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Commentary: This country needs an outburst of common sense

If ever there were a time for comprehensive health care reform, it's now, and yet the forces of darkness are lining up against this urgent need, buttressed by lies, mobs inflamed by those lies and millions of dollars changing hands and changing votes in Washington, D.C. | 08/07/09 17:50:46 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: It's time to get out of Iraq while the getting is good

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has suggested that he might speed our withdrawal from Iraq by pulling out an additional brigade combat team by year's end. Good idea! How about pulling out FIVE more brigades by then? | 07/31/09 18:12:06 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Lessons of Vietnam applicable to today

It was half a century ago, on the night of July 8, 1959, that the first two American soldiers to die in the Vietnam War were slain when guerrillas surrounded and shot up a small mess hall where half a dozen advisers were watching a movie after dinner. | 07/16/09 14:40:23 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: 100,000 reasons to shed no tears for McNamara

Beginning in 1965 and for nearly three years McNamara each year drafted into the military 100,000 young boys whose scores in the mental qualification and aptitude tests were in the lowest quarter — so-called Category IV's. Men with IQ's of 65 or even lower. The cold, hard statistics say that these almost helpless young men died in action in the jungles at a rate three times higher than the average draftee. | 07/07/09 17:00:29 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Galloway on McNamara: Reading an obit with great pleasure

Back in 1990 I had a series of strange phone conversations with McMamara while doing research for my book We Were Soldiers Once And Young. McNamara prefaced every conversation with this: "I do not want to comment on the record for fear that I might distort history in the process." Then he would proceed to talk for an hour, doing precisely that with answers that were disingenuous in the extreme — when they were not bald-faced lies. | 07/06/09 15:43:13 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: As U.S. troops pull back in Iraq, wars' toll falls now on Obama

The American military withdrew to their bases outside the cities in Iraq this past week to thunderous cheers, marching bands and fireworks from the ever-grateful and always xenophobic Iraqi citizenry. | 07/03/09 17:03:01 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Obama's promise of a new beginning now hollow

Who stole our change? Who hijacked a popular uprising that was going to put a stop to business as usual in Washington, D.C.? What happened to Barack Obama on his way to the White House? | 06/19/09 15:27:38 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Whats up with Dick Cheney?

If former vice president Darth Cheney had been arrested for any of his multiple felonies, he might remember the most important of the Miranda rights that the arresting officer would have read to him: You have the right to remain silent. | 06/04/09 16:01:40 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: A day to remember the price of freedom

Memorial Day is upon us, and for most Americans that means the first holiday weekend of a new summer. For most, it's time to dust off the barbecue pit or head to the nearest beach or hit the mall for the big sales. For those who wear, or have worn, the uniform and those who love them, however, it means something different. | 05/22/09 15:45:42 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Six lessons for President Obama

While the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan were in Washington, D.C. this week telling President Barack Obama what he wanted to hear, things back home were busy going from bad to worse. | 05/08/09 18:39:03 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: Obama and D.C. dance the torture minuet

There they go again, those folks in Washington, D.C. Everyone wants the power; nobody wants the responsibility. We're back to the question of which Bush administration officials ordered Justice Department lawyers to concoct some legal way to use illegal torture methods on the prisoners we were taking in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere. | 04/23/09 17:16:38 By - Joseph L. Galloway

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Commentary: Fallen brothers found - and lost

As with so much in life and in death, there was news this week that was joyous and sad and bittersweet all at once for the small community of the Vietnam Wars band of brothers of the Ia Drang Valley. | 04/10/09 15:01:48 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: 'Afghanistan is about to become Mr. Obama's war'

Heres the thing about President Barack Obamas newly announced Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy: Its long on Afghanistan, but not long enough, and its way short on Pakistan. Pakistan is the key to everything in that part of the world, and it appears to be on the verge of spinning out of control, beset by radical Muslims who are stepping up suicide bombings and armed attacks. | 04/02/09 08:09:44 By - Joseph L. Galloway

Commentary: A great day for the U.S. Army

On a bright, sunny spring day in Georgia, Fort Benning and the National Infantry Museum dedicated a new parade ground, and the first of what will be thousands of basic training companies broke it in by marching in review for their graduation. | 03/19/09 20:44:19 By - Joe Galloway

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Joe Galloway has won the Sigma Delta Chi award for General Column Writing for commentary dealing with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the instability in Pakistan and the policies of former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.


"We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam." is the sequel to Joe Galloway's and Gen. Hal Moore's bestseller "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young."

Read an excerpt from "We Are Soldiers Still."

Army Magazine review by Col. Cole C. Kingseed, retired.


General H. Norman Schwarzkopf has called Joseph L. Galloway, a military columnist for McClatchy Newspapers, "The finest combat correspondent of our generation — a soldier's reporter and a soldier's friend."

Galloway is the co-author, with Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, of "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young," a story of the first large-scale ground battle of the Vietnam War. The book was made into a movie of the same name. Galloway was portrayed in the movie by actor Barry Pepper.

Sigma Delta Chi

Joseph L. Galloway received a citation from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). The selection of columns that won the 2008 Sigma Delta Chi award for General Column Writing dealt with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the instability in Pakistan and the policies of former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.


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