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Analysts: Susan Rice, Samantha Power unlikely to alter foreign policy

President Barack Obama’s appointment Wednesday of two longtime loyalists to top national security positions is unlikely to result in major shifts in U.S. foreign policy, despite their records as advocates of military intervention to avert humanitarian disasters such as the one in war-torn Syria. | 06/05/13 19:02:04 By - By Lesley Clark and Jonathan S. Landay

Obama sets up clash with Republicans over court nominees

President Obama today announced his intention to nominate three judges to the nation's second highest court, accusing Republicans of blocking his selections for political reasons in remarks the White House pool report described as "fiery." | 06/04/13 12:36:14 By - By Lesley Clark

China’s moves in Western Hemisphere have U.S. stepping up its game

China’s courting of Latin America and the Caribbean – signaled anew this week by a visit by its president – is prodding the United States to step up its outreach to the rapidly emerging economies, which are showing greater global clout. | 05/30/13 18:49:05 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama speech suggests possible expansion of drone killings

President Barack Obama on Thursday defended his administration’s use of drone strikes to kill terrorists as effective, lawful and “heavily constrained,” but he also appeared to be laying groundwork for an expansion of the controversial targeted killings. | 05/23/13 19:38:13 By - By Lesley Clark and Jonathan S. Landay

Joe Biden may be gearing up for 3rd, final run at presidency

He’s sought the presidency twice before, only to fall woefully short. Now, in what many people would consider the autumn of their own lives, Joe Biden is weighing whether he’ll make a third and final run. | 05/16/13 16:31:44 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama fires IRS chief

Moving to quell a growing scandal, President Barack Obama on Wednesday fired the acting chief of the Internal Revenue Service and vowed to work closely with Congress in determining who ordered lower-level employees to target tea party groups and other conservative organizations. | 05/15/13 20:33:44 By - By Kevin G. Hall, David Lightman and Lesley Clark

Obama, Congress promise probe of IRS

Political Washington reacted with bipartisan outrage Monday to reports that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative organizations applying for special tax-exempt status – though questions have been raised about politics and tax status since at least 2006. | 05/13/13 22:57:44 By - By Kevin G. Hall, William Douglas and Lesley Clark

Obama aides scramble to defend edits to Benghazi talking points

The Obama administration insisted Friday that it acted in good faith and not to protect itself when it eliminated references to al Qaida and an allied group in talking points about the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. | 05/10/13 19:53:20 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama urges prosecution, courts-martial for sexual assaults in military

President Barack Obama delivered a blistering rebuke of sexual assaults in the military Tuesday, saying perpetrators are “betraying the uniform that they’re wearing” and that he’s told Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel the administration needs to "exponentially step up our game" to curb the abuse. | 05/07/13 20:04:36 By - By Lesley Clark and David Lightman

White House says moratorium remains on sending Guantanamo detainees to Yemen

The White House said Wednesday that despite President Barack Obama’s pledge to do what he can to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, a moratorium on sending cleared detainees back to Yemen “remains in place” – a policy that, if unchanged, provides perhaps the biggest obstacle to shuttering the controversial island prison. | 05/01/13 19:13:45 By - By Lesley Clark and Hannah Allam

Lame duck? Obama says he still matters

President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that he’s still a force to be reckoned with, even as he faces a recalcitrant Congress, a stalled agenda, few options for containing civil war in Syria and new questions about U.S anti-terrorism efforts in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. | 04/30/13 18:23:31 By - By Lesley Clark

Obama, Putin discuss Syria and claims that it used chemical weapons

Even as the White House said it still lacked proof that Syria unleashed chemical weapons against its people, President Barack Obama on Monday raised the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin in an effort to reach out one of Syria’s key allies. | 04/29/13 19:08:34 By - By Lesley Clark and Matthew Schofield

Boston blast victim focused on recovery, not malice for suspects

A Boston Marathon bomb mangled Heather Abbott’s left foot so badly that she chose to have it amputated. Yet even as she starts her long path toward recuperation, she says she feels no malice and is giving little thought to the two men accused of the crime. | 04/25/13 19:25:34 By - By Lesley Clark and Michael Doyle

Biden calls Boston bomb suspects ‘knockoff jihadists’

Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday denounced the Chechen brothers accused of planting the Boston Marathon bombs as “two twisted, perverted, cowardly knockoff jihadists,” even as investigators scrambled to find out more about the suspects, one living and one dead. | 04/24/13 19:47:22 By - By Lesley Clark and Michael Doyle

Fireworks salesman says Boston bombing suspect wanted 'biggest, loudest' explosive

New details emerged Tuesday about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects as the surviving brother’s medical condition marginally improved and two of his alleged victims were buried, including an 8-year-old boy. | 04/23/13 20:38:38 By - By Michael Doyle, Lesley Clark, William Douglas and Curtis Tate

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