Tough slog ahead in Congress for No Child rewrite

U.S. Sens. Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander earlier this month announced a symbolic breakthrough in the decadelong ideological wrangling over how to rewrite the nation's chief education law. | 02/17/15 08:07:32 By - By KYUNG M. SONG

Boehner says Obama's military authorization request falls short

House Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio said President Barack Obama's request to Congress to authorize military operations against Islamic State isn't sufficient and that he will aim to strengthen it in the coming weeks. | 02/15/15 19:37:43 By - By KATHERINE SKIBA

As Cuba policy moves forward, chief critic Rubio faces stiff odds reversing it

In December, just hours after the White House abruptly changed course in the nation’s relationship with Cuba, Sen. Marco Rubio laid down his marker. | 02/13/15 20:19:53 By - By Chris Adams

Obama war request unites Congress: From either side, they hate it

President Barack Obama has achieved something unexpected in Congress: a degree of bipartisanship. There’s enough in his proposal for war powers against the Islamic State for both Democrats and Republicans to hate. | 02/13/15 15:16:26 By - By William Douglas

House conservatives urge Senate Republicans to scrap filibuster rules

Some frustrated conservatives in the House of Representatives want Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to ditch parliamentary rules that require 60 votes to bring a bill to the floor for debate and a vote. | 02/12/15 17:41:22 By - By Lindsay Wise

In rare move, Burr opens intelligence panel hearing to the public

Sen. Richard Burr, the new Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, appears to have taken a first step toward promises to open some meetings to the public as he looks to beef up scrutiny of the nation’s top spy agencies. | 02/12/15 18:31:31 By - By Franco Ordoñez

Rubio: Decision by some to shun Netanyahu speech ‘shameful’

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said it’s “shameful” that some lawmakers are planning to boycott the congressional address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose invitation from House Speaker John Boehner was seen by some in Congress as a political stunt. | 02/12/15 16:59:00 By - By Chris Adams and David Lightman

Congress pressures both sides in ports dispute

Congressional Republicans and Democrats are working together to reach a rapid resolution of a labor dispute that’s clogging West Coast ports. | 02/12/15 16:33:45 By - By Michael Doyle

Senators introduce bill to lift embargo, open trade with Cuba

In another step in the process to thaw relations with Cuba, a group of lawmakers on Thursday introduced legislation to lift the trade embargo that has existed with the country for decades. | 02/12/15 12:57:02 By - By Chris Adams

Government wonders: What’s in your old emails?

If you’ve been remiss in cleaning out your email in-box, here’s some incentive: The federal government can read any emails that are more than six months old without a warrant. | 02/12/15 12:41:10 By - By Lindsay Wise

Congress considers toughening standards on immigrants’ asylum claims

Charging that the U.S government is easily fooled by bogus asylum claims, Republicans in the House of Representatives pushed Wednesday to toughen criteria for foreign families seeking asylum – a measure that could lead to more mothers and children in detention centers. | 02/11/15 18:23:36 By - By Franco Ordoñez

Transportation Secretary Foxx pushes lawmakers to fix highway fund

States are scanning their lists of highway and bridge projects to see which ones they can live without amid uncertainty over federal funding, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told lawmakers Wednesday. | 02/11/15 16:47:04 By - By Curtis Tate

Law boosts ability of those with disabilities to save

When Kayla Kosmalski was 6 months old, her parents realized they weren’t allowed to save for her future. | 02/10/15 19:08:45 By - By Ellie Silverman

New boss same as the old boss? Republicans still stymied in Senate

When Republicans held only the House of Representatives, their efforts at lawmaking always died in the Democratic Senate. | 02/10/15 17:46:03 By - By William Douglas

Roberts worries about Kansas’ low vaccination rate at Senate hearing

Sen. Pat Roberts on Tuesday voiced concern about the low vaccination rate in his home state of Kansas at a Senate hearing. | 02/10/15 16:51:26 By - By Lindsay Wise

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