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Republicans, Democrats elect leaders on Capitol Hill

Congress partisans elected new leaders Wednesday, with Senate Democrats and Senate and House of Representatives Republicans choosing essentially the same people with the same message, though a toned-down Republican team sounded willing to deal with Democrats after their presidential electoral defeat. | 11/14/12 19:05:54 By - By Maria Recio

Election brings more female lawmakers to Capitol Hill

Twenty years after the “year of the woman” election, when a record number of female candidates joined the storied “Senate club,” female lawmakers will be seen in even greater numbers in the halls of Congress come January. | 11/13/12 19:13:23 By - By Maria Recio

Third party vote could swing a state – and the election

If Tuesday’s election is as close as polls suggest, the presidency might be decided by someone named Gary Johnson. Or Virgil Goode. Or Jill Stein. | 11/04/12 14:44:30 By - By Maria Recio

Who will pay the big bill that Sandy left?

Hurricane Sandy’s costs could run into the tens of billions of dollars, leaving state and local governments, federal agencies, utility providers and insurance companies to figure out how to split the bill. | 10/31/12 19:51:54 By - By Curtis Tate, Maria Recio and Lindsay Wise

Northeast airports, transit systems slowly start moving again after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy brought every mode of transportation to a halt in the most populous region of the country this week, and getting people and goods moving normally again could take days, if not weeks, and add to costs that already are in the tens of billions of dollars. | 10/30/12 19:24:51 By - By Curtis Tate and Maria Recio

Obama fights for female voters he may have lost

President Barack Obama sports a pink breast cancer awareness bracelet on his wrist as he campaigns across battleground states. He slams rival Mitt Romney as a throwback with 1950s views of women. And he’s airing an edgy new ad enticing women casting their first ballot to pick the right man, him. | 10/29/12 15:46:21 By - By Lesley Clark and Maria Recio

In fights over public art, supporters chalk up some victories

Artists are fighting back, joining forces with lawyers, community activists, cultural institutions and public officials to defend public art. | 10/22/12 16:28:42 By - By Maria Recio

Cornyn drives GOP’s Senate effort, but the road has turned unexpectedly rocky

Senate Republican campaign chief John Cornyn of Texas was riding high after gaining seven seats during his first stint as the election boss two years ago, but the volatile 2012 cycle has produced so many bumps in the road that he’s had to change course. | 10/17/12 16:02:09 By - By Maria Recio

Wealthy Texans are big spenders in 2012 elections

Texas may not be considered a presidential battleground state, but it's still a leader when it comes to campaign contributions. | 10/16/12 07:22:30 By - Maria Recio

Mitt Romney finds his way to ‘Sesame Street,’ but they’re not happy to see him

Republican nominee Mitt Romney triggered a social media firestorm at his initial face-off Wednesday night with President Barack Obama. | 10/04/12 18:45:33 By - By Maria Recio

Texas Rep. Granger blocks $450 million in aid for Egypt

U.S. Rep. Kay Granger of Fort Worth blocked the transfer of $450 million in economic aid for Egypt's cash-strapped new government Friday, saying she was "not convinced of the urgent need" and could not support it. | 10/02/12 06:25:21 By - Maria Recio

Latino groups, Kennedy Center officials to talk over lack of artistic award winners

The Kennedy Center Honors may seem like a genteel tribute to the world’s greatest performers, but a public squabble about the selection process has revealed behind-the-scenes resentment over the lack of Latino honorees. | 09/28/12 18:57:35 By - By Maria Recio

Anti-Obama film a box office hit, but critics question its claims

Away from the frontlines of political theater, an under-the-radar, controversial documentary on President Barack Obama, “2016: Obama’s America,” has over the last eight weeks quietly surged into the top 10 box office and become the second highest grossing political documentary ever. | 09/14/12 17:20:19 By - By Maria Recio

Federal court strikes down Texas voter ID law

In a resounding rebuke of Texas’ Republican leadership, a three-judge federal panel Thursday knocked down the state’s new far-reaching photo voter ID law, which the court said illegally suppressed Latino and African-American voters. | 08/30/12 19:46:51 By - By Maria Recio

Feds investigated threats against late Sen. Bentsen of Texas

Lloyd Bentsen was a patrician yet popular politician, tall and dignified, a U.S. senator from Texas for 22 years, a presidential candidate in the 1970s and the 1988 Democratic vice presidential nominee. | 08/05/12 00:00:00 By - By Maria Recio

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