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New accusation on chemical weapons in Syria underscores Obama’s line that we don’t know much

Even as President Barack Obama insisted Tuesday that the United States knows very little about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, dueling reports surfaced of a new chemical attack in a town near the Turkish border, demonstrating how complex the issue can be. | 04/30/13 19:23:23 By - By Matthew Schofield, Paul Raymond and Roy Gutman

In Saudi Arabia, advocating peaceful change leads to lengthy prison terms for two dissidents

Saudi Arabia’s Specialized Criminal Court, created five years ago to handle terrorism suspects, would seem a strange venue to try two of the country’s foremost human rights champions. The case against them reads not like a terror plot but a mission statement for a civil liberties group. | 04/30/13 17:45:31 By - By Roy Gutman

U.S., allies agree on rules for sending military aid to Syrian rebels

In a move intended to trim support to Islamist extremists who now play a leading role in the Syrian uprising, the United States, Turkey and key Gulf allies this weekend agreed to funnel future military aid only through the internationally recognized Syrian rebel coalition. | 04/21/13 18:56:55 By - By Roy Gutman

Poland’s new Jewish museum to celebrate life, not revisit the Holocaust

Poland’s newest museum stands in the heart of the former Warsaw ghetto, where 70 years ago Jews rebelled against their German oppressors. | 04/18/13 16:53:00 By - By Roy Gutman

Margaret Thatcher’s sharp tongue behind her ‘Iron Lady’ reputation

She had a clear vision and a blunt way of expressing it, and for 11 years as British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher wasn’t afraid to dispense tart advice to successive U.S. presidents. | 04/09/13 18:55:56 By - By Roy Gutman

Kerry pushes for Turkish role in peace talks, but Israelis, Palestinians say ‘no’

Amid fears that a U.S.-backed reconciliation between Israel and Turkey might unravel, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Turkish leaders Sunday that it was vital for peace in the region that the two close U.S. allies get their relations “back on track in its full measure.” | 04/07/13 18:11:35 By - By Roy Gutman and Hannah Allam

Can Cyprus’ economic crisis end long division between Turkish north and Greek south?

When Cyprus’ banking system imploded last month, dooming the country to economic contraction and years of depression, Turkish Cypriots who dominate the northern part of the island had a distinctly more upbeat reaction than the Greek Cypriots who dominate the south. | 04/04/13 17:26:32 By - By Roy Gutman

Cyprus’ banks reopen, but ‘Russians’ might lose big

Banks reopened Thursday in crisis-stricken Cyprus after a 12-day closure, but not everyone joined the queues, as small enterprises all over the island appeared to be on the verge of going under and unable to meet payrolls. | 03/28/13 19:03:21 By - By Roy Gutman

In Cyprus financial crisis, even Orthodox Church likely to lose millions

Cyprus, a palm-fringed island in the Mediterranean Sea, has long held three distinctions. Now it has another: It’s the only place in the continuing euro currency crisis in which the government has agreed to force bank account holders to help pay for the rescue of debt-ridden banks. The cost for many savers and businesses would be staggering. | 03/26/13 18:25:18 By - By Roy Gutman

Turkey sees accords with Israel, Kurds as first step to greater regional role

After two major breakthroughs in less than a week – an accord to end a three-year squabble with Israel and a landmark step by a jailed Kurdish leader to settle a 30-year insurgency – Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s star appears to be rising – and with it, Turkey’s role as a major regional power. | 03/23/13 18:37:27 By - By Roy Gutman

‘Sorry’ says Israel’s Netanyahu, opening way for diplomatic relations with Turkey

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized Friday to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ending a nearly three-year-long feud in a phone call brokered by President Barack Obama. | 03/22/13 18:22:45 By - By Sheera Frenkel, Hannah Allam and Roy Gutman

Turkish Kurds take big step toward ending insurgency

The scene could not have been imagined just two years ago. Before a million Turkish Kurds, many waving their own tricolor flag, and with millions more Turks following it live on national television, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdish PKK insurgency called via written letter for an end to his 30-year insurgency. | 03/22/13 17:34:35 By - By Roy Gutman

10 years after Iraq invasion, Sunnis who backed Saddam chafe under Shiite rule

A decade after the U.S.-led invasion, Iraq is still a broken country. Its government is democratically elected, but nearly everyone sees it as dysfunctional, and many observers wonder whether the country can hold together and function as a normal state. Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki is widely criticized for what critics call his manipulation of the political process, though they concede that at least some of the problems he faces were inherited from the U.S. occupation. | 03/15/13 17:07:16 By - By Roy Gutman

Iraqis call for U.S. military aid after Nusra-linked assault on ‘innocent Syrians’

Top Iraqi officials called Tuesday for the United States to step up its promised delivery of major arms after an ambush well inside Iraq by suspected Islamist militants that left more than 50 Syrians and a dozen Iraqi troops dead. | 03/05/13 19:15:40 By - By Roy Gutman

Syrian government accused of targeting hospitals, health workers as war rages

The national hospital in Azaz lies in ruins; government aircraft bombed an entire wing. In nearby Aleppo, a barrel bomb forced the closing of the Dar al Shifa hospital. Those are just two examples of the toll on Syria’s hospitals in nearly two years of war. Half of them are now out of service, according to Syria’s government. International officials decry what they say is a government campaign against health care facilities and medical professionals that constitutes a war crime. | 02/25/13 15:44:49 By - By Roy Gutman and Paul Raymond

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