Immigration activists push House GOP in last-ditch campaign for vote

In a last-ditch effort to bring an immigration overhaul to a vote in Congress, House Democrats on Tuesday began targeting key GOP lawmakers in hopes of pressuring House Speaker John A. Boehner to act. | 04/16/14 06:52:17 By - By LISA MASCARO

Louisiana Democrat highlights independence from Obama in new ad

When Sen. Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana assumed the chairmanship of the Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee this year, it was a major boon to her difficult re-election campaign - placing her in a prominent position to aid her state's oil and gas industry and strengthening her argument to voters that her seniority is an asset. | 04/16/14 06:50:38 By - By MAEVE RESTON

Congressional Democrats decry e-cigarette promotions

WASHINGTON - E-cigarette companies are preying on young consumers by using candy flavors, social-media ads and free samples at rock concerts, according to a report released Monday by Democratic legislators. | 04/15/14 06:26:50 By - By LALITA CLOZEL

High-level GOP House Republican group visits Afghanistan

A House Republican delegation visited Afghanistan, Speaker John Boehner's office said Monday, to assess the country's security situation. | 04/15/14 06:20:21 By - David Lightman

GOP uses Saturday address to insist party also wants equal pay

Republicans Saturday used their weekly address to insist they too are adamant about equal pay for equal work, after a week where Senate Democrats bashed the GOP for its stance | 04/14/14 06:03:21 By - David Lightman

Congress already turning to fall elections

Congress is headed home, done until late April. Then again, Congress looks like it’s all but done for the year doing anything big. | 04/11/14 16:42:12 By - By David Lightman

Congress approval down to 13 percent, meaning trouble for incumbents

Congress is slipping again, and that could mean trouble for incumbents in the upcoming elections, a new Gallup survey and analysis finds. | 04/11/14 08:47:36 By - David Lightman

Boehner wants to hear from White House on jobless aid

House Speaker John Boehner is willing to listen to ideas for extending unemployment benefits. But he wants some ideas from the White House. | 04/11/14 06:39:50 By - By David Lightman

Issa, House oversight chair, keeps heat on White House

_ From the plush chairman’s seat on the dais in the cavernous hearing room of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Rep. Darrell Issa peered down at Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen and offered a rhetorical pat on the shoulder, followed shortly by a swift verbal kick in the pants. | 04/13/14 03:00:00 By - By William Douglas

Crude oil is displacing other commodities on trains, critics charge

Grain producers, manufacturers and coal shippers told federal regulators Thursday that rail service has deteriorated drastically in the nation’s midsection in recent months, leaving crops in piles on the ground and fuel stocks low at electric power plants as resources go undelivered. | 04/10/14 17:32:44 By - By Curtis Tate

Committee holds IRS official in contempt

A key committee in the House of Representatives voted Thursday to bring contempt charges against a former top official of the International Revenue Service for refusing to answer questions from lawmakers. | 04/10/14 15:04:58 By - By Kevin G. Hall

House passes GOP budget but 12 Republicans vote no

The House Thursday passed a Republican budget plan--but it was close. | 04/10/14 08:12:38 By - David Lightman

Water is the magic word as Californians lobby Congress for aid

San Joaquin Valley lobbying priorities this week can be summed up simply. | 04/10/14 06:23:24 By - By Michael Doyle

US Senate weighs NASA decision to restrict ties with Russia

The granddaughter of former President Dwight Eisenhower - the man who founded NASA at the start of the Cold War - on Wednesday warned that NASA was making a "counterproductive and damaging" mistake by restricting ties with Russia over the Ukraine crisis. | 04/10/14 06:08:03 By - By MARK K. MATTHEWS

Senate effort to advance pay equity measure fails

A Senate Democratic effort to advance pay equity legislation fell short Wednesday, probably dooming the effort this year. | 04/10/14 06:01:24 By - By David Lightman

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