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Commentary: They’ve squandered lives, fortunes and our sacred honor

Here’s to the American people, the electorate, for finally coming to their senses and voting for something different, for someone different and for a chance to fix the multitude of man-made disasters that confront us. | 11/03/08 07:44:59 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Republicans summon ugly old ghosts

The nation watches as a presidential candidate and his party appeal to the worst remnants of racism that cling like kudzu to a dying magnolia and call their opponent a socialist for embracing a principle that's rooted in the teachings of the Christianity that they wear on their sleeves but cannot find room for in their hearts. | 10/24/08 16:56:19 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: What McCain and Obama didn't say

Two words were never uttered by either candidate or by the moderator during Wednesday night's 90-minute final presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama: Iraq and Afghanistan. Those two words, those two wars, have cost a cash- and credit-starved nation a trillion dollars or so, and no one bothered to mention them. | 10/16/08 17:13:59 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Trust us? In a pig's eye, I say

The Bush administration is telling Congress and the president himself is on television telling the American people: Trust us. Trust us with a check on the national treasury for $700 billion, and that's just for starters. We don't need no stinking oversight. Trust Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson — a Wall Street critter whose last civilian paycheck was for $38 million for a year's work — to make sure the money is wisely and conservatively spent. | 09/24/08 18:37:53 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Now, maybe the issues will start to matter in this election

There's nothing like a 504-point free fall in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to clear the mind and lead voters to set aside debate over such critical issues as lipstick on pigs and Gov. Sarah Palin's dismissal of the man who refused to fire her state trooper ex-brother-in-law. | 09/16/08 15:36:56 By - Joe Galloway

Commentary: Farewell to an American hero

For the better part of 60 years, two old Army pilots who loved each other argued over many a meal and drink as to which of them was the second best pilot in the world. Their argument over which of them is the Best Pilot in the Whole World sadly came to an end this week when our friend and comrade-in-arms Maj. Ed (Too Tall to Fly) Freeman slipped the surly bonds of earth and headed off to Fiddler’s Green, where the souls of departed cavalrymen gather by dispensation of God Himself. | 08/21/08 12:53:25 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: A sad week for Georgia, America and the world

Only someone with a tenuous grasp on reality and a poor knowledge of history and the world could have looked into the flinty eyes of a onetime colonel in the Soviet KGB and "found him very straightforward and trustworthy." That was newly elected President George W. Bush's pronouncement in June 2001, on his first meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin. | 08/14/08 19:28:03 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: A top general says more troops aren't the answer in Afghanistan

One of the sharper military analysts I know has just returned from a tour of Afghanistan, which has been at war continuously since the Soviet Army invaded it in late 1979. Gen. Barry McCaffrey says we can't shoot our way out of Afghanistan, and the two or three or more American combat brigades proposed by the two putative nominees for president are irrelevant. | 07/31/08 17:39:59 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Back to the future in the war on terror

The events of this week served to underline the fact that the war on terrorism was always really about Afghanistan and Pakistan, and that President George W. Bush's splendid little adventure in Iraq was always a sideshow, even though it siphoned off the biggest chunk of manpower and resources. | 07/24/08 20:31:54 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: How dare they rip the Fourth Amendment?

Early next week the U.S. Senate will vote on an extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, with a few small amendments intended to immunize telecommunications corporations that assisted our government in the warrantless and illegal wiretapping it has grown to love. That such a gutting of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution even made it out of committee is yet another stain on Congress. | 07/03/08 17:46:26 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Gen. Taguba knew scandal went to the top

Maj. Gen. Anthony Taguba under went a trial by fire when, in 2004, he was named by the Pentagon to conduct an investigation of the abuses of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. But this week in the preface to a damning report on the treatment of Guantanamo detainees, Taguba declared that there was no longer any doubt whatsoever that President George W. Bush and others in the White House had committed war crimes. | 06/20/08 18:33:16 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: News, good and bad, from America's war zones

The waning days of the Bush administration are filled with news, good and bad, and American voters who should be watching the lame ducks with the eyes of a hawk are still absent without leave (AWOL). | 06/12/08 17:48:17 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: It's time to do right by our troops

Wonders never cease! There we were, well down the road to naming the presidential nominees for both major parties, without any of the candidates addressing anything but peripheral finger-pointing nonsense and the daily media-generated crisis, when suddenly a real and serious issue — veterans benefits in a time of war — has bubbled up. | 05/30/08 12:34:40 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: How we can really honor our veterans

How strange that today in our country, in a time of war, battles are raging over the need for medical care, educational benefits, employment opportunities and assistance for those who've served honorably and come home to begin new lives in a nation they risked their lives to defend. | 05/22/08 15:18:36 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Propaganda and the media

Once upon a time, it was widely believed that one of the greatest sins the U.S. government or its temporary political masters could commit was to turn a propaganda machine loose on the American people. Congress viewed this so seriously that every appropriations bill passed since 1951 has contained language that says no public money “shall be used for publicity or propaganda purposes within the United States” without the lawmakers' prior approval. | 05/15/08 14:38:56 By - Joseph L. Galloway

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Joe Galloway has won the Sigma Delta Chi award for General Column Writing for commentary dealing with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the instability in Pakistan and the policies of former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.


"We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam." is the sequel to Joe Galloway's and Gen. Hal Moore's bestseller "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young."

Read an excerpt from "We Are Soldiers Still."

Army Magazine review by Col. Cole C. Kingseed, retired.


General H. Norman Schwarzkopf has called Joseph L. Galloway, a military columnist for McClatchy Newspapers, "The finest combat correspondent of our generation — a soldier's reporter and a soldier's friend."

Galloway is the co-author, with Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, of "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young," a story of the first large-scale ground battle of the Vietnam War. The book was made into a movie of the same name. Galloway was portrayed in the movie by actor Barry Pepper.

Sigma Delta Chi

Joseph L. Galloway received a citation from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). The selection of columns that won the 2008 Sigma Delta Chi award for General Column Writing dealt with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the instability in Pakistan and the policies of former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.


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