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Britain fears 'lost' generation of jobless youth in Europe's crisis

One in five Britons aged 15-24 is unemployed and looking for work, more than twice the rate of the rest of the population, in what experts call one of the country's most serious social problems. | 05/24/12 14:56:25 By - By Shashank Bengali

EU leaders dine, but offer nothing new for their troubled economies

European leaders concluded the latest round of talks over their prolonged economic crisis early Thursday morning but emerged still divided over how to boost a eurozone that faces a dizzying array of problems. | 05/23/12 20:45:03 By - By Shashank Bengali

OECD predicts European recession, raising pressure on leaders to act

With the United States and financial markets pressing for decisive action, European leaders will meet Wednesday on their region’s widening debt crisis amid a new forecast that suggests the broad eurozone will finish the year in recession. | 05/22/12 19:00:04 By - By Shashank Bengali and Kevin G. Hall

Kabul's unlikely housing bubble seems ready to burst

The war in his homeland was a boom time for Sayed Aman Abed. The Kabul real estate broker made a small fortune over the past several years as billions of dollars in foreign aid and reconstruction contracts flooded into Afghanistan, creating a robust market for homebuyers and renters in the capital. Abed, a slight, boyish 25-year-old, did well enough to pick up the entire tab for his wedding last year, which cost $27,000, a princely sum in Afghanistan. | 11/17/11 15:18:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Failed Afghan road project shows difficulties of U.S. rebuilding effort

Alleging corruption and theft, U.S. officials in Ghazni terminated a $10 million road contract, pulling the plug on a closely watched infrastructure project in this strategic province and putting themselves at odds with a powerful governor who coalition forces had hoped would be a key ally. | 11/10/11 16:26:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Crucial plan to reintegrate Afghan insurgents falling flat

The bid to make peace with Afghan insurgents is failing by nearly all accounts even as the U.S.-led military coalition plans to withdraw its troops and, within three years, hand control of security nationwide to Afghan forces. | 11/03/11 15:16:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Roadside attacks still bedevil U.S. forces in Afghanistan

Dismounting from their armored convoy on a desolate stretch of Afghanistan's most important highway, the elite U.S. Army route-clearance team knew what to expect. They'd been struck by roadside bombs there before, and they'd been shot at there before. | 10/30/11 14:36:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Afghans wonder, too, about strategic pact with India

The wide-ranging "strategic partnership" that Afghanistan signed with India this month would seem only logical: South Asia's economic heavyweight cementing its longstanding political, cultural and trade ties with the region's neediest nation. But this is Afghanistan, and nothing is that simple. | 10/25/11 15:27:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Afghans find little to praise in new U.S.-led offensive

As U.S.-led coalition forces intensify their battle against insurgents in rugged eastern Afghanistan, many residents there remain skeptical of the chances for military success and worry about the fallout from increased fighting. | 10/24/11 14:17:00 By - Habib Zohori and Shashank Bengali

Clinton in Afghanistan warns Pakistan to act against Haqqani

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday delivered the sharpest U.S. warning yet to Pakistani leaders: Crack down on the Afghan insurgents based on your soil or pay "a very big price." | 10/20/11 15:19:00 By - Shashank Bengali

In Kabul, Clinton urges Pakistan to step up fight against militants

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday delivered the sharpest U.S. warning yet to Pakistani leaders: Crack down on the Afghan insurgents based on your soil or pay "a very big price." | 10/20/11 06:18:20 By - Shashank Bengali

U.S. steps up assault on Haqqani stronghold in Afghanistan

Explosions and gunfire erupted in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan Tuesday as U.S.-led international forces and Afghan soldiers began what seemed likely to become a new, coordinated offensive against insurgents whom American officials blame for a series of recent major terrorist attacks in Kabul. | 10/18/11 17:05:00 By - Shashank Bengali and Habib Zohori

Afghan violence falling sharply, NATO says

Insurgent attacks in Afghanistan from July through September fell by 26 percent from the previous summer, a senior NATO official said Saturday, reasserting the U.S.-led coalition's claims that violence is decreasing a decade into the Afghan war. | 10/15/11 14:08:00 By - Shashank Bengali

Nobel Peace Prize goes to 3 women activists, including Liberia's Sirleaf

Friday's award of the Nobel Peace Prize to three women who'd undertaken nonviolent campaigns for peace and women's rights in war zones sent a powerful message to the developing world that women must not be left behind by movements that are pushing for democratic reforms. | 10/09/11 23:53:43 By - Hannah Allam, Shashank Bengali and Adam Baron

Jubilation sweeps Tripoli as rebels hunt desperate Gadhafi

Moammar Gadhafi's regime appeared to collapse Sunday as rebels swept into Tripoli, captured three of his sons and set off wild street celebrations in a capital that he'd ruled by fear for more than four decades. "Tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant," President Obama said. | 08/21/11 21:11:56 By - Suliman Ali Zway, Hannah Allam and Shashank Bengali

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