November 1, 2013 7:48 AM

A Nazi in Berlin's oldest Jewish cemetery?

The hunt for Heinrich “Gestapo” Mueller, who ran Adolf Hitler’s infamous secret police and was involved in Nazi atrocities ranging from the formation of “The Final Solution” to fabricating the reasons needed to justify the invasion of Poland in 1939, started pretty much as soon as Berlin fell in World War II. The Americans, the Soviets, the British were all involved. Later, his whereabouts would become a focus of private Nazi hunters and Israeli intelligence. Some initial stories said he was dead. But over the years, others claimed Mueller escaped the collapse of his Nazi state to a small Bavarian town, The Soviet Union (Moscow), Turkey, Albania, Czechoslovakia and Argentina, among other spots. Then, this week in Bild, Germany’s largest newspaper, a Berlin historian said he solved the mystery. The final resting place of one of the architects of the Holocaust was a well-known Jewish cemetery in the middle of Berlin.

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