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With Snowden now free in Russia, U.S. has few options

The world’s most closely watched layover ended on Thursday as Russia granted temporary asylum to Edward Snowden, the accused intelligence leaker who’d been holed up in a Moscow airport’s transit lounge since June 23. | 08/01/13 18:54:49 By - By Hannah Allam and Lesley Clark

Kerry sets 9-month goal for reaching accord on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

WASHINGTON Heralding what he called a “new moment of possibility” toward Middle East peace, Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday announced an ambitious schedule for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying he hopes negotiators for the two sides will have agreed to a framework for a settlement in nine months. | 07/30/13 19:16:59 By - By Hannah Allam and Lesley Clark

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks resume after three-year hiatus

Hours before Israeli and Palestinian leaders met on Monday to end a three-year freeze on negotiations, Secretary of State John Kerry named veteran diplomat Martin Indyk as the Obama administration’s special envoy to shepherd talks toward a final settlement of the decades-old conflict. | 07/29/13 18:50:35 By - By Hannah Allam and Lesley Clark

Official who oversaw Guantanamo resigns as U.S. says it will send 2 detainees to Algeria

The Obama administration on Friday announced that it has notified Congress that it soon will transfer two detainees from the military detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to their home nation of Algeria, the first repatriations from the detention center in 10 months. | 07/26/13 20:26:36 By - By Matthew Schofield, Hannah Allam and Lesley Clark

Assad opponents see U.S. distancing itself from their goals in Syria

Syrian opposition leaders say there’s just one way to interpret the U.S. stalling on promised military aid at a time when rebels are losing ground to forces loyal to President Bashar Assad: Goodbye, and good luck. | 07/26/13 17:03:20 By - By Hannah Allam

With little argument, House limits U.S. military involvement in Syria, Egypt

The House of Representatives approved measures Wednesday that would prevent the Obama administration from spending money on U.S. military operations in Syria without consulting Congress and would forbid funding U.S. military or paramilitary operations in Egypt. | 07/24/13 20:31:31 By - By William Douglas and Hannah Allam

Samantha Power causes no waves at confirmation hearing for U.N.

Samantha Power, known as a blunt critic of U.S. foreign policy, appeared subdued and deferential as she appeared before senators Wednesday seeking confirmation to succeed Susan Rice as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. | 07/17/13 19:20:34 By - By Hannah Allam

A month after U.S. pledged more help, Syrian rebels in worse shape

A month after the Obama administration pledged stepped-up support for Syria’s armed opposition, the government of President Bashar Assad’s position has improved, with U.S. assistance to the rebels apparently stalled and deadly rifts opening among the forces battling to topple the Assad regime. | 07/12/13 20:38:19 By - By Hannah Allam

Trapped: An air escape from Moscow unlikely for NSA leaker Snowden

Beginning a third week holed up in a Moscow airport’s transit zone, Edward Snowden finds himself far enough away to evade U.S. authorities, but also too far from any of the sympathetic nations willing to shelter him. | 07/10/13 19:52:53 By - By Hannah Allam and Matt Schofield

In talking about Egypt, Obama officials won’t even mention the word ‘coup’

U.S. officials went to great lengths Monday to avoid calling Egypt’s abrupt regime change a coup, a label that could force a suspension of aid to the stalwart Arab ally at a time when the U.S. appears to be losing leverage in conflicts across the Middle East. | 07/08/13 19:23:50 By - By Hannah Allam and Lesley Clark

Obama’s new Guantanamo envoy begins work, tours detention center

The State Department’s new special envoy for the closure of the prison camp at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba began work this week with a one-day trip to the notorious site and said Wednesday that closing it was a national priority. | 07/03/13 20:58:18 By - By Hannah Allam

Snowden in legal limbo, his flight blocked by legal, political obstacles

Edward Snowden broadened his search for sanctuary Tuesday, but finding an escape from his current state of limbo in the Moscow airport would take a combination of political will and legal savvy that immigration experts said may be hard to come by. | 07/02/13 20:18:03 By - By Hannah Allam

Image of NSA leaker Edward Snowden evolves with each revelation

More than three weeks since his revelations about U.S. spying sent ripples around the world, a more nuanced portrait is emerging of Edward Snowden, the former CIA contractor who initially was viewed in extremes – either a hero in the fight against government secrecy or a traitor who jeopardized national security. | 06/28/13 19:00:18 By - By Hannah Allam

Experts: U.S. has little hope of moving Putin, an ex-spy, to expel Snowden

Russia’s confirmation Tuesday that fugitive contractor Edward Snowden is using the Moscow airport as a pit stop on his global search for a haven leaves American authorities seemingly powerless to stop him from traveling onward with top-secret files that detail extensive U.S. surveillance programs. | 06/25/13 19:21:02 By - By Hannah Allam

Anger at U.S. complicates efforts to capture Snowden

Edward Snowden, the fugitive American contractor who revealed details of the U.S. government’s extensive spying network, so far has evaded capture by hop-scotching around the world with the help of nations that have their own beefs with the United States. | 06/24/13 19:39:37 By - By Hannah Allam and Tim Johnson

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