Mel Watt on Rep. Pittenger tweets: ‘I consider him a friend’

Mel Watt has 99 problems, but Rep. Robert Pittenger isn’t one of them. | 02/04/15 13:09:05 By - By Kevin G. Hall

Kentucky bourbon the proof of bipartisanship? Neat.

The bourbon was flowing and, at least in one Washington ballroom, a spirit of bipartisanship broke out Tuesday night, courtesy of Kentucky’s distillers. | 02/04/15 12:17:49 By - By William Douglas

In new role, Murray is eager to push Obama’s spending plans

As a former preschool teacher, Democratic Sen. Patty Murray is none too pleased with her state’s performance when it comes to educating 4-year-olds. | 02/03/15 20:35:45 By - By Rob Hotakainen

‘Who are you calling crazy?’ Texas says to Florida

Crazy is in the eye of the beholder. | 02/03/15 21:41:35 By - By Maria Recio

Senate passes, and Obama will sign, anti-suicide bill to aid vets

The Senate unanimously passed a bill Tuesday that aims to curb suicide among returning veterans. | 02/03/15 19:03:15 By - By Marissa Horn

Sen. Tillis’ handy guide to food safety

The case against over-regulation of business by government may have officially just jumped the shark. | 02/03/15 17:06:22 By - By David Goldstein

As Congress bears down on Cuba policy, Rubio clashes with State Dept. at hearing

Sen. Marco Rubio began Congress’ assault on the White House plan to relax trade, travel and diplomatic restrictions with Cuba, telling top administration officials Tuesday that he didn’t think it would be effective and that human rights were being overlooked. | 02/03/15 17:29:50 By - By Chris Adams

Paul suggests vaccines can cause mental disorders

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., claimed Monday that vaccines can cause “profound mental disorders.” | 02/02/15 18:47:38 By - By Sean Cockerham

Rep. Ellmers lectures her anti-abortion critics on ‘compassion to women’

Calling the behavior of her critics “abhorrent and childish,” Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C., a target of attacks from conservative anti-abortion allies since she recently tried to soften the impact of a 20-week abortion ban, fired back in a blog post. | 02/02/15 18:38:59 By - By Renee Schoof

Bruised but feisty, Harry Reid returns to Senate floor

Bruised and unbowed, Senate Minority Harry Reid returned to the Senate floor Monday a week after undergoing surgery to repair his right eye and facial bones injured in a home workout accident in Nevada last month. | 02/02/15 17:45:13 By - By William Douglas

Lawmakers and White House champion medical advances

The Senate is starting to take a look at how to get new drugs, medical devices and treatments for cancer and other diseases to the public faster and with less expense. | 02/02/15 06:30:35 By - By Renee Schoof

Rubio’s trip west gains political allies but blemishes his voting record

Marco Rubio’s recent West Coast swing dinged his voting attendance record, vaulting him near the top of missed votes in the U.S. Senate this young session. | 01/30/15 20:13:08 By - By Chris Adams

Border-security bill travels a rocky political road

Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, thought he had a sure-fire winning bill to secure the border at the start of the congressional session. | 01/30/15 18:29:48 By - By Maria Recio

Pittenger v. Watt: New guard goes after old on housing

One of North Carolina’s new men on Capitol Hill went after one of its older guys on the block in a Beltway sparring match. | 01/30/15 16:23:05 By - By Franco Ordoñez

Congressmen push VA for answers on ‘unacceptably long’ delays in Fla.

Two Florida congressmen are pushing the Department of Veterans Affairs for answers to the persistent backlog in disability claims at the St. Petersburg office, where they said “unacceptably long” wait times continue to hurt veterans in the state. | 01/30/15 15:40:52 By - By Chris Adams

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