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For the Americas, Pompeo seen as an improvement over Tillerson

Mike Pompeo is no novice on Latin America. If there was ever a question about his role in the Trump administration’s policy toward the region, the then-CIA director made clear …
CIA Director Mike Pompeo speaks at a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on worldwide threats, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington.
Haiti hires Clinton-linked PR firm to soften image in Washington
GOP fundraiser is everywhere on social media, secretive as a foreign agent
Cuba on U.S. diplomats’ health attacks: No way it’s sonic weapons. Maybe it’s stress
Trump’s axis of evil: Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and North Korea
Mexico won’t pay for Trump wall, but these H-1B workers would
Ex-Mexican president insists wall “will have to be paid by the American taxpayer”
Jamaica is on high alert for gang violence — but officials say island safe for tourists
Rubio calls for sanctions against Venezuela’s Diosdado Cabello
Self-described Trump Russia associate back in spotlight
Trump deals Haiti another blow, ending participation in guest worker program
U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns post, says he can no longer serve under Trump
U.S. embassy in Venezuela to begin issuing visas again. But who can afford them?
Ecuador vows to protect Assange but voices fatigue at embassy ordeal
U.S. deports twice as many Cubans in 2017 vs 2016
Nazareth, Jesus’ hometown, cancels Christmas to protest Trump’s Jerusalem move
Russian general ID’d in activity around shootdown of Malaysian passenger jet
Sudden retirement of Colombian general happened as U.S. reviewed his visa
Venezuela threatens to suspend election unless U.S. sanctions are dropped
China’s scrap ban roils U.S. recycling markets, and that could be a good thing

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