House approves one-year extension of $45 billion in tax breaks

The House on Wednesday voted 378-46 to approve a one-year extension of $45 billion in tax breaks, mostly for businesses, after bipartisan efforts on a longer-term extension fell apart as an end-of-the-year deadline approaches. | 12/03/14 18:44:10 By - By JIM PUZZANGHERA

House votes to avoid last-minute tax increases

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to temporarily extend $45 billion in deductions, moving to avoid a potential tax hike that could hit people ranging from schoolteachers, families of college students and taxpayers in states without an income tax to racehorse owners and NASCAR racetrack operators. | 12/03/14 19:18:48 By - By Kevin G. Hall and William Douglas

Sen. Cornyn now opposes Texan slated for top immigration post

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a strong supporter of Texas U.S. Attorney Sarah Saldana in the past, pulled a political surprise Wednesday by voting against her nomination as director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. | 12/03/14 17:43:47 By - By Maria Recio

As clock ticks, Congress considers tax-free savings accounts for disabled people

Jawanda Mast is a mom on a mission. | 12/03/14 18:22:16 By - By Lindsay Wise

Paul proposes declaraton of war against Islamic State

Sen. Rand Paul Wednesday proposed having Congress formally declare war against the “organization referring to itself as the Islamic State (ISIS) and the government and people of the United States.” | 12/03/14 14:44:09 By - By David Lightman

Boehner floats plan to fight Obama on immigration, avert shutdown

Hoping to prevent a government shutdown by opponents of President Barack Obama's immigration plan, House Speaker John A. Boehner floated a proposal Tuesday that would fund most of the government - but not the immigration agencies - through the end of the 2015 fiscal year. | 12/02/14 20:34:10 By - By LISA MASCARO, MICHAEL A. MEMOLI AND JOSEPH TANFANI

House votes to cut off Social Security to Nazis

Nothing unifies Washington like the Nazis, even if it takes a while. After 15 years of largely rejected complaints to the federal bureaucracy, the House of Representatives voted 420-0 Tuesday to deny federal benefits to Nazi suspects after learning that many were receiving Social Security checks. | 12/02/14 17:15:02 By - By David Lightman

Lame-duck Congress returns with much to do, little consensus

Congress returned for a final two-week sprint Monday with much to do - including a Dec. 11 deadline to continue funding the government - and little consensus over how to do it. | 12/01/14 20:05:56 By - By LISA MASCARO

Kingmaker or royal pain to GOP: DeMint building Heritage into conservative force

As a senator, Jim DeMint sometimes ran afoul of fellow Republicans by personally recruiting, nurturing and supporting his own stable of conservative candidates for Congress. | 12/01/14 19:39:43 By - By William Douglas

Ex-aide who scolded President Obama's daughters is from NC

Elizabeth Lauten, the congressional spokeswoman who resigned Monday after being ground up in Washington's latest political scandal, is a North Carolina product. | 12/01/14 15:24:35 By - Craig Jarvis

Out of the shadows, ‘having a good time,’ says Reid of immigrants aided by Obama

The Senate returned to work Monday with a rousing defense of President Barack Obama’s immigration order from Majority Leader Harry Reid. | 12/01/14 14:39:35 By - By David Lightman

GOP voters flock to La. polls; A blow to Landrieu?

Republicans are voting heavily in early Louisiana voting, another potential blow to Sen. Mary Landrieu’s chances of winning another term, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. | 12/01/14 13:19:39 By - By David Lightman

GOP congressional majority likely to change way it crunches numbers

The incoming Republican majority in Congress is preparing to give number-crunching a controversial twist, and the new math could make it easier for the GOP to cut taxes. | 12/01/14 13:10:55 By - By JIM PUZZANGHERA

Voters wary of Tea Party, Democrats, Republicans

Voters don’t like the political establishment. Or the ones challenging it. | 11/26/14 15:46:39 By - By David Lightman

Top Democrat: Obamacare took eyes off the real problem of the economy

Breaking ranks, one of the nation’s top Democrats said Tuesday that the party made a major political mistake when it pushed a health care overhaul instead of programs directly benefiting the middle class. | 11/25/14 17:56:32 By - By David Lightman

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