Why don't news outlets call BP's huge oil 'spill' a gusher?

Oil spill fits in a headline or sound bite, but fails to capture what started April 20 in the Gulf and how life is changing as a result. "Catastrophe" has a nice ring for some. "Crime" isn't strong enough for others. | 06/20/10 23:02:23 By - Anita Lee

Feds: New Gulf waivers are for existing wells

Three environmental waivers granted by federal regulators this month were for modifying existing oil projects in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. officials told McClatchy. | 06/20/10 16:40:42 By - Shashank Bengali

The oil spill colors the fabric of Gulf coastal life

For many in the weathered fishing villages and tiny towns along the Gulf of Mexico, the unrelenting eight-week siege of oil is taking a toll on the psyche. A drive along the coast from Louisiana to Florida finds towns still littered with hurricane debris, families struggling to recover and a mounting worry that oil will finish off what Katrina did not. | 06/20/10 15:00:35 By - Lesley Clark

Life aboard the drilling rig that's the Gulf's last hope

The men who spend weeks at a time aboard deep water rigs are accustomed to drilling in relative solitude far out in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But not these days: Smoke billows and bursts of orange flames unfurl on the horizon, byproducts of the surface fight to stop the runaway Deepwater Horizon well. | 06/20/10 07:26:14 By - Jennifer Lebovich

After a day in the spotlight, Texas' Barton takes cover

The day after Rep. Joe Barton became a household name — and a source of ridicule for late night comics — by first apologizing to BP and then retracting his apology, the Texas Republican appeared to go underground. | 06/18/10 19:37:44 By - Maria Recio

Scientists: Gulf oil spill threatens breeding ground for bluefin tuna

Near the end of a 12-day cruise in the Gulf of Mexico to study the habitat of just-hatched Atlantic bluefin tuna, scientist Jim Franks came upon fields of oil sheen as far as he could see. | 06/18/10 19:13:14 By - Renee Schoof and Reid Davenport

Transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's Friday BP oil leak briefing

This is the transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's breifing Friday, June 18, 2010, on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The transcript was distributed by the Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Center. | 06/18/10 17:41:18 By -

Text of the official announcement of the 35,000 to 60,000 barrel per day flow estimate

This is the text of the government's announcement Tuesday, June 15, 2010, of its estimate of the amount of oil flowing from the Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico. It was distributed by the Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Command. | 06/18/10 17:35:46 By -

Obama officials still approving flawed Gulf drilling plans

Despite President Barack Obama's promises of better safeguards for offshore drilling, federal regulators continue to approve plans for oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico with minimal or no environmental analysis. | 06/18/10 17:30:14 By - Shashank Bengali

BP says it captured 25,290 barrels at runaway well Thursday

That number would suggest that BP is now recovering between 42 and 70 percent of the oil surging from the well, if the most recent government estimate of the well's flow rate — 35,000 and 60,000 barrels daily — is accurate. BP's live video feed from the leak, however, continues to show dark clouds of crude oil and natural gas pouring into the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/18/10 17:26:24 By - Mark Seibel

An angry Congress lambasts BP chief Hayward over safety

Sitting alone at a table, BP's chief executive Tony Hayward on Thursday bore the bipartisan brunt of a livid congressional panel seeking to affix corporate greed and corner-cutting aboard an oil rig as the cause of 11 deaths and the ruin of an ecosystem and a way of life in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/17/10 16:02:13 By - Erika Bolstad

Under GOP pressure, Barton retracts statements on BP

Rep. Joe Barton of Texas was forced on Thursday to retract his apology to BP chief executive officer Tony Hayward about a $20 billion White House "shakedown" after he came close to being stripped of his position as ranking Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee by the House GOP leadership. | 06/17/10 11:34:07 By - Maria Recio

What Joe Barton actually said to BP CEO Tony Hayward

These are the verbatim remarks of U.S. Rep. Joe Barton to BP CEO Tony Hayward in which he apologized and referred to a $20 billion fund BP agreed to set up under White House pressure as a "shakedown." Barton later apologized for the apology. | 06/17/10 18:24:03 By -

Transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's Thursday BP oil leak briefing

This is the transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's briefing with reporters on hte Deepwater Horizon oil leak for Thursday, June 17. Allen was in New Orleans. The transcript was provided by the Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Center. | 06/17/10 20:34:51 By -

MMS blasted for lax offshore drilling scrutiny

The Minerals Management Service, the beleaguered regulator caught in the crosshairs over its faulty scrutiny of BP's runaway oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, has been lax in its inspections of deep-sea drilling, an independent watchdog said Thursday. | 06/17/10 19:29:44 By - Reid Davenport

Florida sets night shifts for some oil spill cleanup workers

Pie-sized tar patties continued washing up on beaches in the Florida Panhandle Thursday as cleanup workers turned to dark-of-night hours to pluck splotches of weathered oil off some of the state's most pristine coast. | 06/17/10 19:11:24 By - Laura Figueroa and Carol Rosenberg

BP's Gulf leak boosts interests in oil-eating microbes

One scientist compares the microbes to the yellow chompers in the Pac-Man video game — hungry and single-minded as they gobble hydrocarbons from the oily waters, marshes and shores of the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/17/10 18:11:25 By - Fred Tasker

BP's oil recovery stats show how wrong leak estimates were

BP recovered 18,600 barrels of oil from its gushing Deepwater Horizon well on Wednesday, the most so far, but still just a fraction of what is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico. The amount serves as a reminder of the weeks-long reluctance of both BP and the Obama administration to recognize the full extent of the disaster. | 06/17/10 13:19:45 By -

Candidate: BP spill could be government plot

Republican congressional candidate William "Bill" Randall is suggesting that the Obama administration and BP conspired to intentionally spill oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Randall admits that he has no evidence that what he says is true. | 06/17/10 08:06:30 By - Michael Biesecker

Reformed Klansman plays leading role in Gulf cleanup

George Malvaney says he shed his Ku Klux Klan membership and his abortive career as a mercenary by the time he walked out of federal prison, never looking back, two days before his 23rd birthday in July 1982. Today, Malvaney is a key player in the protection and cleanup of Mississippi's shoreline as oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico from BP's Deepwater Horizon well. | 06/16/10 20:45:31 By - Anita Lee

Obama picks 'Son of the Gulf' Ray Mabus to lead restoration

President Barack Obama's selection of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, a former Mississippi governor, as his go-to person in charge of developing a long-term Gulf Coast restoration plan won widespread praise Wednesday. | 06/16/10 19:02:32 By - Maria Recio

Commentary: President Obama, BP and the law

At a White House meeting Wednesday President Barack Obama and BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg reached a tentative agreement under which the company would create an independent $20 billion fund to pay claims for the spill, which would be administered by Kenneth Feinberg, the administration's "pay czar". The tentative agreement raises myriad questions of authority and practical implementation, however, that must be answered. | 06/16/10 17:06:48 By - Carl Tobias

New BP system burns 1,240 barrels of oil from runaway well

A drilling platform at the site of BP's runaway Deepwater Horizon well burned a total of 1,240 barrels of oil in its first 11 hours of operation Wednesday. BP hopes the new system will add as much as 10,000 barrels a day to the amount of oil being recovered from the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/16/10 16:10:28 By -

BP agrees to set aside $20 billion fund for Gulf oil spill

Oil giant BP agreed Wednesday to set aside $20 billion in a fund to pay damage claims stemming from the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and President Barack Obama staked his own reputation on the claims being paid. | 06/16/10 15:09:00 By - Steven Thomma and Margaret Talev

From Oval Office, Obama vows to restore Gulf Coast

President Barack Obama on Tuesday night used his first Oval Office address to try to change Americans' perceptions of his handling of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that's gushed out of control for nearly two months and to make the case that he and his team are finally in the driver's seat. | 06/15/10 21:33:35 By - Margaret Talev

Obama besieged by worsening problems on many fronts

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama saw President George W. Bush's missteps in the Gulf Coast, war policy and the economy as easy targets for criticism. Now Obama is being dogged by variations on the same themes, his judgment under the microscope of public scrutiny and his options for action limited. | 06/15/10 21:17:29 By - Margaret Talev, Jonathan S. Landay and David Lightman

Tired of waiting for BP, Florida towns plan to fight oil alone

Along the seaside villages and towns of the Florida Panhandle, serenity has given way to stress ever since tarballs from the Deepwater Horizon spill started to speckle area beaches, and globs of oil began to seep into Pensacola's waterways. Now communities find themselves taking matters into their own hands. | 06/15/10 20:48:04 By - Laura Figueroa

Two Chevron protesters arrested at oil spill hearing

Two protesters were taken into custody Tuesday by Capitol Police during a hearing of a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee at which the chairmen of five major U.S. oil companies testified. | 06/15/10 20:16:05 By - Reid Davenport

BP's records on ill workers tell only part of the story

Although Louisiana state records indicate that at least 74 oil spill workers have complained of becoming sick after exposure to pollutants, BP's own official recordkeeping notes just two such incidents. | 06/15/10 19:53:57 By - Marisa Taylor

BP rivals struggle to explain why plans look so similar

Top executives from four of the five largest oil companies operating in the U.S. tried Tuesday to show that their own engineering and management practices include safeguards that would prevent them from making the same mistakes that led to BP's runaway deepwater oil well. | 06/15/10 18:41:27 By - Erika Bolstad

Obama tells Florida he'll do "whatever it takes"

Hours before President Barack Obama was to address the nation, he came to Florida's ground zero on the Gulf oil spill crisis and pledged that his administration would do "whatever it takes" to deal with the mess. | 06/15/10 18:40:45 By - Jennifer Lebovich, Niala Boodhoo and Carol Rosenberg

Newest oil spill flow rate: 35,000 to 60,000 barrels daily

The runaway Deepwater Horizon well is pouring 35,000 to 60,000 barrels a day of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration said Tuesday. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, however, warned that the estimate is still preliminary, and that it might be revised upward. | 06/15/10 17:38:15 By - Renee Schoof

Beachgoers make Atlantic vacation plans because of oil spill

Vacationer Rick Porter is making contingency plans on the Atlantic Ocean side of the U.S. coast should there be confirmed reports of oil or tar balls washing ashore and marring the sugary white sand and turquoise water of Destin, Florida. | 06/15/10 16:43:17 By - Tony Adams

Poll: Obama's doing OK overall, but not on the Gulf spill

While 50 percent of the American people approve of how President Barack Obama is doing his job overall, a 41 percent plurality disapproves of how he's handling the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and only 33 percent approve, according to a new Ipsos-McClatchy poll. | 06/15/10 16:02:25 By - Robert A. Rankin

