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Obama pushes preschool for all kids so they don’t start out ‘a step behind’

President Barack Obama visited a preschool in Georgia on Thursday to unveil details about his new plan to ensure that all 4-year-olds – including those whose families struggle to make ends meet – receive the same opportunities for a high quality early education. | 02/14/13 18:09:31 By - By Renee Schoof

‘Olly olly in free!’ Time for school recess to come out of hiding?

Many schools have cut back on recess as they try to squeeze more instruction time out of the day. Now everyone from health experts to Ranger Rick argues that it’s important to bring it back. | 02/13/13 13:23:28 By - By Renee Schoof

Pell Grant changes drop enrollment in Mississippi community colleges

Fourteen of Mississippi's 15 community colleges reported enrollment declines in the fall of 2012 compared with a year ago, and much of the reason is due to changes last year in eligibility requirements for Pell grants, according to a new study released on Tuesday. | 02/13/13 07:11:28 By - Renee Schoof

Battle over guns makes N.C. dangerous political ground for Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan

As a Democrat from a swing state, Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina already faces a tough re-election fight next year. | 01/29/13 17:16:29 By - By Renee Schoof

N.C. residents cherish being a part of presidential history

Triangle residents who attended President Barack Obama’s inauguration said it felt great to stand in the nation’s capital in a euphoric crowd and feel a part of history. | 01/22/13 07:17:29 By - Renee Schoof

New N.C. Rep. Holding is ready for spending fight

George Holding is now a member of Congress, with an office in the “freshman dorm” and one priority: cutting federal government spending.

“Cuts have to come first,” Holding said in an interview Wednesday. “We’ve just backed ourselves into a corner where we’ve got to cut now.” | 01/04/13 12:56:43 By - Renee Schoof

N.C. delegation split in fiscal cliff vote

Now that Congress has backed away from the fiscal cliff it faces three new deadlines and two more months of difficult debates. The expectation is more of the familiar partisan battles in January and February over the debt ceiling, across-the-board spending cuts and a temporary budget to keep the federal government running. | 01/03/13 07:24:53 By - Renee Schoof

N.C. jobs, defense work, research on line as federal budget crisis looms

If the nation goes over the “fiscal cliff” next month, people with a close eye on North Carolina’s economy say that a combination of higher taxes and automatic spending cuts – especially in defense – would mean more lost jobs. | 12/11/12 16:42:30 By - By Renee Schoof

North Carolina’s Triangle will have a louder voice in next U.S. Congress

When the new Congress convenes in January, the Triangle region will have double the political firepower it had this year. | 12/09/12 00:00:00 By - By Renee Schoof

If fiscal cliff talks fail, teachers’ jobs, student aid, Head Start could be at risk

If budget talks fail and automatic spending cuts take hold, federal spending on education would be cut by about 8 percent across a broad range of programs, including money for special education, low-income students and schools near military bases. | 12/06/12 16:46:17 By - By Renee Schoof

VA trademarks term 'GI Bill' to shield vets from deception

Hoping to prevent online ads and the websites of for-profit schools from misleading Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs has trademarked the words “GI Bill.” | 12/04/12 18:16:16 By - By Renee Schoof

Want a better idea of college costs? Schools, Congress are trying to help

College is one of the biggest investments most people make, but it can be hard to estimate in advance just how big. | 11/27/12 14:30:48 By - By Renee Schoof

Fiscal cliff threatens scientific research, experts warn

. Scientists and inventors such as Joe DeSimone will be keeping an eye on the budget deal-making in Washington over the next month, because if negotiators fail to steer the nation away from the fiscal cliff, automatic spending cuts will chop back federal support for scientific research. | 11/26/12 17:05:51 By - By Jane Stancill and Renee Schoof

GOP redistricting, money give N.C. Rep. Ellmers edge in race

Democrat Steve Wilkins, running in a tough congressional race against Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers, says his 22 years of military service – which include a key role in planning the invasion of Iraq – show the spirit of public service Washington needs to break the partisan logjam. | 11/02/12 07:28:56 By - Renee Schoof

Lower costs lure U.S. college students to Canada, UK

More American teenagers are thinking about picking up a passport and heading abroad for their college years as a way of attending a top-rated school at a lower cost, Canadian and British college recruiters say. | 10/30/12 17:27:17 By - By Renee Schoof

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