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With so much email deluging Congress, is any of it taken seriously?

They still hand-deliver mail three times a day in the Russell Senate Office Building. The hand-written letter is not yet dead. Email traffic, however, has swollen so fast that it's become a headache in the halls of Congress. | 10/10/11 15:25:00 By - David Goldstein

Study: A fifth of war veterans have mental health issues

Nearly 20 percent of the more than 2 million troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from mental health conditions, according to a new report. | 10/04/11 17:27:00 By - David Goldstein

Super PACS channel flood of money into 2012 elections

Relaxed campaign spending rules unleashed a torrent of cash in the 2010 elections. In 2012, it could be a deluge. Court rulings and revised regulations have made it easier for donors to give as much money to campaigns as they want — and keep it secret. That could shape next year's race for the White House, and very likely the battle to control Congress. | 09/30/11 14:39:00 By - David Goldstein

Bachmann's in a tailspin, but the GOP race is volatile

Michele Bachmann's presidential hopes have lately taken a nosedive. Her poll numbers remain in single digits, and her former campaign manager has been lobbing critiques of her stumbling performance from the sidelines. Despite all that, the Republican presidential race remains in flux, and the results of Florida's straw poll could serve as a check on viewing anything or anyone in the race as a sure thing. | 09/26/11 18:26:00 By - David Goldstein and Steven Thomma

Obama conjures 'Give 'em hell Harry'

Has President Barack Obama been channeling Harry Truman? No one would ever confuse the cerebral and given-to-compromise former law school lecturer who now occupies the White House with "Give 'em hell Harry."But Obama, whose approval rating hit an all-time low this month just as his re-election campaign gears up, has borrowed a page from his feisty predecessor's playbook. | 09/22/11 17:17:00 By - David Goldstein

Black caucus head treads line between criticizing, supporting Obama

As the debate over jobs turns into the latest political tug-of-war, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri walks a careful but candid line. As chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, he has been at odds with President Barack Obama over his administration's response to the soaring unemployment rate in the African-American community. | 09/18/11 12:50:00 By - David Goldstein

Kansas, Oklahoma lawmakers want rejected health funds to go toward deficit

Rep. Mike Pompeo had no problem with his state sending back a $31.5 million federal grant that would have helped put the new federal health care law in place. | 09/15/11 16:57:00 By - David Goldstein

New York marks 9/11 anniversary while moving on

As President Barack Obama and other dignitaries gathered in lower Manhattan early Sunday morning to commemorate the dead, for others throughout the city, it was pretty much business as usual, though many also recognized the importance of remembering. | 09/11/11 18:02:00 By - David Goldstein

Sept. 11 has made an indelible impact on the American psyche

The day began in crystalline sunlight and endlessly blue skies, but soon whipsawed into a decade of war, economic meltdown and deep political division. Ten years after Islamic terrorists hijacked passenger jets and crashed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, the America that emerged from the smoke and rubble was in some ways a very different country. How different? | 08/29/11 08:00:00 By - David Goldstein

Libyans fight on, but rebuilding could be bigger challenge

The would-be leaders of a new Libya say they want to be good neighbors and participants in the world community. But after four decades of misrule by Moammar Gadhafi, the rebels who are attempting to take over the country have a long and rigorous to-do list to establish their bona fides at home and abroad, experts said. | 08/25/11 18:08:00 By - David Goldstein

As 'submissive' wife, Bachmann delicately treads Bible, modernity

In her quest for the White House, Republican hopeful Michele Bachmann has little time for subtlety. She takes no prisoners in her attacks on President Barack Obama's policies. Her embrace of the hard-line dogma of the tea party is unequivocal. Yet when it comes to explaining aspects of her family life, she displays a more delicate touch. | 08/17/11 17:44:00 By - David Goldstein

Labor Department appointee resigns after contractor findings

A top Labor Department official in charge of helping veterans find jobs resigned this week amid findings that he had steered work to favored contractors. | 07/28/11 15:46:00 By - David Goldstein

Labor official resigns after contractor findings

A top Labor Department official in charge of helping veterans find jobs resigned this week amid findings that he had steered work to favored contractors. | 07/28/11 12:45:32 By - David Goldstein

Senate inquiry finds big companies taking small business contracts

Federal contracts intended for small business are being awarded to large corporations, according to a Senate inquiry. They are being counted toward the congressionally mandated goal of ensuring that 23 percent of all federal contracts go to small businesses, the inquiry found. | 07/26/11 17:31:00 By - David Goldstein

Constituents getting savvier on debt ceiling

As the end game in the political battle of wills over raising the debt ceiling approaches, the switchboards on Capitol Hill have been lighting up. They reflect the deadlock over the issue between Congress and the White House. | 07/20/11 18:16:00 By - David Goldstein, Curtis Tate and Daniel Lippman

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