Commentary: 'Mallard Fillmore' is one unfunny cartoon duck

Just because it comes across as homophobic, racist and reactionary, I told one caller last week, is not reason enough to fish-wrap the alleged comic strip "Mallard Fillmore." | 01/31/13 06:08:13 By - Barry Saunders

Commentary: Corruption weasels into online media

Even while some media organizations roll out new online subscription plans, the Internet continues its steady drift toward a business model built overwhelmingly on money not from readers, but from advertisers. It’s advertising that’s emerging as the revenue source that everybody, from Facebook and Google to newspaper websites and gadfly bloggers, wants a piece of. | 01/30/13 06:02:10 By - Edward Wasserman

Commentary: Georgia's Eleventh Circuit judicial openings need filling

Last summer, Eleventh Circuit Judge J. L. Edmondson assumed senior status after a quarter-century of valuable service. His decision leaves the bench with 17 vacancies in the 179 appeals court judgeships and the Eleventh Circuit with two in twelve. | 01/29/13 12:08:28 By - Carl Tobias

Commentary: Manti Te’o story shows we're better connected but farther apart

You are missing the point.

Or at least, you are if you’re one of the bazillion people following the Manti Te’o story, dutifully trying to determine whether the Notre Dame football star was the victim or the perpetrator of a bizarre hoax. Granted, the story is irresistible as one of those 15-minutes-of-fame-kitten- stuck-in-the-well fables without which people who gather around the water cooler wouldn’t have anything to talk about. | 01/29/13 06:05:35 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: A tale of two gun shows

Title this a tale of two gun shows. | 01/28/13 06:07:39 By - Fabiola Santiago

Commentary: A sobering lesson from WWII

Clicking through the TV channels one Sunday during the holidays, I stumbled by pure luck onto a magnificent History Channel documentary titled “World War II From Space.” | 01/28/13 06:03:21 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: The NRA's callous and stupid shooting app

The callousness, the sheer idiocy, of some organizations never ceases to amaze me.

A month after the slaughter of 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the National Rifle Association has released a new game that lets children fire virtual guns at clay ducks or coffin-shaped targets with bull’s eyes at chest and head levels. The guns of choice include assault and sniper rifles. | 01/27/13 06:04:16 By - Ana Veciana-Suarez

Commentary: Turning gun debate into and arms race

Sen. Lindsey Graham believes “the best way to confront a homicidal maniac who enters a school is for them to be met by armed resistance from a trained professional.” | 01/27/13 06:15:04 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: Obama-paranoia at the gun show

The Miami gun-show line stretched 200 people long. Many blamed President Barack Obama. | 01/26/13 06:08:17 By - Marc Caputo

Commentary: Everything is 'climate change'

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says last year was the hottest on record in the contiguous United States. As The New York Times put it in a recent headline, it was “not even close.” | 01/26/13 06:06:22 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: NRA could be part of the solution or make the problem worse

A faint promise of hope and change filtered through the Washington chatter in the days preceding President Barack Obama’s swearing in for a second term. | 01/25/13 06:01:44 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: What will our next civil rights breakthrough be?

When I was a child, many white Americans, and most of them in the South, considered Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists to be radicals and trouble-makers. Some even called them "communists." | 01/25/13 06:05:17 By - Tom Eblen

Commentary: Obama's inaugural address signals that yesterday's gone

A 44-year-old poet raised in Miami, the first Cuban American and the first openly gay person ever to deliver a presidential inauguration poem, he used the earth star to frame his composition, One Today, at Monday’s ceremony before the U.S. Capitol. Blanco found poetic significance in tracing the many disparate American lives, the truck drivers and school children, the waitpersons and accountants, upon whom it sheds light during its daily trek across the sky. | 01/25/13 06:10:49 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Sheriffs are blowing smoke over 'unconstitutional' gun laws

When Texas sheriffs say they won't enforce "unconstitutional" gun laws, it means only one thing.

They think voters are dumb enough to believe them. | 01/24/13 06:01:50 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: How gun roundups can save lives

On a cold night at the northeast end of Stockton, a California Department of Justice agent wearing a bulletproof vest beneath his black uniform knocked on the door of a small tract home. A 65-year-old man living alone peeked out. | 01/24/13 06:03:45 By - Dan Morain

Commentary: Buying ambassadorships is as American as apple pie

The United States prides itself on having a market economy. But does that philosophy really have to extend to the selling of government jobs as well? | 01/22/13 06:02:24 By - Dennis Jett

Commentary: Martin Luther King's message of nonviolence resonates

There’s never a shortage of oversimplifications and stretched analogies this time of year, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. | 01/21/13 06:05:35 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: MLK and Barack Obama

When Martin Luther King Jr. made his most famous speech during the Great March on Washington in 1963, Barack Hussein Obama was 2 years and 24 days old. | 01/21/13 06:04:00 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: Congress heads toward another manufactured crisis- the debt ceiling

Sometimes the simplest solutions work best.

With the nation still exhausted from several breathless weeks on the brink of the fiscal cliff, the new year began with another crisis in Washington. This time it’s the debt ceiling | 01/21/13 06:01:02 By - Terry Plumb

Commentary: Is torture right?

Does torture work?

It is a Bush-era debate that has found Obama-era relevance because of a new movie, Zero Dark Thirty, in which torture seems to work quite well. | 01/20/13 06:03:07 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Avoiding the lure of an easy chair

This is going to shock you. You’d better sit down.

On second thought, don’t. It might kill you. | 01/20/13 06:09:51 By - James Werrell

Commentary: The real meaning of Martin Luther King holiday

King Day weekends mean parades, or speeches, or TV specials.

We forget what they really mean. | 01/19/13 06:03:42 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: The parallel universe of the White House

Most Americans, even those who pay little attention to politics and Washington’s squabbling, understand that the government has a huge debt and deficit problem. The phrase “trillion-dollar deficits” is a leitmotif of the Obama years. | 01/19/13 06:02:35 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: Avoiding those 'senior moments'

I just marked one of those birthdays where the odometer flips over two digits, the kind of milestone that reminds you nature is relentlessly serious about that ashes-to-ashes thing. | 01/19/13 06:01:29 By - Mark Washburn

Commentary: Filling the Third Circuit judicial opening

The Senate must immediately vote on U.S. Magistrate Judge Patty Shwartz, the experienced nominee for the Third Circuit. President Barack Obama nominated the highly qualified jurist fifteen months ago with the enthusiastic support of New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie. Because the opening that Shwartz would fill can delay appellate resolution and has been empty since June 2011, New Jersey Democratic Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez, who robustly support Shwartz, must encourage the chamber to rapidly vote on her. | 01/18/13 13:24:51 By - Carl Tobias

Commentary: Some myths about assault weapons

An otherwise intelligent friend of mine launched a recent Facebook rant against “weapons that automatically feed bullets and can fire 100 rounds per second. I just don’t get why the Average Joe needs one. Can you explain it to me?” I couldn’t, I admitted. But I could explain that there is no hand-held gun in the world that fires that fast. | 01/18/13 06:05:10 By - Glenn Garvin

Commentary: To improve mental health, we must first understand it

Here’s a better idea for “arming” the nation’s teachers.

Let’s do it with knowledge, support and resources about the mental health of children. | 01/18/13 06:01:02 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Get over your dislike of government secrecy

Two weeks ago on a cross-country flight I checked three bags, and when I unpacked I found three printed memos from the Transportation Security Administration indicating that they’d each been searched. | 01/17/13 06:01:52 By - Edward Wasserman

Commentary: Here's what's ahead in 2013

A dozen years into the new century, we still hadn’t settled on what to call the 2000s.

The oughts? | 01/17/13 06:15:26 By - Keith Chrostowski

Commentary: Some strange ideas about 'blackness'

I suddenly find myself concerned about my blackness.

It had never occurred to me to worry about it before. Then came the incident last month on ESPN’s First Take program that initially got commentator Rob Parker suspended and then, last week, fired outright. It seems Parker, who is African American, analyzed what he saw as the insufficient blackness of Robert Griffin III, rookie quarterback for the Washington, D.C., football team that is named for a racial slur. | 01/16/13 06:03:14 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: We should avoid loosening of gun laws

Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday plans to submit his recommendations to President Barack Obama on new gun control proposals.

But don’t expect the National Rifle Association’s buy-in. Biden’s plan includes limits on high-capacity magazines, improved background checks on gun buyers and promotion of gun safety. | 01/15/13 06:03:52 By - Lewis W. Diuguid

Commentary: Rise of the 'preppers'

This month at a picnic shelter at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, they plan to gather and trade notes about preparing for a disaster.