Attorney warns Florida fishing guides not to trust BP on claims

Attorneys are warning fishing guides to be careful in filing claims for lost income from the Gulf oil spill, saying BP is doing everything it can behind the scenes to avoid paying claims. | 06/15/10 15:46:11 By - Sara Kennedy

Scientists fear for the fragile ecosystem of the Florida Panhandle

Life begins in the marsh and sea grasses that wind along the sandy coastline of this lagoon in Pensacola and others like it along the Florida Panhandle. These fragile estuaries shelter or nourish many of the Gulf of Mexico's most familiar and important creatures, from black mullet to redfish, blue crabs and brown pelicans. | 06/15/10 15:13:33 By - Jennifer Lebovich

Pensacola to President: Save our beaches

Hours ahead of addressing the nation, President Barack Obama came to Florida's ground zero in the Deepwater Horizon environmental crisis -- this Panhandle community reeling from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/15/10 15:02:37 By - Jennifer Lebovich, Carol Rosenberg and Niala Boodhoo

BP halts oil leak recovery for 5 hours after lightning strike

BP temporarily suspended the collection of crude oil from the runaway Deepwater Horizon well for nearly five hours on Tuesday after a small fire was spotted at the top of the derrick on the Discoverer Enterprise drill ship. In a statement, BP blamed the fire on lightning. No one was injured. | 06/15/10 14:47:45 By -

BP warns that its new oil collection plan has safety risks

BP's latest plan to capture the oil gushing from the runaway Deepwater Horizon well poses significant safety risks for "several hundred people" working aboard the ships that will process the corralled crude, the oil giant has told the Coast Guard. | 06/14/10 19:25:40 By - Mark Seibel

What Congress was told Monday about the BP Gulf oil leak

This is an e-mail summary of a conference call among members of Congress, congressional staff and Obama administration officials regarding the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/14/10 19:33:01 By -

Obama to address nation about Gulf oil spill

President Barack Obama will address the nation at 8 p.m. EDT Tuesday about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — from the Oval Office, his first televised address from that stately setting since he took office 17 months ago. | 06/14/10 19:26:58 By - Margaret Talev and David Lightman

BP warns of safety risks in more aggressive oil leak plan

BP's newest plan to capture oil gushing from the runaway Deepwater Horizon oil well poses significant safety risks for "several hundred people" working aboard the ships that will be assigned to process the corralled crude, the oil giant has told the Coast Guard. BP warned that conditions at the well site would be "significantly beyond both BP and industry practice." | 06/14/10 18:30:07 By - Mark Seibel

On the hunt for tiny life forms in the oil spill

A University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, team of scientists have taken hundreds of samples of water from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. They've found microbes are already eating the oil, even in some unexpected places. | 06/14/10 16:22:13 By - Tyler Dukes

Investigators: BP ignored warnings, proceeded with Gulf well

BP knew its Macondo well was troublesome in the days leading up to a fatal April 20 blowout, congressional investigators found, but the company "appears to have made multiple decisions for economic reasons that increased the danger of a catastrophic well failure." | 06/14/10 14:32:01 By - Erika Bolstad

Text of letter to BP CEO Tony Hayward outlining congressional investigators' findings

This is the text of the letter sent Monday to BP CEO Tony Hayward by the House Subcomittee on Oversight and Investigations, outlining the committee's findings of its independent investigation into the explosion that resulted in the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig. The letter was provided by the committee. | 06/14/10 14:26:57 By -

Congress blames BP cost-cutting for Gulf oil leak disaster

BP knew its Macondo well was troublesome in the days leading up to a fatal April 20 blowout, congressional investigators found, but the company "appears to have made multiple decisions for economic reasons that increased the danger of a catastrophic well failure." | 06/14/10 13:54:38 By - Erika Bolstad

After generations of independence, some Gulf Coasters asking for help

For generations, fishermen have worked the rich waters of the Gulf, made a decent dollar, built houses and raised families, largely on their own. But the relentless leak -- simply called ``the monster'' in these parts -- is forcing traditionally self-sufficient communities to consider the idea of help. | 06/14/10 13:13:16 By - Audra D.S. Burch

Dawn cleaner a hit in oil spill cleaning of wildlife

BPs brand may be tarnished with each week that oil spills into the Gulf of Mexico. But a brand manufactured in Kansas City, Kan., is enjoying the kind of publicity that cant be bought or planned. Just about any article or newscast about wildlife coated with oil in the gulf region mentions Dawn - the only detergent recommended for cleaning the hundreds of afflicted pelicans, gulls and gannets. | 06/14/10 12:28:18 By - Joel Walsh

Fishermen's tempers flare at BP, national media oil spill coverage

Tempers flared at a town meeting led by U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker on Sunday in Pass Christian, Miss. Commercial fishermen, out-of-work charter boat captains, city leaders, grass roots organization members and weary residents gathered at Shaggys restaurant on the harbor seeking answers from Wicker and other officials about BPs response to the oil spill. | 06/13/10 21:20:25 By - Leigh Coleman

With oilspill, the resilience of Mississippi's Gulf is put to the test

The worst natural disaster in U.S. history. The worst economic recession in generations. Now, the worst man-made disaster in U.S. history. The people of South Mississippi have often been called "resilient" - a reputation hard-earned after Hurricane Camille in 1969, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and repeated often in national media reports. That resilience is being put to the test. | 06/13/10 18:31:33 By - Geoff Pender

Ixtoc: The Gulf's other massive oil spill no longer apparent

The oil was everywhere, long black sheets of it, 15 inches thick in some places. Even if you stepped in what looked like a clean patch of sand, it quickly and gooily puddled around your feet. And Wes Tunnell, as he surveyed the mess, had only one bleak thought: "Oh, my God, this is horrible! It's all gonna die!'' But it didn't. Thirty-one years since the worst oil spill in North American history blanketed 150 miles of Texas beach, tourists noisily splash in the surf and turtles drag themselves into the dunes to lay eggs. | 06/12/10 18:09:07 By - Glenn Garvin

Coast Guard rejects BP oil leak plan as too little, too late

The Coast Guard has told oil giant BP that its proposed plan for containing the runaway Deepwater Horizon well does not take into account new higher estimates of how much oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and demanded that the company provide a more aggressive plan within 48 hours. | 06/12/10 12:55:10 By - Mark Seibel

North Carolina moves to raise limit on oil spill damages

A state House committee approved a bill Thursday that wipes out a limit on damages the state could collect from an oil spill. Currently the state's cap mirrors a federal limit of $75 million. That cap was set for North Carolina in 1989 after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. | 06/11/10 20:38:18 By - Ben Niolet

What Congress was told June 11 about the BP oil leak

This is an e-mail summary of a conference call among members of Congress, congressional staff and administration officials regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/11/10 19:28:21 By -

Plan to burn excess oil from BP well raises health questions

Plans to burn hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil from BP's blown-out well are raising new questions about the health and safety of the thousands of workers on rigs and vessels near the spill site. | 06/11/10 19:20:31 By - Renee Schoof and Marisa Taylor

Transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's Friday BP oil leak briefing

This is the transcript of Friday's press briefing with Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the Obama administration's point man on the Deepwater Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The transcript was distributed by the Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Center. | 06/11/10 19:16:47 By -

Engineers say Interior changed oil report after they signed it

A group of engineers and oil experts said Friday that the Interior Department changed the language of a high-profile oil spill report after they'd signed it, falsely signaling their support for a drilling moratorium that they thought went too far. | 06/11/10 18:28:19 By - Steven Thomma

Exxon Valdez experts: Gulf oil spill response off to a bad start

With their futures dark and confused, desperate residents of the Gulf of Mexico are turning to veterans of Alaska's Exxon Valdez oil spill for clues about what they're facing. The word from Alaska, whether it's about cleaning up, economic recovery, despondency or lawsuits: Expect years of deep trouble, but there are ways to cope. | 06/11/10 16:48:05 By - Richard Mauer

Obama overlooked key points in giving OK to offshore drilling

Just weeks before the Deepwater Horizon exploded, President Obama proposed expanding offshore drilling. Now an in-depth review of that decision reveals that Obama and his team failed to ask key questions, challenge assumptions or reach out to outside experts. They didn't even talk to the Coast Guard about its 2002 drill for a massive oil spill in the Gulf. | 06/11/10 14:46:02 By - Steven Thomma

Oil spill can be soaked up with powder, California company says

A tiny Lincoln company that says its product could help mop up oil from the Gulf of Mexico has embarked on a political and media campaign to get BP's attention. Mobius Technologies grinds foam from desk chairs and car seats into a powder. Applied to oil, the powder — called micronized polyurethane powder — quickly absorbs the oil and forms a cake that floats on water indefinitely. | 06/11/10 07:00:05 By - Matt Kawahara

Official federal announcement of new flow estimates for the BP oil leak

This is the official announcement of new estiamtes of the rate of flow from the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. It was distributed by the Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Center. | 06/10/10 23:15:35 By -

Transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's press briefing Thursday on the BP Gulf oil leak

This is the transcript of the daily press briefing with Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen from Thursday, June 10, 2010. The transcript was distributed by the White House. | 06/10/10 23:07:50 By -

Government doubles previous oil flow estimate for BP well

The Obama administration on Thursday doubled its minimum estimate of how much crude oil was gushing from the Deepwater Horizon oil well, saying a panel of scientists had concluded that 20,000 to 50,000 barrels, or as much as 2.1 million gallons, were pouring into the Gulf of Mexico every day before BP sheared the well's riser pipe on June 3. | 06/10/10 19:44:14 By - Mark Seibel and Renee Schoof

What Congress was told June 10 about BP Gulf oil leak

This is an e-mail summary of a conference call Thursday among members of Congress, congressional staff and Obama administration officials about the BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/10/10 19:32:51 By -

Oil, gas worker-safety record weak, OSHA says

The oil and gas industry has a troubling record on worker safety, a congressional subcommittee was told Thursday. | 06/10/10 18:32:04 By - Les Blumenthal

Oil from the spill reaches Pensacola waterways

Brown gooey oil slopped into the Perdido and Pensacola passes Thursday, the first confirmed invasion of oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster into Florida's inland waterways. | 06/10/10 17:53:07 By - Jennifer Lebovich and Carol Rosenberg

Panel of 7 judges will sort out dozens of oil spill lawsuits

More than 150 lawsuits related to BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico have been filed so far. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, which determines how to consolidate complicated federal lawsuits filed in multiple courts, will meet on July 29 in Boise, Idaho. The panel's seven judges will also determine which judge should hear the case, and where it should be heard. | 06/10/10 15:56:57 By - Erika Bolstad

Oil spill leaves Gulf sharks with an uncertain future

For now, the oldest creature that swims the fertile waters of the Mississippi Sound is hearty and healthy. That's good news considering the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has entered day 52. But what does the future hold for the ever-intimidating shark, which has graced the waters of the world for more than 350 million years? | 06/10/10 15:07:07 By - Al Jones

BP's image taking a beating

Judging from public opinion and its stock price, BP is having even less luck shoring up its image than it is plugging its broken well in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/10/10 13:24:48 By - Randolph Heaster and Roseann Moring

Ideas to stop BP's Gulf oil spill flood in

Ideas to cap the worst oil spill in U.S. history are pouring forth almost as fast as the gush into the Gulf. At BP and government offices, on YouTube, Facebook, radio talk shows and in newspapers, Americans are brimming with plots and plans, sketches and schemes to stop the leak. For anguished Gulf residents scooping tar balls from beaches, and for the rest of the country heartsick at photos of pelicans struggling in oil, the urge to find a solution — to do something — is strong. | 06/10/10 06:59:06 By - Fred Tasker

BP intends to burn thousands of barrels of oil it can't store

BP is planning to burn as much as 10,000 barrels of crude a day captured from the Deepwater Horizon well in an effort to maximize the amount of oil that can be recovered by ships currently floating above the spewing well. The goal is to be able to continue to pull as much oil from the Gulf as possible without having to worry about offloading the oil to drilling barges. | 06/09/10 23:13:16 By - Mark Seibel

Should the Obamas vacation on the Gulf Coast this year?

