DOT proposes 2-year phase-out of older tank cars for crude oil trains

The U.S. Department of Transportation proposed a two-year phase-out of older tank cars used to transport crude oil by rail, among other measures to improve the safety of crude oil transportation by rail. | 07/23/14 15:19:37 By - By Curtis Tate

Top Obama aides fly to Berlin to talk about spying allegations

Two weeks after Germany demanded that the top U.S. intelligence official stationed in its country leave, President Barack Obama has dispatched two top aides to Berlin. | 07/22/14 16:09:23 By - By Anita Kumar

Rand Paul wants to let ex-cons vote, reduce drug offenses

Calling the criminal justice system “the largest impediment to both voting and employment in our country,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wants to restore voting rights to nonviolent felons and reduce many drug crimes down to misdemeanors. | 07/22/14 16:47:39 By - By Sean Cockerham

Obama to launch West Coast fund raising trip

President Barack Obama leaves Washington today for a three day fund raising trip to the West Coast -- with White House officials noting that he’ll shorten his trip if his presence is required back at the White House. | 07/22/14 09:40:03 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama: Biden would be ‘superb’ president

President Obama says in a New Yorker profile of vice president Joe Biden that his second in command would make a “superb” president. | 07/21/14 20:00:25 By - By Lesley Clark

Feds OK testing for oil and gas in the Atlantic

Just as expected, the Obama administration is opening the waters off the East Coast to oil and gas exploration, approving a plan on Friday to allow seismic tests from Delaware to Florida’s Cape Canaveral. | 07/18/14 16:57:12 By - By Sean Cockerham

House Dems demand to know cost of Boehner lawsuit against Obama

Democrats in the House of Representatives are demanding to know how much House Speaker John Boehner’s threatened lawsuit against President Barack Obama will cost and where the money will come from. | 07/18/14 15:14:06 By - By William Douglas

Biden gets credit for pushing Obama on gay marriage

There may be no "Ready for Biden" campaign here, prodding the vice president to launch a third bid for the presidency, but he received an enthusiastic welcome Thursday by the nation’s largest gathering of liberal activists. | 07/17/14 18:39:51 By - By Lesley Clark

Amid new revelations about GM, senators seek jail time for product safety cover-ups

On the heels of a report that General Motors officials knew, but failed to tell federal regulators that faulty ignition switches likely caused several fatal car accidents, three Democratic senators introduced legislation Wednesday to make it a crime for a corporate officer to conceal serious product dangers. | 07/16/14 16:20:05 By - By Greg Gordon

White House defies Issa subpoena

The White House refused to have a top political adviser to President Barack Obama testify before Congress on Wednesday, saying it would threaten presidential independence. | 07/16/14 16:02:03 By - By Lesley Clark

Biden calls new Iraqi speaker

Vice President Joe Biden called Salim al-Jabouri to congratulate him Tuesday on his selection as the next Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the White House said. | 07/15/14 17:41:59 By - By Lesley Clark

‘Lead foot’ Obama hits the simulated road

President Obama used a trip to a federal research center to prod Republicans to back more spending on roads and bridges -- and to take a zip in a self-driving simulated automobile. | 07/15/14 13:29:04 By - By Lesley Clark

American-Arab group boycotts White House iftar, citing Israeli strikes, NSA snooping

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is boycotting government iftars, including tonight’s White House event hosted by President Obama, citing what it says is “the government’s condoning of the current slaughter of Palestinians in Palestine and the spying of American Arabs and Muslims domestically.” | 07/14/14 16:16:01 By - By Lesley Clark

CDC closes 2 labs following safety breaches

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has closed two laboratories in Atlanta and stopped sending out infectious agents and other biological materials from its highest-level bio-security labs due to recent safety and security lapses. | 07/11/14 17:51:09 By - By Tony Pugh

The sportsmen’s bill was bipartisan? Just a fish tale.

After a formerly popular sportsmen’s bill suddenly died in the Senate today, Democratic Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid blamed Republicans for what he called a nearly unprecedented filibuster of their own bill. | 07/10/14 16:00:20 By - By John Moritz

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