Mexico: Future at Risk

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    Entrenched interests enslave Mexicans in cycle of hopelessness

    Twelve years ago, Mexicans thought their country had been given a fresh start when, for the first time in seven decades, the political party that had been identified with a do-nothing bureaucracy, crony capitalism and a corrupt government lost its hold on the presidency. When Mexican voters go to...


    Mexico's subpar schools put shackles on its future

    When experts talk about Mexico's future, they bemoan the condition of its schools. It's here, they say, that Mexico's possibilities of one day rivaling Europe as an economic power, something that would be an enormous benefit not just to this country but to the United States as well, founder.


    Union boss Elba Esther Gordillo keeps a stranglehold on Mexico's schools

    Experts looking for someone to blame for the poor state of Mexico's education system often latch on Elba Esther Gordillo, the 67-year-old president for life of Mexico's teachers union. Routinely ranked as the least popular of the nation's most prominent figures, she's amassed a huge personal fortune...


    Mexico's 'maquiladora' labor system keeps workers in poverty

    Some four decades after welcoming foreign assembly plants and factories, known as maquiladoras, Mexico has seen only a trickle of its industrial and factory workers join the ranks of those who even slightly resemble a middle class. Instead, poverty still clutches them.


    Monopolies hold back Mexico's economy with high prices, poor service

    Mexico is a country of concentrated economic power, and in some cases outright monopolies. It's an arrangement that limits the country's hopes of a thriving economy, chokes its consumers, discourages competition and prevents better products and services from emerging in the marketplace. It's been...