These are not FEMA or EMS folks. FEMA and local government services will be useless when this trouble comes. This will be big: a collapse of the government, nationwide riots, famine, plagues, nuclear war. People will be on their own. | 01/15/13 06:11:02 By - Ned Barnett

Commentary: It's man vs. python in Florida Everglades

Would you like to make some extra money, and at the same time run the risk of being eaten by a carnivorous reptile the size of a war canoe? | 01/14/13 06:52:40 By - Dave Barry

Commentary: One child's voice for Newtown

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am 12 years old and in seventh grade. | 01/14/13 06:01:09 By - Joe Tarica

Commentary: Behind the tax cuts

Pop quiz: Who’s the bigger tax cutter, Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan?

Answer: Obama. The fiscal cliff agreement, signed early this year, cuts expected federal income tax revenue by about $1.8 trillion over the next five years, while the famous supply-side Reagan tax cuts in 1981 cost the government about $1.5 trillion, in inflation-adjusted cash, over their first five years. | 01/14/13 06:03:22 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: The NRA, guns and 'evil fame'

Two weeks ago the subject of this column was how soon America consigned mass shootings to history’s dustbin, a factor in the gun lobby’s ability to stifle debate over sensible rules on gun ownership. | 01/13/13 06:03:31 By - Terry Plumb

Commentary: It all starts with 26 acts

Thursday, Mae Suramek grabbed a cup of coffee at Berea Coffee & Tea and left an extra $4 to pay for the next customer's order.

It was another of her random acts of kindness in honor of the 26 adults and children gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14. | 01/13/13 06:03:42 By - Merlene Davis

Commentary: Everglades python hunt could use a beauty queen

If we’re serious about sending forth an army of gun-toting, beer-drinking, redneck snake-hunters to wade into the Everglades and eradicate the python hordes, we’re going to need more than a couple of piddling cash prizes. | 01/12/13 06:15:54 By - Fred Grimm

Commentary: In Latin America, the super-rich pay lower taxes

French movie star Gerard Depardieu made the wrong choice by seeking Belgian and Russian citizenship to avoid paying higher taxes in France. He should have moved to Mexico. | 01/12/13 06:08:16 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: Hagel should be confirmed

A former Republican senator who served his country well is nominated by the president for secretary of defense, a post for which he is eminently qualified. | 01/11/13 06:04:29 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: Rights and responsibility go hand-in-hand

One of the frustrations for a newspaper opinion columnist is the inability to know, with any certainty, whether commentary on a controversial issue has found its intended mark. | 01/11/13 06:00:20 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: Canaries in a coalmine

Two unrelated items popped up on the laptop screen last week. No, that's wrong. They're not unrelated at all. | 01/11/13 06:10:04 By - Dusty Nix

Commentary: Journal News crossed a line and quashed gun owner privacy

Exposed. That, in a word, is how you feel when someone broadcasts your home address without your knowledge, against your wishes. Your correspondent speaks from experience. Six years ago when white supremacists published my home address and phone number on their web sites, the first thing I felt was vulnerable. | 01/10/13 06:03:10 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Fiscal cliff shows Congress favors confrontations

Dinner-table conversation is a favored pastime at our house. | 01/10/13 06:10:04 By - Mike Norman

Commentary: Palazzo's offensive posturing on Sandy relief

Seldom has a single vote in Congress appeared as cold-blooded and hard-headed as one cast by Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-Miss., last week. | 01/09/13 13:32:51 By -

Commentary: War on marijuana goes up in smoke

The war on marijuana is going up in smoke, and it’s about time. There is no bigger waste of money and resources in all law enforcement. | 01/09/13 06:09:57 By - Carl Hiaasen

Commentary: FreedomWorks doesn't seem to be working very well

Dick Armey says buying $1 million in ads from Glenn Beck was a waste of campaign money.

Heck, I could have told him that. | 01/09/13 06:02:43 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: No need for resolutions

I never make New Year’s resolutions. Why set myself up for failure when there are so many naturally occurring opportunities to fail throughout the year? | 01/08/13 06:03:35 By - James Werrell

Commentary: U.S. tackles the Ernest Hemingway cat menace

After nine years of legal wrangling, the relationship between American commerce and cats — cats of the six-toed variety — has been decided. | 01/07/13 06:02:55 By - Fred Grimm

Commentary: The stupidity over 'concussiongate'

If only the people intent on dissecting Hillary Clinton's blood clot would channel that energy in more productive ways. | 01/07/13 03:41:12 By - Linda P. Campbell

Commentary: Are newspaper editorials passe'?

Here's a sad fact as we near the end of 2012: The editorial director of an influential California news organization, one that says it is dedicated to producing "stories that hold those in power accountable," believes there should be fewer voices dedicated to that cause. | 01/06/13 06:07:59 By - Stuart Leavenworth

Commentary: Newtown massacre media coverage and the harm that false information can do

There was something reassuring about the wave of public sorrow over the Newtown massacre. After Tucson, after Aurora, after the mass shootings in a dozen other places that you or I couldn’t name — events that were shrugged off within days — I was no longer convinced of the public’s capacity to respond to such horror in the right way: with outrage, with regret, with something close to determination. | 01/06/13 06:06:20 By - Edward Wasserman

Commentary: Best thing about 2012? It's over

What can you say about a year in which the crowning achievement was that the world didn't end? But you can hardly make fun of the Mayans for getting it wrong so long ago. It made even less sense close up. | 01/05/13 06:02:15 By - Glenn Garvin

Commentary: The first rule of hunting

At a speaking engagement for a large civic group a few years ago, I was introduced by someone using information he had gotten from a colleague. | 01/05/13 06:09:29 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: Father Time hits his 2012 highlights

To mark the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, we found Father Time on his way out the door to wherever guys like him go and engaged him in his last interview. | 01/04/13 06:07:09 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: What fed the housing bubble?

One of the major points of contentions in the aftermath of the housing debacle was whether the Community Reinvestment Act — an anti-redlining law — contributed to the disaster. | 01/04/13 06:02:35 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: Doing business with a gun monger?

Two months before Adam Lanza used one of his company's guns to massacre 20 first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, George Kollitides talked about threats he perceived to his children. | 01/03/13 06:04:03 By - Dan Morain

Commentary: Gun-toting teachers and other 2013 predictions

One of my more foolhardy endeavors at the beginning of each year is to make some predictions of what is likely to happen during the upcoming year in North Carolina government and politics.

If nothing else, the exercise teaches one to be humble. | 01/03/13 06:05:38 By - Rob Christensen

Commentary: 'Chasing Ice' and melting glaciers

Seeing "Chasing Ice," a new movie that chronicles the rapid disappearance of the world's glaciers as man-made climate change proceeds, I was reminded of Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now." | 01/02/13 06:02:26 By - Pia Lopez

Commentary: Dumbest idea in history? Race

On New Year’s Day, it will be 150 years since Abraham Lincoln set black people free from slavery.

And there is no such thing as black people. | 01/01/13 06:05:11 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Other nations have reduced gun violence, why can't we?

Guns don’t kill people, teachers do.

At least that’s the intent of a bill introduced by state Rep. Phillip Lowe, R-Florence, that would give South Carolina teachers and other public school employees the right to carry guns on school grounds as long as they have concealed weapons permits. Lowe says the bill would be one way to protect kids if a school comes under attack. | 01/01/13 08:03:24 By - James Werrell

Commentary: Political in-fighting over bust of Rush Limbaugh

Lock Rush Limbaugh in a closet.

Shut the door and keep it sealed until he’s deceased. | 01/01/13 08:06:00 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Dave Barry reviews 2012

It was a cruel, cruel year — a year that kept raising our hopes, only to squash them flatter than a dead possum on the interstate. | 12/31/12 06:57:18 By - Dave Barry

Commentary: Why put things off until later?

As a kid, I took piano lessons. It was fulfilling. Even as a teenager, I didn’t begrudge the practice time. I even enjoyed scales.

I went off to college and there was no piano, although I could have found one if I had tried. But I was busy with school. I told myself I’d return to the piano someday. | 12/31/12 06:07:46 By - Barbara Shelly

Commentary: The quotes of 2012

Merry Cliffmas!

My compilation of quotes saved up over the year runneth over. | 12/31/12 06:08:17 By - Keith Chrostowski

Commentary: Some Texas teachers have ideas about guns in schools

The last thing a pair of high school football coaches, a fifth-grade math teacher and a sixth-grade principal ever thought they would have to consider is adding a gun permit to their skill set. | 12/30/12 06:02:14 By - Mac Engel

Commentary: Killers target diplomats worldwide

Death stalks our diplomats, our aid workers, our businessmen and our Peace Corps volunteers. And unless we figure out how to live with this threat, we will find ourselves increasingly pushed into a corner and separated from the people of the world with whom we share this planet and all its wonders and troubles. | 12/30/12 06:04:55 By - Ben Barber

Commentary: Here's the really important news of 2012

Most media lists of the most important events of 2012 are led by headlines such as the reelection of President Barack Obama, the appointment of China’s new leader Xi Jinping, the revolt in Syria, the return to power of Mexico’s ruling PRI party and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s battle with cancer. | 12/30/12 06:06:21 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: Filling the Texas Federal Court openings

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Hilda Tagle assumes senior status after 14 years of dedicated service. That means the judiciary has 78 openings in 856 judgeships, the Fifth Circuit has two in 17 and the Texas District Courts has five in 41. | 12/29/12 06:05:03 By - Carl Tobias

Commentary: Finding the sensible middle ground on gun control

Guns don't kill people; mentally disturbed people with easy access to guns kill people. The problem is simple and obvious. The solutions are anything but that. | 12/29/12 06:05:57 By - Tom Eblen

Commentary: Americans love cheap goods and China loves Christmas

Happy birthday, Jesus!

