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Poll: World has little confidence in leaders' economic measures

As President Barack Obama and other world leaders meet in Italy, a global survey released Thursday reflects wide concern that governments won't meet their budgets in this economic climate — and a universal preference to respond by cutting services rather than raising taxes. | 07/09/09 19:09:47 By - Margaret Talev

Poll: Obama, headed to Middle East, is winning Arab hearts

As President Barack Obama prepares to journey to Egypt to address the Muslim world, his overtures to the Middle East are paying off in positive feelings from Arab peoples that far outpace the region's critical view of the United States, according to a new McClatchy/Ipsos Poll. | 05/10/09 19:00:09 By - William Douglas

Poll: Americans split over investigating torture allegations

A new McClatchy-Ipsos poll found that 46 percent of Americans oppose and 41 percent support the creation of a commission to investigate how the U.S. government interrogated detainees captured during the Bush administration's war on terror. The public is similarly split on whether to prosecute the government officials who authorized interrogation techniques that are found to be torture. | 05/06/09 17:21:55 By - Robert A. Rankin

Poll: Most Americans feeling better about the economy

Slightly more than half of Americans think the sickly U.S. economy has stabilized, and almost three in every four think it will take longer than six months for a massive economic stimulus program to be felt, an Ipsos-McClatchy tracking poll showed Wednesday. | 04/08/09 16:53:42 By - Kevin G. Hall

Poll: With 69 percent approval, Obama has political firepower

Nearly seven in ten Americans approve of the way President Barack Obama is doing his job, giving him enormous political capital as he pushes Congress to give him unprecedented tools to fight economic crisis, according to a new McClatchy-Ipsos poll. | 02/11/09 18:42:19 By - Steven Thomma

Americans confident in Obama as his big day arrives

America changes course today. Barack Obama of Illinois will take office as the nation's 44th president at noon EST in a simple yet elegant ceremony that will mark a peaceful transfer of power. He does so at a time of unusual peril, with a sputtering economy at home and U.S. troops still in harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama spent his last day as a private citizen Monday in symbolic gestures meant to highlight the deeds of others, including a visit with wounded soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, working with volunteers at a Washington shelter for homeless teens and attending a dinner honoring his Republican rival for the presidency, Sen. John McCain. | 01/19/09 17:35:39 By - Steven Thomma

Florida finishes atop Fan First Poll, Texas second

Florida (13-1) finished No. 1 in the Ipsos Fan First college football poll after defeating No. 3 Oklahoma (12-2) 24-14 in the BCS championship game. | 01/15/09 17:27:11 By - Michael Bold

Poll: American public backs Israel firmly in war with Hamas

As Palestinian casualties mount in the Gaza Strip, the American people are squarely behind Israel and overwhelmingly think that using force against Hamas is appropriate, according to a new McClatchy/Ipsos poll. | 01/13/09 18:25:05 By - William Douglas

Ipsos/McClatchy Poll: Illinois voters say Blagojevich must go

More than nine out of ten people in Illinois think that Gov. Rod Blagojevich should resign since he was arrested on corruption charges, according to a new Ipsos/McClatchy online poll. | 12/16/08 18:17:34 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: Most Americans plan to spend less this Christmas

A slight majority of Americans intend to spend less on gifts this Christmas than they did last year, but half plan to spend at least $500, according to a new Ipsos/McClatchy survey released Wednesday. | 12/10/08 17:17:06 By - Kevin G. Hall

Poll: U.S. mood has improved after Obama's election

Americans have grown a little more upbeat about the country since last week's election of Barack Obama as the nation's next president, according to a new Ipsos/McClatchy Poll released Wednesday. Thirty-two percent of Americans think that the country's on the right track, up from a dismal 21 percent in early October. | 11/12/08 17:41:41 By - Steven Thomma

Obama holding onto lead in final Ipsos/McClatchy Poll

The final Ipsos/McClatchy pre-election poll found Obama leads McCain nationally by 50-42 percent, with 7 percent undecided. If undecided are pushed to choose, they break slightly for McCain, with a resulting 53-46 Obama lead. Obama leads among men by 6 points and women by 9 points. McCain leads among non-Hispanic whites by 11 points. | 11/03/08 12:59:19 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: McCain has cut into Obama's edge on jobs, economy

