Is Sen. Tom Cotton new conservative hero or just latest rabble-rouser?

Gone apparently are the days when newly elected senators follow the tried-and-true tradition of being seen, not heard, as they defer to more-seasoned colleagues and learn the ropes. | 03/12/15 19:25:20 By - By LISA MASCARO

Fallout from senators’ Iran letter: Tom Cotton for president?

While a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan, Tom Cotton wielded some of the military’s most sophisticated firearms. Today it’s letters that appear to be Sen. Cotton’s weapon of choice. | 03/12/15 16:59:58 By - By William Douglas

Rubio to hold hearing on Venezuela, sanctions

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida who last year prodded the White House to take strong action against Venezuelan officials for human rights abuses, will convene a hearing next week on unrest in the South American nation and the U.S. response to it. | 03/12/15 12:02:44 By - By Chris Adams

Congress finds rare bipartisan ground in focus on New York Fed

Lawmakers who agree on little else are finding common ground in one thing: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has too much power within the U.S. central bank. | 03/12/15 08:10:26 By - By JEFF KEARNS AND CHEYENNE HOPKINS

Conservative PAC helps House Republicans against Boehner-allied PAC

A money and advertising war is underway between center-right Republicans and conservative Republicans, a hangover from last week’s vote in the House of Representatives to fund the Department of Homeland Security. | 03/11/15 18:54:23 By - By William Douglas

Popular anti-trafficking bill stalled amid abortion debate

WASHINGTON-Hopes for passage of a popular bill to fight human trafficking were all but dashed Wednesday after the debate devolved into a partisan fight over restricting abortions. | 03/11/15 17:40:25 By - By LISA MASCARO

Biggest US foreign policy split in generation emerges on Iran

American politics once stopped at the water's edge. Now, it doesn't even slow down. | 03/11/15 16:30:24 By - By DAVID. J. LYNCH

Denny Heck led the parade, but he wanted to be somewhere else

Democratic Rep. Denny Heck said he felt hurt and upset last weekend, even though he got to lead the parade in Tacoma honoring the 50th anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery civil rights march. | 03/11/15 16:55:29 By - By Rob Hotakainen

Is Rand Paul guilty of a flip-flop on Iran by signing Tom Cotton's letter?

Of the 47 Republican politicians who signed a letter this week designed to scuttle the ongoing nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul stands out. | 03/11/15 15:15:25 By - By DAVID KNOWLES

What's killing millions of starfish on the West Coast?

With millions of starfish dying all along the West Coast, Washington state Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives say it’s time for Congress to intervene and find out why. | 03/11/15 14:14:07 By - By Rob Hotakainen

Obama-GOP rift over Iran talks redefines partisan battles

President Barack Obama's hope of closing out his second term with legacy-shaping achievements on the world stage has invited the same bitter congressional opposition that has long thwarted his domestic agenda, producing a new power struggle that challenges the traditional limits of partisan battles in Washington. | 03/10/15 21:30:51 By - By MICHAEL A. MEMOLI AND CHRISTI PARSONS

Patriots or traitors? Iran letter sets off furious debate

Anger and outrage grew Tuesday over a letter from Senate Republicans to Iranian leaders designed to scuttle a yet-to-be-completed deal on its nuclear program. | 03/10/15 18:49:01 By - By William Douglas

Missouri’s Blunt mum on GOP chairman’s future

Sen. Roy Blunt once again deflected questions Tuesday about whether John Hancock should resign as chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. | 03/10/15 16:20:12 By - By Lindsay Wise

Rubio: Venezuela sanctions good first step but ‘no shortage’ of other targets

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who last year prodded the White House to take strong action against Venezuelan officials for human rights abuses, said this week’s move to do so was “a good first step” but “there’s more work to be done, clearly.” | 03/10/15 16:20:54 By - By Chris Adams

Precedent for GOP’s Iran letter hard to find, historians say

The U.S. Senate Historian’s Office has so far been unable to find another example in the chamber’s history where one political party openly tried to deal with a foreign power against a presidential policy, as Republicans have attempted in their open letter to Iran this week | 03/10/15 15:40:54 By - By David Goldstein

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