First watch: Record low temps, record wealth, and the Person of the Year

Top video highlights. | 12/10/13 08:19:40 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

McClatchy-Marist Poll: 68% of Americans expect no budget deal by shutdown deadline

A Congressional budget deal expected this week might not be a grand bargain to solve the country’s long term fiscal woes, but it is largely what Americans want, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll. | 12/08/13 13:57:24 By - By David Lightman

As America ages, government seeks to improve safety for older drivers

Concerned about an oncoming wave of fragile older drivers, the federal government is working to beef up its safety programs aimed at seniors behind the wheel. | 12/06/13 17:11:37 By - By Lars Thorvaldsen

Jobless rates drops to lowest level in five years

Employers added a solid 203,000 jobs in November, driving down the unemployment rate three-tenths of a percentage point to 7 percent, the lowest it’s been since November 2008, the Labor Department said Friday. | 12/06/13 14:42:31 By - By Kevin G. Hall

First watch: Pearl Harbor remembered, White House holiday, presidential doodles

Top video highlights and headlines. | 12/05/13 07:57:29 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

FTC asks whether rules needed for some Internet advertising

Changes in the media and the way people get their news drove the federal agency Wednesday to weigh the issue of disclosure about Internet stories that look like real news stories. | 12/04/13 17:44:28 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Private plane under too much stress in crash, investigators say

A popular 68-year-old veterinarian may have pushed his homebuilt plane beyond its limits just before it crashed in Calaveras County a year ago, federal investigators have concluded. | 12/03/13 15:03:39 By - By Michael Doyle

First watch: The world's smartest students, Veep in Asia, Giving Tuesday

This morning's top talkers in 60 seconds. | 12/03/13 08:10:14 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

First watch: Drone deliveries, Panda cub name, Capitol birthday

Video highlights of the morning's top news. | 12/02/13 07:49:00 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

More states raise taxes to pay for transportation

This year, several states have done something that’s become politically impossible in Congress: They raised taxes to pay for transportation improvements. | 11/27/13 16:38:47 By - By Curtis Tate

First watch: Afghanistan jeopardy, Radel resignation pressure, Health care deadline looms

The U.S. agreement with Afghanistan may be in jeopardy as President Hamid Karzai continues requesting changes. | 11/26/13 08:01:36 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

First watch: Iran nuke deal reaction, Sandy Hook report, the longest-married couple

The morning's top stories in one video minute. | 11/25/13 08:24:26 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

First watch: Remembering JFK, Dr. Who turns 50, filibuster fallout

Morning video headlines. | 11/22/13 08:59:40 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

First watch: Afghanistan agreement could mean U.S. troops stay through 2024

Today's drone attack... NSA's roots in Ronald Reagan order... JFK's Harvard application. | 11/21/13 08:16:37 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

$13 billion JPMorgan Chase settlement may aid homeowners

Thousands of homeowners could get some mortgage relief under a record $13 billion deal reached Tuesday between the Justice Department and banking giant JPMorgan Chase, the largest such government settlement with a single entity. | 11/19/13 18:25:24 By - By Kevin G. Hall and Michael Doyle

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