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As Iraq and Afghan wars end, costs mount on pace to rival Vietnam

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be winding down, but the long-term costs of caring for those wounded in battle is on path to rival the costs of the Vietnam War. While Vietnam extracted a far higher death toll — 58,000 compared with 6,300 so far in the war on terror — the number of documented disabilities from recent veterans is approaching the size of that earlier conflict. | 12/05/11 01:01:00 By - Chris Adams

In Kentucky town, impact of Iraq, Afghan wars runs deep

It's been a wrenching year — and decade — for the Jackson family of London, Ky. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are nearing their end, but for the soldiers of Kentucky and their families, the battle is far from over. | 12/04/11 00:01:00 By - Chris Adams

Military's newly aggressive rape prosecution has pitfalls

By the time Marine Staff Sgt. Jamie Walton went to trial on rape charges, his accuser had changed her story several times. A military lawyer who evaluated the case told Walton's commander they didn't have enough evidence to go to trial on sexual assault charges. The prosecutor even agreed. But the Marines ignored the advice. | 11/28/11 14:58:00 By - Marisa Taylor and Chris Adams

Off-label marketing: How testosterone replacement got big

The question for doctors was simple: When a patient comes in and asks for Viagra, will you first screen for low T - meaning testosterone. The pitch by Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. was part of its effort to make its testosterone replacement drug AndroGel "ride (the) coat tails of Viagra." | 06/13/11 17:10:00 By - Chris Adams

WikiLeaks files on Guantanamo unlikely to help those jailed on flawed evidence

Newly released Wikileaks documents detail how the U.S. government held many Guantanamo detainees based on shaky evidence. Even so, the revelations are unlikely to dramatically change their fates. | 04/27/11 18:50:00 By - Marisa Taylor and Chris Adams

As science turns from chimp research, U.S. wants to restart

About 180 chimpanzees at a federal primate facility in the New Mexico desert are at the center of an impassioned debate between the National Institutes of Health and the animal-rights community. The NIH wants to move the chimps away from Alamogordo, where they'll be allowed to be put back into research. Animal-rights activists want them retired to a grassy sanctuary. The use of chimps in research has been a hot-button issue for years. | 04/24/11 00:01:00 By - Chris Adams

Some chimps never recover from stresses of research

The debate about medical testing on chimpanzees often revolves around the physical impact on the chimps — week after week of liver biopsies or year after year of being infected with HIV or hepatitis. But an examination by McClatchy of the chimp-research world found that, in addition to a physical toll, the testing life can have a significant impact on a chimp's mental state. | 04/24/11 00:01:00 By - Chris Adams

Some lab chimps left with poor health, shortened lives

They've been out of the lab for years, but for many chimpanzees at a federal primate facility in New Mexico, the effects of long-ago medical experimentation can linger till they die. In pursuit of cures for humans, some chimpanzees' lives are cut short. | 04/24/11 00:01:00 By - Chris Adams

Obama really likes the states he visits, especially for 2012

From the time he took office in January 2009 through the end of March, Obama visited 38 states — some far more often than others, with the most-visited tending to be crucial to his 2012 re-election strategy — according to a McClatchy analysis of the 317 documented events in that period. | 04/07/11 16:13:00 By - Margaret Talev and Chris Adams

Libyan rebel leader spent much of past 20 years in suburban Virginia

The new leader of Libya's opposition military spent the past two decades in suburban Virginia but felt compelled — even in his late-60s — to return to the battlefield in his homeland, according to people who know him. | 03/26/11 20:25:00 By - Chris Adams

Obama's deal will raise taxes for some low-income workers

The tax deal struck this week between the White House and congressional leaders has a little bit for most taxpayers in the country. But some of the nation's poorest workers will actually end up worse off. The proposal eliminates the "Making Work Pay" tax credit. | 12/08/10 19:56:44 By - Chris Adams

New study finds VA's care just as good as everyone else's

The Department of Veterans Affairs, which for years has touted the achievements of its health care system, is now highlighting a new study that shows its health outcomes are — about like everybody else's. | 11/12/10 16:17:00 By - Chris Adams

Stimulus spending on highways isn't delivering on job promises

Federal stimulus money to fix America's highways is stuck in the slow lane in some states, including a few that are suffering from some of the nation's highest unemployment rates. | 09/26/10 00:01:00 By - Chris Adams

Oversight panel: Feds jumped too soon to bail out AIG

The federal government didn't exhaust all its options before it committed tens of billions of taxpayers' dollars to bail out the American International Group during the height of the 2008 financial collapse, according to a new report from a congressional watchdog panel. | 06/10/10 00:01:00 By - Chris Adams

Top kill's failure means Gulf oil spill will only get worse

"The failure of the top kill really magnified this disaster exponentially," said Rick Steiner, a retired University of Alaska marine scientist. "I think there's a realistic probability that this enormous amount of oil will keep coming out for a couple months." | 05/30/10 21:12:08 By - Renee Schoof and Chris Adams

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