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Is whistleblower advocate for nation’s spies under attack?

The Pentagon’s inspector general is trying to suspend and possibly revoke the top secret access of the Defense Department’s former director...


CIA’s harsh interrogation tactics more widespread than thought, Senate investigators found

The CIA’s use of harsh interrogation techniques on foreign terror suspects – a practice that has provoked international condemnation &#...

Central Intelligence Agency

Many newly insured still face health coverage upheaval

As procrastinators rushed to purchase health insurance Monday by the Affordable Care Act’s official enrollment deadline, new research estimates...

Tania Ruiz, a navigator with La Clinica del Pueblo (left), helps Jose Morales, 23, of Washington, D.C., as he considers signing up for healthcare. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) hosted an Affordable Care Act Outreach event for Latinos February 20, 2014. NCLR coordinated with its parters, the Latin American Youth Center and La Cl'nica del Pueblo to encourage and promote enrollment in healthcare coverage.

With friends in government, Motorola beats a path to telecom supremacy

At the eastern end of the San Francisco Bay Area, Sheriff Warren Rupf of Contra Costa County and cigar-chomping Sheriff Charlie Plummer of neighboring...

Motorola won the contract for the MSWIN land mobile radio system used by the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Here, microphones from the various systems installed in MHP troopers patrol units are show at Troop K headquarters in Biloxi, Miss., Dec. 11, 2013.

Reports of multiple voting, falsified turnout cast doubt on results of Crimea referendum

On March 16, as Crimeans voted in a referendum on joining Russia, a convoy of Russian minibuses and cars drew up to the center of Lytvynenkove, a...

Pro-Russian people celebrate in the central square in Sevastopol, Ukraine, late Sunday, March 16, 2014. Russian flags fluttered above jubilant crowds Sunday after residents in Crimea voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.

Over U.S. objection, U.N. Human Rights Council votes to probe legality of drone strikes

The U.N. Human Rights Council agreed Friday, over the strong objections of the United States, to study whether American drone strikes comply with international law.

Hero or villain? WWII partisan Bandera still animates Ukraine-Russia fight

The rhetoric out of Moscow is to the Western ear, perhaps a bit puzzling: Ukraine today is run by thugs, fascists and Banderists. “Thugs”...

A security volunteer stands in front of a Stepan Bandera banner on Kiev's Independence Square, known as Maidan, on Sunday, March 23, 2014.

After more than a century, a jewel of ocean research targeted for closure

For more than a century, federal scientists have worked on Pivers Island near the historic town of Beaufort, N.C., and the beaches of Emerald Isle...