Should the Obamas vacation on the Gulf Coast this summer? Many Gulf area business owners, and even some Republican Gulf state governors, would welcome the gesture. | 06/10/10 00:42:27 By - Margaret Talev

What Congress was told June 9 about the BP oil leak

This is an e-mail summary of a conference call among members of Congress, their staff and Obama administration officials regarding the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/10/10 00:39:28 By -

Cousteau: U.S. oil spill response reflects 'soul of this country'

Nearly 18 months ago, Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of the ecologist Jacques Cousteau and himself a renowned student of the seas, warned a congressional committee that the U.S. wasn't prepared to respond to potentially devastating oil spills. On Wednesday, he returned to Capitol Hill for a post-BP spill briefing with his worst nightmares realized. | 06/09/10 20:52:17 By - Andrew Seidman

Experts: BP's plan to protect spill workers inadequate

BP's plan to protect workers fighting the massive oil spill in the Gulf, which the Coast Guard approved on May 25, exposes them to higher levels of toxic chemicals than generally accepted practices permit. | 06/09/10 19:42:46 By - Marisa Taylor

For Adm. Thad Allen, BP's oil leak is only the latest crisis

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen is the face of the federal effort responding to the Gulf of Mexico disaster. But it's just the latest in a string of tough crises he's been assigned to deal with: Hurricane Katrina, tightening port security in the aftermath of 9/11, and commander in Miami when the Coast Guard began intercepting Cuban rafters at sea and sending them back to their homeland. | 06/09/10 19:38:22 By - Carol Rosenberg

Democrats propose new oil tax, but what would it pay for?

Senate Democratic leaders want to impose a 41 cent per barrel tax on oil companies to help clean up future spills — more than five times what the companies pay now — but Republicans say the effort is deceptive because there's no guarantee that the money would be used for that purpose. | 06/09/10 18:15:15 By - David Lightman

Facebook emerges as tool for oil spill response team

Government officials responding to the Gulf oil spill have been checking Facebook a lot while at the office, and that's okay with U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jim Hoeft. | 06/09/10 18:11:50 By - Maggie Bridgeman

Adm. Thad Allen's Wednesday briefing on the BP Gulf oil leak

This is the transcript of Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen's briefing Wednesday in Washington. The transcript was provided by the White House. | 06/09/10 17:51:25 By -

BP declines to attend Mississippi hearings on the Gulf oil leak

Mississippi's House of Representatives had set aside three days for the hearings, but at noon Tuesday the select committee was informed that the companies involved in the ongoing disaster that began April 20 with the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig would not send representatives. | 06/09/10 11:30:47 By - Michael Newsom

NOAA confirms oil floating beneath Gulf's surface

Researchers confirmed Tuesday that oil is floating as deep as 3,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in layers that may pose unprecedented challenges to efforts to clean up the effects of the spewing BP Deepwater Horizon well. The head of NOAA in mid May had denounced scientists' claims of the subsurface oil's presence. | 06/08/10 20:54:06 By - Jennifer Lebovich and James A. Jones Jr.

BP to give revenue from spilled oil to wildlife fund

Money from any oil collected and sold from BP's runaway oil well will go toward a fund that helps restore and improve wildlife habitat in the four states most damaged by what is now the nation's largest ever oil spill. The announcement came after McClatchy reported last week that the captured oil could generate more than $1.4 million in revenue each day. | 06/08/10 19:47:47 By - Erika Bolstad

Transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's Tuesday BP oil leak briefing

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the National Incident Commander for the Deepwater BP Oil Spill response, and Jane Lubchenco, administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, briefed reporters Tuesday. This transcript was provided by the White House. | 06/08/10 19:02:25 By -

What Congress was told June 8 about the Gulf oil leak

This is an e-mail summary of the 3 p.m. conference call with members of Congress, congressional staff and Obama administration officials about the BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak. | 06/08/10 18:38:24 By -

Feds knew of Gulf spill risks in 2000, document shows

A decade ago, U.S. government regulators warned that a major deepwater oil spill could start with a fire on a drilling rig, prove hard to stop and cause extensive damage to fish eggs and wetlands because there were few good ways to capture oil underwater. | 06/08/10 18:00:49 By - Shashank Bengali

Oil layers below Gulf's surface may be cleanup challenge

Researchers have confirmed that oil is floating as deep as 3,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, a finding that Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen suggested Tuesday will pose a cleanup challenge. "We have not generally done subsurface response," Allen said. "In my personal experience, I have not dealt with it." | 06/08/10 14:55:06 By - Jennifer Lebovich and James A. Jones Jr.

Gulf oil skimmers can get up to $3000 a day from BP

BP's Vessel of Opportunity program pays some boat owners as much as $3,000 a day. Authorities says those who are interested should file claims for commercial losses if their business has been affected by the oil spill while they await word on whether theyve been selected for Vessels of Opportunity. | 06/08/10 13:23:17 By - Michael Newsom

Gulfport supervisors reject BP's plan to use landfill for oil spill waste

Harrison County supervisors voted unanimously Monday to oppose BP using the Pecan Grove landfill in Harrison County to dump waste from the oil gushing in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/08/10 13:17:00 By - Melissa Scallan

Reports of oil-covered birds in Texas called false

Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson blamed the federal bureaucracy and a "hysterical media" for what he denounced as false reports that birds drenched in sludge from the Gulf oil spill have been spotted in Texas. State and federal officials on Monday dismissed the reports as erroneous after they surfaced in the news media over the weekend. | 06/08/10 07:37:56 By - Dave Montgomery

With 1 million gallons of dispersants in Gulf, worries mount

Concerns are mounting over the chemical dispersants BP's using to fight the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico now that over 1 million gallons of the chemical have been pumped in Gulf waters. Nonetheless, a federal study says using the dispersants are less harmful to the environment than allowing the oil to reach shorelines. | 06/07/10 21:07:07 By - Lauren French and Reid Davenport

Obama's comments Monday on the BP Gulf oil spill

This is the White House transcript of President Obama's comments after meeting with Cabinet secretaries on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. | 06/07/10 21:03:53 By -

What Congress was told June 7 about the BP Gulf oil spill

This is an e-mail summary of a conference call held Monday afternoon with members of Congress, congressional staff members, and representatives of key government agencies to discuss the BP oil spill. | 06/07/10 20:30:00 By -

BP well may be spewing 100,000 barrels a day, scientist says

BP's runaway Deepwater Horizon well may be spewing what the company once-called its worst case scenario — 100,000 barrels a day, a member of the government panel tasked with determining the size of the spill told McClatchy Monday. "In the data I've seen, there's nothing inconsistent with BP's worst case scenario," said Ira Leifer, an associate researcher at the Marine Science Institute of the University of California, Santa Barbara. | 06/07/10 19:23:34 By - Renee Schoof and Erika Bolstad

Transcript of Thad Allen's White House briefing Monday

This is the transcript of the White House briefing Monday with Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen on the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/07/10 14:28:05 By -

Commentary: We're only outraged about oil spill that we can see

It's Day 47 of what we regard as an utterly unacceptable environmental disaster. We watch in horror as the first tar balls wash onto the Florida Panhandle's sugar-sand beaches. It's Day 32 in Akwa Ibom. Not that anyone in the Niger River Delta has bothered to count the days since an offshore spill added another million gallons of crude to an already devastated estuary. But the word "unacceptable" has no meaning in Nigeria's bleak oil fields. | 06/07/10 14:13:16 By - Fred Grimm

With oil spill in patches, Coast Guard cuts use of dispersants

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said Monday that the Gulf oil spill has broken into "hundreds or thousands" of oil patches, forcing federal officials to adapt their plans to keep up. He also made clear that the amount of oil flowing from the Deepwater Horizon well is far greater than previously acknowledged. | 06/07/10 14:11:03 By - Steven Thomma

Thad Allen: 'This is a siege across the entire Gulf'

The bursting river of crude that is tainting the Gulf of Mexico — and has now begun to sully Florida's coastline — should be significantly slowed by British Petroleum's new containment cap, BP CEO Tony Hayward said Sunday. However, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said the ongoing environmental catastrophe will last into the fall since a true stop to the oil flow can only be achieved after the deep-water gusher is fully cemented shut. | 06/07/10 07:04:23 By - Patricia Mazzei, Laura Figueroa and Michael Vasquez

Gulf residents fear another impact of spill: lost oil jobs

Even with a gusher of raw crude from a busted rig in the Gulf of Mexico marring Louisiana's coastline, killing marine life and idling fishermen, there remains unrelenting support for the region's oil industry — and sharp opposition to President Barack Obama's decision to halt deepwater drilling for six months while a presidential commission investigates. | 06/06/10 19:18:15 By - Lesley Clark

As oil spill stumps experts, concerned citizens give it a try

Kitchen colanders may hold the key to controlling the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. That's what Jim Green thinks. Green is not an engineer, but he's also not a kook. He's one of thousands of everyday citizens horrified by the environmental damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon disaster and moved to act. | 06/06/10 19:06:40 By - Carlos Acala

Some question BP's funding of UC Berkeley research lab

BP sponsors the Energy Biosciences Institute at Cal, a buzzing lab of 300 researchers trying to make fuel out of plants. For some, however, the Gulf oil spill also has raised new questions about a research partnership that has been controversial from the start, marrying the profit-driven interests of a global oil company with the brains and cachet of one of the world's top universities. | 06/06/10 14:52:31 By - Laurel Rosenhall

