Court blocks deportations of several Central American families

The nation’s highest immigration court has delayed the deportations of four families out of hundreds of Central American migrant adults and children rounded up in raids over the New Year’s weekend as part of a nationwide effort to combat illegal immigration, according to the families’ lawyers. They expected to win a fifth stay Wednesday.


Honduran woman escapes abuse, awaits asylum decision

Yessica Alvarado left her abusive ex­boyfriend, with whom she lived and had two children, in 2009 when the beatings became too much to endure. Later, after fleeing to Texas, her new boyfriend was brutally murdered. Currently awaiting the decision on her second appeal for asylum, Yessica fears for her life if the court orders her to return to Honduras.


What would deporting 11 million people look like?

Donald Trump says he’d kick out everyone in the United States without documentation

Experts describe a potential police state, with the cost in the hundreds of billions of dollars

Enforcement proponents, though, say there are easier ways to reduce unauthorized population