

The NCAA will reduce one of the harsh sanctions imposed on Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. | 09/24/13 15:15:20 By - By Mike Dawson and Travis Johnson

Out-of-state spending likely swayed some state judge elections

Nonprofits and other interest groups spent more than $11.7 million in 10 high-profile state supreme court elections in 2012 and 2013, with more than a third of the money coming from outside state lines. | 06/13/13 06:00:00 By - By Alan Suderman and Ben Wieder

N.C. lawmakers say school safety bill is nation's most comprehensive

North Carolina lawmakers on Thursday unveiled what they call the nation’s most comprehensive response to the Newtown shootings, a bipartisan package designed to add more law enforcement officers in elementary and middle schools and install panic alarms in every classroom. | 03/29/13 07:19:06 By - John Frank

Fla. Gov. Scott wants state reimbursed for port dredging project

President Barack Obama will use the construction cranes and cargo containers at PortMiami as a backdrop Friday to speak about boosting the economy through investments in ports, roads and bridges. | 03/29/13 06:58:00 By - Patricia Mazzei

South Carolina becomes Republican's immigration reform 'test market'

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham called South Carolina ground zero in the fight for immigration reform as evangelicals join Republicans in pushing for change. | 03/27/13 07:30:00 By - Noelle Phillips

Fla. Gov. Scott weighs in on 'Jesus' stomping incident at Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University has apologized for a controversial classroom lesson that led critics to accuse the school of religious intolerance. But that didn’t stop Gov. Rick Scott for stepping into the fray on Tuesday. | 03/27/13 07:13:35 By - Tia Mitchell

Kentucky House overrides 'religious freedom' bill veto from Gov. Beshear

Kentucky House Democrats voted Monday night to override a gubernatorial veto of controversial legislation known as the "religious freedom" bill. | 03/26/13 07:16:53 By - Beth Musgrave

Kentucky Gov. Beshear vetoes religious freedom bill

Gov. Steve Beshear vetoed a controversial religious-freedom bill Friday afternoon, saying the measure was well-intended but would spark costly taxpayer-funded court cases and bring an array of unintended consequences. | 03/25/13 07:11:06 By - Beth Musgrave

Obama considering Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx for Cabinet job

President Barack Obama is considering Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx for secretary of transportation, according to two people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday. | 03/21/13 07:26:18 By - Steve Harrison

Alaska Senate OKs oil industry tax cuts

The Senate voted Wednesday night by the barest of margins to approve a massive tax cut for the oil industry in the hope that it would lead to more oil production in Alaska. | 03/21/13 06:53:18 By - Richard Mauer

Texas lawmaker wants to stop plastic grocery bag bans

Texas State Rep. Drew Springer embraces freedom.

Even for plastic bags. | 03/15/13 07:33:22 By - Anna M. Tinsley

N.C. renewable energy program would end under state House bill

House Republicans on Wednesday introduced legislation that would roll back a sweeping energy program that has paid financial incentives to North Carolina homeowners for buying efficient appliances, solar panels and home energy audits. | 03/14/13 07:23:19 By - John Murawski

Alaska Senate debates oil-tax revenue's effect on state

New projections that show the latest version of a major oil tax overhaul could cost the state more than $9 billion over the next six years sparked sharp divisions Wednesday on a key Senate panel over whether that will be harmful. | 03/14/13 06:53:08 By - Lisa Demer

Kansas bill would allow school employees to carry guns

Christina Blair of Shawnee has twin daughters in high school, including an aspiring teacher.

She worries what might happen “if a madman comes in with a gun and you’re locked in a classroom. How do you defend against that? You can’t,” Blair said. | 03/13/13 07:00:26 By - Brad Cooper

Missouri bill would let health providers opt out of more reproductive services

Laws allowing health care workers to refuse to participate in an abortion have been on the books for decades.

Missouri legislators, however, don’t think they go far enough. | 03/11/13 07:16:41 By - Jason Hancock

Rights groups urge Kentucky Gov. Beshear to veto religious freedom bill

Human rights and fairness groups are pressuring Gov. Steve Beshear to veto a bill that they say would make it easier to discriminate against gay, lesbian and transgender people in Kentucky. | 03/11/13 07:10:48 By - Jack Brammer and Beth Musgrave

NAACP vows to fight N.C. voter ID efforts

Critics of a proposed voter photo ID law vowed Thursday to launch a vigorous effort to fight the proposal, saying it amounted to a 21st-century version of the poll tax used to keep blacks from voting. | 03/08/13 07:19:25 By - Rob Christensen

Kentucky's religious freedom bill advances in state legislature

A bill intended to clarify religious freedom in Kentucky advanced in the legislature Wednesday over the objections of groups who fear that the measure could be used to trample civil rights. | 03/07/13 07:03:46 By - Beth Musgrave

N.C. farmers, industry wary of federal cuts to meat inspectors

Looming federal budget cuts are threatening to temporarily shut down North Carolina's multibillion-dollar hog and poultry industry by disrupting federal meat inspections, according to state and federal officials. | 03/06/13 07:01:00 By - Rob Christensen

Kentucky Gov. Beshear says Ashley Judd would be a 'formidable candidate'

Gov. Steve Beshear said Tuesday that he has spoken with actress Ashley Judd about her potentially challenging U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014, but he declined to give details of the conversation. | 03/06/13 06:44:48 By - Beth Musgrave

NRA to sponsor NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Texas

The National Rifle Association, a touchstone for gun-rights advocates in the national debate about gun control, is putting its name on the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway in April. | 03/05/13 07:10:38 By - Carlos Mendez and Mac Engel

Critics of Alaska abortion bill fear risks to poor women

A legislator's effort to restrict state-paid abortions in Alaska came under fire Monday during a hearing dominated by testimony from Planned Parenthood and other advocates worried that poor women may resort to dangerous back-room abortions if the state cuts off funding. | 03/05/13 06:40:52 By - Lisa Demer

Karl Rove goes to California GOP convention dogged by new controversy

GOP strategist Karl Rove may be an unpopular figure among Republican volunteers, especially after launching a drive this year that tea party activists considered an attack on their brand of grassroots conservatism. | 03/01/13 06:53:53 By - Kevin Yamamura

Texas military bases await sequestration impacts

The federal budget ax is poised to chop $46 billion from defense spending, and communities around Texas military bases are bracing for the impact. | 02/28/13 11:58:41 By - Alex Branch

Alaska Senate panel rebuts abortion experts' testimony

An effort by an anti-abortion state senator to restrict state-funded abortions using state law, not a doctor's opinion, to define what is "medically necessary" was sharply challenged Wednesday during a legislative hearing. | 02/28/13 06:41:03 By - Lisa Demer

Texas lawmaker wants tax holiday for guns, ammo sales

Texans love their independence -- and their guns.

State Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, is proposing to give Texans more of both. | 02/27/13 07:27:07 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Federal budget cuts would hit South Florida from ports to national parks

At PortMiami, federal dollars fund Customs agents, security operations and cargo inspectors. But with a historic cut in federal spending set to begin Friday, port director Bill Johnson must contemplate how to keep the place running with less help from Washington. | 02/27/13 07:01:33 By - Douglas Hanks and Martha Brannigan

Alaska House passes bill challenging federal gun restrictions

In a chamber dotted with female legislators wearing new camo scarves, the Alaska state House on Monday passed a gun measure that is wildly popular among the GOP-controlled Legislature even though it raises serious constitutional issues. | 02/26/13 07:01:32 By - Lisa Demer

Will Mark Sanford's apology tour work?

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says he wants to return to Congress to tackle the growing national debt, but first he is tackling his past. | 02/25/13 07:18:22 By - Andrew Shain

Looming federal budget cuts are bad news for Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park will not open the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center this season if Congress and the Obama administration fail to reach a budget deal by March 1. | 02/21/13 07:31:31 By - Jeffrey P. Mayor

Fla. Gov. Scott supports Medicaid expansion

Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday he supports expanding Medicaid and funneling billions of federal dollars to Florida, a significant policy reversal that could bring health care coverage to 1 million additional Floridians. | 02/21/13 07:10:38 By - Tia Mitchell and Steve Bousquet

Hagan plans bill that would encourage failing schools to improve

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., on Wednesday said that she’ll introduce a bill in Congress next week that would reward high-poverty schools that improve their test scores and lower dropout rates. | 02/21/13 06:31:40 By - By Renee Schoof

Poll: Obama's approval rating up to 62 percent in California

President Barack Obama's job approval rating among California voters has climbed above 60 percent for the first time since 2009, the year he first took office, according to a new Field Poll. | 02/20/13 07:03:20 By - David Siders

Rollback of cruiseship wastewater rules approved by Alaska Senate

The Alaska Senate on Tuesday approved a Parnell administration measure to roll back cruise ship wastewater standards that were approved by voters in 2006. The vote was 14-6. | 02/20/13 06:52:54 By - Lisa Demer

Some Texas Democrats seek regulations for gun shows in Fort Worth

There's a new push to add regulations on gun shows held at city facilities.

