Irene appears to have left South Carolina relatively unscathed

South Carolinians can breathe a collective sigh of relief today as Hurricane Irene appears to have left the Palmetto State relatively unscathed. The storm weakened overnight but not before whipping the coast of South Carolina with winds of up to 40-55 mph. | 08/27/11 12:31:23 By - Mindy Lucas

At least 10,000 lose power in S.C. Grand Strand

As the sun rose Saturday morning along South Carolina's Grand Strand, emergency officials were starting their days with no significant impact from Hurricane Irene, though about 10,000 were without power. | 08/27/11 12:17:24 By - Brad Dickerson

Irene churns toward Northeast, millions of hurricane newbies

As Hurricane Irene threatened the Outer Banks and most of the Eastern Seaboard, President Barack Obama warned Friday of a historic storm with the potential to flood neighborhoods, down trees, erode beaches and knock out power to tens of millions of people unused to violent tropical weather. | 08/26/11 19:54:28 By - Erika Bolstad

N.C. coast preps for Hurricane Irene

Hurricane and tropical storm watches were issued Thursday morning for the Carolinas coast, as large and powerful Hurricane Irene continued slowly moving toward expected landfall Saturday on the Outer Banks. | 08/25/11 07:26:55 By - Steve Lyttle and Eleanor Kennedy

No matter Irene's path, North Carolina leads response

As Hurricane Irene gathers strength in the Caribbean with a U.S. landfall likely over the weekend, North Carolina finds itself once again in the path of a storm, and in the position of first responder. | 08/24/11 17:21:00 By - Curtis Tate

Vacation plans also in Irene's projected path

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce took about 30 calls during its first two hours of business Tuesday from potential visitors wondering whether they needed to cancel their reservations because of Irene, which is expected to gain strength and possibly hit the Carolinas this weekend as a powerful Category 3 or 4 hurricane. | 08/23/11 12:43:18 By - Dawn Bryant

Hurricane Irene projected to make Carolinas landfall

Emergency management officials in the Carolinas coast began full preparations Tuesday morning for the possible landfall later this week of a powerful Hurricane Irene. Meteorologists have shifted the expected landfall site of Hurricane Irene several times since Monday morning, from Charleston to Myrtle Beach and now to Wilmington. | 08/23/11 12:17:11 By - Steve Lyttle

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