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Shuler loses vote to Pelosi, but makes his point

Rep. Heath Shuler earned 11 votes Wednesday in his bid for speaker of the House – falling far short of winning but making his point, he said, that Nancy Pelosi isn’t the universal favorite to lead Democrats this Congress. | 01/06/11 06:34:08 By - Barbara Barrett

N.C.'s Ellmers joins anti-government newcomers in Congress

Renee Ellmers, a nurse, wife and mom from the small town of Dunn, N.C., became a U.S. congresswoman Wednesday, joining a tide of conservative, anti-government newcomers that will be among the most-watched freshmen classes in recent memory. | 01/06/11 06:32:32 By - Barbara Barrett

Blue Dog Democrat Shuler to challenge Pelosi for minority leader

As she prepares to turn over her speaker's gavel Wednesday to a Republican, Nancy Pelosi has a rival within her own ranks to lead the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina. She isn't likely to lose that post to him, however. | 01/04/11 20:14:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Charlotte hospital agrees to pay millions over Medicare allegations

Presbyterian Orthopaedic Hospital in Charlotte is one of seven U.S. hospitals that have agreed to pay more than $6.3 million to settle allegations they submitted false claims to Medicare, the Justice Department announced Tuesday. | 01/04/11 17:16:40 By - Karen Garloch and Barbara Barrett

Joe Wilson, 5 others cleared of ethics charges over per diems

The lawmakers were Reps. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., Solomon Ortiz, D-Texas, Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., Joe Wilson, R-S.C., and G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C. “The committee concludes that there is insufficient evidence to determine with any degree of certainty that any one of the members were provided an amount of per diem that was not necessary for their respective trips,” the announcement said. | 01/03/11 15:42:17 By - Barbara Barrett

Burr, Hagan moved against defense bill over Lejeune water

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr this week quietly blocked a massive defense authorization bill after he discovered that someone had inserted 38 words into a bill that Burr feared would hurt victims of water contamination at Marines Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. | 12/22/10 19:54:53 By - Barbara Barrett

VA takes steps to deal with mounting Lejeune water claims

Responding to heightened publicity and an uneven smattering of decisions on claims, the Department of Veterans Affairs will begin training a specialized cadre of workers this week to handle disability claims related to historic water contamination at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. | 12/20/10 17:35:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Senate panel backs Obama's pick to lead Fannie, Freddie

The Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee voted Tuesday to recommend Joseph A. Smith Jr. as the next director of the beleaguered housing finance agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. | 12/14/10 16:09:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Black farmers see USDA settlement as righting a wrong

President Barack Obama's signature last week on a landmark discrimination settlement will do more than send money to black farming families across the country. Activists say it also sends a message: The U.S. government has acknowledged years of discrimination against tens of thousands of Americans, and it wants to make things right. | 12/12/10 00:01:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Obama's pick to lead Fannie, Freddie promises leadership

President Barack Obama's nominee to lead Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pledged to Congress Thursday to offer not just management, but leadership, if he becomes the new chief of the troubled housing agencies. | 12/09/10 14:38:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Obama to visit North Carolina, but this time it's no vacation

President Barack Obama will travel to the Winston-Salem area on Monday for an official event related to the economy, his first trip to North Carolina since his party, in his words, took a "shellacking" in the mid-term election. His last visit to the state was a weekend getaway with the first lady in April. | 12/01/10 16:54:41 By - Barbara Barrett

Study: N.C. has 'great potential' for offshore wind power

North Carolina could have the most viable offshore wind power on the East Coast, with the ability to bring power to hundreds of thousands of homes and generate up to 20,000 new manufacturing jobs, according to a new study by the National Wildlife Foundation. | 12/01/10 10:42:30 By - Barbara Barrett

N. Carolina tallies the local cost of a ban on earmarks

Millions of dollars in civic projects across North Carolina could be endangered next year if Congress curtails a long-running practice that has come to symbolize runaway spending in Washington. Republicans, who will control the House of Representatives come January, decided last week that they will ban earmarks, the congressionally directed bundles of dollars sent to benefit specific projects back home. | 11/26/10 15:05:28 By - Barbara Barrett

Senator blasts VA over handling of Lejeune veterans' claims

The top Republican on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee blasted the Department of Veterans Affairs on Thursday for not communicating about how it's handling medical claims from Marines who were once stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C. | 11/18/10 15:53:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Banks expect more sympathy from GOP-controlled House

Big banks opposed much of the Democratic agenda these past two years in Congress, and they could find a lot to like in a Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Already, the GOP has a lengthy, bank-friendly to-do list. | 11/14/10 00:01:00 By - Barbara Barrett

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