As elected officials in Congress and the state Legislature consider whether to place additional restrictions on gun purchases, a local group is pressing for change at gun shows held on city property such as the Will Rogers Center. | 02/19/13 07:36:05 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Bill resisting federal gun laws gets OK from Alaska House panel

A controversial Alaska gun bill sponsored by House Speaker Mike Chenault that would put federal agents at risk of felony charges for enforcing certain future weapons laws cleared the lone committee assigned to hear it Monday, despite a legal opinion saying it is likely unconstitutional. | 02/19/13 06:49:09 By - Lisa Demer

Alaska bill would undo wilderness restrictions in state park

A bill moving through the Alaska Legislature would eliminate wilderness restrictions in a portion of a state park in the Bristol Bay region so a utility can study a hydroelectric project on a lake where such development now is banned. | 02/18/13 06:54:58 By - Richard Mauer

N.C. to give driver's licenses to immigrants in Deferred Action program

The state Division of Motor Vehicles will comply with a state attorney general’s opinion and issue driver’s licenses to thousands of young illegal immigrants who are eligible to drive because of a federal program that gives them temporary protection from deportation, Transportation Secretary Tony Tata said Thursday. | 02/15/13 07:18:45 By - Bruce Siceloff and Anne Blythe

N.C. bill leaves thousands with few health insurance options

The thousands of low-income North Carolinians denied health insurance in a Republican-drafted measure that passed the House on Wednesday are left with few options for coverage. | 02/14/13 07:17:57 By - John Frank

Texas to revisit open carry for handguns

Bryan Hull hopes that the Ruger LC9 pistol holstered on his hip sends a clear message. He's not hiding the fact that he is armed and ready to protect himself. | 02/11/13 07:33:34 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Medicaid expansion being embraced by some Republican governors

Cracks continue to develop in the Republican Party’s concrete opposition to Obamacare’s state expansions of Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor. | 02/07/13 07:23:05 By - Dave Helling

Former Sen. Jim DeMint forms think tank in South Carolina

Retired U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, president-elect of one of the nation’s prominent conservative think tanks, has formed a conservative think tank in South Carolina. | 02/06/13 07:25:50 By - Jamie Self

Missouri's voter ID bill inspires pushback over 'voter suppression'

Republican lawmakers are taking another swing at insisting Missouri voters show a government-issued photo ID at the polls. And they’re meeting fierce resistance. | 02/06/13 07:15:05 By - Jason Hancock

Ex-aide to Sen. Bob Menendez could benefit from contract tied to donor under FBI scrutiny

A former aide to Sen. Bob Menendez might benefit from a major overseas port deal that’s supported by the powerful Democrat and is tied to a South Florida donor whose offices were raided last week by the FBI. | 02/06/13 07:06:59 By - Marc Caputo

Govs. Jerry Brown and Rick Perry battle over who has better state for business

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is on the radio in California this week, criticizing the Golden State in a new advertisement and urging businesses to flee to Texas. | 02/05/13 07:01:06 By - David Siders

Bill loosening cruise ship discharge rules passes in Alaska House

The House decided Monday to roll back pollution standards voted into law by the 2006 cruise-ship initiative, allowing cruise vessels to dump ammonia, copper and other contaminants into Alaska waters. | 02/05/13 06:45:44 By - Richard Mauer

Gloria Steinem calls Texas Gov. Rick Perry 'dictatorial, unacceptable American'

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem said Gov. Rick Perry has without a doubt created a lasting legacy in Texas. | 02/04/13 07:23:44 By - Anna M. Tinsley

S.C. health officials consider food stamp soda ban in obesity battle

Seeking to slow the childhood obesity epidemic, South Carolina health leaders would like to limit the purchase of sugar-filled drinks with food stamps. Catherine Templeton, director of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, and Lillian Koller, director of the Department of Social Services, have exchanged thoughts on the subject. | 02/01/13 07:19:48 By - Joey Holleman

As immigration debate changes, will Kris Kobach's influence wane?

Shares in Kris Kobach’s political future — buy, sell, or hold? Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state, built a national profile on immigration issues. In court, in print, and on television, Kobach often serves as the face of Republican support for tougher policies toward illegal immigration. | 02/01/13 07:07:30 By - Dave Helling

N.C. Gov. McCrory's comments link college funding to employment

Should public universities and colleges in North Carolina be judged and funded primarily by how well they groom students for the job market? | 01/31/13 07:23:29 By - Caroline McMillan

Union dues collecting is examined by Missouri, Kansas lawmakers

Republicans say it’s a simple change, from opting out to opting in. But by making it more difficult for public employee unions to collect dues, GOP lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri could weaken a chief political nemesis. | 01/31/13 07:15:43 By - Jason Hancock and Brad Cooper

Sen. Mitch McConnell says liberals are infiltrating conservative groups in Kentucky

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell's re-election campaign is contending that Democratic liberals are trying to infiltrate conservative groups in the state to oust McConnell next year. | 01/30/13 07:11:22 By - Jack Brammer

California lawmakers called on to toughen state gun, ammunition laws

Two former California Senate leaders sat before lawmakers Tuesday and warned them about the death threats sure to come their way as they embark on new gun control efforts – death threats that, ironically, drove one of of them, Don Perata, to arm himself for protection. | 01/30/13 06:51:29 By - Kim Minugh

California early abortion provider bill revived by Democratic lawmakers

More medical professionals, including nurses and midwives, would be permitted to perform certain early abortions in California under a bill unveiled Tuesday. | 01/23/13 06:58:59 By - Jeremy B. White

N.C. AG Cooper says young illegal immigrants in federal program should get driver's licenses

The state Attorney General’s office said Thursday that young illegal immigrants participating in an Obama administration program blocking deportation for two years should be eligible for driving privileges in North Carolina, but by day’s end it wasn’t clear whether the DMV would issue them. | 01/18/13 07:26:57 By - Anne Blythe and Bruce Siceloff

Hobby Lobby president expects long court battle over federal contraceptives mandate

The president of Hobby Lobby, which is fighting the government’s requirement to cover all contraceptives, asked Charlotte business owners to pray for his company Thursday. | 01/18/13 07:18:15 By - Ely Portillo

California Gov. Jerry Brown to push 'pathway to citizenship' for immigrants

Gov. Jerry Brown is thrusting himself into the federal fight over creating a "pathway to citizenship" for millions of undocumented immigrants who entered the United States illegally. | 01/18/13 07:04:05 By - Jim Sanders

Texans react to Obama's gun proposal

Jim Williams isn't sure that President Barack Obama's proposed gun law changes will work. | 01/17/13 07:31:03 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Alaska gun bill threatens federal agents with arrest

House Speaker Mike Chenault says federal law enforcement officers should be arrested in Alaska if they attempt to enforce any future federal law banning personal possession of assault rifles or large ammunition clips or if they attempt to register any Alaska firearm. | 01/17/13 07:02:16 By - Richard Mauer

Federal disaster relief squabble may impact Kansas and Missouri

Midwesterners accustomed to generous government aid after ice storms, floods and tornadoes may soon have to look somewhere else for help when disaster strikes. | 01/16/13 07:11:28 By - Dave Helling

Kansas Sec. of State Kobach calls Obama's immigration plan 'out of touch'

President Obama must not be very serious about immigration reform because the proposal outlined over the weekend is out of touch with sentiments in the U.S. House and with the American public, said Kris Kobach, one of the nation’s leading anti-illegal immigration advocates and Kansas’ secretary of state. | 01/15/13 07:06:33 By - Brent D. Wistrom

Alaska bill would allow armed teachers, school personnel

State Rep. Bob Lynn, an Anchorage Republican, says school districts should be allowed to send teachers and other staff members into classrooms armed with guns, and is proposing a law that would do just that. | 01/15/13 06:49:35 By - Richard Mauer

