Shashank Bengali

New Tunisia finds its voices, and they're uncomfortably familiar

Four months after the ouster of Tunisian President Zine el Abidine ben Ali, nearly all of the editors and media personalities who worked under the old regime remain in their posts. To the young and increasingly impatient supporters of the Tunisian revolution, this awkward reality shows how little has actually changed. | 05/29/11 15:56:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Gates: Spending cuts will force tough choices for military

The outgoing defense secretary, Robert Gates, said Tuesday that the U.S. military would become smaller and service members' pay and benefits could be reduced as the Pentagon struggles to meet President Barack Obama's stringent cost-cutting targets. Americans would face tough choices over whether to eliminate some weapons programs, shrink the size of fighting units, and overhaul health care and retirement packages. | 05/24/11 18:37:00 By - Shashank Bengali

After 2 months, no end in sight to Libyan air campaign

On March 19, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's army had quashed weeks of anti-government protests and was poised for an all-out assault on Benghazi, the opposition's stronghold, when the U.N. Security Council authorized coalition forces to step in and protect civilians. | 05/17/11 18:54:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Gadhafi forces spill into Tunisia in fight for border post

The two-day battle for a key Libyan border post spilled into Tunisia on Friday as Col. Moammar Gadhafi's forces, riding in at least 15 armed trucks, confronted Tunisian soldiers and fired into civilian areas, wounding two young girls, residents said. | 04/29/11 15:44:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Rebels, Gadhafi troops battle for key border post

Col. Moammar Gadhafi's forces launched an offensive Thursday against a rebel-held border post in western Libya in a sharp escalation of the conflict in the rugged, remote Nafusa mountains. | 04/28/11 18:03:00 By - Shashank Bengali and Nancy A. Youssef

In Libyan revolt, hope for resolving 13-year medical drama

For 13 years, a real-life medical drama has vexed this city, tracing the tortuous contours of Moammar Gadhafi's long reign over Libya. At its heart, more than 400 children who inexplicably found themselves infected with HIV. | 04/28/11 15:50:00 By - Shashank Bengali

In Libya's remote west, rebels say they're winning a tough fight

Fresh from seizing a key border crossing from Moammar Gadhafi's forces, rebels in this rugged mountain town said Sunday that they're winning a tough and largely unseen war in western Libya but need foreign intervention to finish the job. | 04/24/11 15:51:08 By - Shashank Bengali

Migrants 'fleeing death' as Gadhafi’s attacks on Misrata mount

As Col. Moammar Gadhafi's forces rained mortars on residential areas of the coastal city of Misrata yet again Saturday, hundreds of foreign migrants who escaped the fighting took refuge at a transit camp here, counted their blessings and worried for the thousands still left behind. | 04/17/11 00:33:36 By - Shashank Bengali

Rebel aid ships carrying weapons to besieged Misrata

The wooden crates were stacked up on the dock like Lego blocks and clearly stamped with their contents: tank rounds, rifle cartridges, ammunition. The men on the dock, however, had a different explanation for what was inside the shipment bound for the besieged rebel-held city of Misrata. | 04/15/11 17:41:00 By - Shashank Bengali

War compounds the plight of Libya's mentally ill

Fatma, a tall, brown-eyed mother of five, was cured of a bipolar disorder for eight years, long enough that doctors closed her medical file. The war in eastern Libya, however, has stirred up those old torments. | 04/14/11 12:32:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Libyan rebel leader with U.S. ties feels abandoned

Khalifa Hifter thought he'd be America's man in Libya. He'd spent the last 24 years living under what he calls U.S. government protection in suburban northern Virginia. Before he returned to Libya last month, State Department and CIA officials sought him out for meetings. He delivered to them wish lists of weapons and vehicles to bolster the fight against Moammar Gadhafi. To his frustration, however, U.S. officials haven't contacted him since. | 04/12/11 18:09:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Libyan rebels swiftly reject African Union peace plan

Libyan opposition leaders on Monday rejected an African Union "road map" for making peace with Moammar Gadhafi, saying that nothing short of the strongman's immediate resignation would satisfy them. The proposal, which Gadhafi reportedly endorsed Sunday, called for a cease-fire in the nearly two-month-old conflict, suspension of the NATO airstrikes and talks between the sides on political reforms. | 04/11/11 07:45:41 By - Shashank Bengali

Another rebel setback as Gadhafi troops besiege Ajdabiya

Rebels who swept in to defend Ajdabiya, 100 miles from the opposition capital of Benghazi, were hit by fire from pro-Gadhafi snipers and a rain of artillery shells. Street battles raged for hours inside the town, which was largely empty of unarmed civilians. The battle appeared to show a rebel movement hanging by a thread, surprised when Gadhafi's fighters arrived in about 30 4 X 4 pickup trucks. | 04/09/11 16:54:23 By - Shashank Bengali

NATO admits deadly airstrike but blames Libyan rebels

The deputy commander of NATO forces in Libya acknowledged Friday that the alliance struck rebel tanks outside the eastern oil town of Brega a day earlier but blamed the deadly incident on a lack of communication from the rebels. | 04/08/11 06:30:35 By - Shashank Bengali

No matter who attacked, airstrike on Libya rebels was NATO mishap

Libyan rebels accused NATO of launching deadly airstrikes on their forces Thursday outside the front-line oil town of Brega, signaling growing confusion in the military effort to thwart Col. Moammar Gadhafi. Rebels blamed the attack on NATO planes, but the commander of the rebel army said it was possible that Gadhafi's air force had evaded the NATO-enforced no-fly zone | 04/07/11 07:48:12 By - Shashank Bengali

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