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Teen mom who attempted suicide speaks out after deportation

Lilian Oliva Bardales, 19, is back in Honduras – one of the world’s most dangerous countries – living temporarily with relatives as she contemplates her next move. | 06/17/15 15:03:56 By - By Franco Ordoñez and Sandra Cuffe

Recent killings by police increase calls for independent probes

When New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman recently sought authority to investigate and prosecute cases that involve police killings of unarmed civilians, it was a watershed moment for Vincent Warren. | 12/16/14 15:13:17 By - By Tony Pugh

Obama’s speech signals Middle East will remain a dominant U.S. concern

President Barack Obama’s speech Tuesday at the United Nations made clear that the Middle East would be a focal point of U.S. foreign policy “for the long haul,” with renewed efforts toward resolutions on Iran’s contested nuclear program, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the civil war in Syria. | 09/24/13 20:58:04 By - By Hannah Allam

Obama, Iran’s Rouhani signal willingness to ease tensions

They may not have announced any breakthroughs, and there was no historic meeting. But the presidents of the United States and Iran made it clear on Tuesday that they’re ready for serious talks on a settlement to the feud over Iran’s nuclear program that could begin easing more than 30 years of hostility and estrangement. | 09/24/13 20:46:28 By - By Jonathan S. Landay

Kenya says it’s captured 11 of alleged al Shabab shopping mall terrorists

The capture alive of 11 of the suspected attackers should go a long way toward helping authorities learn their identities. Al Qaida’s affiliate in Somalia, al Shabab, has claimed responsibility for the attack, but rumors have been flying that at least some of the assailants grew up in the United States. | 09/24/13 18:41:47 By - By Alan Boswell

Obama tells U.N. U.S. committed to Middle East 'for long haul'

President Barack Obama told the United Nations on Tuesday that his priorities in the region are resolving Iran’s contested nuclear program, pursuing a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and encouraging democratic transitions in Syria and other tumultuous Arab states. | 09/24/13 12:05:29 By - By Hannah Allam

Kenya declares end to Nairobi terror attack after seized mall burns

Kenyan government Twitter accounts claimed early Tuesday that authorities had taken control of all the floors of a Nairobi shopping complex that terrorists had seized Saturday. | 09/23/13 19:06:57 By - By Alan Boswell

After Pakistani church bombing, Sharif gives up on Taliban peace talks

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called off plans for unconditional peace talks with militant insurgents after a series of deadly terrorist attacks that culminated in Sunday’s suicide bombing of a church, which killed 83 people. | 09/23/13 16:41:13 By - By Tom Hussain

IRS official who pleaded Fifth during tea party tax probe resigns

Lois Lerner, at the center of the Internal Revenue Service scandal and in the crosshairs of Congress, stepped down on Monday before an internal review reportedly was set to remove her for mismanagement. | 09/23/13 17:19:34 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Guantánamo: Protest hits bottom; 19 prisoners still on hunger strike

The prison at Guantánamo said Monday it believed a long-running hunger strike has bottomed out with 19 protesting prisoners — down from a high of 106 protesters locked inside solitary cells this summer. | 09/23/13 16:06:28 By - Carol Rosenberg

Columbia, S.C. man claims $400 million Powerball, remains anonymous

The winner of a $400 million Powerball lottery ticket has come forward to claim his prize -- but he wants to remain anonymous. | 09/23/13 17:39:41 By - Jamie Self

Obama: There's a 'creeping resignation' about mass shootings like Navy Yard

Speaking at a memorial service for the 12 victims, Obama noted it's the fifth time as president he's sought to console a community. | 09/23/13 06:14:49 By - By Lesley Clark

Bombers hit church in Pakistan at end of Sunday service; at least 78 killed

Twin suicide bombers attacked a Christian congregation in the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar at the end of Sunday worship services, killing at least 78 worshippers, including 34 women and seven children, and critically wounding 120 others. | 09/22/13 14:32:48 By - By Tom Hussain

AP freelancer says report of rebel chemical weapons use not hers

A freelance contributor to the Associated Press whose byline appeared on a controversial story that alleged Syrian rebels had gassed themselves in an accident told McClatchy on Saturday that she did not write the article and has been seeking to have her name removed from it since it was published by a small Minnesota-based website. | 09/21/13 17:24:00 By - By Mitchell Prothero

Pakistan releasing key Taliban, hoping to spur peace talks

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Friday that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban’s second in command, who’s been in Pakistani custody since 2010, will be released Saturday. Pakistani officials hope the Afghan Taliban will press their Pakistani Taliban allies to begin peace talks with the government. | 09/20/13 16:02:23 By - By Tom Hussain

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