Sen. Rand Paul's son charged with assaulting flight attendant

The grandson of former presidential candidate Ron Paul and son of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is charged with assaulting a flight attendant during a U.S. Airways flight from Lexington, Ky., to Charlotte last weekend. | 01/14/13 07:06:40 By - Cameron Steele

Idaho congressmen have public feud over Boehner ouster attempt

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson says fellow Republican Rep. Raul Labrador has forever undermined his effectiveness with an “irresponsible” role in plotting to defeat GOP House Speaker John Boehner. | 01/14/13 07:02:15 By - Dan Popkey

S.C. Rep. Mulvaney says he and Boehner have cleared the air

U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney said Thursday that he and House Speaker John Boehner patched things up after the South Carolina Republican declined to vote last week for the Ohioan’s re-election to the chamber’s top post. | 01/11/13 13:23:19 By - James Rosen

California Gov. Jerry Brown says budget deficit has disappeared

Gov. Jerry Brown declared Thursday that California's budget deficit has vanished thanks to new tax hikes and past spending cuts, marking the first time since the recession that state leaders haven't faced a deep fiscal chasm in January. | 01/11/13 06:49:44 By - Kevin Yamamura

Texas Gov. Perry says he's not focusing on next campaign

As he embarks on what could be his last legislative session Gov. Rick Perry radiates a sunny self-confidence, insisting that his focus is rigidly trained on the next 140 days under the dome of the Texas Capitol -- and not some distant political race. | 01/09/13 07:20:50 By - Dave Montgomery

Shell's Arctic oil exploration operation faces multiple investigations

As response teams continued Tuesday to evaluate Royal Dutch Shell's once-grounded oil drilling rig, the Coast Guard, the Obama administration and U.S. Sen. Mark Begich all announced investigations or reviews taking a close look at Shell. | 01/09/13 06:38:16 By - Lisa Demer

Mississippi Rep. Palazzo to tour Sandy destruction

U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo will tour disaster areas in New Jersey and the northeast with colleagues today to find out more about Hurricane Sandy relief and show his support for those efforts. | 01/08/13 11:49:03 By - Anita Lee

New S.C. Sen. Scott says debt is biggest threat to U.S. security

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott has the jokes down pat in his new job. | 01/08/13 07:15:24 By - Andrew Shain

California region's rail expansion keeps rolling with $135 million federal grant

One hundred and fifty years ago, Sacramento launched the transcontinental railroad. Today, city leaders are seeking to become rail pioneers once again. | 01/08/13 06:49:42 By - Tony Bizjak

Lexington, Kentucky, mayor says pension costs have 'spiraled out of control'

For every $5 the city of Lexington spends, $1 goes to its public pension obligations, proof that "our pension costs have spiraled out of control," Mayor Jim Gray said at a news conference Monday. | 01/07/13 16:22:21 By - John Cheves

US Airways says it didn't serve Sen. Rand Paul's son alcohol

US Airways denied serving alcohol to the 19-year-old son of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, and the grandson of former presidential candidate Ron Paul, who was arrested Saturday morning at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. | 01/07/13 13:16:53 By - Elisabeth Arriero

Rep. Palazzo sought millions in Katrina relief for Biloxi Housing Authority

U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo says he voted against funding to pay the Hurricane Sandy flood insurance claims because of the deficit, but as the chief financial officer for the Biloxi Public Housing Authority back in 2005, Palazzo asked for federal relief despite the nation's debt. | 01/07/13 06:25:34 By - Anita Lee

'Homeless bill of rights' proposed by California state lawmaker

California law protects its residents from discrimination based on sex, race, religion and sexual orientation. Now a state lawmaker is pushing to add another category to the list: homelessness. | 01/04/13 07:04:42 By - Jim Sanders

Norm Dicks' decades in Congress brought a lot of money back to home state

Pentagon chief Leon Panetta strode into the Cannon Caucus Room on Capitol Hill, surrounded by military officers in dress-green uniforms with rows of medals on their chests. | 01/03/13 13:52:15 By - James Rosen and Les Blumenthal

Will Texas lawmakers allow guns in elementary schools?

Armed police officers aren't an unusual sight in North Texas secondary schools. The Dallas school district has its own police force, as does at least one Tarrant County district, Mansfield.

But even in Texas, where guns are practically a birthright, plenty of people struggle with the thought of armed security officers walking past walls covered in finger-painted artwork and among laughing wee ones squirming in crooked hallway lines. | 01/03/13 07:32:14 By - Diane Smith

N.C. delegation split in fiscal cliff vote

Now that Congress has backed away from the fiscal cliff it faces three new deadlines and two more months of difficult debates. The expectation is more of the familiar partisan battles in January and February over the debt ceiling, across-the-board spending cuts and a temporary budget to keep the federal government running. | 01/03/13 07:24:53 By - Renee Schoof

Sen. Mitch McConnell gets praise, scorn from Kentucky Republicans over cliff deal

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is getting heaps of praise and piles of scorn for his leading role in brokering a deal to avoid going over the fiscal cliff, raising questions about how the compromise will affect his 2014 re-election bid. | 01/03/13 07:06:25 By - Jack Brammer and Beth Musgrave

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: 'I think it's the right time' to leave D.C.

When newly married Kay Bailey Hutchison left Houston for Dallas in the late 1970s, she discovered that she had become something of a desperate housewife. | 12/31/12 07:24:34 By - Maria Recio

N.C. Rep. Sue Myrick's nine terms marked with service, controversy

Judy Cromer clearly remembers the day she first met Rep. Sue Myrick. At the time, though, she says she had no idea who she was talking with. | 12/31/12 07:15:49 By - Franco Ordoñez

Fla. Gov. Scott wants Obama's help to halt possible longshoreman's strike

Florida Gov. Rick Scott appealed to President Barack Obama Thursday to use his authority to halt a potentially devastating longshoreman’s work stoppage that could cripple ports along the eastern seaboard and Gulf Coast. | 12/28/12 06:54:30 By - Charles Rabin

California's budget recovery may be wrecked by fiscal cliff tumble

Gov. Jerry Brown and California lawmakers struck an upbeat tone in recent weeks as they enjoyed their most positive budget outlook since the economic downturn.

Whether that mood survives the winter depends on Washington. | 12/28/12 06:47:49 By - Kevin Yamamura

S.C. group pushes for gas tax increase to repair state's roads

A onetime educational group has hired two lobbyists – including a nine-year veteran of the state Department of Transportation – to push for an increase in South Carolina’s 16-cent-a-gallon gas tax, the third-lowest in the country. | 12/27/12 07:14:47 By - Adam Beam

Alaska lawmakers will likely see more bills inspired by outside groups

Among the hundreds of bills that will be introduced into Alaska's 28th Legislature over the next two years, it's almost certain that some will be inspired or written by the American Legislative Exchange Council, the secretive legislation mill that combines conservative thought with corporate interests. | 12/26/12 06:48:49 By - Richard Mauer

Outgoing S.C. Sen. Jim DeMint shook up Washington

For his first eight years in Washington, Jim DeMint was like most members of Congress – relatively quiet, fairly innocuous and pretty much unknown outside his state. | 12/24/12 07:34:40 By - James Rosen

Former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford mulling congressional bid

Former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford is 90 percent certain to run for the 1st District congressional seat that he once held, two knowledgeable sources told The State on Friday. | 12/21/12 07:29:03 By - Andrew Shain

Calif. bill would increase campaign donations disclosure

Following the controversy in California's initiative campaigns over an $11 million donation from a secretive, out-of-state group, Democratic lawmakers have begun introducing legislation to increase disclosure requirements and the power of the Fair Political Practices Commission to enforce them. | 12/21/12 07:02:01 By - David Siders

S.C. lawmaker proposes letting teachers carry guns in schools

Public school employees with concealed weapons permits could carry guns in South Carolina schools if a bill filed Tuesday in the South Carolina state House of Representatives becomes law. | 12/19/12 07:11:48 By - Adam Beam

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown releases new 'fracking' regulations proposal

The Brown administration on Tuesday released draft regulations that would require oil companies for the first time to disclose where in California they use hydraulic fracturing, a controversial but little regulated method of oil extraction. | 12/19/12 06:56:23 By - David Siders

Connecticut school attack unlikely to change Alaska delegation's assault weapons ban opposition

The horrific Connecticut shootings don't appear to be changing the opposition of Alaska's Congressional delegation to renewing the assault weapons ban or toughening gun laws. | 12/18/12 06:47:38 By - Sean Cockerham

