Olympics 2012

Romney kicks off overseas trip with diplomatic gaffe

Mitt Romney had hoped a visit to the Olympics would advertise his own past glory and kick off an overseas trip designed to show him as a statesman ready for the world stage. Instead, the Republican presidential candidate offended a close ally on the eve of the first Olympics here in 64 years and prompted the British prime minister to dismiss Romney’s own history with the Olympics as a small-town nothing. | 07/26/12 13:12:31 By - By Shashank Bengali

Dave Barry: Rubbing shoulders with the celebrity elite in London

Not to brag, but I have been hanging around with a number of "A-List" celebrities here for the Olympics, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Prince William and Tony the Tiger. To be totally accurate, the only one of these celebrities I have actually met in person is Tony the Tiger. | 07/26/12 09:34:11 By - By Dave Barry

Dave Barry: Navigating London's street witness protection program

There's a lot of security. You see soldiers everywhere, and the government has installed surface-to-air missiles, including some on the roof of an occupied apartment building. Really. It's called the Fred Wigg Tower, and the tenants are NOT happy about having missiles on their roof. I don't blame them. | 07/25/12 13:16:04 By - By Dave Barry

Will round-the-clock police surveillance be legacy of London Olympics?

The 10,000 athletes competing for medals will be dwarfed by more than 36,000 soldiers, police officers and private security staff assigned to guard the venues, backed by U.S. law enforcement agents, thousands of closed-circuit cameras, unmanned drones, at least six missile batteries positioned on rooftops in East London and the Royal Navy’s largest warship floating in the Thames. | 07/25/12 06:27:45 By - By Shashank Bengali

Commentary: Olympic fever should extend to math contests

But when we focus our entire attention on sports competitions and virtually ignore math tournaments, we create only one kind of role models, and fail to glorify those who are the most likely to make the scientific discoveries that can improve our living standards or conquer diseases. | 07/23/12 15:58:54 By - By Andres Oppenheimer

Olympics return to a London that’s worlds different from 1948

In the 64 years since it last hosted the Olympics, London has become one of the most ethnically diverse major cities in the world, with 35 percent of the population identified as nonwhite. | 07/18/12 08:09:25 By - By Shashank Bengali

London landmarks offer a unique backdrop for 2012 Olympics

Eddie Seaward, Wimbledon’s longtime groundskeeper, the man who maintains the world’s most famous patch of grass, typically takes a day or two off after the men’s final. Not this year. Not with the London Olympics looming | 07/16/12 08:00:02 By - Michelle Kaufman

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