Love, China.

For a country that persecutes Christians, China sure profits from Christmas. | 12/29/12 06:04:03 By - Marc Caputo

Commentary: North Korea - the mouse that wants to roar

It could have been a scene out of some comic opera — the wire service photo of North Korea’s pudgy boy dictator, strutting ceremoniously, followed by a half-dozen uniformed military officers, all applauding him in unison as they walked. | 12/29/12 06:19:58 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: Our national amnesia with gun massacres

The recent slaughter of 20 children in Newtown, Conn., immediately spurred responses that were both predictable and contradictory.

Elected officials across America, including President Barack Obama, declared that the nation must pass stricter laws to keep guns, especially “assault weapons” and high-capacity ammunition clips, out of the hands of people like Adam Lanza. | 12/28/12 06:05:15 By - Terry Plumb

Commentary: What is the proper response to Sandy Hook massacre?

The Issue: The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., elicited an outpouring of political responses, notably calls for stronger gun control. On Sunday, President Barack Obama said any solution would be hard. "We're not doing enough, and we will have to change," he told victims' families. "We can't tolerate this anymore." | 12/28/12 06:01:30 By - Ben Boychuk and Pia Lopez

Commentary: Sales of AR-15 assault rifles can and should be restricted

No more distractions. No more fake arguments that lead nowhere.

It's about the weapons – the AR-15 assault rifles and variations of them that were meant for military use but are being used to kill civilians with frightening speed and ease. | 12/27/12 06:02:10 By - Marcos Breton

Commentary: Killing is too convenient in America

One of the merits of that challenged institution known as the print newspaper is its ability to sum up the mood of the day, which this week would have to be described as grim astonishment. | 12/27/12 06:04:26 By - Barbara Shelly

Commentary: Showing courage, love beyond words

Millions of words have already been written about the Sandy Hook massacre, and millions more are coming. We’ll argue about gun control, violent video games, poor mental health services, inadequate school security. | 12/24/12 06:02:23 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: Christmas trees and other humbug

At this writing, the Christmas tree in our living room is standing.

That may not sound like news to some, but that’s only because they weren’t around a week ago to see me holding up the 10-foot evergreen behemoth, yelling at my wife who was on the telephone calling a friend to come help. | 12/24/12 06:05:54 By - Terry Plumb

Commentary: Hostess brass get bonuses while workers get pink slips

America lost one of its iconic brands last month when Hostess, maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Wonder Bread and other staples of postwar Middle America, closed up shop. | 12/23/12 06:02:28 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Finding a role for the Rolling Stones

Maybe the great rock stars of the ’60s can find a way to avoid getting stuck in the nostalgia gig. I was thinking this while I stayed up way too late watching the 12-12-12 benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Producers obviously rigged the show to appeal to the people with money to donate to the cause: aging baby-boomers who will tune in any time to watch geriatric guitar heroes from the past. | 12/23/12 06:01:50 By - James Werrell

McClatchy, Washington Post press for release of missing journalist Austin Tice

“Tice was captured in Syria four months ago. While the wait for news on his whereabouts drags on, we wanted to make the case for why work such as his is so vital and why he should be released.” | 12/23/12 00:00:00 By - By Anders Gyllenhaal and Marcus Brauchli

Commentary: Arming teachers is not the answer for Newtown violence

Here is the concealed-carry version of solving school violence: Reading, writing and target practice. | 12/22/12 06:02:17 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Some songs for the holiday season

In honor of the end of 2012, here are updated lyrics to some of your favorite holiday (OK, Christmas) songs. | 12/22/12 06:07:49 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: Gun advocates are too quiet after Newtown

They need to change the subject. Turn the conversation away from questions about assault rifles and high-capacity magazines and 26 first-graders and teachers mutilated by high-velocity bullets on a cold Connecticut morning. | 12/22/12 06:23:25 By - Fred Grimm

Commentary: Labor unions and America

I worked once at a union newspaper up North. It was a comfortable place, with good pay for the size of the paper. I knew that didn’t happen by accident. | 12/22/12 06:09:19 By - Peter St. Onge

Commentary: A new type of gun safe – a new approach to reducing gun violence

While it is impossible to eliminate heartbreaking attacks like that in Newtown; it is possible to make that level of violence less likely. At the same time, it is important to recognize that no single policy will fix the problem; rather, the achievement of even limited success will result from the cumulative effects of a range of policies. Policy responses should thus not only focus on eliminating guns, but rather, should also propose new ways to alter the relationships of guns, mental health and violence. | 12/21/12 06:05:19 By - Scott Sigmund Gartner

Commentary: Wishing for the spirit of Santa Claus

I'm not sure when I stopped believing in Santa Claus the individual, but it was well before I first admitted it to my parents -- for two reasons: | 12/21/12 04:28:59 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: U.S. is still strong despite the economic gloom

Oh, great. Another bit of gloomy news: Last week, the Federal Reserve issued a 2013 forecast more pessimistic than its previous one. More evidence we’re doomed, I suppose — fated to fall from the fiscal cliff, and even if we don’t collide with economic armageddon at the bottom, there’s sure to be something really bad down there. | 12/21/12 06:03:39 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Letter from parents of missing journalist Austin Tice

An open letter to those holding our son, Austin Tice. Our family is longing for the safe return of our cherished son and beloved brother Austin, who was taken captive while working as a journalist in Syria. So many things have happened in the more than 18 weeks he has been missing. We missed him terribly at the family gathering for the feast of Thanksgiving. We are a close-knit family, sharing so many memories and traditions. Now, as we prepare for the joyful celebration of Christmas, we desperately want our family to be whole. Our hearts are heavy to think his chair may once again be empty at our family table; we dread missing his great storytelling and contagious laugh. | 12/20/12 16:05:42 By - By Marc and Debra Tice

Commentary: It's time for sensible talk on guns, ultra-violent video games

Let’s hope the dude shoots better than he reads.

In a column written hours after the Newtown, Conn., massacre, I adopted – along with many of you – the same position as President Barack Obama: The immediate aftermath of the shooting was not the time to talk about regulating guns, he said. It was a time for us as a nation to mourn and rally together. | 12/20/12 06:03:58 By - Barry Saunders

Commentary: We care more about a cartoonish version of the Second Amendment

We don’t care that more than two dozen people – mostly children aged 5 to 10 – were gunned down in an elementary school in Connecticut. | 12/20/12 06:02:03 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: It’s easier to kill with guns than regulate them more

Florida will hit the 1 million-mark for concealed-weapon permit-holders in the coming days, a stat reported last week that received scant attention. | 12/20/12 06:15:50 By - Marc Caputo

Commentary: More guns are not the answer to violence like Newtown

We don't know why Adam Lanza decided to kill his mother Friday and then 20 first-graders and the six women who tried to protect them at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn. | 12/19/12 06:03:51 By - Merlene Davis

Commentary: The biggest threat to my Second Amendment rights

The column originally scheduled to appear today in this space was withdrawn, at my request — possibly to be published at a later date or simply discarded. | 12/19/12 06:08:30 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: Does America love its guns more than its children?

There are no words for a tragedy this grim, this incomprehensible, one that strikes so close to home for every parent in America. | 12/19/12 06:05:56 By - Fabiola Santiago

Commentary: Some people shouldn't have access to guns

I'm tired of debating gun violence with people who cling to ideology as the bodies pile up. | 12/18/12 06:06:26 By - Marcos Breton

Commentary: Kansas family orphaned by death, deportation looks to better days

A baby’s first year — how quickly the time passes.

Baby Camila is babbling, practicing the noises that will soon form her first words. She’s absorbing language as a bilingual listener. | 12/18/12 06:01:44 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Guns are the problem

I wrote editorials after the Virginia Tech shooting and the debate then revolved around mental health and security. How could colleges better identify troubled students? Should access to campus be limited? | 12/17/12 12:56:53 By - Barbara Shelly

Commentary: Abuses were committed in our name

There's this big buzz whether the new movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden somehow justifies torture.