In criminal investigation of BP, who'd go to jail? Not the CEO

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder promises an aggressive criminal investigation of BP and its contractors for their actions leading up to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, already the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. If history is any guide, however, don't expect to see the chief executive of BP in handcuffs. | 06/05/10 19:28:13 By - Scott Hiaasen

Activists still challenge official estimate of Exxon Valdez spill

As debate rages over the amount of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico from a deepwater well leak BP can't stop, plenty of oil spill watchdogs in Alaska think that the Exxon Valdez tanker spill in 1989 was nearly three times its official size of 11 million gallons. | 06/06/10 06:00:00 By - Elizabeth Bluemink

Mississippi Gov. Barbour skips Obama meeting for Central Park picnic

Governors of Louisiana, Alabama and Florida met with President Barack Obama about the Gulf oil disaster Friday in Kenner, La., but as with the president's trip last week to the region, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was absent. Barbour spokeswoman Laura Hipp said the governor is in New York to attend the annual Mississippi Picnic in Central Park. | 06/05/10 14:59:03 By - Geoff Pender

BP device begins collecting oil, but too late for Florida coast

A makeshift containment device was capturing more of the oil spewing from a BP well deep in the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday, but it remained unclear whether the cap could do more than crimp the spill as the oil slick began arriving on the shores of Florida's Panhandle. | 06/05/10 13:14:34 By - Warren P. Strobel and Patricia Mazzei

Despite cap on broken well, it's too early to celebrate

President Barack Obama warned Friday that it's "way too early to be optimistic," and a top BP executive also cautioned against over-reacting to BP's latest effort to contain the oil that's been spewing from a broken well a mile under the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/04/10 21:14:22 By - Erika Bolstad and Renee Schoof

Best hope to stop spill? Relief wells, but they're tricky

The last, best hope of stopping the oil that's gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is two "relief wells" that are being drilled, but they won't be finished until August. | 06/04/10 18:34:36 By - Lauren French

BP could face massive fines under Clean Water Act

If the Obama administration is serious about holding BP and others responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, it can start with the federal Clean Water Act, which could allow the federal government to collect as much as $4.7 billion in civil fines just for the oil that's spilled so far. | 06/04/10 18:34:23 By - Les Blumenthal

Gulf company clients ask whether oil would disturb the departed

Andrew Whitaker is following news of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill with particular interest, as some of his clients are asking what might happen to loved ones whose remains are buried at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/04/10 18:30:59 By - Sara Kennedy

Tar balls roll up the beaches at Pensacola, Florida

Tar balls and tar cakes rolled onto the shores of Pensacola Beach Friday morning, just as federal officials announced that a cap over the gusher has started to work. | 06/04/10 14:49:34 By - Patricia Mazzel, Mary Ellen Klas and Julie Brown

Scientist: South Carolina's beaches safe in the short-term

Despite the dire model released Thursday by the National Center for Atmospheric Research suggesting oil from the Deep Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico could spread up the East Coast, current conditions in the gulf and the geological features of South Carolina's coast could keep the state's beaches oil-free for the short term, according to one oceanographer. | 06/04/10 13:20:41 By - Kyla Calvert

Containment cap in place on Gulf oil well, Allen cautions against over-optimism

The effort to contain a pipe that's gushing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico had one of its first victories, as BP crews successfully placed a containment cap over the well overnight. Around midnight, the oil giant began producing oil from the well, sending an estimated 1,000 barrels to the surface for processing. | 06/04/10 10:15:54 By - Erika Bolstad

Noteworthy McClatchy stories about the BP oil spill in the Gulf

Here are key McClatchy stories about the Deepwater Horizon disaster. | 06/04/10 20:57:20 By -

As Gulf spill oil nears Pensacola, a new sense of dread for Florida tourism

With oil from BP's Deepwater Horizon spill creeping close to one of Florida's most pristine beaches, grim vacation forecasting has tourism officials across the state bracing for a marketing disaster even worse than a hurricane strike. The big fear in South Florida: Tourists will see oil on one Florida beach, and assume the whole state's coast has been fouled. | 06/04/10 07:09:42 By - Douglas Hanks

As BP severs riser, false report sends oil prices up

On a day when BP took a successful step in its most recent effort to cap a runaway Gulf of Mexico oil well, an apparently false rumor about new restrictions on offshore drilling in shallow water drove the price of oil up $1.75 to more than $74 a barrel. The false report that the Obama administration would extend its six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling to water less than 500 feet deep was carried by a variety of news outlets, including the Washington Post, the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal. | 06/03/10 21:42:59 By - Erika Bolstad

Contradicting BP, feds lay Gulf illnesses to cleaning fluid

Federal regulators suspect a cleaning fluid may have sickened seven workers last week who were employed to stem the spread of oil in the Gulf, according to health and labor officials. If true, the cause contradicts claims by BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, that the illness could be the symptoms of food poisoning. | 06/03/10 21:42:35 By - Marisa Taylor

What Congress was told June 3 about the oil spill

The following is an e-mail synopsis of what members of Congress were told about the oil spill Thursday during a 3 p.m. conference call. | 06/03/10 19:31:57 By -

Models indicate oil from Gulf spill could threaten Carolinas coast

Oil pulsing from the April 20 BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico could slip into the Gulf Stream's loop current and begin to shoot up the Atlantic coastline by the end of the month — just as thousands of tourists are flocking to beaches along North and South Carolina. | 06/03/10 18:24:23 By - Barbara Barrett

Transcript of Adm. Thad Allen's June 3 oil spill briefing

This is the transcript of Thursday's press breifing by Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the national incident commander for the Deepwater BP oil spill response. The briefing took place at 9:15 a.m. at the Coast Guard's Metairie, La., office. The transcript was provided by the Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Center. | 06/03/10 18:19:44 By -

BP, feds could make millions from runaway well's oil

If the current containment effort works — and BP and the government say they're optimistic that it will — the oil giant will salvage much of the oil that's now spewing from the crumpled pipes on the ocean floor. That captured oil would then be sold, generating, McClatchy estimates, more than $1.4 million in revenue for BP each day and a smaller slice for the U.S. taxpayer. | 06/03/10 16:54:51 By - Erika Bolstad

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul says govt regulation of oil spill not adequate

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul took a softer approach Thursday on the federal government's response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. | 06/03/10 15:02:19 By - Jack Brammer

Gulf shrimp-in-distress mourn on billboard

Drivers along S.C. 170 have been faced with an ominous sign. The digital billboard flashes with two shrimp with blackened heads suspended above a single black brushstroke. No words describe the meaning of the sparse image that appears to form a sad face | 06/03/10 12:55:01 By - Josh McCann

As oil spill damages Gulf, will U.S. change energy use?

The Gulf oil spill has triggered a crisis of confidence, shaking Americans' views about BP, the oil industry, technology and President Barack Obama and slowing a planned expansion of domestic offshore oil drilling. Are the images shocking enough to be a tipping point for energy policy and consumer behavior, however? | 05/28/10 18:17:42 By - Margaret Talev and Shashank Bengali

As BP's spill efforts stall, oil creeps toward other states

As BP's latest attempt to capture leaking oil from its crippled rig in the Gulf of Mexico stalled Wednesday, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi braced for what officials said could be the first crude oil to hit their beaches. | 06/02/10 21:10:23 By - Carol Rosenberg and Renee Schoof

Obama orders firms to change drill plans that mimic BP's

The Obama administration ordered oil companies to resubmit dozens of exploration plans that were virtually identical to BP's and that also called major spills and environmental damage "unlikely." The action came after McClatchy informed the White House and Interior officials that it had reviewed 31 deepwater exploration and development plans approved for the Gulf under the Obama administration and found that all of them downplayed the threat of spills to marine life and fisheries. | 06/02/10 19:47:51 By - Shashank Bengali

Expert from Exxon Valdez accident saddened by oil spill's effects

Scientists meeting here Wednesday to discuss the oil spill's effects on the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem had a visitor at the table with plenty of first-hand experience. Phillip R. Mundy is the former scientific director for the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council. | 06/02/10 19:45:17 By - Sara Kennedy

Underwater robots find no oil in Keys, off Fla.'s west coast

The good news is that two underwater robots launched by Mote Marine Laboratory have reported no signs of oil off Florida's west coast and in the Florida Keys. The bad news is one had a satellite malfunction and has been taken out of service. | 06/02/10 16:15:14 By - Robert Napper

Pensacola readies for Gulf oil spill fallout

Florida's Panhandle near Pensacola was on track Wednesday to get the state's first hit of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, perhaps later this week, and had 20,000 feet of boom in place to block it from damaging precious wetland. | 06/02/10 15:09:45 By - Carol Rosenberg

Tar balls spotted off Pensacola, Florida

A "concentration of tar balls'' has been detected about 10 miles off the Pensacola coast, a Florida government alert said at noon Wednesday, predicting "no large impacts" on the state _ before the weekend. | 06/02/10 14:03:04 By - Carol Rosenberg

Another setback in BP's attempt to halt leak

The latest BP maneuver to stop the gush of oil from a busted well in the Gulf of Mexico had to be put on pause on Wednesday because a diamond saw got stuck in the pipe it was trying to cut through on the ocean floor. | 06/02/10 11:23:09 By - Renee Schoof

Oil from Gulf spill hits Mississippi's Petit Bois Island

Oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster hit Mississippi shores for the first time Tuesday, covering about two miles of Petit Bois Island's beach. A larger glob crept close to Dauphin Island in Alabama, and the edge of the main slick has moved to within about 35 miles of Mississippi, about half the distance it was last week. | 06/02/10 07:19:40 By - Geoff Pender

NOAA research ship to search Gulf for underwater oil

With mystery swirling over how much oil may be lurking beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel leaves Wednesday on a nine-day mission: To find and study a potentially toxic stew that oceanographers fear could be catastrophic for marine life. | 06/01/10 19:30:30 By - Lesley Clark

Gulf oil spill now a criminal investigation, Holder says

Responding to criticism that it hasn't been forceful enough in its response to the largest oil spill in U.S. history, the Obama administration on Tuesday announced a criminal investigation into the deadly explosion and installed a no-nonsense Coast Guard admiral as the public face of the response, instead of BP. | 06/01/10 19:04:28 By - Erika Bolstad and Lesley Clark

Obama's remarks after meeting with oil spill study chairmen

Obama met with former Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., and former EPA administrator Bill Reilly on Tuesday. They are the co-chairs of a presidential commission investigating the cause of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the official transcript of Obama's remarks. | 06/01/10 15:11:13 By -