"Joe the Plumber" may be paying off for John McCain. The Arizona senator scored sharp gains on the pivotal issue of jobs and the economy in the past week, helping him gain a bit on front-runner Barack Obama and narrow the presidential race as it heads into the final week, according to an Ipsos/McClatchy Poll released Tuesday. | 10/28/08 17:08:17 By - Steven Thomma

Obama's lead widens in latest Ipsos/McClatchy poll

Entering the homestretch, Barack Obama leads John McCain by 50 to 42 percent and appears to be gaining strength on key issues despite a barrage of criticism from his rival. The first Ipsos-McClatchy poll taken since last week's third and final debate offered several signs of growing strength for Obama and troubling weaknesses for McCain. | 10/21/08 17:09:11 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: Americans think food safety is pretty good

What's the scariest food in your kitchen? Fish. The second scariest? Beef. What food looks safest? Cheese. Those are among the findings of a new Ipsos/McClatchy online poll about food safety. | 10/20/08 14:09:31 By - McClatchy Newspapers

Despite bye, Alabama stays No. 1 in fan poll

WASHINGTON — All Alabama needed was a little rest to keep its No. 1 slot in the Ipsos College Football Fan First Poll. | 10/16/08 19:34:34 By - Lisa Zagaroli

Ipsos/McClatchy debate poll: McCain improved, Obama won

John McCain did better in his final debate with Barack Obama than he had in the two previous ones, but Obama still won it, according to a new online Ipsos/McClatchy survey of undecided voters. Obama won by 56-44 percent, and the undecided voters said that if they were forced to choose after watching the debate, they tilted to Obama by 53-47 percent. | 10/16/08 14:02:20 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: Few Americans panicked over market's gyrations

Despite all the recent wild swings in the stock market, Americans are not panicking about their investments, according to a new Ipsos/McClatchy poll. The poll found few investors selling or planning to sell, few saying they would stop making planned contributions to retirement plans or other programs that buy stocks, and increased confidence in bank deposits thanks to more generous government insurance coverage. | 10/14/08 18:53:41 By - Steven Thomma

Ipsos/McClatchy: Obama's lead has grown to 9 points

Barack Obama leads John McCain by his widest margin yet, according to a new Ipsos/McClatchy poll, as the two men enter their final debate Wednesday night, their last chance to reach tens of millions of voters at the same time. | 10/14/08 16:17:36 By - Steven Thomma

Americans deeply pessimistic about economy, poll finds

The RBC Cash Index, conducted by pollster Ipsos Public Affairs, found that 64 percent of people think it's likely that they or someone they know will lose their job in the next six months. Only 35 percent said that wasn't likely. That's a big indicator that consumers will be spending less in the weeks ahead. | 10/08/08 19:43:11 By - Kevin G. Hall

Survey: Tuesday's debate moved undecideds to Obama

Before the debate, 389 undecided voters surveyed online by Ipsos/McClatchy favored McCain by a 55-45 margin. After the debate, those same voters said they favored Obama, 57-43 percent. Asked specifically who won, the voters said Obama, 61 to 39 percent; 62 percent said McCain was more "mean-spirited." | 10/08/08 16:13:34 By - Robert A. Rankin

Obama's lead widens to 7 in latest Ipsos/McClatchy poll

That's a continuation of a trend in Obama's favor that's been clear in the weekly Ipsos/McClatchy poll since Labor Day. Voters see Obama as a stronger steward of the economy by 52 percent to 37 percent. They also trust him more than McCain on health care and, unusual for a Democrat over a Republican, on family values and taxes. | 10/07/08 19:14:15 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: Palin more likeable, but Obama/Biden gets the votes

An Ipsos/McClatchy poll of undecided voters who watched Thursday's vice presidential debate found that most liked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, but that 52 percent would have voted for Barack Obama after the debate anyway. The change was dramatic: Before the debate, those same undecided voters were leaning 56 percent to 44 percent for McCain. The day after, the numbers had tilted to Obama, 52 to 48 percent. | 10/04/08 18:04:50 By - Erika Bolstad

The bailout bill is now the law. So what happens next?

The $700 billion financial-sector bailout became law Friday, but there's still only a vague idea of how it might work and whether it's enough. A lot of heavy lifting lies ahead. That was evident Friday when stock markets largely ignored passage of the legislation. The Dow finished down 157.47 points, 1.5 percent, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq posted similar drops. | 10/03/08 19:13:35 By - Kevin G. Hall

The best college football team? Isn't it time to ask the fans?