To me, this Washington and Hollywood hullabaloo is over-hyped and beside the point. | 12/17/12 06:08:43 By - Foon Rhee

Commentary: We must not forget our history

Students step onto college campuses today less aware or concerned with the past. It’s more pronounced than the usual grousing of old instructors about each new generation. | 12/17/12 06:05:07 By - Lewis W. Diuguid

Commentary: Heroes are rare indeed

It is the unspoken dread that must lurk in the imagination of nearly everyone who has traveled the underground rail system of one of the world’s great cities: the fear of stumbling or being shoved off the subway platform and falling into the zone of death. | 12/16/12 06:02:38 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: Obama missed an opportunity with Simpson-Bowles

Well, isn’t this another fine mess? We’ve gotten to the point that hard-liners on both sides are starting to say, “Jump!” — let the “fiscal cliff” happen. You wonder what they’re thinking. | 12/16/12 06:07:05 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: Answer Man goes to the fiscal cliff

The daily drumbeat of depressing details about the deadlock in D.C. has created an unexplainable and unpleasant uptick in anxious and addictive alliteration. | 12/15/12 06:02:33 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: Random thoughts and political musings

Cleaning out the files (and forgive me if some of this, thanks to my deteriorating memory, is recycled stuff that wasn't very good to begin with) … | 12/15/12 06:02:29 By - Dusty Nix

Commentary: Corporations make mad dash to avoid Uncle Sam's tax bill

By Dec. 21, Larry Ellison will have more than made up for that $3 million he misspent in October trying to elect Mitt Romney as president.

On that day, the billionaire founder of Oracle stands to receive roughly $198 million in accelerated Oracle stock dividends, avoiding $60 million or more in what every financial expert assumes will be higher federal taxes starting in 2013. | 12/14/12 06:03:41 By - Dan Morain

Commentary: Some Latin American surprises on the corruption index

One of the most interesting things about the latest 174-country ranking of world corruption released last week by the Berlin-based Transparency International monitoring group was that Barbados, Chile and Uruguay ranked alongside the United States among the world’s 20 most honest countries. | 12/14/12 06:08:30 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: Sure-fire ways the GOP can blow another election

Only 11 days after the re-election of Barack Obama, Marco Rubio flew to Iowa to informally begin his quest for the presidency in 2016. | 12/13/12 06:11:21 By - Carl Hiaasen

Commentary: Betraying Bob Dole

Anyone who meets former Sen. Bob Dole quickly gains an understanding of his war injury.

Through decades of public service he became adept at offering his left hand first when greeting people, a grip that came across as gracious, not awkward. | 12/13/12 06:08:35 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Time to fill the Western District of New York bench

Now that the 112th Senate has reconvened for its lame duck session after President Barack Obama captured a second term and Democrats retained a Senate majority, this is an ideal moment to analyze the federal judicial vacancy crisis. | 12/13/12 13:45:53 By - Carl Tobias

Commentary: Are California oil companies warming to carbon tax?

Oil companies and taxes are a little like gasoline and lit matches.

The oil industry spent $93 million to blow up a 2006 initiative that sought to raise an oil severance tax. Taxes are not part of oil executives' DNA. But ever so cautiously, the industry is contemplating a California carbon tax. | 12/12/12 06:03:03 By - Dan Morain

Commentary: A close-up look at corporate welfare

When a poor person gets a government handout, it's called welfare. When a rich corporation gets one, it's called an economic development incentive. | 12/12/12 06:02:08 By - Tom Eblen

Commentary: Gold rush is poisoning Peru's rain forest

As our plane topped the Peruvian Andes, I looked out the window and caught my first view of the headwaters of the Amazon. The green canopy of the rain forest spread out in all directions. Yet on closer examination, I noticed the wilderness was marred by a checkerboard of cleared fields, scarred stream banks and rivers stained brown by polluted runoff. | 12/11/12 06:02:50 By - Stuart Leavenworth

Commentary: Gun debate misses the point in Belcher case

At the risk of sounding like a Kool-Aid-fed daughter of Ted Nugent: It’s not the gun that should be implicated. | 12/11/12 06:02:30 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Fed polygraphs seems more like Big Brother than about national security

The ethics of the matter, and the seemingly gratuitous intrusiveness of some interrogations, are just part of the problem with polygraph screenings of federal employees and applicants.

There's also the far more fundamental question of whether the process even works. Do these tests truly make us safer? Or are they an abuse of power by federal agencies that, by their very nature, are exempt from public accountability? | 12/10/12 12:46:24 By -

Commentary: President Obama's budget fairy tale

During the campaign, President Obama impressed everybody by singing an impromptu version of the old Al Green ballad Let’s Stay Together. But now the White House has switched tunes. The president’s new favorite is Young At Heart, a Frank Sinatra hit of the 1950s. You could hear it playing in the background last week when he talked about the budget: Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you . . . | 12/10/12 06:01:54 By - Glenn Garvin

Commentary: Will Obama years be a 'lost decade' for the US?

After five years of lousy economic performance, you would think people would be sick of it by now. Guess not. How else to explain why we’re having a big fight over inequality instead of arguing over how to jump-start growth? | 12/09/12 06:06:10 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: I have questions

Guy Noir, the beleaguered private eye featured on “A Prairie Home Companion,” is said to constantly wrestle with “life’s persistent questions.”

I have a few of my own, including: | 12/09/12 06:02:54 By - Terry Plumb

Commentary: Record number of journalists have died in 2012

They call it the Death Watch. The International Press Institute, which is based in Austria, for 15 years has tracked the number of professional journalists around the world killed on the job. | 12/08/12 06:01:27 By - John Drescher

Commentary: 'Citizen journalists' and credibility

Nearly 36 years ago when I started reporting for this newspaper, police and elected officials would stop speaking candidly to folks as soon as I entered the room. | 12/08/12 06:05:04 By - Lewis W. Diuguid

Commentary: Congress forgets science and stands up for exotic snakes

Giant pet constrictors have clearly been denied their rightful place in the national mythology. American children grow up unexposed to the lovable reptilian equivalents of Snoopy or Garfield or Clifford the Big Red Dog. | 12/07/12 06:04:37 By - Fred Grimm

Commentary: Washington's top-down thinking on Medicare

They say that Social Security is the third rail of American politics: Touch it and you die.

That dictum extends to Medicare and even Medicaid as well. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind President Obama and members of both parties in Congress of why that is. | 12/07/12 06:14:00 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Time to fill Middle District of Pennsylvania judicial vacancies

With the Senate's reassembly for its lame duck session after President Barack Obama won another term and Democrats retained a Senate majority, this is an excellent time to evaluate the judicial vacancy crisis. | 12/06/12 13:43:15 By - Carl Tobias

Commentary: Plenty of space available in Colorado 'gun dorm'

Young people are not exactly renowned for their judgment.

We are, after all, talking about an age group that has to be told it is a bad idea to text while doing 70. Or drink alcohol ’til it spews from your nostrils. Or wear a T-shirt and flip-flops to interview for the office job. | 12/06/12 06:03:11 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Libel via Twitter in Great Britain

For all our cultural kinship, Britain and the United States approach expressive freedom in ways that are often sharply different. | 12/06/12 06:07:02 By - Edward Wasserman

Commentary: Billionaire NYC Mayor Bloomberg adds dynamic to gun politics

Joe Baca never saw it coming, and neither did Gloria Negrete McLeod. But as state Sen. Negrete McLeod replaces Baca in Congress, the dueling San Bernardino County Democrats witnessed first hand the beginnings of a change in gun politics, courtesy of billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. | 12/06/12 06:02:49 By - Dan Morain

Commentary: What's next for Jill Kelley, the Petraeus scandal's mystery vixen?

Jill Kelley, the mystery vixen in the David Petraeus scandal, is now flanked by a high-profile Washington attorney and a professional "crisis manager." This can only mean that she wants her own reality show, a book deal or both. | 12/05/12 06:06:34 By - Carl Hiaasen

Commentary: Was 'black blindness' involved in Jordan Davis' death

It is a kind of myopia that afflicts some of us — too many of us — whenever we gaze upon a dark-skinned man. It causes some of us — too many of us — to see things that are not there, and to miss things that are. Sometimes, it is fatal. | 12/04/12 06:08:58 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: My life according to spam email

Real subject lines from emails in my spam file (not including those offering Russian wives, enhancement products or written in Cyrillic alphabet): | 12/04/12 06:04:39 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: Secession and the Texas tea party

Three weeks into the newest Texas Revolution, it's going nowhere.

That online petition for secession lost steam after 100,000 signatures. Even the Weatherford guy who started it calls it a fad. | 12/03/12 14:15:42 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: Obama faces a hostile world

The second Obama Administration faces a series of foreign policy challenges from war to hunger to terrorism to trade and aid. From the South China Sea to Somalia to Mali to Nigeria to Venezuela the usual culprits are at play: nationalism, ethnic hatred, religious zeal, overpopulation, climate change, pandemic disease, hunger, water, greed, and lust for power. | 12/03/12 06:05:15 By - Ben Barber

Commentary: The dangers of science denial

The Grand Canyon might be older than we thought – a lot older.