Coast Guard outlines next steps on curbing oil spill

In its briefing to Congress on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard said the first steps are to be taken today to sever the twisted riser pipe from the failed blowout preventer in preparations for the next attempt at capturing some of the leaking oil. The procedure will increase the flow of oil for several days, the Coast Guard said. | 06/01/10 10:04:49 By -

Gulf oil spill threatens Louisiana Native Americans' way of life

Southern Louisiana's bayou Indians have borne the consequences of the work of oil and gas companies for nearly 100 years, but the oil that is now only a short boat ride away has the potential to slam a death nail into the Pointe-Aux-Chenes fishing village and the cultural identity of Indians who have populated it for centuries. | 06/01/10 07:06:59 By - Joseph Goodman

Gulf oil spill attracts investment scams

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is attracting another kind of potential disaster: investment fraud. Federal officials are warning investors to be wary of so-called "pump and dump" stock schemes tied to the BP oil spill. In a pump-and-dump scheme, a company ups its stock price by hyping its connection to a disaster, typically products or services that can aid in recovery or rebuilding. | 06/01/10 06:44:14 By - Claudia Buck

On frontlines of the spill, little faith in BP or in Washington

The worst memories of Hurricane Katrina — the eight feet of water that covered the hardware store and destroyed its inventory — are fading, but now Chalmette, La., is distracted by the oil spill 50 miles south. | 05/31/10 19:29:37 By - Lesley Clark

Top kill's failure means Gulf oil spill will only get worse

"The failure of the top kill really magnified this disaster exponentially," said Rick Steiner, a retired University of Alaska marine scientist. "I think there's a realistic probability that this enormous amount of oil will keep coming out for a couple months." | 05/30/10 19:38:32 By - Renee Schoof and Chris Adams

'Everything we came to Grand Isle for is gone'

"Hurricanes pass through," the Rev. Mike Tran told parishioners Sunday. "We don't know when this will ever be over. It's a way of life that's under assault, and people don't when their next paycheck is going to be." | 05/30/10 19:02:27 By - Lesley Clark

BP announces 'top kill' has failed to stop Gulf oil leak

BP has abandoned its most recent "top kill" effort to contain its runaway oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, and it the next effort fails, too, as much as 73 million more gallons of oil could contaminate the Gulf of Mexico. | 05/29/10 20:38:49 By - Erika Bolstad

Oil spill taking toll on BP's credibility — and the government's

A litany of half-truths, withheld video, blocked media access and a failure to share timely and complete information have created the impression that BP is suppressing the facts about the largest oil spill in U.S. history, if not misleading the public and the government. | 05/29/10 18:09:30 By - Erika Bolstad

Oil spill taking toll on BP's credibility — and the government's

A litany of half-truths, withholding crucial video, blocking media access to the site and a failure to share timely and complete information about efforts to contain the largest oil spill in U.S. history have created the widespread impression that BP is withholding information about the April 20 oilrig blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, if not misleading the public and the government. | 05/29/10 20:37:38 By - Erika Bolstad

BP announces 'top kill' has failed to stop Gulf oil leak

If the next effort also fails, it could be several months before BP can drill two relief wells, and millions more gallons of crude oil could contaminate the Gulf of Mexico, poison wildlife, destroy fragile marshlands, close fishing grounds and deprive thousands of their livelihoods. | 05/29/10 17:50:15 By - Erika Bolstad

BP 'systemic failure' endangers Gulf cleanup workers

Federal regulators complained in a scathing internal memo about "significant deficiencies" in BP's handling of the safety of oil spill workers and asked the Coast Guard to help pressure the company to address a litany of concerns. The memo reveals the Obama administration's growing concerns about potential health and safety problems posed by the oil spill and its inability to force BP to respond to them. | 05/28/10 19:46:38 By - Marisa Taylor and Erika Bolstad

Oil spill's scope threatens Gulf's endangered marine life

As the magnitude of BP's oil spill becomes clearer, scientists fear that the volume of oil, the depth of the leak and the chemical dispersants the company is using will combine to threaten a vast array of undersea life for years. At risk are such endangered species as Kemp's ridley sea turtles and the Atlantic bluefin tuna, as well as the Gulf of Mexico's 8,300 other creatures from plankton to birds. | 05/28/10 18:55:06 By - Renee Schoof

'You will not be abandoned,' Obama tells weary Gulf Coast

President Barack Obama visited oil spill stricken Louisiana Friday, telling coastal residents "you will not be abandoned," even as BP said it could take all weekend to complete its "top kill" technique aimed at plugging the catastrophic leak in the Gulf of Mexico. | 05/28/10 19:03:59 By - Carol Rosenberg

Gulf shrimpers fear oil spill will put them out of business

The oil spill, arriving just as the harvesting season was about to begin in mid-May, has shut down key fishing waters and is proving even more worrisome to shrimpers, processers and restaurants as they face what could be a years long, if not permanent, loss of market share to farm-raised shrimp from Southeast Asia. | 05/28/10 18:17:18 By - Maria Recio

BP says 'top kill' to stop Gulf oil spill could take all weekend

Warning that "ultimate success is uncertain," BP said Friday it could take all weekend to complete its "top kill" technique aimed at plugging the catastrophic leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil giant issued the statement in Houston hours ahead of President Barack Obama's visit to the oil-stricken region. | 05/28/10 14:34:21 By - Carol Rosenberg

Gulf oil spill's economic impact will be long term

As oil seeps into Louisiana marshlands, economists say the financial fall-out is only just beginning to spread across the Gulf of Mexico — and possibly beyond. Even if BP teams succeed in capping the undersea gusher, the economic damage could drag on for years depending on how much oil actually lands ashore and how extensive the damage is to Gulf fisheries. | 05/28/10 07:12:30 By - Douglas Hanks

Gulf oil rig victims express anger over losses

Keith Jones began his testimony strong Thursday before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. When the topic turned quickly toward his son, however, Jones' voice cracked, his demeanor broke and he took a moment to collect himself. Jones' son, Gordon Jones, died aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20. Gordon was 24, a father and a husband. | 05/27/10 23:12:58 By - Lauren French

Gulf's loop current unlikely to send oil spill to Florida and beyond

A dramatic change in the Gulf of Mexico's loop current has trapped a slick of oil in a huge circular eddy that scientists said Thursday appears likely to push slowly west instead of pumping the oil south into the Florida Keys and possibly up the East Coast of the United States. | 05/27/10 23:06:43 By - Curtis Morgan

Runaway gulf oil well spewing far more oil than initially thought

After more than a month of concurring with BP's estimate that only 5,000 barrels of oil — 210,000 gallons — was spewing into the Gulf of Mexico from a runaway well, the Obama administration acknowledged Thursday that the real amount is at least double that and perhaps much more. | 05/27/10 22:12:23 By - Lesley Clark

Offshore moratorium won't affect Gulf wells already producing oil

The extension of a moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico will not affect 591 deepwater wells that are already producing oil and gas, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Thursday, nor will it affect the operations of 4,515 producing wells in relatively shallow waters. | 05/27/10 21:24:57 By - Erika Bolstad

A frustrated White House press corps bites the hand that feeds it

President Barack Obama Thursday grudgingly faced his first full-blown East Room news conference at the White House in almost a year, and it was no love-fest. A press corps that's been accused of treating him with kid gloves has grown increasingly critical, and the result was more aggressive and skeptical questioning. | 05/27/10 21:22:27 By - Margaret Talev

Obama on the Gulf oil spill: 'My job is to get this fixed'

Under pressure to step up his response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, President Barack Obama tried to assure the country Thursday that he and his administration are in charge and working feverishly to clean up the mess. The U.S. Geological Survey said new estimates show as many as 25,000 barrels of oil rushing into the Gulf waters each day, or as much as five times oil giant BPs original estimate of 5,000 barrels a day. | 05/27/10 19:41:01 By - Steven Thomma, Lesley Clark and Renee Schoof

Rig's manager says BP tried to skip test, changed drilling plan

Testifying before a federal inquiry in Louisiana, the Deepwater Horizons offshore installation manager said that BP wanted to replace heavy drilling mud with lighter seawater without performing a negative-pressure test. He said the plan came from BP's Houston headquarters without federal approval. | 05/27/10 19:51:30 By - Joseph Goodman

Obama concedes mistakes in oil spill as he halts drilling

President Barack Obama on Thursday tried to regain Americans' sinking confidence in his response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, saying "from the moment this disaster began the federal government has been in charge of the response effort." He also formally announced his administration is suspending the planned exploration of two locations off the Alaskan coast and halting other drilling operations. | 05/27/10 14:04:14 By - Steven Thomma and Margaret Talev

Transcript of President Obama's oil spill remarks and news conference

This is the official White House transcript of President Obama's remarks on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the news conference that followed. | 05/27/10 17:48:06 By -

Chief drill regulator Birnbaum sacked, as feds increase estimate of spill

The director of the Minerals Management Service, Elizabeth Birnbaum, has been fired in the wake of the Gulf oil spill, a government official told McClatchy Newspapers today. In another major development, the government said a new estimate of the size of the oil gusher is more than twice the original estimate and possibly much more. | 05/27/10 11:38:36 By - Steve Thomma and Lesley Clark

Napolitano defends federal response to Gulf oil spill during Kansas City stop

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that BP — and only BP — can stop the gush of oil into the Gulf of Mexico caused by the April explosion of an offshore drilling rig. Napolitano, in the Kansas City area to discuss homeland security preparedness, said the government isn't capable of stopping the oil, but has taken an active role in mitigating the damage. | 05/27/10 07:24:24 By - Dave Helling

BP sued by Florida Keys charter boat company over 'perception' oil from spill

Captain Duck is suing British Petroleum, saying the oil company giant is responsible for his small charter boat business losing tourist customers in Key West. Although no oil from last month's Deepwater Horizon blowout has reached the Florida Keys, Michael J. Burge, who goes by the nickname Captain Duck, said it's the "perception" that has cost him significant snorkeling, diving, fishing and dolphin encounter business over the past few weeks. | 05/27/10 07:17:15 By - Cammy Clark

Obama pledges independence from fossil fuels during California visit

President Barack Obama reaffirmed Wednesday his commitment to containing and cleaning up the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and pledged to wean the country off its dependence on fossil fuels. Obama said that the spill in the gulf "underscored the necessity of seeking alternative fuel sources," and that the administration is "intensively engaged with scientists and engineers to explore all alternative options" as relief wells are completed. | 05/27/10 07:00:41 By - Torey Van Oot

