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Sparks fly at hearing on consumer protection bureau

In a heated, hourlong hearing Tuesday, Republicans on a House of Representatives financial oversight panel criticized a leading consumer advocate for setting up a protection agency that they say will escape congressional oversight in favor of cracking down on banks. The agency is charged with being the consumers' voice in financial matters such as opening bank accounts, using credit cards or buying homes. | 05/24/11 17:52:00 By - Barbara Barrett

North Carolina judges getting used to life on 4th Circuit bench

For years, North Carolina had no judges on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the final destination for nearly all the state's federal court legal squabbles. Now, it has three. They hear cases just one level below the U.S. Supreme Court. | 05/22/11 01:00:00 By - Barbara Barrett

House GOP lets you vote on which programs to cut

Like an inside-the-Beltway version of "American Idol," Republicans in the House of Representatives are taking the federal budget to the people, letting popular online votes determine which taxpayer-funded programs in Washington ought to get the ax. | 05/11/11 17:23:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Democrat gets GOP support for Camp Lejeune water bill

A congressional Democrat has again introduced legislation to help Marine veterans and family members affected by historic water contamination at Camp Lejeune, N.C. | 05/06/11 16:57:00 By - Barbara Barrett

For U.S. Muslims, bin Laden's death may not end stigma

A tumble of kindergarteners sat cross-legged on their classroom carpet, reading in tiny voices a list of rhyming words: best, rest, west, nest. At this Islamic school in suburban Washington, where an American flag hangs in the lobby and pupils' Earth Day posters decorate the hallways, teachers guide a generation of youngsters defined by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. | 05/05/11 17:16:00 By - Halimah Abdullah and Barbara Barrett

Families of 9/11 victims say justice was done

Like many survivors across the nation, Richard Murach and Beverly Burnett found solace on Monday, agreeing with President Barack Obama that justice had been done with the killing of Osama bin Laden. | 05/02/11 17:41:00 By - Rob Hotakainen and Barbara Barrett

As meth labs expand range, funds to clean them dry up

Even as the number of small-time methamphetamine labs is increasing across the United States, federal funding to clean up the toxic sites has dwindled to almost nothing, and President Barack Obama's proposed budget for next year would end the program entirely. | 04/28/11 17:33:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Lawmakers blast Navy over Lejeune water contamination

Five members of Congress on Friday called the Department of the Navy to task — again — for what they say is an apparent resistance to keeping veterans informed about past water contamination at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. | 04/15/11 14:19:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Opinions divided on Muslim Brotherhood's threat to U.S.

The Muslim Brotherhood's rise in a new Egypt could affect the United States' relationship with the most populous Arab nation as the organization develops political influence, a House panel was told Wednesday. Or it may be no more important than any other political party in the Middle East. | 04/13/11 17:47:00 By - Barbara Barrett

N.C. U.S. Rep. Price: Boehner listened too closely to 'tea party types' on budget

Although tea party influence has waned in recent negotiations to prevent a government shutdown, GOP leaders still want the support of most of the House freshmen Republicans that the movement supported. | 04/05/11 07:32:32 By - Barbara Barrett

As Obama gears up for 2012, outlook's changed in key states

Barack Obama changed the electoral map when he won the presidency in 2008. Now, with his formal declaration of candidacy for re-election Monday, Obama invites the question: Can he do it again? Can he hold the states he won in 2008? Win those that barely eluded his grasp? Or will he find himself on the defensive, the landscape changing under his feet, fighting to hold on? | 04/04/11 18:50:00 By - Steven Thomma, Barbara Barrett and Lesley Clark

Congress urged to track cancer clusters better

Activists urged the government Tuesday to let people post and track cancer cases across communities, a public health effort that they say could lead to discoveries of new chemical-related cancer clusters throughout the United States as well as insights into disease management. | 03/29/11 16:27:00 By - Erika Bolstad, Barbara Barrett and Lesley Clark

Justices weigh Miranda warnings for juvenile suspects

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday on whether police officers ought to consider a young suspect's age before deciding to tell him or her about the right to remain silent and to have an attorney. | 03/23/11 15:26:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Supreme Court to decide when a juvenile is in custody

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will take up a case, J.D.B. vs. North Carolina, that could have sweeping implications for young suspects who are questioned by law enforcement. The question before the court is whether an interrogator should consider a suspect's age before deciding whether to read the Miranda warning. | 03/22/11 17:12:00 By - Barbara Barrett

Rep. Walter Jones pushes for Afghanistan exit

Again last Saturday, U.S. Rep. Walter Jones slipped into his office for the penance he has served nearly each weekend since 2005. Again on Thursday, the House of Representatives turned its attention to the conflict in Afghanistan, and whether it is the time for U.S. troops to leave. | 03/18/11 06:38:53 By - Barbara Barrett

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