Tim Scott chosen for DeMint's Senate seat

U.S. Rep. Tim Scott, who overcame poverty in North Charleston to build a successful business and political career, was appointed today by Gov. Nikki Haley to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Republican Jim DeMint. | 12/17/12 11:10:48 By - Andrew Shain

Electoral College casts its votes today

Kaye Moreno of Fort Worth heads to Austin today for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She will be one of the 538 Electoral College voters nationwide to travel to their state capitols and cast the final votes - the ones that truly matter - in the 2012 presidential election. | 12/17/12 07:30:56 By - Anna M. Tinsley

California's 'gay conversion' law faces two federal lawsuits

He is 14, the son of a Muslim father and a Catholic mother, and is being raised in a household where the family rejects the notion that it is all right to be gay. | 12/17/12 07:03:38 By - Denny Walsh and Sam Stanton

Alaska legislative aide's anti-Islam activism forces resignation

A legislative aide who joined an anti-Islam group and became obsessed with its mission crossed the line and illegally used state resources to promote its interests, a state ethics panel concluded in a ruling released Friday. | 12/17/12 06:58:24 By - Lisa Demer

S.C. Gov. Haley: No political experience necessary to fill DeMint's seat

Gov. Nikki Haley said Thursday that political experience is not a requirement for the successor to resigning U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint. Haley will name that successor, and two of the governor’s five reported finalists for the coveted seat – former first lady Jenny Sanford and state agency head Catherine Templeton – have not held elected office. | 12/13/12 07:24:05 By - Andrew Shain

California Gov. Jerry Brown undergoes prostate cancer treatments

Gov. Jerry Brown is being treated for prostate cancer, his administration said Wednesday, characterizing the condition as "localized" and unlikely to affect his work. | 12/13/12 06:57:31 By - David Siders and Laurel Rosenhall

S.C. Gov. Haley's list for DeMint replacement is down to five

Gov. Nikki Haley’s reported short list of five finalists to succeed resigning Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint includes a pair of congressmen, a one-time S.C. attorney general, a state agency chief and a former first lady. | 12/12/12 07:30:40 By - Andrew Shain

Religious colleges challenge health care law’s contraception rule

North Carolina’s Belmont Abbey College is trying to resurrect a religious school charge against the Obama administration’s signature health care law. | 12/12/12 06:23:20 By - By Michael Doyle

S.C. Gov. Haley won't pick a placeholder for DeMint's Senate seat

The next U.S. senator from South Carolina can run for the office in a 2014 special election after Gov. Nikki Haley said Monday she would not appoint a placeholder to succeed the resigning Jim DeMint. | 12/11/12 07:20:42 By - Andrew Shain

N.C. can't offer only 'Choose Life' license plates, federal judge rules

A federal judge has ruled that North Carolina cannot issue “Choose Life” license plates without offering a choice of plates with a different viewpoint. | 12/10/12 13:26:24 By - Anne Blythe

Alaska state lawmakers to push for voter ID laws again

In an early sign of Republican muscle-flexing in the reordered Alaska Legislature, an Anchorage House member says he plans to revive a dormant bill to require Alaskans to show a photo ID to vote. | 12/10/12 06:46:34 By - Richard Mauer

Proposal to drug test welfare recipients may gain steam in Kansas

Just a day after he joined the new leadership team in the Kansas Senate, Republican Jeff King revealed part of its agenda.

Drug testing for welfare recipients. | 12/05/12 07:16:52 By - Brad Cooper

Washington state’s Gov. Chris Gregoire fears consequences of fiscal cliff

If the nation runs into the “fiscal cliff” on Jan. 1, Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire fears the worst for Washington state. | 12/05/12 06:31:37 By - By Rob Hotakainen

Bill Clinton to speak in California

There was a time when Bill Clinton looked like a failed president, one who might be driven from office in disgrace and consigned to history as a Warren Harding or Calvin Coolidge. Brother, that is so 1998. | 12/03/12 06:58:40 By - Sam Stanton

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley takes blame for state’s data breach

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Wednesday for the first time accepted personal blame for a massive cyber-attack that stole the Social Security and bank account numbers of millions of South Carolinians, saying she should have done more to ensure the data’s security. | 11/29/12 07:50:35 By - By James Rosen McClatchy Newspapers

Sen. DeMint leaves door open to White House bid

Sen. Jim DeMint on Wednesday backed away from his previous ironclad insistence that he had no interest in running for president and was focused only on helping to elect conservatives to the U.S. Senate. | 11/29/12 07:49:51 By - By James Rosen

Here we go again: Government weeks away from hitting debt ceiling

While official Washington is focused on potential tax hikes and automatic spending cuts, another fiscal crisis looms on the horizon. A report released Tuesday warned that the federal government is likely to hit a ceiling on issuing new debt come late December and could begin defaulting on obligations by mid-February. | 11/27/12 18:38:25 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Texas Rep. Kay Granger: Congress has a chance 'to fix things'

U.S. House members returning to work today face two key issues before the end of the year: trying to avoid the looming fiscal cliff and determining whether to continue the Bush tax cuts. | 11/27/12 07:14:48 By - Anna M. Tinsley

N.C. Rep. Heath Shuler takes Duke Energy job

Rep. Heath Shuler will go to work for Duke Energy, heading its federal affairs team in Washington once his term ends in January. | 11/27/12 07:01:06 By - Bruce Henderson

Cybersecurity bill is likely agenda item for Congress in 2013

The long political fight over the security of the nation’s computer networks is expected to re-ignite next year — with the safety and convenience of virtually every American on the table. | 11/26/12 07:06:20 By - Dave Helling

Rubio, Wasserman Schultz attend Miami rally supporting Israel

Local and national power-brokers joined hundreds of Israel’s supporters Sunday night in North Miami Beach at a rally sponsored by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation in the wake of last week’s Gaza cease-fire and the ongoing turmoil in Egypt. | 11/26/12 06:53:50 By - Diana Moskovitz

Alaska labor unions take advantage of Citizens United ruling

When the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door to unlimited campaign contributions in the 2010 Citizens United case, most experts and advocates said it would lead to an overwhelming flood of donations from corporations and wealthy individuals. | 11/26/12 06:44:15 By - Richard Mauer

Erskine Bowles' Fix the Debt group launches campaign in N.C.

A group co-founded by Charlottean Erskine Bowles brings its campaign to reduce the federal debt to North Carolina next week, making the state the latest front in the battle to avert the “fiscal cliff.” | 11/23/12 07:23:19 By - Jim Morrill

Missouri Republicans are unlikely to expand Medicaid

Here's how much Missouri Republicans oppose Obamacare. GOP lawmakers are reluctant to spend one dollar in state money for every 19-plus dollars of new federal money if that means expanding Medicaid eligibility in line with the president’s health care overhaul. | 11/23/12 07:10:44 By - Jason Hancock

Pay cuts on the way for California's elected officials

California elected officials from governor to legislator will see their pay cut by thousands of dollars next month under decisions made by appointees of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. | 11/21/12 06:48:01 By - Jim Sanders

GOP Sen. Rand Paul hints at 2016 presidential run

Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky says he is interested in running for president in 2016.

"I'm not going to deny that I'm interested," Paul told ABC's Jonathan Karl in a segment called "Spinners and Winners." | 11/20/12 15:19:24 By - Beth Musgrave

S.C. military faces budget cuts unrelated to fiscal cliff

Members of the S.C. congressional delegation have told the state’s military boosters that $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts set to take place Jan. 3 – called “sequestration” or the “fiscal cliff” – likely won’t occur. | 11/16/12 07:32:19 By - Jeff Wilkinson

California's budget shows signs of a surplus, analyst says

The state's fiscal analyst said Wednesday that California's long-tattered budget is on the verge of producing surpluses, but he cautioned that Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers must first avoid a spending spree. | 11/15/12 07:01:52 By - Kevin Yamamura

Alaska rejects state-run health insurance exchange

Gov. Sean Parnell announced in July that Alaska would not create a state-run health insurance exchange, and he is sticking by that, Parnell spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said Tuesday. | 11/15/12 06:55:01 By - Rosemary Shinohara

Some Missouri residents file secession petitions to White House

Residents in Missouri and nearly two dozen states have filed petitions on a White House website seeking approval for their state to "withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government." | 11/13/12 07:06:10 By - Jason Hancock

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley's administration reaches a crossroads

Gov. Nikki Haley is facing decisions over the next few months that will determine her future and legacy in South Carolina. Two years after her election, any ambitions that Haley had of joining a Mitt Romney administration, which she denied, were quashed last week. Now, talk will start about the 2014 election for the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion. | 11/12/12 07:11:44 By - Andrew Shain

Analysis: Kansas, Missouri remain solid red states

A speckled wave of Democratic blue swept across parts of America last week, handing President Barack Obama a second term and tossing a handful of party members into the Senate and House of Representatives. But the wave didn’t reach the entire nation. | 11/12/12 06:58:58 By - Dave Helling and Steve Kraske

Analysis: Todd Akin can blame his own words for Senate race loss

U.S. Rep. Todd Akin couldn’t beat a television interview and Sen. Claire McCaskill.

