New rules might recognize more tribes, create new casinos

New rules proposed by the Obama administration would give more Indian tribes a faster track at joining the ranks of the federally recognized by making it easier for them to prove their legitimacy. | 08/12/14 14:51:49 By - By Rob Hotakainen

High schoolers compete in 'Brain Olympics'

About two dozen high school students from 23 countries donned their white lab coats, strapped on their blue and red satchels and took final looks at their science books, Thursday, for what has been called “the brain Olympics.” | 08/11/14 07:01:58 By - Caroline Cataldo

Congressman spreads gospel on Capitol Hill

Republican Rep. Steven Palazzo of Mississippi has found a way to inject new meaning into constituent service – by obliging a request to distribute Bibles to his colleagues in Congress, all 534 of them. | 08/06/14 18:50:00 By - By Greg Gordon and Patrick Ochs

Growing Ebola crisis fuels calls for coordinated international response

As the second American stricken by Ebola returned to the United States on Tuesday, concern is mounting about the lack of a coordinated international plan to fight the growing outbreak in West Africa. | 08/05/14 19:23:22 By - By Tony Pugh and Alejandro Davila Fragoso

Brady, Reagan press secretary, gun control advocate, dies

James S. Brady, seriously wounded during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan and later an influential fighter for gun control, died Monday. | 08/04/14 18:55:28 By - By David Lightman and Lesley Clark

Statement by the President on the Passing of James Brady

Statement by the President on the Passing of James Brady | 08/04/14 16:18:41 By -

DNI Clapper Statement on the Minimal Redactions to Senate RDI Report

More than 85% of the Committee Report has been declassified, and half of the redactions are in footnotes | 08/01/14 22:32:05 By -

Obama: We can’t control how Mr. Putin thinks

President Obama called his Russian counterpart Friday to express “deep concerns” with what the White House says is Russia’s increased support of separatists in Ukraine. | 08/01/14 17:09:16 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama to sign executive order requiring companies to fess up bad behavior

President Obama today will sign an executive order aimed at requiring prospective federal contractors to disclose labor law violations. | 07/31/14 16:05:55 By - By Lesley Clark

U.S. economy grows at scorching 4 percent in 2nd quarter

The much-stronger-than-expected 4 percent rate of annual U.S. economic growth from April through June, reported Wednesday by the Commerce Department, put to rest fears that the U.S. economy was slipping into low gear. | 07/31/14 07:35:28 By - By Kevin G. Hall

First Lady on homeless veterans: 58,000 is a moral outrage

First Lady Michelle Obama -- who has made veterans issues a hallmark of her tenure -- will take the administration’s efforts at ending homelessness among veterans to the 2014 National Conference on Ending Homelessness. | 07/30/14 18:51:40 By - By Lesley Clark

Fed taper continues, on pace to end in October

Citing the improving economy and a firming jobs markets, the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it was again trimming its monthly purchases of government and mortgage bonds by another $10 billion and is on pace to end the program this year. | 07/30/14 15:47:31 By - By Kevin G. Hall

After CIA gets secret whistleblower email, Congress worries about more spying

The CIA obtained a confidential email to Congress about alleged whistleblower retaliation related to the Senate’s classified report on the agency’s harsh interrogation program, triggering fears that the CIA has been intercepting the communications of officials who handle whistleblower cases. | 07/25/14 21:59:26 By - By Marisa Taylor and Jonathan S. Landay

Obama to call for tax ‘loophole’ closure

LOS ANGELES - As he closes out a three-day West Coast fund raising trip, President Barack Obama will call today for closing what the White House calls “one of the most unfair tax loopholes” that allows U.S. companies to avoid paying taxes. | 07/24/14 11:29:44 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama raises money at ‘Scandal’ creator’s home

LOS ANGELES - President Barack Obama raised money from a Hollywood crowd here Wednesday night, joking about seeing pictures of Scandal star Kerry Washington’s new baby -- and jokingly accusing singer Janelle Monae of harboring a secret video of the president trying to outdance Usher. | 07/23/14 23:01:43 By - By Lesley Clark

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