The Ipsos Fan First Poll for the first time gives a voice to college football fans, the people who spend part of their fall Saturdays wearing alumni colors, tailgating or shouting at a television screen. More well-known surveys are filled out by coaches or jaded sportswriters who are paid to follow the sport. Ipsos, however, asks the fans in an online survey that included 2,002 college football fans. Here's what they said. | 10/02/08 17:32:51 By - Lisa Zagaroli

Poll: Despite turmoil, voters think bank accounts are safe

Despite the turmoil on Wall Street and the nation and the collapse of several major banks, a solid majority of registered voters expressed confidence in the security of their bank accounts, a new Ipsos/McClatchy poll has found. The poll found that 70 percent of those surveyed were confident in the security of their checking accounts or money market accounts. Similarly, it found 72 percent were confident in the safety of their savings accounts. | 10/01/08 16:40:18 By - Steven Thomma

Ipsos/McClatchy: Obama opens lead over McCain

Obama's 46-42 percent lead over McCain marks a steady gain he's shown since Labor Day. Over four weekly surveys, Obama's gone from being down by one point to tied, up by one point and now up by four. One key reason could be Friday's debate. The poll is consistent with others released Wenesday that showed Obama ahead of McCain by even wider margins. | 10/01/08 16:28:17 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: Voters prefer McCain on security, Obama on economy

John McCain approaches his first debate with Barack Obama with a decided advantage among voters on the issues of national security and foreign policy, the subjects of their showdown Friday night, according to a new Ipsos-McClatchy poll. | 09/23/08 19:22:48 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: Most Americans think U.S. is losing war on terrorism

A majority of Americans think the United States isn't winning the war on terrorism, a perception that could undermine a key Republican strength just as John McCain and Barack Obama head into their first debate Friday night. A new Ipsos/McClatchy online poll finds a solid majority 57 percent think that the country can win, but a similar majority says that the country is not winning. | 09/22/08 19:08:29 By - Steven Thomma

Poll: Americans doubt bailouts will stop economic chaos

Despite the government's effort to shore up the nation's financial system, Americans are deeply pessimistic that it will work, a new Ipsos/McClatchy poll finds. A solid majority said they're not confident the government can restore confidence. A plurality thinks the economy will be in worse shape six months from now. | 09/18/08 19:13:02 By - Steven Thomma

Poll suggests McCain's support softening as race stays tied

McCain and Obama each had the support of 45 percent in the new Ipsos/McClatchy poll, but McCain voters were less certain of their choice. Eighty percent of Obama supporters said they'll definitely vote for him, the same as last week. Just 71 percent of McCain voters said their choice was definite. That's down from 77 percent last week. | 09/16/08 19:16:31 By - Steven Thomma

Majority of Americans say post-9/11 air safety adequate, poll finds

Pilots pack guns in the cockpit. Passengers stoically wait in line at security checkpoints. Experts trained in the nuances of human behavior roam airports searching for potential terrorists. These are just some of the hundreds of safeguards imposed in the seven years after 9/11 and, according to a new Ipsos/McClatchy poll, a strong majority of Americans believe there is now adequate security in airports and airplanes. Some, in fact, think there is too much. | 09/12/08 19:51:45 By - Dave Montgomery

Poll: Biden seen as more qualified than Palin; race tied

John McCain and Barack Obama head into the fall campaign neck and neck, despite questions in many voters' minds about whether McCain's running mate is as qualified as Obama's, according to a new Ipsos/McClatchy poll. McCain has the support of 46 percent, Obama, 45. Biden was seen as qualified to be president by 60 percent, Palin, by 48 percent. | 09/11/08 19:00:24 By - Steven Thomma

Two-thirds of Americans satisfied with airport security

A new Ipsos/McClatchy poll of Americans indicates that two thirds (62%) of Americans believe that enough (52%) or too much (10%) has been done in terms of safety improvements on US owned and operated airlines since 9/11. Just under four in 10 (38%) of respondents disagree. Further, slightly more Americans (65%) believe that enough (50%) or too much (15%) has been done at US-owned and operated airports in terms of safety improvements and screening requirements for passengers. | 09/11/08 16:03:25 By -

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