In August, just a few weeks after his surprise victory in Missouri’s Republican Senate primary, the six-term congressman told a reporter that a woman’s body can prevent pregnancy after a “legitimate” rape. He was explaining his views on abortion, which he has long opposed. | 11/07/12 07:31:06 By - Dave Helling

Billionaire Joe Craft may be Kentucky's most powerful non-elected individual

By 7:45 a.m. Sept. 18, a crowd had gathered under the white tent between the Joe Craft Center and the new Wildcat Coal Lodge at the University of Kentucky. Despite steady rain, the tent was filled with an assortment of UK movers, shakers and boosters, excited to see the unveiling of a statue of former Coach Joe B. Hall. | 11/05/12 07:13:11 By - Linda B. Blackford

California Supreme Court orders Arizona nonprofit to release donor records

The California Supreme Court on Sunday ordered an obscure Arizona nonprofit to submit its donation records immediately to state regulators, but it remained unclear whether voters would know the source of the contribution before Tuesday's election. | 11/05/12 06:57:18 By - Kevin Yamamura

GOP redistricting, money give N.C. Rep. Ellmers edge in race

Democrat Steve Wilkins, running in a tough congressional race against Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers, says his 22 years of military service – which include a key role in planning the invasion of Iraq – show the spirit of public service Washington needs to break the partisan logjam. | 11/02/12 07:28:10 By - Renee Schoof

In Congress, Democrat Kissell is stuck in the middle

The Republicans have worked hard to paint Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell as an incompetent congressman who is best friends with a left-wing president and responsible for lost jobs in his rural North Carolina district. | 11/02/12 06:26:14 By - By Franco Ordonez

PAC vows to spend $800,000 on Todd Akin in Missouri

A group that calls itself the Now or Never Political Action Committee announced Wednesday it will spend $800,000 on television ads to back Todd Akin for the U.S. Senate in Missouri. | 11/01/12 07:10:43 By - Steve Kraske

Safety of genetically modified foods is debated in California

Susan Lang doesn't know for certain if her son's itchy skin and upset stomach were caused by eating food made from crops whose genes were altered in a lab. But over the years, she believes she's been able to soothe the 8-year-old's eczema and digestive problems by eliminating genetically modified organisms from his diet. | 10/31/12 06:53:31 By - Laurel Rosenhall

S.C. Gov. Haley is a national GOP star but struggles at home

Politics is a game of addition, normally. Politicians work to keep the support of their base and, at the same time, win new supporters. Not so with S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, critics say. In the two years since her election, the first-term Republican has turned that adage on its ear, playing a game of subtraction. | 10/29/12 07:21:06 By - Gina Smith

Arlen Specter, Senate maverick, dies at 82

Arlen Specter, 82, the longest-serving United States senator in Pennsylvania history, a driven, often contentious figure who placed himself at the center of national controversies for a half-century, from the Kennedy-assassination investigation in the 1960s to the passage of the economic stimulus package in 2009, died Sunday morning at his Philadelphia home. | 10/15/12 06:17:32 By - By Tim Infield and Maria Panaritis

Alaska Sen. Begich holds hearing on Shell Oil's offshore Arctic drilling

Better ice forecasting in the Alaska Arctic. More Coast Guard resources. More jobs for North Slope residents. A share of oil revenue for Alaska. Streamlined permits and regulation. | 10/12/12 06:52:36 By - Lisa Demer

Sen. McCaskill touts her record, earmarks opposition

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill on Tuesday defended her stand against congressional earmarks, calling the system “shockingly flawed.” | 10/10/12 07:18:31 By - Steve Kraske

Parental notification before abortion ruled constitutional by Alaska judge

An Anchorage Superior Court judge has upheld as constitutional a state law requiring parents to be notified before a teen's abortion. But the issue may not be resolved. Both sides expect it will wind up before the state Supreme Court. | 10/10/12 06:49:57 By - Lisa Demer

Mickey Mouse is least of worries in Florida voter registration fraud case

The obviously fraudulent applications filed by a vendor hired by the Republican Party of Florida have gained wide attention in a case that’s now being investigated by law enforcement. | 10/09/12 06:58:19 By - Michael Van Sickler

Missouri to vote on raising lowest tobacco taxes in the US

Missouri’s cigarette tax is the lowest in the nation, and that has some people doing a slow burn.

At 17 cents per pack, Missouri’s tax is nearly half as much as the next lowest and well below the $1.49 national average. In Kansas, the tax is 79 cents a pack. | 10/08/12 07:16:56 By - Jason Hancock

California makes it easier for residents to vote

California is bucking a national trend this election season, making it easier for people to vote while many states are making it harder. | 10/08/12 06:48:10 By - Laurel Rosenhall

Texas Rep. Barton continues push for online poker legalization

Anti-gambling forces called on U.S. Rep. Joe Barton Thursday to throw in the cards on his plan to legalize online poker. | 10/05/12 07:30:12 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Florida's voter purge can continue, judge rules

A federal judge in Fort Lauderdale ruled Thursday that Florida’s purge of potential noncitizens on the voter rolls can go on. | 10/05/12 06:58:26 By - Patricia Mazzei

Alaska state Senate candidate's firm received more than $1 million from BP

After initially declining to disclose the clients and the fees they paid to his engineering firm, Alaska state Senate candidate Bob Bell on Wednesday released a list showing that oil giant BP was the largest client of Bell and Associates in 2011, paying over $1 million. | 10/04/12 06:54:22 By - Richard Mauer

Mississippi voters won't need photo IDs at polls

Attorney General Jim Hood said Tuesday voters in Mississippi won't have to show identification at the polls Nov. 6. The U.S. Department of Justice wants more information from the state before it will rule on whether to allow the new voter ID law to move forward, which could take weeks. | 10/03/12 13:11:49 By - Michael Newsom

Election could impact South Carolina's $6-billion Medicaid program

The next president’s biggest impact on South Carolina could be found in the future of Medicaid, the government health-insurance program for children, the poor and the disabled. In South Carolina, the program is immense – both in dollars and impact. | 10/02/12 07:33:25 By - Adam Beam

California cap and trade law sets framework for spending revenue

While businesses deride California's new restrictions on greenhouse-gas emissions as a giant tax, lawmakers have taken steps to carve up the money. | 10/02/12 07:00:42 By - Dale Kasler

North Carolina to investigate firm registering GOP voters

A company hired by the North Carolina GOP to register voters is under review by state election officials after the firm was accused of submitting questionable registration forms in Florida. The state GOP has fired the firm and the state may decide this week whether to launch a full investigation. | 10/01/12 07:26:52 By - Elisabeth Arriero

Westboro Baptist Church attendee seeks seat on Kansas education board

Jack Wu isn't shy about his beliefs. Topeka is evil. Harry Potter promotes witchcraft. Christmas trees are pagan idols. Cancer is a judgment from God. And the teaching of evolution should be rooted out of Kansas schools because it’s a satanic lie. | 10/01/12 07:16:43 By - Brad Cooper

Cost of VP debate at Kentucky college estimated at $3.3 million

Hosting the Oct. 11 vice presidential debate at Centre College could cost about $3.3 million, though the college's students and the public aren't expected to pay most of it. | 10/01/12 07:12:10 By - John Cheves

California law will allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants in California will be eligible for driver's licenses under legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown late Sunday. | 10/01/12 07:04:09 By - Jim Sanders

Arnold Schwarzenegger moves back into spotlight

Nearly two years after he left office, sullied by his commutation of a prison sentence and by an extramarital affair, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is selling. | 10/01/12 06:59:24 By - David Siders

Report: Battleground states could inhibit Latino voters

North Carolina is one of several states that could inhibit 10 million eligible Latino voters from registering and participating to vote, according to a new report authored by a national civil rights group. | 09/25/12 07:19:28 By - Carmen Cusido

South Carolina's voter ID case could close with legal fireworks

Closing arguments Monday about South Carolina’s voter ID law will cap an extraordinary case that already has seen charges of racism directed at the law’s author as well as federal judges’ open frustration over state officials’ changing stances on how they would enact the law. | 09/24/12 11:07:19 By - James Rosen

Texas voter rolls purge hits a snag

The goal was simple: clean up Texas voter rolls. But just months before the general election, the names of around 77,000 Texans landed on a statewide list that suggests they may be dead and should be removed from voter rolls. | 09/24/12 07:33:55 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Voter ID fights continue in presidential battleground states

Six weeks before Election Day, states across the country are still wrestling over new voting laws.

