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In U.S. politics, religion often is thrown into the mix

As the recent flap by Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum shows, the mix of politics and religion is not a marriage made in heaven. | 03/02/12 19:22:00 By - David Goldstein

Quiet freshman senator pushes politics of contraception

The fight over the contraception mandate in the health care law will not likely determine which party wins the White House and Senate next fall. | 02/29/12 19:13:00 By - David Goldstein

Egypt trial threatens future of U.S. pro-democracy NGOs

A trial set for Sunday in Egypt of at least 16 Americans could have far-reaching implications for the pro-democracy movement that has been sweeping the Middle East. | 02/24/12 19:04:00 By - David Goldstein

Sen. Pat Roberts' office is latest to get powder-filled letter

The Wichita, Kan., office of Sen. Pat Roberts received one of the threatening letters Thursday containing a "suspicious powdery substance" that showed up in other congressional offices earlier this week. | 02/23/12 18:03:00 By - David Goldstein

Claire McCaskill digging in to keep Senate seat

A three-decade veteran of Missouri politics, Sen. Claire McCaskill knows that her ties to President Obama are just one of the reasons she’s on everyone’s list of most vulnerable Democrats. | 02/19/12 14:58:47 By - David Goldstein

Where do tea party freshmen lawmakers go from here?

Leaving a House of Representatives Republican caucus meeting one morning, Rep. Vicky Hartzler had to pause a moment to get her bearings. She was on her way to an Armed Services Committee hearing, but navigating the maze of corridors beneath the Capitol could still puzzle her. | 02/13/12 15:59:00 By - David Goldstein

Where to memorialize World War I vets, Kansas City or D.C.?

Congress will squabble over just about everything anymore, it seems, even where to honor the soldiers and sailors of World War I: Kansas City, Mo., which has a heritage of honoring the war, or Washington, D.C., which has the National Mall? | 02/01/12 18:58:00 By - David Goldstein

Sister Bertha goes to Washington for State of the Union

It's one of the biggest nights of the year in Washington's political culture. All of its glitterati are there: Congress, the Cabinet, the Supreme Court, the military brass and the diplomatic corps.

But also crammed into the House chamber Tuesday night for the president's annual State of the Union address was a 75-year-old nun more accustomed to the company of Kansas City's homeless than the capital’s elite. | 01/25/12 07:27:46 By - David Goldstein

As websites go black, Washington lawmakers react

In the vast universe of the Internet, some planets went temporarily dark Wednesday to protest government attempts to intrude on what's long been their anything-goes frontier. And there's evidence that it made an impact in Washington. | 01/18/12 19:01:00 By - David Goldstein

Super PACs are making their rich presence felt in 2012 campaigns

Super PACs are living up to their early billing as potential game-changers in the 2012 elections. Free to flood a campaign with as much money as they can, these souped-up political action committees have already impacted the Republican presidential contest. | 01/12/12 16:12:00 By - David Goldstein

Michele Bachmann gives up the race after finishing sixth in Iowa

Wasting little time to assess her disappointing loss in the Iowa caucuses, Rep. Michele Bachmann quickly closed the door Wednesday on her hopes to win the White House. | 01/04/12 16:36:00 By - David Goldstein

WWI vet to be considered for honor that anti-Semitism may have thwarted

William Shemin was a 19-year-old kid from Bayonne, N.J., in 1918 when his heroics during World War I made him the recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation's second-highest combat award. His daughter has pushed for the ultimate military award — the Medal of Honor. | 12/19/11 15:39:00 By - David Goldstein

Michele Bachmann is a conservative with 'a titanium spine'

Michele Bachmann was an "accidental politician," and it all began on April Fool's Day. On April 1, 2000, the 2012 Republican White House hopeful — then a "middle American mom," as she wrote in her recent memoir — made a fateful, spur-of-the moment decision that changed her life. | 12/14/11 11:55:00 By - David Goldstein

Democratic Sen. McCaskill finds House defense bill riddled with earmarks

House Republicans banned earmarks, a top symbol of congressional profligacy, after they won control of the chamber last fall in a wave of voter anger over excessive government spending. But more than half of the amendments to this year's House Department of Defense authorization bill were earmarks, according to Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, a leading congressional critic of the practice. | 12/11/11 12:01:00 By - David Goldstein

Jobs bill would encourage new business startups, senators say

Debate over how to create jobs has, unsurprisingly, become mired in the politics of 2012. But two lawmakers on Thursday offered what they say is a bipartisan solution. | 12/08/11 16:57:00 By - David Goldstein

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