Citing gulf oil spill, Obama to suspend Arctic drilling

The Obama administration Thursday will suspend planned exploratory oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska until at least 2011, a casualty of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The move will stop Shell from drilling five wells in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas off northern Alaska weeks before it had hoped to start work, an administration official told McClatchy. | 05/27/10 00:01:00 By - Steven Thomma

BP wants Houston judge with oil ties to hear spill cases

Oil giant BP is asking the courts to place every pre-trial issue in the hands of a single federal judge in Houston. That judge, U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes, has traveled the world, expenses paid, giving lectures for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. His financial disclosure forms show he collects royalties from several energy companies. | 05/26/10 22:47:57 By - Scott Hiaasen and Curtis Morgan

BP worker takes 5th, making prosecution a possibility

A top BP worker who was aboard the Deepwater Horizon in the hours leading up to the explosion declined to testify in front of a federal panel investigating the deadly oil rig blowout, telling the U.S Coast Guard he was invoking his constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination. The move Wednesday by BP's Robert Kaluza for the first time raises the specter of criminal liability in the April 20 explosion that killed 11 and continues even five weeks later to spew hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day. | 05/26/10 20:06:58 By - Erika Bolstad, Joseph Goodman and Marisa Taylor

More oil problems: Spill shuts down trans-Alaska pipeline

Up to several thousand barrels of crude oil spilled Tuesday during a scheduled pipeline shutdown at a pump station near Fort Greely, about 100 miles south of Fairbanks. A spill of that size — totaling more than 100,000 gallons — would be one of the largest ever for the 33-year-old pipeline. | 05/26/10 17:49:07 By - Megan Holland and Elizabeth Bluemink

After argument, BP official made fatal decision on drilling

Company executives and top drill hands on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig argued for hours about how to proceed before a BP official made the decision to remove heavy drilling fluid from the well and replace it with lighter weight seawater that was unable to prevent gas from surging to the surface and exploding. | 05/26/10 13:09:53 By - Erika Bolstad, Joseph Goodman and Marisa Taylor

BP begins 'top kill' attempt to plug leaking oil well in gulf

With a green light from the U.S. Coast Guard Wednesday, BP began trying to plug the oil leak with a technique that could take up to Friday to finish. | 05/26/10 15:35:36 By - Carol Rosenberg

Experts: Legal issues driving BP's oil spill stance

Under pressure to stop the oil spill that's gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP is struggling to play conflicting roles: projecting an image of a responsible company while deflecting legal blame for the disaster. | 05/25/10 19:16:10 By - Marisa Taylor and Shashank Bengali

Bush suggests diversification away from oil at wind energy conference

As the U.S. Gulf Coast battled a massive oil spill, former President George W. Bush told the American Wind Energy Association conference in Dallas on Tuesday, "It's in our economic interests that we diversify away from oil." | 05/25/10 12:30:58 By - Jack Z. Smith

Florida Gov. Crist blasted over Gulf oil spill response

Simmering frustration over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill's potential damage to Florida tourism erupted Tuesday into blunt criticism of Gov. Charlie Crist, who defended the state's response and later trumpeted the arrival of $25 million from BP for television ads aimed at calming tourists' fears. | 05/26/10 07:11:33 By - Marc Caputo, Lee Logan and Steve Bousquet

Gulf well 'shouted' warnings for hours before BP rig explosion

The crew of the Deepwater Horizon had a number of warning signs extending over five hours that conditions were worsening deep underwater before the oilrig exploded in the Gulf on April 20, BP's own investigators told a House inquiry into the cause of the deadly accident. | 05/25/10 19:45:05 By - Erika Bolstad

As oil seeps into Louisiana's marshes, National Guard fights a losing battle

The work is hard, tedious and, in the end, it may not even work. If southern Louisiana is a war zone for the Louisiana National Guard, then the enemy — the huge spreading oil slick — has an enormous tactical advantage. | 05/25/10 20:36:32 By - Joseph Goodman and Curtis Morgan

Propublica: EPA weighing sanctions against BP that could cost billions

Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency are considering whether to bar BP from receiving government contracts, a move that would ultimately cost the company billions in revenue and could end its drilling in federally controlled oil fields. | 05/25/10 19:48:47 By - Abrahm Lustgarten

Hurricane season starts Tuesday, bringing new Gulf oil spill worries

If a storm passes through an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, it could spray oil on the beach and inland when it makes landfall, weather experts said | 05/25/10 17:33:22 By - Melissa M. Scallan

Hurricane season could be affected by oil spill

This time last year, most South Floridians wouldn't have known the difference between the Loop Current and Fruit Loops. They sure do now, with dubious thanks to the Gulf oil disaster. | 05/25/10 13:24:39 By - Elinor J. Brecher

Pressure mounts for federal takeover of oil spill response

The unprecedented scope of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and widening criticism of BP's response to it is forcing federal officials to rethink the government's role, the commandant of the Coast Guard said Monday. BP chief executive Tony Hayward Monday defended his company's use of a chemical agent to disperse the oil, despite an Environmental Protection Agency order for BP to stop using it. | 05/24/10 19:17:17 By - Steven Thomma and Joseph Goodman

South Carolina tourism may - or may not - be affected by oil

Grand Strand business leaders and experts see two possible — and very different — effects that the monthlong Gulf oil spill could have on local tourism. | 05/24/10 11:39:44 By - Jake Spring

Jindal sounding alarm as oil bypasses booms in Louisiana

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, locked in a dispute with the federal government over how to protect Louisiana's labyrinth of wetlands, ferried a herd of reporters to Barataria Bay on Sunday to document firsthand the devastating effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It was a depressing scene. | 05/24/10 00:15:31 By - Joseph Goodman

Local wildlife rescue center ready to help if oil arrives

Gail and Ed Straight, with 23 years of experience caring for injured wildlife, are serving as liaisons for Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research Inc. Tri-State has been hired by BP to manage wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for Florida in the event oil from the ruptured Deepwater Horizon well reaches its shores. | 05/23/10 16:36:10 By - Sara Kennedy

Coast Guard chief: Only BP can stop Gulf oil spill

The U.S. official leading the response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill said Sunday that only BP had the expertise to plug the gaping hole in its deepwater well and that he trusted the oil company was doing its best. The comments signaled that the U.S. government wouldn't take a larger role in stopping the five-week-old spill even as frustration in the Gulf coast grows. | 05/23/10 16:17:41 By - Shashank Bengali

Gulf oil spill makes landfall, blackening Louisiana beaches

Waves of heavy crude oil pushed ashore at barrier islands in southern Louisiana on Saturday, ruining some of this state's only beaches and, more importantly, threatening the fragile ecosystem of Louisiana's wetlands. | 05/23/10 13:48:25 By - Joseph Goodman

Oil spill throws Myrtle Beach area tourism into turmoil

Myrtle Beach, S.C., business leaders and experts see two possible — and very different — effects that the monthlong Gulf oil spill could have on local tourism. | 05/23/10 10:01:42 By - Jake Spring

Bob Graham vows to give BP, big oil a fair hearing

Bob Graham, a former Florida governor and U.S. senator, said he didn't hesitate when White House officials called for him to head an independent commission into the Gulf oil spill. | 05/23/10 09:29:02 By - Lesley Clark

Florida Keys await oil from Gulf of Mexico spill

Three years ago, the U.S. Coast Guard Key West Sector and other agencies compiled a massive Florida Keys emergency preparation and response manual to deal with everything from weapons of mass destruction to tanker oil spills. | 05/23/10 08:49:16 By - Cammy Clark

Florida voters split on oil drilling amendment

As the Deepwater Horizon disaster threatens Florida's shores, state voters are growing more opposed to offshore oil drilling and now are evenly divided about whether to amend the state Constitution to ban the practice, according to a new Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times poll. | 05/22/10 14:06:12 By - Marc Caputo

Commentary: A holiday beach gets a deadly brown bath from BP's oil spill

If America wants to regard Grand Isle as a laboratory to study the effects on tourism from the dark swill vomiting up from the wreckage of the Deepwater Horizon, the early indications look damn near fatal. | 05/22/10 12:52:08 By - Fred Grimm

Oil spill a threat to valuable sea life off the N.C. coast

The ocean currents that could sweep Gulf of Mexico oil up the Atlantic coast might also become a contaminated highway for billions of young sea creatures, some of which will grow to maturity off the Carolinas. | 05/22/10 11:48:14 By - Bruce Henderson

Gulf oil spill: Remembering Deepwater Horizon's dead

Most of the national attention since the April 20 explosion has been focused on the looming ecological disaster from the resulting oil spill. But for 11 families — including two from Texas — the tragedy is about the loss of their loved ones. | 05/21/10 21:15:35 By - Anna M. Tinsley

A month after oil spill began, Obama begins taking charge

Facing a growing furor over the monthlong Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the White House Friday named two environmentalists to lead a presidential commission investigating the disaster. The Obama administration also appeared to be distancing itself from BP, forming a task force this week to measure the spilled crude that includes an engineering professor who's told Congress that he thinks the spill is far larger than originally thought, but not a representative from BP. | 05/21/10 20:37:46 By - Shashank Bengali, Renee Schoof and Lesley Clark

BP not named to task force that will figure Gulf oil spill's size

The decision not to place a representative of BP on a new task force to determine how much oil is leaking from a damaged well in the Gulf of Mexico comes after a month in which Obama administration officials have stressed BP's preeminent role in the cleanup. The task force, however, does include an engineering professor who told Congress earlier this week that the spill is maybe 19 times larger than originally thought. | 05/21/10 18:52:02 By - Renee Schoof

Gulf oil spill: New figure on leak's size will come 'next week'

For weeks, the official estimate of the Gulf oil spill has been 5,000 barrels a day, but scientists looking at videos say they think it's many times more than that. Now a government task force, including an engineering professor who told Congress he thinks the leak might be 95,000 barrels a day, has been told to produce a new estimate. | 05/21/10 15:14:05 By - Renee Schoof

EPA orders BP to use less-toxic dispersant on spill

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday ordered BP to switch to a less toxic version of the chemical dispersant it's been using in huge quantities in the Gulf of Mexico to break up its spreading oil spill. | 05/20/10 20:14:35 By - Renee Schoof

Low estimate of oil spill's size could save BP millions in court

BP's estimate that only 5,000 barrels of oil are leaking daily from a well in the Gulf of Mexico, which the Obama administration hasn't disputed, could save the company millions of dollars in damages when the financial impact of the spill is resolved in court, legal experts say. | 05/20/10 19:53:26 By - Marisa Taylor, Renee Schoof and Erika Bolstad

Gulf fishermen quietly waging legal battles with BP

One month into the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, fishermen finally are collecting payments from the oil giant BP as a series of legal challenges winds its way through courts in multiple Gulf Coast states. | 05/20/10 17:30:08 By - Shashank Bengali

Gulf recovered from last big oil spill, but is this one different?