• In Pennsylvania, the state Supreme Court has thrown a tough new voter ID law back to a lower court.

• In Wisconsin, two state courts have blocked a similar law. | 09/24/12 07:22:13 By - Jim Morrill

California businesses want changes to cap-and-trade market

Heavyweight business groups are staging a last-ditch protest against California's new cap-and-trade carbon market, demanding changes to a program they've labeled a job killer. | 09/20/12 07:07:40 By - Dale Kasler

Kentucky residents who rely on federal aid expected to vote for Romney

When Mitt Romney told well-heeled donors that 47 percent of Americans don't pay federal income taxes, depend on government assistance and won't vote for him, he was flat wrong when it comes to Kentucky, several observers said Tuesday. | 09/19/12 07:17:22 By - Bill Estep

Fla. Gov. Scott cuts off reporter's state unemployment question

Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday cut off a journalist who tried to ask him about a report from a top state economist who said Florida’s fall in unemployment is almost exclusively due to people leaving the workforce. | 09/19/12 07:06:56 By - Toluse Olorunnipa

S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham portrayed as informal, vulgar in Woodward book

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham calls President Barack Obama by his first name and curses like a sailor in private conversations with Vice President Joe Biden, according to a new book on the Obama presidency. | 09/18/12 07:27:24 By - Gina Smith

'Birther' Orly Taitz on hand as Kansas ends Obama ballot question

It was all over but the shouting. After the State Objections Board somewhat clumsily disposed Monday of a Manhattan Republican's claim that President Barack Obama shouldn’t qualify to be on Kansas ballots, advocates for and against Obama verbally clashed inside and outside of Memorial Hall, which houses the offices of Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Attorney General Derek Schmidt. | 09/18/12 07:10:11 By - Brent D. Wistrom

Ex-US Rep. Jim Marshall named United States Institute of Peace CEO

Jim Marshall, a former Macon mayor and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, got a new job title Monday: president and chief executive officer of the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C. | 09/14/12 09:37:01 By - Mike Stucka

President Obama's ballot eligibility explored by Kansas group

Kansas has added a little suspense to the 2012 presidential race.

Is President Barack Obama a natural-born citizen? Can he be on the Kansas ballot Nov. 6? | 09/14/12 07:22:32 By - Brad Cooper

Missouri lawmakers override Gov. Nixon's birth control bill veto

Missouri lawmakers voted Wednesday to override Gov. Jay Nixon's veto and allow employers to refuse to provide health insurance coverage for birth control if doing so violates their religious convictions. | 09/13/12 07:18:11 By - Jason Hancock

Obama, Romney campaigns say they're in North Carolina to stay

After spending $56 million on a TV advertising barrage unprecedented in North Carolina political history, the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are preparing for a two-month sprint for the state’s 15 electoral votes. | 09/12/12 07:26:50 By - Rob Christensen

California Gov. Brown signs bill banning religious discrimination

Blue, green, saffron, red, pink and black turbans crowded around Gov. Jerry Brown on the north steps of the Capitol on Saturday when he signed two bills designed to battle anti-Sikh discrimination. | 09/10/12 06:59:41 By - Stephen Magagnini

Bills aimed at immigration stall in Missouri and Kansas

The red-hot immigration debate cooled in statehouses this year as lawmakers focused their attention on budgets, redistricting and, most significantly, the outcome of a U.S. Supreme Court case on the issue. | 09/07/12 07:21:27 By - Brad Cooper

Texas Democrats hope Julian Castro can turn the state blue

LuAnne Leonard hopes the nation is getting a new impression of Texas. For so long, she said, Republican Gov. Rick Perry has been the face of the state, especially during his failed presidential bid that ended early this year. | 09/06/12 07:31:54 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Californians debate death penalty as vote to end it nears

Sharron Mankins, McGregor Scott and Bill Babbitt each have watched a man die inside the death chamber at San Quentin State Prison, and each has a strong view on whether voters should end California's death penalty in November. | 09/04/12 07:04:34 By - Sam Stanton

California bill banning 'open carry' of rifles goes to Gov. Jerry Brown

Open display of unloaded rifles in public would be banned in California under legislation sent to Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday. Assembly Bill 1527 cleared the Legislature when the Assembly concurred in amendments, 43-30. | 08/30/12 07:01:22 By - Jim Sanders

Texas wind energy boom may go bust if tax subsidies disappear

The impact of wind energy in this region of West Texas can be seen simply by driving down the road. South of Sweetwater, hundreds of towering wind turbines from some of the nation's largest wind farms dot ridge lines as far as the eye can see. | 08/24/12 07:34:10 By - Bill Hanna

Kris Kobach files lawsuit over Obama's immigration policy change

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is back in the national political spotlight with a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama’s plan to allow young undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States without being deported. An informal adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Kobach is representing 10 immigration agents who contend they are being put in a no-win situation. | 08/24/12 07:18:58 By - Brad Cooper

Sen. Rand Paul pushes for legal hemp with Kentucky ag commissioner

Wearing a shirt made of hemp that he bought online from Canada, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul joined Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer on Thursday in calling for legalizing industrial hemp. | 08/24/12 07:10:44 By - Jack Brammer

Panetta hints at military budget cuts during Washington state visit

Leon Panetta used his first visit to the Puget Sound area as U.S. defense secretary to thank a Bremerton-based aircraft carrier crew that accelerated its deployment schedule because of Middle East unrest. He also took the opportunity to foreshadow budget decisions that could reshape the military in Washington state. | 08/23/12 07:31:59 By - Adam Ashton

McConnell, Rand Paul blast health care law at Kentucky tea party event

Kentucky's two Republican U.S. senators — one a Tea Party darling and the other whose ties to that conservative movement are tenuous at best — lambasted President Barack Obama's health care law Tuesday at a Tea Party rally. | 08/22/12 07:15:36 By - Jack Brammer

Fla. Gov. Scott, Democrats clash over early voting plans

The fight over early voting is escalating in Florida as Gov. Rick Scott seeks agreement among counties for eight days and Democrats demand 12 days. | 08/21/12 07:07:28 By - Steve Bousquet

Kansas Rep. Yoder apologizes for nude Sea of Galilee swim

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas apologized to his constituents Sunday night after a published report revealed the freshman lawmaker swam nude in the Sea of Galilee during a private fact-finding trip to the Mideast last August. | 08/20/12 11:32:26 By - Dave Helling and Steve Kraske

Sequestration sparks military spending cut concerns in Washington state

Even people in the know are having trouble making sense of how sudden, automatic defense cuts could ripple across Washington state if federal lawmakers fail to reach a budget compromise this fall. That danger comes from so-called sequestration – $1.2 trillion in across-the-board reductions to domestic budgets and defense spending. The cuts would take effect over the next 10 years unless Congress finds a way to forestall them by Jan. 2. | 08/20/12 07:44:04 By - Adam Ashton

Poll: Support for health care law grows in California

A majority of California voters support the national health care overhaul, with the proportion of voters strongly favoring the legislation growing over the previous year, according to a new Field Poll. | 08/20/12 07:05:38 By - David Siders

Missouri Rep. Akin opposes spending on National School Lunch Program

Missouri’s two U.S. Senate candidates tangled Thursday over whether taxpayers should subsidize school lunches for more than 34 million students across the country. | 08/17/12 07:15:05 By - Dave Helling

Kentucky's GOP lawmakers question standards for teaching evolution in schools

Kentucky's Senate Republicans pushed successfully in 2009 to tie the state's testing program to national education standards, but three years later, they're questioning the results. | 08/15/12 07:13:15 By - Linda B. Blackford

California lawmakers want external review of Bay Bridge safety tests

Three state senators initiated an independent examination Tuesday into construction of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge after problems were discovered within Caltrans' testing program. | 08/15/12 06:59:14 By - Kevin Yamamura

Gov. Jerry Brown launches website to rebut climate change skeptics

Gov. Jerry Brown said today that "humanity is getting dangerously close to the point of no return" on climate change, and he launched a website criticizing conservatives who dispute its significance. | 08/14/12 06:26:44 By - David Siders

Romney-Ryan make stop in battleground state of North Carolina

On the final stop of his North Carolina tour Sunday, a buoyant Mitt Romney bounded from his bus in the middle of a High Point street.