Contrarian scientists have posited a new theory that the canyon is not just 6 million years old, as the consensus now stands, but actually about 70 million years old. That would mean the Grand Canyon was a giant hole in the ground while T-Rex still roamed the Earth. | 12/03/12 06:00:42 By - James Werrell

Commentary: We all pay for prison price gouging

For two decades now, politicians and public scolds have sold America on the idea of a sterner penal system. Zero tolerance, three strikes and you’re out, supermax prisons and legions of young men who have done time — these are the hallmarks of our age. | 12/03/12 06:04:30 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Don't cut HIV/AIDS budget

Seven people — three women and four men — thought it was necessary to remove all their clothing and stand before cameras and strangers in U.S. House Speaker John Boehner's office Tuesday to bring attention to potential cuts to HIV/AIDS funding and other federal programs. | 12/02/12 06:00:36 By - Merlene Davis

Commentary: What truly matters during the holidays

Bing Crosby would be appalled.

With singer Carol Richards, the great crooner once popularized a song, Silver Bells, about the joy of Christmas shopping. “Strings of street lights,” it went, “even stop lights, blink a bright and red and green as the shoppers rush home with their treasures.” | 12/02/12 06:05:23 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Lessons from the old man

Sometimes the kid in me saves the old man I’ve become.

That happened regularly when my daughters were girls and I joined them on bike rides, jumping rope, swimming and having fun on playgrounds. | 12/02/12 06:16:08 By - Lewis W. Diuguid

Commentary: Boomers didn't change the world like we thought we would

The Rolling Stones threw a 50th anniversary concert Sunday. After five decades, apparently, Mick and the band still aren’t satisfied. | 12/01/12 06:08:33 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: Marriage is no cure for poverty

Title this “Political magical thinking of the holiday season, Part II.”

Thanksgiving’s column dealt with illogic around unwed mothers and poverty. | 12/01/12 06:09:31 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Where our clothes are made matters

I'm cheap. Everyone knows that. Perhaps that is why I was so saddened when I learned Saturday that a fire killed at least 117 workers in a factory in Bangladesh where 1,700 people worked for pennies to make polo shirts, fleece jackets and T-shirts for U.S. and European companies. | 11/30/12 06:02:45 By - Merlene Davis

Commentary: Improving our political system

Before our memories of the 2012 elections fade to black, here’s what needs to happen to improve our political system: | 11/30/12 06:02:57 By - Steve Kraske

Commentary: Unions aren't the reason for Hostess' demise

Savor what could be the last Ding Dong you’ll ever eat while you contemplate the end of Hostess Brands Inc., but don’t fix blame solely on labor union intransigence. Company executives baked this failure. It’s an epic one, with 18,500 workers losing jobs. | 11/29/12 06:00:56 By - Keith Chrostowski

Commentary: Marco Rubio, the Elections Industrial Complex and life on Earth

Don’t let the calendar fool you. It’s already 2016.

Like it or not, the Elections Industrial Complex has unofficially declared it so. | 11/29/12 06:03:06 By - Marc Caputo

Commentary: The wider impact of Obama's Asia trip

President Obama’s recent trip to Asia was totally overshadowed by the violence in Gaza, to the point that few of us paid any attention to it. But his visit to Asia may have major implications for Latin America in general, and for Cuba in particular. | 11/28/12 06:15:40 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: Modern day secessionists could learn from Sam Houston

On a recent trip to Houston, I twice drove by the giant statue of the man for whom the state's largest city is named.

Sam Houston looms large -- very large -- in a wooded area on Interstate 45 in the city of Huntsville. Although the man Sam Houston was tall at 6-foot-2, his steel-and-concrete image towers over the highway at 67 feet. The lighted view at night makes it appear even larger. | 11/28/12 06:04:34 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: More fun with secession and states rights

Trying to lend one of his 2008 campaign speeches a little literary heft, Barack Obama borrowed a phrase from William Faulkner: “The past isn’t dead and buried. In fact, it isn’t even past.” Four years later, the president may be considering himself, however ruefully, a prophet. For it looks like much of his second term may be framed by one of America’s oldest, most persistent political debates — the one over states’ rights. | 11/27/12 06:03:57 By - Glenn Garvin

Commentary: Petraeus-Broadwell affair could use a little Norman Mailer

The nation's columnists have exhausted themselves searching fiction for anecdotes and admonitions that will illuminate David Petraeus' affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. | 11/27/12 06:08:23 By - Michael Carey

Commentary: Making sure every vote counts

Oh, how quickly the electorate forgets.

The long lines at the polls, the glut of millionaire money that poured into candidates’ coffers, the efforts to undercut voters’ rights under the guise of preventing “voter fraud.” | 11/26/12 06:00:46 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Shifting US demographics will affect more than politics

While some at home will roll their eyes — and with good reason — South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s stock rose nationally even as voters dealt Mitt Romney and the Republican Party a solid defeat in the last week’s presidential election. | 11/26/12 06:01:26 By - Warren Bolton

Commentary: Longing for the days of Murrow, Cronkite and the old GOP

By all rights, a first post-election column should say something insightful, if not outright brilliant, about the results. But we're nearly two weeks out from that angst-filled day and night, and all my fellow know-it-alls of punditry have carved the corpses up nicely by now. | 11/25/12 06:34:10 By - Larry Dale Keeling

Commentary: Death penalty as an option has lived too long

No matter how glorious the weather – perhaps it’s an achingly splendid fall afternoon with brilliant sun highlighting the palette of changing leaves – there’s a place along Raleigh’s Western Boulevard where the mood turns gray and raw. | 11/25/12 06:04:16 By - Steve Ford

Commentary: Welcome to the minority

Oh, dear, this is disconcerting: I appear to have become a member of a minority group.

That's right — I am an Older White Male — an OWM. And if the Nov. 6 election results are any indicator, we OWMs are no longer in charge. | 11/24/12 06:15:35 By - Bob Cuddy

Commentary: Here's why we're a polarized nation

With the re-election of President Barack Obama, we have people petitioning to secede from the country. Before the election, I heard Democrats mumble that if Mitt Romney won they would move to Canada. Never mind that Romney was about as right wing as the elder President George Bush, or that Obama is about as much of a socialist as Harry Truman. | 11/24/12 06:09:14 By - Rob Christensen

Commentary: We have so many reasons to be thankful

Here’s why we need to be thankful:

For the past week, we’ve spent a fair amount of ink and air time discussing and conducting raids on local grocery stores to prepare for the potential demise of the Twinkie. | 11/23/12 06:05:08 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: The U.S. as an oil-producing superpower

Four decades ago, the Arab oil embargo consigned Americans to gas lines. Odd-even rationing became routine, and everyone with a passing interest in energy policy heard regular predictions that the planet was nearing "peak oil." | 11/23/12 06:08:11 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: Missing family on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it has always meant "family" day -- historically void of the distractions and commercialization that long ago hijacked Christmas, Easter and other national observances. | 11/22/12 06:09:24 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: A simple way to thank a soldier

Soldiers can serve their country knowing that when they die, somebody will be at the airport to meet their body and make sure it’s handled with dignity, not left alone in some cold, dank storage facility. Soldiers who don’t die, however, are pretty much on their own when they arrive at the airport. | 11/22/12 06:05:21 By - Barry Saunders

Commentary: U.S. needs two strong political parties

I was listening to the Michael Baisden radio show during what he called “Tell The Truth, Tuesday.” His premise was about relationships where men openly tell women they are married and just want a little somethin’, somethin’, on the side, but the woman hears, “He’s in love with me and will leave his wife and kids.” | 11/22/12 06:01:17 By - Charles Richardson

Commentary: The gifts of autumn

The autumn came in like a girl in a new party dress.

Streets of the neighborhood were canopied with burgundy and gold. Never had our city seemed more beautiful. | 11/22/12 06:09:20 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: Thanksgiving and the federal courts

The federal courts have reason to give thanks this Thanksgiving. However, it remains unclear precisely how President Barack Obama and Congress will treat the judiciary, given the country's severe complications, especially the fiscal questions. Although Obama and Congress have instituted some actions that benefit the courts, they can, and should, do more. | 11/21/12 15:11:40 By - Carl Tobias

Commentary: More engineers needed in U.S., Latin America

When Xi Jinping was appointed China’s new leader last week, one of the things that caught my attention about his resume is that he’s an engineer. More exactly, that he is an engineer who has replaced another engineer as leader of the world’s most populous country. | 11/21/12 06:03:21 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: Voting rights law isn't a simple issue

Does a federal law that applies to some states but not to others, even to some counties but not to others, make constitutional sense? That's the question the country has been debating, sometimes bitterly, across political, geographical and racial lines for almost half a century now. | 11/21/12 06:04:05 By - Dusty Nix

Commentary: To secede or not secede? That shouldn't even be a question

Several thousand South Carolinians would like to secede from the union.

