Sen. Boxer wants to change how military investigates sexual assault

Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California on Tuesday enlisted in the fight over military sexual assault with a sweeping proposal to change how the military prosecutes all major crimes. | 11/05/13 18:14:15 By - By Michael Doyle

Voters in Virginia, New Jersey leave tea party reeling

Voters sent the tea party reeling Tuesday as its star candidate lost a winnable Virginia governor’s race Tuesday while Gov. Chris Christie won big in New Jersey. | 11/05/13 21:58:23 By - By David Lightman

5 years after deadly crash, new pilot training rule becomes official

Announcing steps to correct what it called “the greatest known risk in pilot training,” the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday finalized a new rule to address the midair stalls thought to have contributed to multiple fatal crashes in recent years. | 11/05/13 17:42:16 By - By Curtis Tate

VIDEO: What to expect on Election Day 2013

Governor's races in New Jersey and Virginia ... Mayoral races in NYC, Boston, Detroit ... Pot initiatives in Colorado and Maine. | 11/05/13 07:45:29 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

Hedge fund hit with record insider-trading settlement; others warned

A record $1.8 billion insider-trading settlement announced Monday between a Wall Street investment giant and a branch of the Justice Department included a warning that nobody in the global financial capital is “too big to jail.” | 11/04/13 19:09:16 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Army's new top doctor in the West takes command facing budget uncertainty

The Army on Thursday ushered in a new top doctor for its hospitals in Western states with talk of “dynamic uncertainty” in its budget and an emphasis on shifting care to preventative medicine. | 11/01/13 13:10:28 By - Adam Ashton

GOP split runs through the heartland, endangering election prospects

The bitter divide among Republicans over an ill-fated budget fight that shuttered parts of the government reaches far beyond the Congress and Washington, deep into the heartland and smack into the Machine Shed restaurant. | 10/31/13 06:00:00 By - By David Lightman

Mother of Trayvon Martin urges end to ‘stand-your-ground’ laws

Trayvon Martin’s mother testified before a Senate panel Tuesday, urging states to amend their “stand-your-ground” laws. | 10/29/13 17:41:18 By - By Sarah Sexton

WATCH: Monday's first headlines in 1 minute

How long has the president known about NSA spying on world leaders? ... Campaign 2016: Cruz in Iowa, Paul in Kentucky ... Mourning Lou Reed. | 10/28/13 08:58:27 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

Alaska National Guard unit being investigated for allegations of sexual misconduct

Current and former members of the Alaska National Guard say there’s serious sexual misconduct within the ranks and an investigation of recruiters accused of rape is now underway. | 10/27/13 06:00:00 By - By Sean Cockerham

War veterans face epilepsy as side effect of head trauma

As a single mom and combat-wounded Navy corpsman, Holly Crabtree has too much on her mind to stress about the next time she might black out. She’d rather think about her daughter’s busy schedule packed with things such as dance classes and Girl Scouts. But Crabtree’s been getting seizures every week or two since she was shot in the head while serving on a Special Operations mission in western Iraq three years ago. | 10/25/13 12:43:55 By - Adam Ashton

WATCH: First headlines in 1 minute

Where will Syria's chemical weapons go? ... Eavesdropping on a former spy... New surveillance rules ... What state suits your mood? ... Weekend reading. | 10/25/13 08:24:48 By - By Ali Watkins and Julie Moos

SC military commanders: Budget battles have us in 'reaction mode’

Military leaders from bases across South Carolina complained to Gov. Nikki Haley on Wednesday afternoon that budget cuts and ongoing fights over the federal budget are hurting their ability to complete their missions. | 10/24/13 17:27:33 By - Jeff Wilkinson

Not so fast: The improving unemployment rate masks problems

The monthly unemployment rate holds almost mythical importance as a barometer for the health of the U.S. economy. But what if it’s not telling us what we thought? | 10/24/13 16:30:01 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Baseball’s Marlins, Giants under investigation for federal wage violations

The investigations come amid wider concern about questionable pay practices throughout professional baseball. | 10/24/13 15:50:11 By - By Myron Levin and Stuart Silverstein

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