Followed by his new running mate, he walked along waving to supporters who lined the curb, even obliging some with high-fives. | 08/13/12 07:24:49 By - John Frank and Jim Morrill

Missouri's 'Right to Pray' amendment is challenged by ACLU

The ACLU of Eastern Missouri filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday challenging an amendment to the state's constitution it contends violates the religious rights of prison inmates. | 08/10/12 07:07:32 By - Jason Hancock

S.C. Sen. Graham: Military cuts 'will be death blow' to U.S. defense

Gov. Nikki Haley on Wednesday warned that deep, automatic cuts to the military that result from last year’s military debate could cost the state about 14,000 jobs as the state’s military industries lose contracts and lay off employees. And U.S. Sen Lindsey Graham called on Congress and the president to spend an entire week in September addressing alternatives to the $1.2 trillion in cuts. | 08/09/12 07:32:06 By - Jeff Wilkinson

Missouri voters OK 'Right to Pray' amendment

Missouri voters Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a state constitutional amendment that supporters said will protect religious freedom. | 08/08/12 07:12:23 By - Dave Helling

California Democrats look to toughen assault weapons law

In the wake of mass murders in Colorado and Wisconsin, a California lawmaker is pushing to close a "loophole" allowing owners of military-style guns to sidestep the state's assault weapons ban. | 08/08/12 06:57:32 By - Jim Sanders and Torey Van Oot

George P. Bush takes a leading role in Texas GOP

George P. Bush has signed on to serve as deputy finance chairman for the Republican Party of Texas. | 08/07/12 07:23:53 By - Anna M. Tinsley

Battle over marijuana dispensaries continues in L.A.

Five years ago, the Los Angeles City Council thought it had reined in an explosion of pot businesses across this sprawling metropolis with a moratorium against new medical marijuana dispensaries. Hundreds more opened. | 08/07/12 06:45:36 By - Peter Hecht

Perry's Medicaid plan would pass on $76 billion in federal funds for Texas

Texas will leave more than $76 billion from the federal government on the table if Gov. Rick Perry gets his wish and the state does not expand its Medicaid program or establish a health insurance exchange in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. | 07/10/12 07:41:03 By - Mitch Mitchell and Anna M. Tinsley

Tea party goes after Alaska's bipartisan Senate coalition

As the big field of Republican challengers jostles to get noticed against incumbent state senators, a common target has been emerging for many of them: the bipartisan coalition that has governed the Alaska Senate. | 07/09/12 06:49:03 By - Richard Mauer

N.C. Black Leadership Caucus group pulls support for Democrat Kissell

A Democratic Party feud emerged Thursday as African-American backers of U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell pulled their support after his decision not to endorse President Barack Obama and his plan to vote to repeal the health care law. | 07/06/12 07:18:17 By - Franco Ordoñez

Fla. Sen. Rubio thanks South Carolinians, DeMint for role in his election

Marco Rubio was out of politics — having just given up his term-limited role as speaker of the Florida House of Representatives — and he thought he liked it that way. | 07/03/12 07:27:36 By - Adam Beam

N.C. Gov. Perdue vetoes fracking bill

Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed legislation on Sunday that would have paved the way for North Carolina to drill for natural gas through a water and chemical intensive process known as fracking. It is the Democratic governor’s third veto of major Republican-backed legislation — all in the past four days. | 07/02/12 07:29:41 By - Dan Kane

California bill would let children have more than two parents

Beaver had June and Ward.

Ricky had Ozzie and Harriet.

Mom and Dad, same-sex couples or blended families, California law is clear: No more than two legal parents per child. | 07/02/12 07:10:42 By - Jim Sanders

S.C. Gov. Haley cleared of ethics allegations

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley did not use her office for personal gain while serving as a representative from Lexington County, the S.C. House Ethics Committee ruled today. | 07/02/12 06:23:28 By - Andrew Shain

S.C. Republican lawmakers say voters will punish Obama over health care ruling

South Carolina's Republican lawmakers expressed deep disappointment with the Supreme Court’s health care ruling, but they said voters will deliver the final verdict in November at the ballot box. | 06/29/12 07:23:34 By - James Rosen

Deal in Congress saves Alaska Railroad from massive budget cut

The Alaska Railroad said Thursday that Congress has struck a deal to save it from a massive budget cut that could have meant large-scale layoffs and less passenger service. | 06/29/12 06:47:47 By - Sean Cockerham

Texas might be the next immigration law battleground

Texas could become the next battleground for immigration.

In a state where lawmakers have proposed making English the state's official language and requiring presidential candidates to prove their citizenship, state lawmakers are eager to get to work during their next regular session in January and propose new immigration-related bills - especially because the Supreme Court Monday upheld a key piece of Arizona's immigration law. | 06/26/12 07:37:47 By - Anna M. Tinsley

California bill to tax, regulate marijuana dies in state legislature

A push to regulate California's medical marijuana industry amid heightened federal scrutiny of cannabis producers and sellers has fizzled due to a lack of support in the state Senate. | 06/26/12 06:59:16 By - Torey Van Oot

Ethics hearing for S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley to begin Thursday

Gov. Nikki Haley has made a lot of history as South Carolina’s governor, and she’s about to make more. But it’s not the kind of history that the Lexington Republican, the state’s first woman and first nonwhite governor, could have wanted. | 06/25/12 07:35:49 By - Andrew Shain

California bill would shield churches from performing gay marriage ceremonies

Supporters of California's Proposition 8, the 2008 initiative that banned same-sex marriage, said they were concerned that churches would be forced to perform the ceremonies or face losing their nonprofit status. | 06/25/12 06:55:06 By - Hannah Madans

Supreme Court rules California union violated rights of dues-paying nonmembers

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that California's largest state employee union violated the free speech rights of 28,000 so-called "fair-share" nonmembers by coercing them to finance political campaigns in 2005 and 2006. | 06/22/12 06:59:45 By - Jon Ortiz

Sen. Rand Paul lends support to Young America's Foundation

In another example of his growing national influence, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is lending his name to support Young America's Foundation, a group interested in introducing conservatism to American youth. | 06/20/12 07:15:02 By - Jack Brammer

California Gov. Brown seeks new regulations for fire retardants

Gov. Jerry Brown urged state regulators Monday to reduce the prevalence of chemical flame retardants in household furniture, joining a growing number of critics who argue the chemicals are toxic and unnecessary. | 06/19/12 06:54:59 By - David Siders

Ethics probe of S.C. Gov. Haley shines light on dark side of state's politics

The probe into whether Gov. Nikki Haley broke state ethics laws could give South Carolinians a look at the dark underbelly of S.C. politics, where some lawmakers use their elected positions to benefit their employers and themselves. | 06/18/12 07:29:20 By - Gina Smith

N.C.-based website does battle with 'birther' movement

More than a year after President Barack Obama produced a copy of his birth certificate documenting his arrival on Earth in a Honolulu hospital in 1961, the conspiracy theory persists that his citizenship is bogus, a forgery, a fiction, a liberal plot involving Kenya, Indonesia, Communists and Malcolm X. | 06/18/12 07:23:46 By - Josh Shaffer

California universities reject proposed 'Student Athlete Bill of Rights'

Four California universities with big-time sports programs are fighting a legislative effort that could radically change the way schools recruit, educate and retain student athletes. | 06/18/12 07:12:29 By - Hannah Madans

Florida voters roll listed Gov. Rick Scott as dead in 2006

Rick Scott was shocked. He was dead. Or at least that’s what he was told when he went to cast an early vote ballot in 2006 at Naples City Hall. | 06/15/12 07:12:04 By - Marc Caputo

Texas Sen. Cornyn calls on Eric Holder to resign as attorney general

In a riveting moment at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday morning, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, barely containing his anger, told Attorney General Eric Holder that he should resign. | 06/13/12 07:26:11 By - Maria Recio

