Lynch vote could be near as Senate looks for compromise on abortion provision

More than six months after her nomination to become U.S. attorney general, federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch may finally get a confirmation vote this week in the Senate. | 04/20/15 19:06:08 By - By Maria Recio

As some U.S. farmers see markets in Cuba, those in Florida see worries

Congress this week will be talking up the possibility of expanding agricultural markets to Cuba – a shift encouraged by U.S. farmers and some members of Congress, who see a $2 billion market just 90 miles from U.S. shores. | 04/20/15 16:18:39 By - By Chris Adams

N.C. lawmakers push to reverse cut of Fort Bragg air wing

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., says he’s lobbying to get the Air Force to change its decision to inactivate the 440th Airlift Wing because it would harm the ability of the Army’s Global Response Force to fly from Fort Bragg to trouble spots in any part of the world in 18 hours or less. | 04/17/15 12:09:19 By - By Renee Schoof

Missouri’s Rep. Cleaver contemplates party leadership role

Rumors are buzzing on Capitol Hill that Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver might be in line for a spot on House Democrats’ leadership team. | 04/16/15 17:57:21 By - By Lindsay Wise

WH: Sen. Chuck Grassley in Washington ‘too long’

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest lashed out at congressional Republicans on Thursday for delaying a confirmation vote for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch, suggesting Judiciary Committee chair Sen. Chuck Grassley “has been in Washington too long.” | 04/16/15 16:54:30 By - By Lesley Clark

How Sen. Corker became Mr. Fix-It and forged deal on Iran

Fighting to get Congress a voice on an Iran nuclear deal, Sen. Bob Corker found himself in an increasingly familiar spot – in the thick of a difficult situation. | 04/16/15 16:33:42 By - By William Douglas

Kansas senator’s ‘Frozen’ ring tone interrupts hearing, goes viral

Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas became an Internet sensation on Thursday when his cell phone went off in the middle of a senate finance committee hearing, filling the somber room with the first few bars of a song from Disney’s “Frozen.” | 04/16/15 14:28:45 By - By Lindsay Wise

No deal on trafficking bill, Lynch nomination

Sen. Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, is trying to resolve a dispute over the Hyde Amendment that has effectively blocked the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be attorney general but Democrats are rejecting his latest offer. | 04/15/15 17:58:46 By - By Maria Recio

Tax day advice: Beware calls from phony IRS agents

If an official from the Internal Revenue Service calls and demands immediate payment for thousands of dollars in back taxes, Al Cadenhead has some unexpected advice: Hang up. | 04/15/15 18:31:59 By - By Lindsay Wise

Gyrocopter lands on Capitol lawn

A one-man gyrocopter landed on the west front of the Capitol Wednesday and Capitol police have taken the pilot into custody. | 04/15/15 17:23:16 By - By Dian Zhang

#BringBackOurGirls, Congress and survivors still urge a year later

On the first anniversary of the abduction of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls by terrorists, two survivors joined human rights advocates and members of Congress on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to ensure their classmates’ plight is not forgotten. | 04/15/15 17:16:39 By - By Dian Zhang

New Clinton email revelation spurs renewed call from Benghazi committee

The chairman of the House Benghazi Committee renewed his call Wednesday for Hillary Clinton to be interviewed by his panel amid revelations that she didn’t respond to a different congressional inquiry two years ago about whether she used a private email account while serving as secretary of state. | 04/15/15 15:43:39 By - By William Douglas

N.C. governor says Atlantic drilling need not be so far from beaches

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is bashing the federal proposal to include a 50-mile buffer between the coastline and drilling for oil and gas in the Atlantic Ocean, telling a U.S. House subcommittee Wednesday that the plan would restrict development for no reason. | 04/15/15 16:13:47 By - By Sean Cockerham

Sanders: Clinton ‘has to answer some very significant questions’

Sen. Bernard Sanders is trying to push Hillary Clinton to answer some tough questions as he mulls a bid for the White House himself. | 04/15/15 12:09:40 By - By David Lightman

Congressional soccer game puts Republicans on top

Sometimes a partisan-netted goal is hard to come by on Capitol Hill, when often there’s no clear winner. But congressional members met under the lights of RFK Stadium on Tuesday night to tally goals at the third annual Capital Soccer Classic congressional match. | 04/14/15 23:03:48 By - By Marissa Horn

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