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Beach litter mars U.S. – and world's – coastlines

It’s a beach bummer. Shorelines worldwide are clogged with trash, so much so that during their annual cleanup last year, volunteers with the Ocean Conservancy picked up refuse that weighed as much as 10 Boeing 747 jumbo jets. | 05/14/13 00:00:00 By - By Erika Bolstad

Obama administration outlines new policy for protecting, drilling in the Arctic

The Obama administration on Friday released a national strategy for the Arctic in advance of Secretary of State John Kerry’s trip next week to Sweden to attend a conference of eight polar nations. | 05/10/13 17:51:25 By - By Erika Bolstad

Republican boycott stalls vote on EPA nominee Gina McCarthy

Republican senators on Thursday boycotted a scheduled committee vote on President Barack Obama’s pick to be the nation’s top air and water quality regulator, saying the Environmental Protection Agency hadn’t adequately answered questions about her role as a deputy there. | 05/09/13 17:28:57 By - By Erika Bolstad

Study suggests honeybee collapse has many culprits

It’s one of the most perplexing environmental mysteries of recent years: Why are honeybees dying, and what can be done to stop a catastrophic agricultural disaster with far-reaching economic and environmental consequences in the United States and beyond? | 05/02/13 16:55:02 By - By Erika Bolstad

Thousands of kids’ products contain toxic chemicals, report says

More than 5,000 products, including clothing, toys and bedding, contain toxic chemicals that could be dangerous for children’s health, yet stores still stock them and consumers know little about their content, an advocacy group reported this week. | 05/01/13 06:00:00 By - By Erika Bolstad

California air among nation’s dirtiest

California cities, including Modesto, Fresno and Merced, continue to have some of the worst air in the United States, according to the American Lung Association’s "State of the Air 2013" report. | 04/24/13 00:00:00 By - By Erika Bolstad

On Earth Day, distant seed vault preserves world’s plant diversity

Deep in a mountain on a remote island above the Arctic Circle in Norway, scientists conserve thousands of varieties of seeds so they can be studied and used for future food needs. The seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault are the backup for other gene banks around the world, including one in Syria that’s been threatened by civil unrest. | 04/22/13 17:44:42 By - By Erika Bolstad

Bombing manhunt ends, suspect in custody, as Boston breathes sigh of relief

The search for the Boston Marathon bombers ended Friday night to the sound of flash-bang grenades and neighborhood cheers as the second of two Chechen brothers was cornered, captured and taken away in an ambulance. | 04/19/13 22:27:57 By - By Michael Doyle, Lesley Clark, James Rosen and Erika Bolstad

Coastal cities ponder how to prepare for rising sea levels

Americans in coastal areas, particularly on the East and Gulf coasts, will confront challenging questions in the coming years as they determine how to protect millions of people in the face of rising sea levels and more intense storms. | 04/17/13 16:35:46 By - By Erika Bolstad

Bombs frequent in U.S.; 172 ‘IED’ incidents in last 6 months, by 1 count

The two explosions that killed three people and wounded more than 170 Monday in Boston were dramatic, the deadliest bombing in the United States since April 19, 1995, when a truck loaded with fertilizer blew up outside the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168. But the method of attack wasn’t particularly surprising to anti-terrorism experts: a homemade bomb that officials refer to as an IED, or improvised explosive device. | 04/16/13 19:26:23 By - By Matthew Schofield and Erika Bolstad

Hearing on EPA nominee Gina McCarthy focuses on agency’s long reach

Even the Republicans who are the most critical of the Environmental Protection Agency had few questions about whether Gina McCarthy has the qualifications for the job. The agency’s regulatory practices and transparency got a lashing at McCarthy’s Senate confirmation hearing, though. And both Democrats and Republicans acknowledged that the agency under her leadership would likely take the lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the absence of significant congressional action on climate change. | 04/11/13 15:43:19 By - By Erika Bolstad

White House honors Florida scientist Jennifer Jurado for work on climate change

The White House on Thursday honored a Broward County, Fla., scientist who helped launch a multi-county initiative to address sea level rise and other consequences of climate change in South Florida. | 04/11/13 13:15:21 By - By Erika Bolstad

Maker of d-CON rat poison fights EPA ban

The manufacturer of d-CON, a widely sold and popular brand of rat poison, is taking the rare step of challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to prohibit the over-the-counter sale of one of the nastiest and most effective of the poisons sold to consumers. | 03/19/13 15:35:06 By - By Erika Bolstad

Report finds insurers unready for climate change-related disasters

The insurance industry is ill-prepared to handle climate change-related disasters, regulators and industry watchers warned Thursday, saying the business hasn’t evolved enough in the face of rising sea levels and extreme weather fueled by climate change. | 03/07/13 17:51:45 By - By Erika Bolstad

Activists fight FDA approval of AquaBounty’s genetically engineered salmon

Fishermen, environmentalists, food safety advocates and others are casting a wary eye on Washington, where the Food and Drug Administration is considering whether the Massachusetts-based company AquaBounty may sell genetically engineered salmon to consumers in the U.S. Among the worries is that the fish might escape and mix with wild salmon. The company says that’s unlikely, not only because the fish are sterile but also because of its production process. | 03/05/13 15:38:10 By - By Erika Bolstad

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