The Ixtoc 1 oil spill in Mexico's shallow Campeche Sound three decades ago serves as a distant mirror to today's BP deepwater blowout, and marine scientists are still pondering what they learned from its aftereffects. | 05/20/10 17:16:26 By - Tim Johnson

EPA orders BP to use less toxic oil dispersant in gulf

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a directive Thursday requiring BP to use a less toxic and more effective oil dispersant from a list of EPA authorized dispersants. Dispersants are a chemical used to break up oil into small droplets so that they are more easily degraded. | 05/20/10 14:44:29 By - Karen Nelson

Hair clippings going unused for Gulf oil spill cleanup

Hair salons in North Carolina and nationwide are sweeping up clippings, stuffing them in boxes and sending them to the Gulf Coast to help sop up oil. But the officials overseeing the massive crude cleanup say they aren't using any hair. It is all apparently just being stored in warehouses in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. | 05/20/10 07:24:47 By - Leah Friedman

Gulf oil spill may be 19 times bigger than originally thought

The latest glimpse of video footage of the oil spill deep under the Gulf of Mexico indicates that around 95,000 barrels, or 4 million gallons, a day of crude oil may be spewing from the leaking wellhead, 19 times the previous estimate, an engineering professor told Congress Wednesday. | 05/19/10 20:03:36 By - Renee Schoof and Lauren French

Florida officials say they're ready for spill — and the beaches are clean

Amid pleas to emphasize that Florida's beaches are clean, and its fishing so far unaffected by a giant Gulf oil spill, Florida officials said Wednesday that they are ready if the oil comes toward the state's southwest coast. | 05/19/10 18:55:47 By - Sara Kennedy

Gulf oil spill leak now pegged at 95,000 barrels a day

That's 19 times more than the official estimate of 5,000 barrels a day. An engineer told a congressional committee that videos released Tuesday show that one of the leaks is gushing 70,000 barrels a day, while the other, which had not been seen by the public before, is spewing 25,000 barrels a day. | 05/19/10 16:34:51 By - Renee Schoof

Gulf oil spill fallout: MMS will be split into 3 agencies

The reorganization, which has a 30-day timetable, will create the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to develop energy resources, including offshore renewable resources. It also will create the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, which will police offshore operations and protect the environment. | 05/19/10 15:29:48 By - Erika Bolstad

Florida tar balls not from this oil spill, Coast Guard finds

Lab results released Wednesday revealed that 50 or so three- to eight-inch tar balls found in the Florida Keys this week did not come from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The Coast Guard lab's findings were conclusive, a statement said. But the spreading gulf oil spill has entered the loop current and should reach the Straits of Florida in a week. | 05/19/10 14:13:15 By - Toluse Olorunnipa and Carol Rosenberg

Commentary: A low-tech method for Gulf oil spill cleanup

Lionel Stevenson spent most of Tuesday humping bundled lengths of bright yellow tubular floats, connected like strings of giant sausages.

"Pretty low-tech," said Stevenson, stunned that the primary defense along Plaquemines Parish's vulnerable coast from an oily catastrophe would be these plastic booms he was loading onto shrimp boats for $10 an hour. "Stone age," he said. | 05/19/10 13:24:29 By - Fred Grimm

Mississippi tourism complains Atlantic states luring away tourists

A Coast tourism official says Southeast Atlantic resort areas are using guerilla marketing techniques to take away this regions tourism dollars as misinformation on the meandering oil spill scares visitors away from Gulf beaches. | 05/19/10 12:52:49 By - Robin Fitzgerald

Gulf oil spill may lead to shrimp shortage but California isn't worried

If you're planning to put some shrimp on the barbie on Memorial Day weekend, better stock up now. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday it's nearly tripling the amount of waters in the Gulf of Mexico that are closed to fishing because of a massive oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. That'll mean a shortage of domestic shrimp over the next month, predict those in the seafood business. | 05/19/10 06:47:08 By - Chris Macias

Worsening Gulf oil spill overwhelming Coast Guard

The massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill is growing despite BP's effort to siphon some of the spewing crude from its ruptured deepwater well, the U.S. Coast Guard official leading the cleanup warned Tuesday, and is surpassing anything that federal cleanup plans were designed to respond to. | 05/18/10 20:28:48 By - Shashank Bengali and Lauren French

BP withholds oil spill facts — and government lets it

BP, the company in charge of the rig that exploded last month in the Gulf of Mexico, hasn't publicly divulged the results of tests on the extent of workers' exposure to evaporating oil or from the burning of crude over the gulf, even though researchers say that data is crucial in determining whether the conditions are safe. | 05/18/10 20:09:59 By - Marisa Taylor and Renee Schoof

Miami U.S. attorney says inquiry underway on Gulf oil spill

U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said Tuesday that lawyers in his office's civil and criminal sections are monitoring the potential disaster along Florida's coast and sharing that information with Justice Department officials. | 05/18/10 19:08:18 By - Jay Weaver

Gulf oil spill videos: See all four views released Tuesday

These are the four videos released Tuesday by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of the two leaks at the Deepwater Horizon blowout site in the Gulf of Mexico. BP released the videos after Nelson and Sen. Barbara Boxer complained that BP was not providing enough information. For more information, see the documents under MORE ON THIS STORY. | 05/18/10 17:09:05 By -

Gulf oil spill may be boon to Northwest oyster fisherman

The oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could turn into a boon for Puget Sound shellfish companies. | 05/18/10 15:37:35 By - Rolf Boone

Tar balls, new forecast raise fears oil spill reaching Florida

Park rangers discovered 20 "tar balls'' on a Key West shore and spotted oil residue farther west in the Dry Tortugas Tuesday, stirring fear that the first sign of the massive BP oil spill had washed up on a Florida shore. | 05/18/10 13:40:28 By - Douglas Hanks and Carol Rosenberg

Tar balls on beaches in Key West

Park rangers discovered 20 ``tar balls'' on a Key West shore, prompting alarm Tuesday that the first sign of the massive BP oil spill had washed up on a Florida shore. | 05/18/10 12:25:20 By - DOUGLAS HANKS AND CAROL ROSENBERG

Robot subs deployed in search for oil under gulf's surface

The robots, measuring about six feet long and with little wings, have in the past been used to search for red tide, but now will be hunting for oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill. | 05/18/10 08:55:07 By - Sara Kennedy

Gulf oil spill may boost Washington state shellfish producers

The oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could turn into a boon for Puget Sound shellfish companies. Inquiries about Puget Sound oyster supplies have started to come in from the southeastern United States, a result of the massive oil spill in the gulf, which is on the verge of becoming the worst in U.S. history. | 05/18/10 07:38:41 By - Rolf Boone

Tar balls turn up in Florida Keys

As BP engineers continue to work on Tuesday to contain and eventually plug the deep sea oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists tracking the spread of oil disagreed on whether it had entered a powerful ocean current that could carry the crude as far east as Florida and potentially damage sensitive reefs in the Keys. On Monday night, the Coast Guard reported that 20 tar balls were found along the shore at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West. | 05/18/10 07:12:42 By - Daniel Chang

Arctic offshore drilling should get OK, say Alaska Sens. Murkowski, Begich, Rep. Young

Alaska's pro-offshore drilling congressional delegation is optimistic that federal regulators will give Shell Oil a green light to explore in waters off the North Slope this summer. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich and Congressman Don Young did speak at some length about Shell's project, which they all favor. They emphasized that offshore and onshore drilling in the United States is necessary, despite the anxiety created by the big Gulf oil leak. | 05/18/10 06:43:33 By - Elizabeth Bluemink

Top U.S. offshore drilling official abruptly retires

The top federal official in charge of overseeing offshore drilling retired abruptly on Monday as BP's chief operating officer pledged that his company would never pump oil from the runaway Deepwater Horizon well. Independent experts have estimated that the well may be leaking as much as 70,000 barrels a day. | 05/17/10 20:47:37 By - Erika Bolstad, Geoff Pender and Dan Chang

Napolitano: Feds lack expertise to deal with deepwater spill

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano acknowledged Monday that the federal government doesn't have the resources or expertise to deal with an oil spill 5,000 feet below the sea, and must largely depend on oil companies to deal with an incident of such magnitude. | 05/17/10 20:03:29 By - Erika Bolstad

Fur of all kinds goes down to help with oil clean-up

Labradoodle Lucy trotted into Beaufort Dog with inches of unkempt, matted fur on her petite chocolate frame. inety minutes later, a soaking wet Lucy emerged from a tub furiously shaking off water, shaved and groomed for a short trip back to her owner. Her fur awaits a much longer trip. | 05/17/10 13:03:16 By - Josh Dawsey

Oil industry's response muted to Obama vow of more regulation

WASHINGTON — The oil industry reacted cautiously Friday to President Barack Obama's pledge to bring tougher environmental and safety regulation to offshore drilling, with some analysts warning that more aggressive government oversight could result in higher gasoline prices and a greater dependence on foreign oil. | 05/14/10 21:28:00 By - Jack Z. Smith and Kevin G. Hall

Salons ship hair clippings for use in Gulf oil spill cleanup

Salons around the country are contributing hair clippings to the nonprofit Matter of Trust of San Francisco, which collects hair to stuff into nylon stockings to be tied together end-to-end to create absorbent, floating booms. The booms are being used to help clean up the oil spill along the Gulf Coast. It's unclear exactly how effective the idea is, but it's been proven to work in many cases and has been fairly widely used around the globe in recent years. | 05/17/10 07:29:11 By - Carolyn Click

BP finally connects mile-long pipe to begin capping oil spill

Oil giant BP succeeded Sunday in connecting a mile-long pipe to a 4-inch "insertion tube" inside a 21-inch pipe that is the source of most of the crude oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. But BP officials said they do not know how much of the oil is being captured by the 4-inch pipe, though the called the "insertion tube" an "an important step" toward capping the massive spill. | 05/16/10 15:01:55 By - Jaweed Kaleem

Quest for oil leaves trail of damage across the globe

Across the globe, people such as Celina Harpe in oil-producing regions are watching the catastrophe in the Gulf with a mixture of horror, hope and resignation. To some, the black tide is a global event that finally may awaken the world to the real cost of oil. | 05/16/10 00:01:00 By - Tom Knudson

BP fails in latest bid to cap Gulf oil leak amid liability concerns

BP failed Saturday to thread a mile-long tube into the broken pipe that's spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, but officials said efforts to break up the oil underwater seemed to be working. The failure came as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano wrote BP in an effort to get something in writing confirming that the oil company won't try to limit its liability for damages from the spill. | 05/15/10 17:35:53 By - Kathleen McGrory

