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Egyptian forces storm protest camps; hundreds killed or injured

Egypt’s security forces stormed camps of protesters loyal to ousted President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday in a wave of gunfire and tear gas that set off fighting throughout the country. At least 278 people were dead and more than 2,200 injured on the deadliest day since the 2011 uprising. | 08/14/13 18:03:31 By - By Nancy A. Youssef and Amina Ismail

Egypt’s government won’t find it easy to clear pro-Morsi encampment

The site of a sit-in staged by supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has become a city of its own within the nation’s capital, a development that surely will complicate any effort by the militarily installed government to uproot it without the agreement of the Muslim Brotherhood members who’ve built it. | 08/05/13 17:08:33 By - By Amina Ismail and Nancy A. Youssef

Dozens dead after Egypt security forces open fire on Morsi supporters

Scores of people were killed and dozens more wounded Saturday in the worst violence in recent Egyptian history as police opened fire on supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi. | 07/27/13 20:04:20 By - By Amina Ismail and Nancy A. Youssef

Morsi moved to prison as millions in Egypt take to streets to back military

Egypt’s military-imposed government announced Friday that it had launched an investigation into toppled President Mohammed Morsi that could lead to charges of murder and espionage, stemming from Morsi’s 2011 jailbreak during the final days of former President Hosni Mubarak’s rule. | 07/26/13 18:35:58 By - By Amina Ismail and Nancy A. Youssef

U.S. delays F-16s for Egypt as el-Sissi calls for protests against ‘terrorism’

Egypt’s tense political situation appeared likely to worsen as the head of the country’s military called Wednesday for Egyptians to demonstrate Friday against terrorism, in what many feared was a green light for violence against supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi. | 07/24/13 19:53:32 By - By Amina Ismail and Nancy A. Youssef

Tales of witnesses to Cairo massacre back pro-Morsi version

Overlooking the scene where 55 supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi died during a standoff with the military two weeks ago are two apartment buildings whose residents are perhaps the only unbiased witnesses to what happened. With no videos or photos of the initial violence surfacing, Morsi supporters and the military have offered two very different versions of what set off the confrontation, the deadliest incident since the military toppled Morsi early this month. | 07/23/13 17:10:06 By - By Nancy A. Youssef

General who toppled Morsi will hold three jobs in Egypt’s new government

The Egyptian general who announced that President Mohammed Morsi had been removed from office was named the country’s first deputy prime minister on Tuesday, a sign that the military, despite asserting it had no interest in governing, intended to maintain its influence. | 07/16/13 19:24:33 By - By Nancy A. Youssef

In Egypt, only military-imposed government will meet with U.S. envoy

The Obama administration tried Monday to step up its diplomacy in Egypt, dispatching Deputy Secretary of State William Burns to this tumultuous capital, only to discover that some of the major players won’t meet with a representative of the United States. | 07/15/13 19:58:51 By - By Nancy A. Youssef

Hundreds of thousands rally for Morsi in latest battle of street protests

Supporters of Mohammed Morsi rallied on behalf of the ousted president Friday in their biggest demonstrations since he was removed from office, part of a strategy to get him reinstated by using the same means that forced his removal: mass protests. | 07/12/13 19:08:29 By - By Nancy A. Youssef and Amina Ismail

Egypt’s military blames Mohammed Morsi’s supporters for violence

In a battle over the narrative of what’s happened here during the past eight dramatic days, the new Egyptian government accused former President Mohammed Morsi on Thursday of being obstinate in his final days, claimed that his supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood had killed some of their own to frame the military and asserted that its decision to oust Morsi may have saved the nation from “possible civil war.” | 07/11/13 17:41:41 By - By Nancy A. Youssef

With Mohammed Morsi gone, Egypt seems to be returning to 2011

The Egypt that’s emerged in the week since President Mohammed Morsi was toppled from power looks much as it did in the period just after the uprising in 2011 that led to the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Appointees in the new government are nearly all proponents of military intervention. The new prime minister served as the minister of finance in the first military government after Mubarak’s fall. The Muslim Brotherhood, the secretive organization that helped Morsi ascend to power, is isolated from the political process, just as it was under Mubarak and in the first months after his ouster. And old problems are back. | 07/09/13 18:24:18 By - By Nancy A. Youssef

Grim ritual of death unfolds in Cairo morgue filled to capacity

The grim accounting of death took on a ceremony of its own at the Cairo morgue where the victims of Monday’s clash between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood were taken for the official tally. | 07/08/13 16:42:54 By - By Nancy A. Youssef and Amina Ismail

At least 51 dead in Cairo violence; top cleric warns of civil war

Egypt’s fragile political condition sank toward critical Monday after the military opened fire and killed dozens of Islamists who were demanding the return to office of deposed President Mohammed Morsi. It was the worst political violence in the country since the demonstrations two and a half years ago that led to the resignation of Hosni Mubarak. | 07/08/13 19:04:36 By - By Amina Ismail and Nancy A. Youssef

New Egypt appointments so far going to advocates of military rule

Transitional Egyptian President Adly Mansour, named by the Egyptian military to lead the country after it ousted Mohammed Morsi from office, announced several key appointments Sunday, all of whom were members of the military or supporters of a nation guided by the armed forces. | 07/07/13 17:37:28 By - By Nancy A. Youssef

Morsi’s long fall began when he was sworn in as Egyptian president

How did Egypt’s first democratically elected president go from a famed beneficiary of a popular uprising to being ousted in a popularly celebrated military coup just one year later? | 07/05/13 18:21:56 By - By Nancy A. Youssef

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