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Is VA a model for health care? Hard to know, says CBO

The Department of Veterans Affairs has made significant improvements to its health system over the past two decades, but the fragmented way that most veterans receive medical care makes comparing the VA with other systems difficult, according to a new report. | 08/14/09 17:42:00 By - Chris Adams

Where did that bank bailout go? Watchdogs aren't sure

Although hundreds of well-trained eyes are watching over the $700 billion that Congress last year decided to spend bailing out the nation's financial sector, it's still difficult to answer some of the most basic questions about where the money went. | 08/09/09 06:00:00 By - Chris Adams

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Attention readers: The RSS feed for the Chris Adams section on has moved here as part of an upgrade to improve service. Please update your subscription in your RSS reader. | 04/13/09 18:20:55 By -

Watchdogs: Treasury won't disclose bank bailout details

The massive programs designed to rescue the nation's financial sector are operating without adequate oversight, with vague goals and limited disclosure of their details to the taxpayers who are paying for them, government watchdogs told a Senate panel Tuesday. | 03/31/09 18:17:00 By - Chris Adams

Late move on drugs by Bush FDA could be dangerous

In the waning days of the Bush administration, the Food and Drug Administration finalized new guidelines to make it easier for drug manufacturers to promote "off-label" prescription drug uses, which can be deadly for patients. | 02/01/09 00:00:00 By - Chris Adams

Swarms arrive for inauguration filled with expectations, hope

They came, they shivered, they soaked up the history and they plotted their moves for Inauguration Day. Downtown Washington took on the vibe of a history-making carnival, complete with vendors hawking Obama wares from the backs of trucks. Outside the White House, the mood was of that of a state fair midway. | 01/19/09 19:11:00 By - Chris Adams

VA nominee Shinseki vows to clean up agency

The man selected to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs pledged Wednesday to modernize and overhaul the veterans' disability and health-care system, which is straining to serve soldiers back from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as those who served in previous wars. | 01/14/09 18:24:00 By - Chris Adams

Veterans: Candidates agree that VA is broken

WASHINGTON — Even as the country heads into an era of tighter budgets, John McCain and Barack Obama are united on giving more help to the nation's veterans and overhauling the agency that cares for them. | 10/23/08 14:50:00 By - Chris Adams

Palin's approach to big oil: more mainstream than maverick

Ever since Gov. Sarah Palin joined John McCain, the ticket has touted Palin's in-your-face relationships with oil and gas companies. But a review of the Palin administration's record on big oil shows a stance that's in many ways less maverick than mainstream. Palin challenged big oil at a time when the public was clamoring for change. And she did so with the help of Democrats. | 10/09/08 16:07:00 By - Chris Adams

Even in Alaska, Palin's popularity is taking a tumble

John McCain likes to introduce Sarah Palin as the most popular governor in America. And that might have been true, back in August. But Palin's popularity has taken a big hit among Alaskans since she was named McCain's running mate. Palin still has overwhelming support among Alaska Republicans. But many Democrats and independents have changed their view. | 09/30/08 17:06:00 By - Chris Adams

Key New Orleans canal was close to flooding

Hurricane Gustav's near-miss showed how vulnerable low-lying New Orleans remains. "Had the storm surge been 1 or 2 feet higher, with the wind whipping like it was, the water would have been pouring over those floodwalls, not sloshing over," said Richard Campanella, a Tulane University geographer who's studied the levees. | 09/02/08 19:08:00 By - Chris Adams

The levees held, thanks to reconstruction and a gentler Gustav

Through the morning of Hurricane Gustav and into afternoon rainstorms, city and state officials watched nervously — but optimistically — as waters lapped against the area's hurricane protection system. Even when all appeared well, nobody was quite willing to declare the all-clear. But by late afternoon, all evidence indicated that the area's levee system had held. | 09/01/08 19:06:00 By - Chris Adams

Officials at midday: New Orleans levees seem to have held

City and federal officials were cautiously optimistic at midday Monday that New Orleans' hurricane protection system, which is in the midst of a major fortification effort, had withstood the test of Hurricane Gustav. They remained wary, however, that any additional storm surge Monday afternoon, combined with heavy rains, might still create significant problems for the New Orleans area. | 09/01/08 13:20:40 By - Chris Adams

Meet the last man on the last bus out of New Orleans

Roger Klotzbier rushed through the bus terminal in downtown New Orleans, escorted by one Louisiana National Guard soldier as a half dozen others looked on. By then, after two days of frantic activity ushering thousands of people out of town, Klotzbier was the last passenger on the last bus of the day. And he almost didn't come. | 08/31/08 20:39:00 By - Chris Adams

New Orleans faces flooding as first winds of Hurricane Gustav arrive

NEW ORLEANS — Boarded up, abandoned but still vulnerable, New Orleans anxiously braced itself for deadly Hurricane Gustav, praying it wouldn't topple all that has been rebuilt in the three years since Hurricane Katrina crippled the city. | 08/31/08 20:18:00 By - Marc Caputo, Chris Adams and Evan S. Benn

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