As Gov. Nikki Haley remarked Wednesday: “Didn’t we try that before?”

Yes, we did. And it didn’t turn out well at all. | 11/20/12 06:08:49 By - James Werrell

Commentary: Overheard after the elections

They’re back, at their regular corner table, their volume fueled by a combination of caffeine and youthful self-confidence. As such, it is never difficult to eavesdrop on Earnest Guy and Cynical Girl. | 11/20/12 06:04:34 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: Welfare drug testing and the Fourth Amendment

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst probably wouldn't admit it, but they want to engage in social engineering.

They want people not to waste money on drugs, liquor, smokes or lottery tickets. Not everybody, mind you, but poor people. | 11/19/12 06:05:19 By - Linda P. Campbell

Commentary: A view from fiscal cliff's other side

You can go with hope, or you can go with fear.

The title and thrust of the economic forecast issued last Friday by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce — "Averting the Fiscal Cliff" — was on the hopeful side. | 11/19/12 06:02:42 By - Keith Chrostowski

Commentary: No more health care Russian Roulette

Officials in Washington, D.C., Columbia and elsewhere are scrambling to figure out just how to embrace the Affordable Care Act now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected. They’ll be discussing philosophy and ideology, costs and quality, state and federal responsibilities.

They also need to keep in mind stories such as Shannon Sherman’s. | 11/19/12 06:04:30 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: Still waiting for the Obama 'gift' Mitt Romney mentioned

Every day for a week and a half I’ve been checking the mail and still it hasn’t arrived.

My gift, I mean. I was one of the 50 percent of American voters who chose Barack Obama in last week’s presidential election. So surely there’s a gift awaiting me. | 11/18/12 06:02:16 By - Barbara Shelly

Commentary: Retailers are ruining Thanksgiving

Call me old-fashioned, but the plan by major big-box retailers to open for business even earlier on Thanksgiving night just makes me sad. | 11/18/12 06:08:47 By - Foon Rhee

Commentary: Soul searching time for the GOP?

I believed the predictions that Mitt Romney would win big, especially after uber-guru Michael Barone opined that Romney might even take Pennsylvania. Romney did not take Pennsylvania. Nor did he take the essential swing states of Virginia, Florida and Ohio.

The autopsies will go on for some time, but what looms large for me is the issue of trust. | 11/18/12 06:33:16 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: Obama heads to Asia to 'rebalance'

Two days before President Obama was to fly to Asia on his first foreign trip since his re-election, his top security aide Thomas Donilon said that U.S. foreign security and economic policy was being “rebalanced” towards Asia. | 11/17/12 06:41:24 By - Ben Barber

Commentary: California's grand experiment in greenhouse gas regulation

It probably wasn't happenstance that California's historic – good or bad, it's historic – experiment in greenhouse gas regulation was delayed until after an election in which voters would be deciding on new taxes. | 11/17/12 06:51:31 By - Dan Walters

Commentary: The next Bush generations jumps into political arena

The George P. Bush bandwagon is rolling.

But which direction, and how fast? | 11/17/12 06:08:44 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: Some bipartisan ideas for success

The have-and-have-not divide in the U.S. will only increase unless citizens and government heed recommendations of a report and work together. | 11/17/12 06:03:42 By - Lewis W. Diuguid

Commentary: Malala's miracle and the will of God

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." - Isaiah 55:8

I am not here to tell you God's will. | 11/16/12 06:00:41 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Time to start 2016 election speculation

You and I are such different people. You are just glad the 2012 election is over. I am thrilled that 2016 already has begun.

Ready for this? Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a Republican, speaks in Iowa a week from tonight. And the first polls already are out: Hillary Clinton leads in Iowa 58 to 17 percent over Joe Biden. | 11/16/12 06:06:15 By - Steve Kraske

Commentary: 2012 elections show political reporters need to do better

There's a grand tradition in newspaper writing that we might call the "boy, was I stupid" column.

I was fully prepared to pen my version of that column after writing, on the very day of the first presidential debate, that the Barack Obama-Mitt Romney exchange would have very little impact on the eventual outcome of the race. | 11/15/12 06:07:50 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: Once again, American democracy passes the test

Voters had to wait in line too long in some places, the election cost way too much money. The entire process of choosing a candidate takes far too much time, and the system is a crazy patchwork of different rules. And yet, American democracy passed a crucial test in this election. It worked. | 11/15/12 06:06:17 By - Frida Ghitis

Commentary: For our durable republic's sake, put down the Kool-Aid

Judging from the rabid, shrill, apocalyptic mouth foam seeping through my email filters, some of us (most of us, the numbers say) need to be rudely slapped out of our delusion that this is America in 2012. | 11/15/12 06:06:01 By - Dusty Nix

Commentary: In Texas, secession talk is no joke

I'd like to laugh about the idea of Texas secession.

But here in Tarrant County, where Ron Paul Republicans and the Tea Party have taken control, the talk is very serious. | 11/14/12 12:30:55 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: Obama's Latin America policy needs tweaking

The guessing game about President Barack Obama’s second-term cabinet has already started, and one of the biggest questions is who will replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and how that will affect U.S. foreign policy. | 11/14/12 06:05:18 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: GOP must rethink its relationship with Latinos

Memo to the GOP: Be nice to Latinos.We come in peace.

The fastest growing demographic in the United States handed Mitt Romney the defeat he requested. Gracias, de nada. | 11/14/12 06:04:14 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: How the GOP has become its own worst enemy

"How ya like me now?" – Barack Obama

OK, so Obama didn’t really say that but surely, he must have thought it behind a private smile at some point last Tuesday night. | 11/13/12 06:05:25 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Elections are over and now I'm bored

OK, what do we do now? Just about everyone, it seems, is happy that the election season is over. People are breathing a collective sigh of relief that a campaign that lasted nearly as long as the Crusades finally has come to a close. | 11/13/12 06:05:17 By - James Werrell

Commentary: Politician wants Texas to secede because 'maggots' re-elected Obama

Texas Republicans are already using the s-word.

One party official from Southeast Texas calls for -- not secession -- separation. | 11/12/12 06:03:42 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: Time for GOP to adjust to our changing nation

I once said that the Republican Party should join forces with the NAACP. A marriage between the group whose image is about crime-fighting and a group fighting the effects of crime is a natural one. | 11/12/12 06:17:15 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: Cuban American support for Obama shouldn't be surprising

When I saw the magic number Wednesday morning — a stunning 47 percent — it was not as big a surprise to me. | 11/12/12 06:05:22 By - Fabiola Santiago

Commentary: Political campaigns are bad for good government

Call this one: Why modern political campaigns are bad for good government. | 11/11/12 06:03:32 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: For Latinos, 2012 election was a turning point

President Barack Obama’s reelection was a huge victory for Latino voters, one that will transform U.S. presidential elections for the foreseeable future. | 11/11/12 06:02:25 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: Women voters reject extremism and re-elect McCaskill

The conventional wisdom holds that Todd Akin lost his chance to become a U.S. senator on Aug. 19, the Sunday his “legitimate rape” remark went viral. | 11/10/12 06:17:55 By - Barbara Shelly

Commentary: Will the 'many' ever become 'one' America again?

If you have a dollar bill handy, take it out and look at the back of it.

While I'm sure you've noticed the images there before, I'd like you to study them a little more carefully today, particularly focusing on the right side of the currency. There you will see the front side of the Great Seal of the United States of America (the seal's reverse side is to the left). | 11/10/12 06:04:45 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: It's a Citizens United world

A California Common Cause leader convened a press conference and demanded answers: "Why are they trying to hide where their money comes from?" The good government advocate went on to accuse Kansas oil billionaires Charles and David Koch of being the source of secretive donations in a highly charged California initiative. | 11/09/12 06:02:44 By - Dan Morain

Commentary: Hispanics may help Texas GOP

Texas Democrats are in trouble, and more than they ever imagined.

Not only did their candidates take a shellacking Tuesday, but they also lost the chance to say, "Wait 'til next generation." | 11/09/12 06:01:29 By - Bud Kennedy

Commentary: The election is over but we remain

While people throughout the Grand Strand and the nation were engrossed in voting and election coverage Tuesday, a man was walking on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach near 11th Avenue North. | 11/08/12 06:11:29 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: Beirut's rebirth marred by violence

In early September 1970, just as I was preparing to leave from Washington on a three-month reporting trip to the Middle East, Palestinian militants flew three hijacked airliners to a desert air strip in Jordan, blew up the planes and held some of the passengers as hostages. | 11/08/12 06:07:03 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: GOP must drop its myths about Obama supporters

Last night on Fox News, talk show host Bill O'Reilly said this: "Obama wins because it's not a traditional America anymore. The white establishment is the minority. People want things."

