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16 agencies work with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to form the U.S. intelligence community. Scroll over the icons below to learn more about each agency.

U.S. Air Force, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Air Force Intelligence, Surveillances and Reconnaissance Agency

Focus: Field intelligence and reconnaissance
Supports: Provides intelligence and training to the Air Force
Leadership: Major General John "Jack" Shanahan
Army military intelligence

U.S. Army Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence (G-2)

Focus: Intelligence related to ground troops
Supports: Army operations and civilian policymakers
Leadership: Lieutenant General Mary Legere
U.S. Coast Guard, Coast Guard Intelligence

Coast Guard Intelligence and Criminal Investigations

Focus: Maritime security
Supports: The Department of Homeland Security through focusing on port security, maritime safety and immigrations and customs Activity
Leadership: Rear Admiral Christopher J. Tomney
U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

Marine Corps Intelligence Department

Focus: Intelligence, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, cryptography and review of security materials
Supports: The Marine Corps and other U.S. military activities
Leadership: Brigadier General Michael Groen
Naval Intelligence

Office of Naval Intelligence

Focus: Maritime intelligence regarding threats, smuggling and illegal activities and information about enemy capabilities
Supports: The navy, other U.S. military activities and civilian policymakers
Leadership: Rear Admiral Samuel Cox
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

Focus: Geographic and mapping information
Supports: Military operations, first responders and navigational activities
Leadership: Director Letitia A. Long
National Reconnaissance Organization

National Reconnaissance Office

Focus: Space-based intelligence
Supports: The intelligence community by operating US intelligence satellites
Leadership: Director Betty J. Sapp
National Security Agency

National Security Agency

Focus: Cryptography, digital surveillance and network security
Supports: Secures the U.S. digital networks and collects foreign signals
Leadership: General Keith B. Alexander

Central Intelligence Agency

Focus: Foreign intelligence outside of the US
Supports: Government policymakers
Leadership: Director John Brennan
Drug Enforcement Administration

Drug Enforcement Administration

Focus: Drug-related intelligence
Supports: Shares intel gathered while enforcing federal drug laws with the rest of intelligence community
Leadership: Administrator Michele M. Leonhart
Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis

Focus: Customs and immigration, the Coast Guard, FEMA, Transportation Security Administration and Secret Service
Supports: Coordination with state and local governments
Leadership: Acting Under Secretary William Tarry, Jr.
State Department

State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research

Focus: Diplomacy related intelligence
Supports: The secretary of state and ambassadors, special negotiators, country directors and desk officers
Leadership: Assistant Secretary Philip Goldberg
Treasury Department

Treasury Department Office of Intelligence and Analysis

Focus: Financial, monetary, economic and trade related intelligence
Supports: Economic policymakers and Treasury officials
Leadership: Assistant Secretary S. Leslie Ireland
Defense Intelligence Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency

Focus: Foreign military intelligence
Supports: Military commanders and civilian poliycmakers
Leadership: Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, USALieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, USA
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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Focus: Counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, and organized crime
Supports: The FBI shares intelligence gathered as part of criminal investigations and disrupts foreign intelligence and espionage as a part of its counterintelligence mission.
Leadership: Director James B. Comey
Department of Energy

Department of Energy Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

Focus:Technical Intelligence on foreign nuclear weapons, nuclear materials and energy issues
Supports: Provides intelligence for energy policy and nuclear safety
Leadership: Director Steven Black

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