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New IRS leader touts changes following scandal but reveals little

The temporary head of the Internal Revenue Service on Monday released a much anticipated but ultimately disappointing report on how the agency came to unfairly target tea party and other conservative organizations. | 06/24/13 17:46:10 By - By Kevin G. Hall and David Lightman

As Chairman Ben Bernanke clarifies Fed’s moves, markets freak

The Federal Reserve is likely to begin tapering off its economic life support late this year and finish a controversial program of bond purchases by the middle of the next year, Chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday in remarks that triggered fear and loathing in financial markets. | 06/19/13 19:02:47 By -

IRS cases were referred to ‘Group 7822’

The Internal Revenue Service diverted applications for tax-exempt status from tea party and like-minded organizations to a special track known as Group 7822 for special scrutiny, according to transcripts of an interview by congressional interrogators with a key IRS official. | 06/18/13 18:33:37 By - By David Lightman and Kevin G. Hall

Federal Reserve faces pressure to provide clarity in uncertain environment

Federal Reserve officials begin a pivotal two-day meeting Tuesday facing a dilemma. The economy is showing enough improvement to justify dialing back some of the Fed’s life support, yet financial markets are terrified of what might happen and are taking it out on the housing sector. | 06/17/13 17:44:48 By - By Kevin G. Hall

IRS scandal brings out more charges of political audits

If reports of political targeting of conservatives by the Internal Revenue Service shocked the nation, they didn’t seem that surprising to many other groups who experienced problems with the tax agency in the past. | 06/17/13 14:59:03 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Tax writers Max Baucus, Dave Camp plan summer taxapalooza

The chairmen of the two tax-writing committees of Congress will hit the road together over the summer to promote a proposed revamp of the tax code, the two announced Friday. | 06/14/13 15:41:25 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Jobs report, Wall Street increase pressure on Fed to show its cards

Pressure built Friday on the Federal Reserve to signal whether it’s ready to begin scaling back its controversial economic stimulus efforts, after a status-quo May jobs report from the government sparked an unusual Wall Street rally. | 06/07/13 16:40:48 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Congress blasts spending on IRS conferences, spoof videos

A top official of the Internal Revenue Service – who played “Star Trek’s” Mr. Spock in an agency-funded spoof of the popular TV show – apologized Thursday for not being more careful with taxpayers’ money as beleaguered IRS officials endured a fresh grilling from a congressional committee. | 06/06/13 18:04:02 By - By David Lightman and Kevin G. Hall

Obama, champion Ravens mix it up; no harm, no foul, just jokes

In a welcome break from the political crises gripping his administration, President Barack Obama hosted the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens at the White House on Wednesday for a congratulatory ceremony on the South Lawn. | 06/05/13 17:24:56 By -

Groups tell of IRS abuse, Ways and Means chief promises to look at IRS employees

WASHINGTON Fueled by fresh, terse testimony Tuesday from conservative groups detailing intense IRS scrutiny, a powerful lawmaker with watchdog responsibility for the agency promised a relentless effort to get answers from officials at all levels of the Internal Revenue Service. | 06/04/13 17:58:04 By - By David Lightman and Kevin G. Hall

IRS may have targeted conservatives more broadly

While the developing scandal over the IRS’s targeting of conservatives has largely focused on its scrutiny of groups with words such as “tea party” or “patriot” in their names, new examples could point to a secret political vendetta within the government against conservatives. | 05/30/13 17:27:00 By - By David Lightman and Kevin G. Hall

Scandal draws questions about IRS role in enforcing Obamacare

The blossoming IRS scandal over the targeting of conservative groups is provoking new scrutiny and terse questions about the agency’s role in shaping and implementing the controversial new national health care law, with the biggest changes set to begin next year. | 05/23/13 18:21:19 By - By Kevin G. Hall and David Lightman

IRS officials aren’t cooperating in probes at top or bottom

Internal Revenue Service officials are not fully cooperating with efforts to learn who is responsible for targeting conservative groups, lawmakers learned Wednesday during the third and most tense, dramatic hearing on the scandal. | 05/22/13 18:16:45 By - By Kevin G. Hall and David Lightman

With Obama in the dark, administration planned how to stage-manage news of IRS scandal

The Obama administration’s timeline for who knew what and when about the Internal Revenue Service scandal changed again Tuesday with revelations that the Treasury Department and White House officials had discussed how to stage-manage the release of the explosive information. The latest revelation came as acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller told Congress that he’s responsible for the secretly planted question answered by subordinate Lois Lerner that triggered the scandal that’s now gripping the nation’s capital. | 05/21/13 20:31:58 By - By Kevin G. Hall and David Lightman

White House admits top Obama aides knew a month ago about IRS probe

The White House acknowledged Monday that senior aides to President Barack Obama knew a month ago that the Internal Revenue Service had targeted conservative groups, expanding on previous administration statements about who in the White House knew about the inquiry and when they knew about it. | 05/20/13 19:32:16 By - By Anita Kumar and Kevin G. Hall

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