Florida's noncitizen voter purge grew from 5-minute conversation

Florida’s latest elections controversy began in the smallest of ways: a five-minute chat a year ago between Gov. Rick Scott and his top election official. | 06/13/12 07:04:49 By - Marc Caputo

Sen. Lindsey Graham's plan would open S.C. coast to offshore drilling

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham revealed his plan Monday to open South Carolina’s coast to offshore oil and natural gas drilling — and have the state share in any profits from strikes of fossil fuels. | 06/12/12 07:29:02 By - Sammy Fretwell

Florida's voter purge sparks lawsuits between state and feds

Gov. Rick Scott and the Obama administration traded legal barbs and counter-accusations Monday as each side announced it would sue the other over Florida’s controversial non-citizen voter purge. | 06/12/12 07:08:11 By - Marc Caputo

California Democrats reject budget cuts to programs for the poor

As budget negotiations continued Monday, California's legislative Democrats gave the clearest indication yet they will not cut as deeply into programs for the poor as Gov. Jerry Brown wants. | 06/12/12 06:56:43 By - Kevin Yamamura

Why criminal charges were brought against John Edwards remains unclear

More than two years of investigation and a six-week trial subjected the actions of presidential candidate John Edwards in 2007 and 2008 to unsparing scrutiny, revealing such intimate details as the likely conception date of his out-of-wedlock daughter and a hotel scene of his mistress in her nightie. | 06/11/12 07:12:14 By - Anne Blythe and John Frank

Sen. Rand Paul joins Oregon Sen. Wyden's push for legal hemp

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Bowling Green, is joining a Democratic senator from Oregon in supporting a proposal to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp. | 06/11/12 07:00:37 By - Jack Brammer

S.C. ethics panel sets date for case against Gov. Nikki Haley

S.C. lawmakers said Thursday that they will start a historic ethics case against Gov. Nikki Haley on June 28. Haley is accused of illegally lobbying for a Lexington hospital and Columbia engineering firm that paid her while she was a member of the S.C. House. The governor has denied the charges. If found to have violated the law, Haley could be fined or the case could be referred to the S.C. Attorney General’s Office. | 06/08/12 07:20:46 By - Andrew Shain

N.C. gun bill would allow concealed carry in restaurants serving alcohol

A gun bill left over from the flurry of gun bills that cleared the North Carolina General Assembly last year was resurrected Thursday. This one, HB111, would allow anyone with a permit to carry a concealed weapon to bring that gun into a restaurant that serves alcohol, which is currently illegal. | 06/08/12 07:14:10 By - Craig Jarvis

Florida county elections supervisors won't resume voter purge

Florida’s noncitizen voter purge looks like it’s all but over. The 67 county elections supervisors — who have final say over voter purges —are not moving forward with the purge for now because nearly all of them don’t trust the accuracy of a list of nearly 2,700 potential noncitizens identified by the state’s elections office.The U.S. Department of Justice has ordered the state to stop the purge. | 06/08/12 06:51:16 By - Marc Caputo

Florida Gov. Scott says voter purge is legal, DOJ is wrong

Gov. Rick Scott’s election’s chief on Wednesday defiantly refused a federal demand to stop purging non-citizens from Florida’s voter rolls, intensifying an election-year confrontation with President Barack Obama’s administration as each side accuses the other of breaking federal law. | 06/07/12 06:58:30 By - Marc Caputo and Steve Bousquet

Florida Gov. Scott appears ready to fight DOJ on voter rolls purge

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s administration is positioning itself for a showdown with the U.S. Department of Justice for demanding that Florida cease searching for and purging noncitizen voters. | 06/06/12 07:19:43 By - Marc Caputo

John Edwards' road to redemption marked with differing opinions

When John Edwards was found not guilty of one count of illegal campaign contributions and the jury could not reach a decision on the other five counts, the jury’s uncertainty of Edwards’ guilt paralleled the public’s uncertainty of the politician’s future in the spotlight. | 06/05/12 07:33:59 By - Deborah Strange

Biden tells Florida high school grads 'Don't give in to cynicism'

Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t have picked a better spot Monday to make an election-year pitch: The new Marlins Park baseball stadium, site of Cypress Bay High School’s 2012 graduation ceremony. | 06/05/12 07:03:33 By - Marc Caputo and Alexandra León

Texas Sen. Cornyn proposes STAR Act to help foreign students with work visas

Ashish Singh wants the United States to use his brain. The 22-year-old native of Nepal is majoring in computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He wants to get a master's degree and is open to working in this country. But to do so, Singh would need to get a temporary work visa -- a process he says isn't easy. | 06/04/12 07:32:09 By - Diane Smith and Chris Vaughn

Marijuana regulation bill passes in California Assembly

A drive to regulate California marijuana dispensaries won a key victory Thursday, raising the hopes of advocates who argue that state oversight is critical to staving off federal raids on California's medical cannabis industry. | 06/01/12 07:05:14 By - Peter Hecht

S.C. ethics panel reopens probe of Gov. Nikki Haley

The House Ethics Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to reopen its inquiry into whether Gov. Nikki Haley illegally lobbied while a S.C. House member, exploiting her public office for her personal gain and to benefit her employers. | 05/31/12 07:11:41 By - Gina Smith

Oil industry opened the checkbooks to influence Alaska legislators

The oil industry spent more than $1 million lobbying in Alaska as it tried to lower state oil taxes this year, including a $3,120 dinner in Washington, D.C., when the Alaska Legislature shut down for lawmakers’ “Energy Break” trip to the nation’s capital. | 05/30/12 17:43:54 By -

North Carolina gets 'No Child Left Behind' waiver

North Carolina has been cleared from meeting the most rigorous requirements of the No Child Left Behind law. | 05/30/12 07:14:38 By - Franco Ordoñez

Study: California isn't using tobacco money for smoking prevention programs

With California voters poised to vote next week on a tobacco tax hike, a new federal study concludes that the state has used relatively little of the billions of dollars in tobacco money it already takes in to prevent kids from smoking or to help smokers quit. | 05/29/12 06:44:13 By - Jon Ortiz

S.C. Gov. Haley says House Speaker Harrell is pushing ethics probe

Gov. Nikki Haley’s office Thursday all but accused House Speaker Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston, of a political vendetta. Meanwhile, Harrell’s office accused Haley of attempting to short-circuit a House Ethics Committee investigation into whether the governor broke state law. | 05/25/12 07:27:14 By - Gina Smith

U.S. attorney's office assails Calif. Gov. Brown's wildfire-liability plan

Gov. Jerry Brown tucked provisions into his budget that would limit payouts in wildfire liability cases, potentially saving timber companies and other major California landowners hundreds of millions of dollars as federal prosecutors pursue record-high damages in court. | 05/25/12 06:59:49 By - Kevin Yamamura

Justice Dept.: Two Sen. Ted Stevens trial prosecutors acted with reckless misconduct

The Justice Department's internal watchdog office has concluded that two federal prosecutors acted with reckless misconduct in the botched case against then-Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens and should be suspended without pay but not fired. | 05/25/12 06:54:10 By - Sean Cockerham

N.C. teacher suspended for telling student not to slander President Obama

A Rowan County teacher has been suspended after a video surfaced in which she suggests that a student could be arrested for criticizing President Barack Obama. | 05/24/12 07:14:47 By - Franco Ordoñez

California bill limiting sexual orientation change therapy draws criticism

A bill that would ban minors in California from getting sexual orientation change therapy and require adults to provide written consent is running into trouble at the Capitol. | 05/23/12 06:58:32 By - Hannah Madans

Obama, Romney 'shake the trees' in California

Even for a president who has lost some of his luster, donor-rich California remains a generous state. President Barack Obama and his supporters raised some $59 million in large donations from the Golden State through April, just $3 million less than Obama and then-rival Hillary Rodham Clinton raised, combined, from Californians by this time in 2008. | 05/23/12 06:53:24 By - Phillip Reese and David Siders

Justice Dept. also has much at stake in John Edwards trial

John Edwards might be the one with the most to win or lose with the jury deliberating his fate, but the U.S. Department of Justice has a lot riding on his case, too. | 05/22/12 07:15:54 By - Anne Blythe

S.C. Senate Democratic official reprimanded for Gov. Haley tweets

Phil Bailey, the S.C. Senate Democratic Caucus political director, was reprimanded and told to take down his Twitter feed after calling Gov. Nikki Haley a "Sikh Jesus" in tweets, a Senate leader said. | 05/17/12 14:01:46 By - Andrew Shain

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