I would say this more forcefully in a different setting, but that view is simply wrong - and harmful to the long-term viability of the Republican Party. | 11/07/12 13:55:47 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: In Obama's re-election, voters say no to 'severe' conservatism

Thank goodness that’s over.

The presidential campaign of 2012 did not in fact last long enough to be measured in geologic time, but poll-scarred and ad-weary voters can, perhaps, be forgiven for feeling as if it did. | 11/07/12 07:05:10 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Best way to help Sandy victims is cash, donating blood

Barry Porter doesn’t want you to take this the wrong way, but you can keep your canned corn, blankets and gently worn clothes.

He wants your money. | 11/07/12 06:04:40 By - Barry Saunders

Commentary: Time to drop the exit polls

Next up: exit polls.

OK, we’re all tired. We’ve overdosed on the Real Clear Politics average. Mason-Dixon is more than a line on the map. Ipsos, PPP, Gallup — everybody’s gone survey. Survey USA. | 11/06/12 12:49:18 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: The mythical American past won't die

Well, I sure got that one wrong.

Four years ago, on the eve of the last presidential election, I wrote in this space of how the country has spent much of the last three decades “re-litigating” the 1960s, arguing over the changes wrought in that decade. As far as social justice is concerned, of course, the 1960s stand second only to the 1860s as the most profoundly transformative decade in American history. It was in those years that black folks came off the back of the bus, women came out of the kitchen, Hispanics came off the margins and gay people first peeked beyond the closet. | 11/06/12 06:08:08 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Here's why Latinos will vote for Obama

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the latest polls show that a whopping 70 percent of Latino likely voters support President Barack Obama, while only 25 percent support Gov. Mitt Romney. There are 10 major reasons why it’s very hard for Hispanics to vote for Romney. | 11/06/12 06:14:07 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: A reason to celebrate political ads

Wasn’t that just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, little Abigael Evans sobbing because she, as we have, has been pummeled by nasty campaign ads | 11/05/12 12:37:28 By - Barry Saunders

Commentary: My quest to see if Siri is good for mankind

I decided to leap frog over the 20th century and go directly to the 21st. I bought an iPhone 5. | 11/05/12 06:11:40 By - James Werrell

Commentary: How I'd survive a Romney presidency

It is Wednesday, Nov. 7, and Mitt Romney is president-elect of the United States.

Morning in America? Not for me. | 11/05/12 06:09:21 By - Barbara Shelly

Commentary: A vote not wasted at all

In later years, people asked him: Why, with the Vietnam issue at the centerpiece of the 1972 campaign for president, did you not talk about the fact that you had flown a bomber in World War II and won the Distinguished Flying Cross? George McGovern never fully answered the question, but it seemed to be that like many World War II veterans, he didn’t talk much about his service because he feared it might be bragging, when in fact he thought he was just doing his duty. | 11/04/12 06:04:43 By - Jim Jenkins

Commentary: Election coverage focused too much on gaffe, not on issues

Missouri’s sad descent into presidential-election irrelevancy has at least one side benefit: We’ve been spared the deluge of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney political ads polluting the evening news. | 11/04/12 06:07:04 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: President Obama is still a symbol of hope, agent of change

Four years ago, the day after Barack Obama was elected America's first black president while trumpeting a message of hope and change, I wrote a column recounting dark days in this country. | 11/03/12 06:04:22 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: Obama campaign's happy photos and hollow promises

The striking thing about this campaign is that the guy who looks and behaves like the challenger is the incumbent — President Barack Obama. | 11/03/12 06:13:09 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: Too many acts of inhumanity committed in the name of religion

Islamic zealots are on perpetual alert for any act or expression they perceive as disrespectful of their prophet or their faith. | 11/03/12 06:01:37 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: Some food for thought for voters

The presidential candidate voters judge to have the best solutions for the economy will almost certainly win next week.

But when it comes to the economy, we’re like auto mechanics puzzled by an old, balky engine. And voters — as well as the candidates — are fixated on that old engine. | 11/02/12 06:07:10 By - Keith Chrostowski

Commentary: Morality is never one-size-fits-all

“And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen. “

Richard Mourdock, GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate | 11/02/12 06:10:42 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Rep. Allen West attempts a makeover

After less than two years in Congress, Rep. Allen West has raised $15 million to get himself re-elected. That’s a mountain of money, but you’d need every dime if your job was to make West look like a calm, responsible person. | 11/02/12 06:07:21 By - Carl Hiaasen

Rock Hill Herald endorsement: Barack Obama

The next four years will be fraught with formidable challenges for the nation but also rife with opportunities. That will be the case whether incumbent Barack Obama or former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is elected president. | 11/01/12 12:15:03 By -

Commentary: Rallying the R's as electoral strategy

Long before Mitt Romney, and not just for the sake of alliteration, the Republican Party could have been described as the party of the "r's." That's because its base, the core constituencies it has to energize to win elections, all begin with "r." For a long time there were five, but they recently added a sixth. | 11/01/12 06:04:04 By - Dennis Jett

Commentary: Do we really want a bully for president?

For many years, I have railed against the never-ending state of American presidential politics and the damage it does to our form of government. But this year, I am rethinking that. | 11/01/12 06:04:29 By - Bob Cuddy

Commentary: Hispanic voter turnout will be key to election

President Barack Obama may be wrong on many issues, but he is right on this one: he may win the election because Republicans have totally alienated Hispanic voters. | 11/01/12 06:08:40 By - Andres Oppenheimer

Commentary: Does the US need to increase defense spending?

THE ISSUE: Monday's presidential debate revealed that President Obama and Gov. Romney fundamentally disagree on levels of U.S. defense spending. Romney has pledged to peg the base budget (not counting war funding) "at a floor of 4 percent of GDP." Should the United States increase defense spending? | 10/31/12 06:09:00 By - Pia Lopez and Ben Boychuk

Commentary: George McGovern, Lance Armstrong and the meaning of integrity

One guy was among the greatest losers in the history of politics, the other, one of the biggest winners in all of sports.

They were unalike men who shared little except recent headlines. But there was, in that brief juxtaposition, an object lesson for those who cared to see it. | 10/31/12 06:05:04 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: The woes of an undecided voter

I'm Peter. And I'm an undecided voter.

Sure, it was fun for awhile. Everyone wanted to talk to me, to court me. It was one big political party, and I was the guest of honor. | 10/30/12 06:14:41 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: Romney shows some focus on Latin America

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's peace-through-strength foreign policy would most likely be a throwback to President George W. Bush's cowboy diplomacy, but we have to give him credit for one thing: he is focusing on Latin America as a land of opportunities. | 10/30/12 06:05:28 By -

The News Tribune endorsement: Barack Obama

Is the country better off than it was four years ago? We believe the answer is yes and that Barack Obama deserves re-election. | 10/29/12 14:48:37 By -

Lexington Herald-Leader: Barack Obama

Politicians say what they think voters want to hear. Still, it's disappointing that neither candidate for president is preparing Americans for hard choices ahead. | 10/29/12 12:41:55 By -

News & Observer endorsement: Barack Obama

Ever since he electrified the 2004 Democratic National Convention with a keynote speech, Barack Obama of Chicago had been marked as a man who might be destined for the White House. Destiny was fulfilled sooner than expected. The then-Illinois senator, a first-termer, was introduced to the next convention four years later as the nominee after a brutal series of primaries that saw him overcome candidates that included Hillary Clinton, the accomplished first lady who now is his secretary of state. | 10/29/12 11:06:49 By -

Commentary: Cuba policy was missing from presidential debates

Bayonets and battleships made appearances but, on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis, the final presidential debate — focused on foreign affairs — was notable for one missing hot topic: Cuba. | 10/29/12 06:12:13 By - Fabiola Santiago

Commentary: Time to fill judicial vacancies in California's Eastern District

On Wednesday, Eastern District of California Judge Anthony Ishii will assume senior status after 15 years of valuable service. This means that the Eastern District will experience two openings in six judgeships. The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts has designated both as emergencies because of the substantial caseloads that the district’s judges carry. | 10/29/12 06:17:45 By - Carl Tobias

Commentary: With a little luck...

Lives are shaped in great part by luck.

More than anything, I believe, they are influenced by the people one encounters at critical points in the journey. | 10/29/12 06:08:00 By - C.W. Gusewelle

Commentary: Dukakis recalls negative ads that blocked him from White House

As millions of dollars pour into negative TV ads in the final days of the 2012 presidential campaign, former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis recalled how his hopes for the White House in 1988 were destroyed by negative ads linking him to rapist and murderer Willie Horton. | 10/28/12 06:06:18 By - Ben Barber

Commentar: FDR, Social Security and the U.N.

