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Jerry Heldman, eccentric jazz performer, dies at 76

SEATTLE - Northwest jazz lost an exceptionally talented and eccentric figure last week when bassist/pianist Jerome "Jerry" Heldman died of pneumonia. | 10/17/13 10:25:03 By - By PAUL DE BARROS

Analysis warns of peril to Republicans among Latino voters

LOS ANGELES - Proposition 187 was a classic Pyrrhic victory for Republicans. | 10/17/13 09:35:04 By - By MARK Z. BARABAK

Ed Lauter, character actor in films and television, dies at 74

LOS ANGELES - Ed Lauter, 74, a character actor who carved out a niche in the 1970s playing mostly heavies in movies and TV and kept up a busy schedule in recent years with appearances in Clint Eastwood's "Trouble With the Curve" and Oscar winner "The Artist," died Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles of mesothelioma, a form of cancer that affects tissue surrounding internal organs. Family spokesman Edward Lozzi announced his death. | 10/17/13 08:30:03 By - By CLAIRE NOLAND

Chimps find human yawn contagious, but is it monkey see, monkey do?

A young chimpanzee will yawn when a human does, regardless of whether the face is familiar, according to a study that suggests contagious yawning grows stronger in our primate cousins as they grow up. | 10/17/13 08:15:11 By - By GEOFFREY MOHAN

Museum says: Sphinx for the memories

When the University of Pennsylvania's 15-ton stone sphinx was brought to Philadelphia from the ruins of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, its much-anticipated delivery was delayed by, among other things, the 1913 World Series. | 10/17/13 08:15:11 By - By VERNON CLARK

School's military-style reboot aims to push students further

On a soggy Granada Hills field, eight platoons stand at attention, poised to salute the American flag as it rises toward a cloudy morning sky. | 10/17/13 08:10:07 By - By STEPHEN CEASAR

Angels Flight has had a long, bumpy track record

In theory, the tiny railway was a quaint, enduring witness - watching as commuters gave up horses and buggies for tail-finned Cadillacs; as the prim Victorians atop Bunker Hill gave way to rooming houses and then shimmering skyscrapers; as downtown Los Angeles went from bustling to decrepit and back again. | 10/17/13 08:10:07 By - By SAMANTHA SCHAEFER, KATE MATHER AND SCOTT GOLD

Supreme Court refuses to hear Brown's appeal on prison crowding

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to hear California Gov. Jerry Brown's appeal of an order to reduce prison crowding, further narrowing the governor's options in his quest to end what he characterizes as an arbitrary cap on the inmate population. | 10/17/13 04:00:00 By - By PAIGE ST. JOHN

New Jersey is expected to vote against partisanship

Never mind the bitter partisan bickering in Washington. New Jersey resident Peter Cahill will go to the polls twice within the next month and do something unusual: vote for a Republican and a Democrat. | 10/17/13 04:00:00 By - By ALANA SEMUELS

Government shutdown: Boehner's effort collapses in House

A frantic day of legislative maneuvering ended in futility Tuesday for Speaker John A. Boehner, as the most conservative members of the House refused to back his proposed compromise to end the standoff over the federal budget. | 10/17/13 04:00:00 By - By MICHAEL A. MEMOLI, LISA MASCARO AND BRIAN BENNETT

Government shutdown: Boehner's effort collapses in House

A frantic day of legislative maneuvering ended in futility for Speaker John A. Boehner on Tuesday, as the most conservative members of the House refused to back his proposed compromise to end the standoff over the federal budget. | 10/17/13 04:00:00 By - By MICHAEL A. MEMOLI, LISA MASCARO AND BRIAN BENNETT

BART strike called off Thursday; AC Transit strike postponed

Another day, another BART strike delayed: Union leaders said late Wednesday that trains would keep running Thursday but that negotiations had once again failed to seal a deal. | 10/17/13 04:00:00 By - By MIKE ROSENBERG

String of dry ice bombs was a prank, police say

The 28-year-old ground service worker arrested in connection with a string of dry ice bombs at Los Angeles International Airport did it as a prank out of curiosity because "he thought it was funny," police said Wednesday. | 10/16/13 23:05:03 By - By RICHARD WINTON AND DAN WEIKEL

Caroline Kennedy confirmed as ambassador to Japan

WASHINGTON - The Senate late Wednesday confirmed the nomination of Caroline Kennedy as the next U.S. ambassador to Japan. | 10/16/13 23:05:03 By - By LISA MASCARO

Booker wins US Senate seat in New Jersey

Cory Booker, the Newark mayor whose sterling biography and star power have made him a larger-than-life political celebrity, will enter the national fray after winning New Jersey's Senate race Wednesday. | 10/16/13 22:55:04 By - By JONATHAN TAMARI AND ANDREW SEIDMAN

S.C. man charged with holding woman hostage for 3 months

PELION, S.C. - Terry Jones had seen his neighbors, a couple in their early 50s, out in the yard working on multiple occasions during the summer. | 10/16/13 21:25:03 By - By CHRIS WINSTON

Senate votes overwhelmingly to end shutdown, debt limit debate

By an overwhelming vote, the Senate passed a budget compromise Wednesday night that would temporarily reopen federal agencies and allow the Treasury to continue borrowing to pay the nation's bills, averting the possibility of a default that could have seriously damaged the economy. | 10/16/13 21:05:03 By - By LISA MASCARO, MICHAEL A. MEMOLI AND BRIAN BENNETT

Judge sets February trial for challenge to Michigan's gay marriage ban

A federal judge on Wednesday punted the issue of gay marriage into next year, opting to hold a trial to determine the fate of Michigan's ban on gay marriage rather than issue a ruling based on what he's heard so far. | 10/16/13 20:50:04 By - By TRESA BALDAS AND JIM SCHAEFER

Medal of Honor recipient gets apology from defense chief over delay

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel apologized Wednesday to Army Capt. William Swenson, the most recent Medal of Honor recipient, for mistakes that delayed Swenson's award. | 10/16/13 20:05:04 By - By BECCA CLEMONS

Judge orders therapy for 9-year-old stowaway and his family

The 9-year-old boy who flew from the Twin Cities to Las Vegas without a ticket will not live at home for a few weeks while he and his family undergo evaluation and therapy, a Hennepin County District judge ruled Wednesday. | 10/16/13 19:55:03 By - By ROCHELLE OLSON

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