Shashank Bengali

Libyan rebel leader slams NATO over slow response

As Col. Moammar Gadhafi's forces tightened their grip on the oil town of Brega, the commander of Libya's rebel army slammed NATO Tuesday for failing to carry out airstrikes and blocking a shipment of weapons and relief supplies that was headed to a city where fighting has raged for weeks. | 04/05/11 19:23:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Gadhafi finds that money can't buy friends in Africa

For decades, Col. Moammar Gadhafi splashed his oil wealth around sub-Saharan Africa with pompous abandon, building cellphone networks and luxury hotels, cozying up to kings and guerrillas, hosting peace summits and loudly proclaiming his dream to lead a "United States of Africa." Now, just when Gadhafi could use a few friends, his African beneficiaries haven't exactly rushed to his side. | 04/04/11 13:04:00 By - Shashank Bengali

After starting wave of revolution, Tunisia tries to preserve its own

In the new Tunisia, there's no denying the first tentative steps toward democracy. New elections are scheduled for July, while a high council of jurists and intellectuals drafts new electoral laws and determines whether to try ex-regime figures for corruption, torture and other abuses. For the first time in two decades, Tunisia's countless cafes are abuzz with open debates about the country's political future. | 03/31/11 15:00:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Brutal crackdowns chill the 'Arab Spring'

The Arab Spring, which began with an exuberant burst in Tunisia and Egypt and swept up protesters from North Africa to the Persian Gulf, is running into heavy crosswinds in hard-line regimes: a brutal counter-revolution. | 03/27/11 18:17:00 By - Hannah Allam and Shashank Bengali

With Syria shooting at protesters, Assad now facing revolt

Syria's fledgling anti-government movement snowballed into a national protest Friday when thousands of marchers gathered in defiance of President Bashar Assad, whose security forces fired live ammunition, witnesses and human rights groups said. | 03/25/11 18:56:00 By - Hannah Allam and Shashank Bengali

Fear and secrecy follow people out of Gadhafi's Libya

With six relatives and several suitcases crammed into a sagging, dirt-sprayed Mercedes van, a well-dressed Libyan man rode through the border crossing into Tunisia around midday Thursday. His forehead was creased with worry, but when asked why he'd left his country with what looked like enough luggage for weeks, his answer was nonchalant. "Just for a visit," he said. | 03/25/11 15:12:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Yemeni leader's foes demand immediate resignation

In a last-ditch gambit to stay in power, Yemen's longtime president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, offered on Tuesday to step down after parliamentary elections in January as more officials and military units abandoned him to support anti-government protesters. | 03/22/11 16:59:00 By - Shashank Bengali and Warren P. Strobel

Yemeni military officials quit over slaughter of protesters

Pressure on the embattled, U.S.-backed president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, rose sharply Monday with the resignation of several top military commanders, who threw their support behind the thousands of anti-government demonstrators who've called for Saleh's ouster. | 03/21/11 17:52:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Libya intervention draws mixed feelings in Arab world

The U.S. and allied bombing raid that began this weekend opened a floodgate of competing emotions across the Arab world, which supports the Libyan rebels but is wary of more Western intervention in the region. Arabs are watching the strikes against Moammar Gadhafi's regime with a blend of relief for the help to outgunned rebels, trepidation about ulterior motives of Western intervention, and envy in volatile countries where calls for international backup have gone unheeded. | 03/20/11 17:53:00 By - Hannah Allam and Shashank Bengali

Obama vows U.S. role in Libya will be limited

As Western powers and Arab allies prepared to meet Saturday for an emergency summit on Libya, President Barack Obama pledged to support a United Nations-backed military campaign against Col. Moammar Gadhafi but said that he wouldn't send troops to Libyan soil or take over the operation. | 03/18/11 19:22:00 By - Shashank Bengali, Margaret Talev and David Lightman

3 killed in pre-dawn raid on Bahrain protesters

Security forces deployed across the strategic Persian Gulf island of Bahrain on Thursday after a middle-of-the-night raid on an anti-government protest camp left at least three dead and hundreds injured, according to news sources. | 02/17/11 11:51:20 By - Shashank Bengali

Gaddafi next? Anti-government protests spread to Libya

The anti-government protest wave unleashed in Tunisia and Egypt in the past few weeks swept into Libya, where security cracked down on protesters planning a Thursday demonstration against longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi, according to the organization Human Rights Watch. One person was killed, and at least 14 were arrested, the group said. | 02/16/11 19:33:00 By - Jonathan S. Landay, Warren P. Strobel and Shashank Bengali

Egypt's opposition fights itself as army tightens control

Three days after Hosni Mubarak's resignation, Egypt's political opposition was bitterly divided over its next moves as the army expanded its near-total control over the country with no overt signs that it's included anti-government protesters in its decision-making. | 02/14/11 19:32:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Anti-government protests spread to Iran, Bahrain and Yemen

Tens of thousands of protesters faced baton-wielding security forces Monday in Bahrain, Yemen and Iran in what experts say may be shaping up as a pro-democracy wave ignited by the revolts that drove Egypt's and Tunisia's aging autocratic rulers from power. | 02/14/11 19:10:00 By - Jonathan S. Landay, Warren P. Strobel and Shashank Bengali

Egypt's army dissolves parliament, vows elections

Egypt's new military rulers said Sunday that they'd dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and would hold elections for a civilian government in as little as six months, addressing some of the key demands of the protesters who ousted President Hosni Mubarak. | 02/13/11 17:32:00 By - Shashank Bengali

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