GOP offers new oil liability standard — one year's profit

The new proposal, intended to replace one offered by Democrats that offered a $10 billion cap on liability, would hit a big oil corporation such as BP particularly hard but limit the expsoure of smaller companies. Under the GOP plan, BP would be on the hook currently for $17 billion. U.S. law currently limits spill liability to $75 million. | 05/14/10 22:00:17 By - Lesley Clark

Obama talks tough on oil spill, but avoids taking hands-on role

Three weeks after oil began spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, an angry President Barack Obama vowed Friday to end the cozy relationship between the oil industry and government regulators and impose tough new environmental safeguards on offshore drilling. There was no indication, however, that the government wants a bigger role in directing efforts to contain the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. | 05/14/10 20:34:58 By - Margaret Talev, Renee Schoof and Jennifer Lebovich

A huff and boom ended Deepwater Horizon's good luck

It had been a lucky ship, a charmed vessel among the 130 or so rigs that poke straws into the mud, rock and sand beneath the Gulf of Mexico to suck out its crude. | 05/14/10 17:36:35 By - Mark Washburn

Here's what Obama said on the Gulf oil spill and regulation

This is a transcript of the president's remarks Friday on the Deepwater Horizon oil well disaster. | 05/14/10 21:35:25 By -

Gulf spill raises questions about future U.S. energy policy

The Gulf oil spill not only has altered the landscape of the Gulf Coast, it also has completely changed the debate over national energy policy. | 05/14/10 20:13:39 By - Maria Recio

Obama calls BP, Transocean testimony 'ridiculous spectacle'

President Obama, usually calm, reserved and above the fray, dressed down BP and the other companies connected to the Gulf oil spill in remarks from the Rose Garden at the White House. He promised to end the cozy relationship between the oil industry and the government agency that oversees it. | 05/14/10 13:05:06 By - Margaret Talev

Gulf oil spill sends oyster prices higher

The oil spill in the Gulf hasn't affected the price or availability of most seafood. But most oysters Americans eat are harvested along the U.S. coasts, and 67 percent come from the Gulf region. Economists and other experts have been warning that the cost of everything from coffee to tires could be collateral damage from the spill. The uptick in the price of oysters could be a leading indicator. | 05/14/10 07:31:03 By - David Ranii

Shell outlines safeguards for Arctic oil drilling

Shell executives in Alaska are drafting a letter to the head of the federal Minerals Management Service proposing additional measures the company will take to safeguard against a major oil spill as the company plans to drill in Arctic waters this summer. | 05/14/10 06:38:00 By - Elizabeth Bluemink

Congress wants to know why MMS aborted tougher drilling rules

Engineers launched their latest effort to curb the crude oil gushing from a busted underwater well in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday as lawmakers in Washington wrangled over what legislative steps to take. One question: Why in the first year of the George W. Bush administration did the government agency that oversees overshore drilling drop proposed rules to require additional controls on blowout preventers? | 05/13/10 21:02:46 By - Erika Bolstad, Lesley Clark and Dan Chang

Offshore drilling's high tech image at odds with wildcat ways

The oil and gas industry spent years and tens of millions of dollars polishing the image of deep shelf exploration, making it sound as safe as boarding a flight to Orlando. But the no-worries message industry regulators, executives and ad campaigns — persuasively pitched to Congress, the Obama administration and the public — contrast sharply with the work-a-day reality of deep shelf drilling. Unlike commercial aviation or nuclear power, the offshore energy industry retains -- even takes great pride in -- the high-risk, high-reward ethic of its "wildcat'' heritage. | 05/13/10 20:06:49 By - Curtis Morgan and Scott Hiaasen

Senators want offshore drilling on West Coast banned forever

Currently, President Obama has imposed a moratorium on drilling off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington, but the senators from those three states say they fear some future president might lift the ban. They introduced a bill Thursday that would prohibit offshore drilling on the West Coast permanently. | 05/13/10 17:43:17 By - Michael Doyle

Alaska's Murkowski blocks Senate on higher oil spill liability

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said she supports lifting the cap from $75 million, but contends the $10 billion figure would prevent smaller, independent companies from drilling along the Outer Continental Shelf and refused to grant consent for an amendment to be added to the financial oversight reform bill currently being considered. | 05/13/10 17:25:31 By - By Lesley Clark

Transocean, doomed rig's owner, seeks to limit its liability

Invoking a little-known maritime law passed in 1851, the company said it should not have to pay any more than $27 million — the salvage value of the charred oil rig and its freight, all of which sank in 5,000 feet of water after the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers. Before the accident, the Deepwater Horizon was valued at more than $500 million. | 05/13/10 15:04:49 By - Scott Hiaasen

Coast Guard inspectors: Offshore oil regulations outdated

Lt. Cmdr. Michael Odom told a board looking into the April 20 blast that left 11 dead and a runaway oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico that regulations governing offshore drilling are out of date on everything from the serious to the mundane. For example, he said lifeboat regulations for offshore wells assume passengers will include children. | 05/12/10 22:07:17 By - Mark Washburn

Oil spill: BP had wrong diagram to close blowout preventer

In the days after an oil well spun out of control in the Gulf of Mexico, BP engineers tried to activate a huge piece of underwater safety equipment but failed because the device had been so altered that diagrams BP got from the equipment's owner didn't match the supposedly failsafe device's configuration. That meant that when engineers thought they were activating the blowout preventer to crimp the well's pipe, they were actually activating a piece of test equipment. | 05/12/10 20:35:20 By - Maria Recio, Dave Montgomery and Mark Washburn

Criminal charges likely from Gulf oil spill, legal experts say

Environmental law experts say it's just a matter of time until the Justice Department steps in, if it hasn't already, to initiate a criminal inquiry and take punitive action in the oil spill that has dumped more than 4 million gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico. Such a likelihood has broad legal implications for BP and the two other companies involved — not the least of which is the amount of money any responsible party could be required to pay. | 05/12/10 19:49:58 By - Marisa Taylor

Obama administration recruits outside experts to help BP

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Energy Secretary Steven Chu said they'd recruited the experts to inject what Chu called "intellectual firepower" into BP's efforts to figure out how to stanch the flow from the Deepwater Horizon well. Salazar and Chu met with reporter briefly outside BP's headquarter in Houston. | 05/12/10 14:55:14 By - Dave Montgomery

White House asks $118 million for cleanup, hopes BP will pay

The White House is asking Congress to take up a $118 million oil spill response package, which includes a proposal to lift the current $75 million cap on liability for responsible parties — in this case, BP. The White House wouldn't say what they'd like the new limit on liability to be. | 05/12/10 12:02:42 By - Erika Bolstad

Alaska sends oil spill clean-up equipment, advice to gulf

Cargo planes from Elmendorf Air Force base are flying equipment to New Orleans to help with oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the state is offering advice to Gulf states based on experience with the Exxon Valdez. | 05/12/10 06:40:09 By - The Anchorage Daily News

Gulf oil spill still out to sea, but odor has reached shore

Areas of Bay St. Louis, Waveland and Gulfport reported pervasive petroleum smells Tuesday. It was described variously as a burned-plastic odor, odd waxy smell and the smell of diesel exhaust. It's to be expected, officials said, with all that crude oil in the Gulf. | 05/11/10 22:36:59 By - Karen Nelson

Gulf oil spill lawsuits may be heard by panel of judges

More than 70 federal lawsuits have been filed in the gulf region. BP has asked that they be handled by a panel of judges in Houston. The panel will discuss the possibility at its next meeting in July. | 05/11/10 22:32:30 By - Robin Fitzgerald

Fear over Gulf oil spill: What happens if they can't stop it?

With a quick solution ominously uncertain, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is on track to become an unprecedented economic and environmental disaster with millions of gallons of oil destroying an ecosystem as well as a way of life. | 05/11/10 18:27:01 By - Renee Schoof

Rig exploded with hiss, 'green flash'

A geyser of drilling fluid and gas erupted on the Deepwater Horizon with a shrill hiss, followed about two minutes later by a "green flash" and thunderous concussion, the captain of a boat parked beside the rig said Tuesday. | 05/11/10 19:02:30 By - Mark Washburn

Gulf oil spill inquiry focuses on role of costly drilling mud

Investigators on Tuesday homed in on whether an uncommon sequence of events involving a decision to remove heavy drilling lubricants early from a pipeline may have triggered the sudden upwelling of gas that led to the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig. One executive testifying before a Senate panel said the early removal of the lubricants, which contribute about 10 percent of the cost of drilling a well, came at the behest of BP and may have been approved by the government agency that oversees offshore drilling. | 05/11/10 22:07:34 By - Erika Bolstad, Mark Washburn and Les Blumenthal

Despite gulf spill, plurality of Americans back offshore drilling

A plurality of Americans still support expanding offshore oil drilling, but that support has dropped since the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a new Ipsos-McClatchy poll. The survey found 49 percent of Americans supported expanded offshore drilling and 38 percent opposed, with 12 percent unsure. | 05/11/10 22:08:15 By - Steven Thomma

Gulf watermen grateful for BP's claims help — so far

Biloxi charter boat owner Troy Fountain usually runs fishing enthusiasts on his 60-foot boat Double Trouble out to the Chandeleur Islands — the epicenter, at the moment, of the gulf oil spill. | 05/11/10 22:07:53 By - Maria Recio

Feds announce new agency to police offshore oil drilling

The announcement that the Interior Department's Mineral Management Service will be split in two comes as accusations grow that the MMS is too close to the oil industry and that that closeness led to regulatory lapses that resulted in the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. | 05/11/10 14:39:30 By - Les Blumenthal, Erika Bolstad and Rob Hotakainen

Boat captain: Thunderous hiss before Deepwater Horizon blew

Alwin Landry, standing watch on the support vessel Damon B. Bankston, which was tied up to the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, told a federal inquiry in Lousiana today that he heard a hiss, followed about two minutes later by a green flash and a deafening concussion. His boat picked up the 115 survivors of the explosion. | 05/11/10 13:02:17 By - Mark Washburn

Florida congressman: Oil spill might last four months

Florida Republican U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan said Tuesday at a press conference that a U.S. Coast Guard official told him the runaway Deepwater Horizon well, in the worst case scenario, could pump out 210,000 gallons a day for a minimum of four months. | 05/11/10 11:51:24 By - Sara Kennedy

Obama administration to split agency that oversees offshore drilling

The troubled federal agency that oversees all aspects of offshore leasing will split in two in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion, an Interior official confirmed Tuesday. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is expected to announce this afternoon that the Minerals Management Service will divide its regulatory and revenue collection functions. | 05/11/10 10:18:58 By - Erika Bolstad

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