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June 10, 2007 6:00 AM

Bush's character, beliefs formed in years at Andover, Yale

Seeing President Bush rally people with a bullhorn from atop the mound of rubble where the World Trade Center used to be reminded Tom Seligson of Bush in a more innocent time. When I saw him after 9-11 with the bullhorn, it fit, said Seligson, who attended prep school with Bush. His response to terrorism was grabbing a bullhorn at Ground Zero, basically challenging us to rise above it. This was no different from the George the cheerleader with a megaphone at Andover of 40 years ago. But the Bush known then by his classmates at the exclusive prep school and at Yale University and the Bush known now around the world are two distinct figures one seemingly carefree and privileged, the other burdened by the pressures of the Oval Office. Yet those early years from Bushs entry into Andover in 1961 to his graduation from Yale in 1968 did much to shape his character and form beliefs that many said he took to the White House.

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