The year after witnessing the opening of his masterpiece, the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, architect Louis Kahn took on a project in New York City. | 10/28/12 06:02:23 By - Bob Ray Sanders

Commentary: How George McGovern shaped Obama’s Democratic Party

When President Obama praised George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee who died Sunday, as “a statesman of great conscience and conviction,” I’m sure he was doing more than paying lip service to a party colleague whose political career effectively ended when the president was still in grade school. McGovern, more than anyone else, is responsible for shaping the Democratic Party that Obama leads. | 10/28/12 06:38:26 By - Glenn Garvin

Commentary: Disney's newest princess and the meaning of 'ethnic enough'

Another day, another Disney princess.

At first glance, Sofia looks like every other Disney leading lady — small lips, button nose, big doe eyes. But she’s different. She’s Disney’s first little girl princess, tailor made for the 2- to 7-year-old set. More than that, she’s the first Latina to join the clique. | 10/27/12 06:37:38 By - Jenee Osterheldt

Commentary: A sign of the times

I woke up one recent morning to Romney-Ryan signs propped on my neighbors’ lawns.

No surprise there. Many are Republicans, and although I’m not a fan of Romney and my vote is for the sitting president, I was thrilled by the voter spirit. | 10/27/12 06:04:41 By - Fabiola Santiago

Commentary: The nonexistent problem of voter fraud

It seems not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at the good fortune we have to live in the state of California.

My latest cause for celebration came upon reading a front-page story detailing how our state has become a national leader in improving voter rights and access — at the very same time all sorts of nasty winds are blowing in the opposite direction. | 10/26/12 06:08:24 By - Joe Tarica

Commentary: Rev. Billy Graham - the 'magnificent phony'

It’s comforting to know that some people and things never change.

Like the Rev. Billy Graham. | 10/26/12 06:08:53 By - Barry Saunders

Commentary: Romney's approach to China seems like overkill

In last week's debate, President Barack Obama turned to Republican Mitt Romney and said, "Governor, you're the last person who’s going to get tough on China."

I hope Obama is right. | 10/25/12 06:06:14 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: Going door-to-door to get out the vote

Union workers on leave from jobs in Los Angeles and San Francisco showed up ready for duty at a messy office near the Reno airport, and started rhythmically clapping and chanting, "Sí, se puede." | 10/25/12 06:10:14 By - Dan Morain

Commentary: Love the debates, not the Super PACs

I like the campaign debates. I watched most of the Republican primary matchups, even after they got repetitive, and I find the current flight of televised faceoffs riveting. | 10/24/12 06:05:07 By - Edward Wasserman

Commentary: Health insurance and the savage doctrine of personal responsibility

It seems like poor form to spit on the graves of dead people, but such are the passions inspired by our health care debate.

Last week I wrote that, contrary to what Mitt Romney has said in his campaign, Americans do die for lack of health insurance. Every day, in fact. | 10/24/12 06:10:37 By - Barbara Shelly

Commentary: CEOs haven't been successful presidents

Mitt Romney’s victory over Barack Obama in their first debate has raised the temperature on another bubbling argument — over whether CEOs can be good presidents. | 10/23/12 06:02:13 By - Keith Chrostowski

Commentary: Twitter's debate coverage taught me everything I need to know in 2012

As the election nears and the volume of information increases, it seems we only have time for snippets of information, spin and opinions. | 10/23/12 06:10:14 By - Peter Callaghan

Commentary: Romney fails to make his case with women

Mitt Romney may be a perfect husband. He's clearly devoted to Ann Romney. Their storybook relationship began as blushing teenagers, and 43 years and five sons later, Mitt is still smitten with Ann. Lovely. | 10/23/12 06:02:42 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Will Obama, Romney meet the Commander-in-Chief test?

Monday's presidential debate is a chance for the candidates to meet the commander-in-chief threshold and address foreign policy matters before an expected audience of more than 60 million viewers in advance of the Nov. 6 election. | 10/22/12 11:51:05 By - Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan

Commentary: Castro's latest political survival tactic

Once again, the Cuban government is vying to unleash another mass exodus on the United States. | 10/22/12 06:08:46 By - Fabiola Santiago

Commentary: Should Medicare be run like the airline industry?

One of the best laugh lines in any Republican’s stump speech is a claim that Obamacare brings the “efficiency of the Post Office and the charm of the IRS” to the nation’s health care system. | 10/22/12 06:01:03 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: The gymnastics of presidential debates

That binder full of (disaffected) women wouldn’t help my candidacy, of course. But mostly, I blame the debate process. I know now (sadly, because with that on my resume, it would have really helped my chances at getting on Survivor Season 26) that I can’t be president. | 10/21/12 06:22:31 By - Fred Grimm

Commentary: Voting is a constitutionally-protected right that doesn't require a photo ID

South Carolina’s voter ID law was upheld because top state officials promised a federal court that voters who couldn’t secure one of the 5 types of photo ID wouldn’t have to get them after all. | 10/21/12 06:18:04 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: I'm tired of this superficial election cycle

I wish this election cycle would hurry up and die.

And I’m not even in a swing state that is being inundated with endless political ads I’d rather not see.

I’m tired of the obsessive arguing. | 10/20/12 06:14:39 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: 'Obamacare' is still a fiscal mess

Soon after the Supreme Court upheld the bulk of Obamacare, the Congressional Budget Office came out with a new estimate for its cost. No surprise: As before, CBO said it would reduce, not raise, the federal deficit. This put a warm glow in the heart of every Democrat and Obamacare supporter. | 10/20/12 06:04:44 By - E. Thomas McClanahan

Commentary: The two faces of Lance Armstrong

Eighty million yellow wristbands worn as symbols of hope now represent duplicity.

Seven yellow jerseys worn as mantles of a champion now represent fraud. | 10/19/12 06:07:17 By - Linda Robertson

Commentary: In gun rights battle, freedom also has restrictions

Some Kansas cities and the Libertarian Party are locked in a dispute, as you may know, over whether cities can legally prohibit people from openly carrying loaded weapons in public places. The party says an open-carry ban would violate both the U.S. and Kansas constitutions and state law. | 10/19/12 06:01:14 By - Dave Helling

Commentary: Malala's heroic stand against the Taliban

Malala. The name itself is lyrical.

It falls from the tongue with a soothing cadence, despite the grim circumstances under which the world met 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai. | 10/18/12 06:06:48 By - Mary Sanchez

Commentary: Climate change means conservation ethics must change

For decades environmentalists have been guided in their work by what became known as the “precautionary principle.” This decision-making guide was first put forward in environmental terms by pioneering naturalist and biologist Aldo Leopold in his landmark 1940s essay “Round River.” | 10/18/12 06:06:38 By - Rocky Barker

Commentary: The battle at the fiscal cliff's edge

What’s it like to stand on the edge of the fiscal cliff?

Look around. You’re on it. | 10/17/12 06:08:04 By - Steve Kraske

Commentary: Absentee ballots matter more than the political polls

As the public focuses on political polls, the campaigns in the nation’s biggest battleground state are concentrating on a more-important set of figures: Absentee-ballot votes. | 10/17/12 06:00:20 By - Marc Caputo

Commentary: 'Malarkey' and other VP debate musings

The vice presidential candidates came to Kentucky for one of the most substantive debates in years — a clear, energetic argument over policy differences that left their bosses' recent performance in the dust. | 10/16/12 06:10:14 By - Tom Eblen

Commentary: Brave Malala has spoken truth to fundamentalism

Sometimes, oceans are not enough.

Usually, the fact that we are barricaded on both sides by great bodies of water gives us in this country a certain sense of remove from the awful things people with funny names do to one another in strange places on the far side of the globe. But once in awhile, the thing is awful enough that you can’t ignore it, or pretend that it is less real. | 10/16/12 06:16:47 By - Leonard Pitts Jr.

Commentary: Let’s declare a National Political Truce Day

Here’s a truth that many people on both sides of the political aisle will want to deny, whether they are in Washington gearing up for the presidential election or closer to home in places such as the newly-created 7th Congressional District:

No matter who wins in November, the United States of America will not crumble. | 10/15/12 06:03:14 By - Issac J. Bailey

Commentary: The plight of an undecided voter

Even close friends have a hard time understanding that I don’t like to talk about federal politics in general and presidential politics in particular, because I don’t have the expertise I need to feel comfortable expressing more than the most general of opinions. So it was with some relief that, barely more than a month out from what partisans are ridiculously calling the most important presidential election in our lifetime, I made it through a week abroad with 11 rather partisanly conservative friends without getting dragged into such a conversation. | 10/15/12 06:05:12 By - Cindi Ross Scoppe

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