Florida’s Rubio urges White House to restrict travel, freeze assets of Venezuelan officials

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio stepped up his pressure on the Obama administration to drop the hammer on Venezuelan officials involved in that country’s crackdown on peaceful protesters. | 07/10/14 06:01:16 By - By Chris Adams

Congress has heavy workload but limited time before summer recess

Congress started July - its last full working month before the November elections - with a full plate. But it may not have the appetite to handle it all. | 07/09/14 16:30:35 By - By MICHAEL A. MEMOLI

Blood feud: Senate leaders can’t stand each other

Four minutes after the Senate returned from its Fourth of July recess this week, Harry Reid laced into Mitch McConnell. | 07/09/14 15:26:27 By - By David Lightman

Democrats unveil measures to ease Hobby Lobby case impact

Congressional Democrats Wednesday unveiled legislation aimed at easing the impact of the Supreme Court’s birth control decision last week. | 07/09/14 17:22:10 By - By David Lightman

U.S., Mexico must help Central America do more in stemming flow of unaccompanied minors into U.S.

The Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said Wednesday urged the United States, Mexico, and Colombia to do more in aiding Central American countries in trying to stem the flow of unaccompanied minors into the U.S. | 07/09/14 13:13:54 By - By William Douglas

Senate confirms Castro as HUD secretary

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro won easy Senate confirmation as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Wednesday, 71-26. | 07/09/14 13:46:54 By - By David Lightman

Congress looks for ways to combat sex trafficking of children

When a group of California school districts teamed up with law enforcement agencies and others to share information about child sex trafficking, it took only days before they were helping the first victim of the crime. | 07/09/14 07:20:46 By - By Renee Schoof

Bill to benefit hunting, fishing nears passage in Congress

The Senate is on track this week to approve legislation by North Carolina’s Kay Hagan that would provide hunters greater access to federal lands and carve out an environmental exemption for their ammunition, a rare bipartisan agreement in a Congress that hasn’t agreed on much of anything this session. | 07/08/14 17:24:10 By - By John Moritz

Reid vows Senate action on Hobby Lobby ruling

The Senate is likely to act this month to ease the impact of the Supreme Court ruling allowing certain companies, for religious reasons, to reject the mandate to provide employees with birth control coverage. | 07/08/14 15:36:41 By - By David Lightman

Ted Cruz wants vote fraud probe of Mississippi primary runoff

Conservative Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is calling for a criminal investigation into “serious allegations” of voter fraud in last month’s Mississippi Republican runoff election, calling it “appalling” that Democratic crossover votes likely delivered a narrow victory to veteran Sen. Thad Cochran. | 07/08/14 15:00:25 By - By Greg Gordon

Reid: Republican leaders throwing a 'temper tantrum'

Republican leaders have been throwing a “temper tantrum,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid charged Monday as the Senate reconvened after its Fourth of July recess. | 07/07/14 16:22:17 By - By David Lightman

Congress returns, time growing short

The Senate returns Monday, and the House of Representatives is back Tuesday, but don’t expect a lot of big legislation to be moving quickly. If at all. | 07/07/14 09:34:50 By - By David Lightman

New York congressional race shows changing demographics

Harlem is not the same. | 07/07/14 08:13:44 By - By JULEYKA LANTIGUA-WILLIAMS

Alan Dixon, US senator from Illinois in '80s and '90s, dies at 86

During much his two terms as a U.S. senator, in the 1980s and early 1990s, Alan Dixon was the locally minded counterpart to Sen. Paul Simon, always angling for the best deals for Illinois. | 07/07/14 05:17:04 By - By KIM GEIGER

The long path to the Congressional Gold Medal

Pat Summitt may be on the way to receiving the Congressional Gold Medal, but Sally Ride has a way to go. | 07/04/14 21:08:21 By - By RICHARD SIMON

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