Watchdog groups: Ex-lawmakers find easy ways around lobbying curb

Under a law that took effect seven years ago, retired U.S. senators such as Republicans Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas were constrained from lobbying their former congressional colleagues for two years after leaving office. | 01/12/15 18:58:47 By - By Greg Gordon

McCaskill won’t run for governor of Missouri in 2016

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill will not run for governor in 2016. | 01/12/15 12:37:03 By - By Lindsay Wise

The ‘16 Senate race campaigns begin...

Yes, the last Senate election was just two months ago, but the fight for Senate seats, 2016 version, has begun – and that means new predictions. | 01/12/15 09:15:31 By - By David Lightman

District attorney in Eric Garner case will seek Michael Grimm's seat

The district attorney who oversaw the investigation into the police-involved death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y., announced Friday that he would run for the congressional seat vacated by Michael G. Grimm, who pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion. | 01/09/15 19:36:13 By - By JAMES QUEALLY

Keystone pipeline scores wins in U.S. House, Nebraska court

The Keystone XL Pipeline was victorious Friday in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Nebraska Supreme Court, as a showdown looms between Congress and President Barack Obama over whether to approve the project. | 01/09/15 18:29:53 By - By Sean Cockerham

Freshmen Sen. Thom Tillis begins to fit in on Capitol Hill

The new job is just a few days old but newly installed Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina says he’s already running hard and likes it that way. | 01/09/15 15:52:19 By - By Renee Schoof

Reid, having trouble seeing from right eye, aims for Senate return

Harry Reid says he’s having trouble seeing from his right eye, and might not regain his sight there, but intends to come back at full strength from a recent injury. | 01/09/15 15:19:29 By - By David Lightman

Veto showdown over Keystone escalates as House passes legislation

A veto showdown escalated Friday between President Barack Obama and the new Republican-led Congress over the Keystone XL pipeline after a state court ruled in favor of the project and the House approved a bill advancing it. | 01/09/15 14:56:12 By - By LISA MASCARO, KATHLEEN HENNESSEY AND MARIA L. LA GANGA

House passes Keystone bill as Nebraska court clears its path

Nebraska’s Supreme Court on Friday cleared the route for the Keystone XL pipeline, removing a major hurdle for the project as Congress and the president fight over it. | 01/09/15 10:24:50 By - By Sean Cockerham

Boxer’s departure opens wide race for Senate replacement

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s announcement Thursday that she will not seek a fifth term in 2016 opened a national path for a long list of possible successors whose ambition has long been suppressed. | 01/09/15 09:07:49 By - Christopher Cadelago

Palazzo gets flack from tea party for backing Boehner for speaker

When Mississippi Republican Rep. Steven Palazzo decided to back John Boehner for speaker of the House this week, he prompted the kind of fiery broadside from a tea party loyalist back home that reflects the turmoil that abounds within the Republican Party when strident conservatives meet regular conservatives. | 01/08/15 20:05:10 By - By Greg Gordon and Paul Hampton

Making history, Pat Roberts will lead Senate agriculture committee

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts officially took the helm of the Senate’s agriculture committee Thursday, promising an “aggressive schedule” of hearings focused on everything from farm programs and school meals to oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency. | 01/08/15 19:41:17 By - By Lindsay Wise

Keystone clears energy committee

WASHINGTON The Senate energy committee on a vote of 13 to 9 Thursday passed a bill to authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, moving closer to a confrontation with the president on the issue. | 01/08/15 16:20:07 By - By Sean Cockerham

Sen. Barbara Boxer, liberal champion, won’t seek re-election

California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer’s departure from the Senate in 2016, announced Thursday, will conclude a 33-year congressional career defined by liberal causes and a buoyantly combative spirit. | 01/08/15 19:13:17 By - By Michael Doyle

In first speech as majority leader, Mitch McConnell says 'the American people have had enough'

In his first speech on the Senate floor as majority leader, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell expressed optimism for the future of the country and Congress despite a "moment of great anxiety as a nation." | 01/08/15 10:52:46 By - Sam Youngman

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