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An ugly turn of events in Mexico gets uglier

Actor Luis de Alba sat calm and Buddha-like in a tiny dressing room of the Teatro Blanquita, his eyes closed. A makeup artist, armed with a fat brush dipped in liquid foundation, was painting his broad face with big strokes, as though it were the side of a barn. | 10/07/13 08:14:55 By - By RICHARD FAUSSET

At least 8 killed in Mexico monster-truck accident

As a crowd of several thousand watched in horror, the driver of a so-called monster truck taking part in an outdoor spectacle apparently lost control and lurched into the audience, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 70, officials in the northern city of Chihuahua said Sunday. | 10/06/13 23:24:28 By - By TRACY WILKINSON

Divers recover 83 bodies Sunday from shipwrecked migrant boat off Italy

Divers recovered a total of 83 bodies on Sunday from the wreck of an unseaworthy boat carrying migrants that sank off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa, the Ansa news agency reported. | 10/06/13 22:09:28 By -

Bombing in Afghanistan kills 4 NATO troops; Taliban takes credit

The Taliban claimed responsibility Sunday for a bombing in southern Afghanistan that killed four members of a NATO patrol, reportedly Americans, on the eve of the 12th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion. | 10/06/13 19:54:29 By - By HASHMAT BAKTASH AND MARK MAGNIER

UN experts start dismantling Syria's chemical weapons

UN disarmament inspectors began dismantling Syria's chemical weapons arsenal on Sunday, as President Bashar al-Assad admitted that he and his regime have made mistakes. | 10/06/13 18:34:29 By -

Ability to choose wisely declines with age, study suggests

When it comes to making boneheaded choices, teenagers usually win society's award for overall poor decision-making. | 10/06/13 18:04:28 By - By MONTE MORIN

Bomb kills four NATO troops in Afghanistan

Four international troops were killed by a bomb early Sunday in southern Afghanistan, officials said, the latest deaths in the 12-year war. | 10/06/13 17:29:28 By - By HASHMAT BAKTASH AND MARK MAGNIER

Negotiating terms for after the US withdrawal in Afghanistan is at a standstill

Closed-door negotiations to determine the American military mission in Afghanistan after 2014 have stalled over U.S. demands to conduct lethal counter-terrorism operations and Afghan insistence that Washington guarantee support in event of cross-border attacks. | 10/06/13 15:34:28 By - By DAVID S. CLOUD

Vo Nguyen Giap, Vietnamese general who led North to victory, dies at 102

Vo Nguyen Giap had not planned on a military career. He had no formal military training, believing he would help his country as a writer and propagandist. | 10/06/13 04:00:00 By - By DAVID LAMB

U.S. targets al-Qaida, Shabab leaders in Libya, Somalia

U.S. forces conducted raids in Somalia and Libya on Saturday targeting suspected militant leaders, including one tied to the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in East Africa. | 10/05/13 23:44:27 By - By DAVID S. CLOUD

U.S. forces reportedly carry out missions in Somalia and Libya

WASHINGTON-Navy SEALs carried out a predawn raid Saturday against a suspected Shabab leader in Somalia who is believed to have planned the group's deadly attack last month on a shopping mall in Kenya, two U.S. officials said. | 10/05/13 21:32:22 By - By DAVID S. CLOUD

Iran's supreme leader mostly pleased with Rouhani's U.S. trip

Iran's supreme leader on Saturday publicly endorsed President Hassan Rouhani's efforts to reconcile with archenemy Washington, but indicated his displeasure with some events during Rouhani's high-profile visit late last month to the United Nations. | 10/05/13 20:12:22 By - By RAMIN MOSTAGHIM AND PATRICK J. MCDONNELL

Egyptian court orders imprisoned journalist released

CAIRO - A military court has given a well-known Egyptian journalist working in the Sinai Peninsula a six-month suspended jail sentence, state media reported Saturday, in a case that had drawn protests from media groups and rights activists. | 10/05/13 20:02:22 By - By LAURA KING

Gunman who killed NATO soldier may have been contract security guard

A gunman who may have been a contract security guard killed a member of the international coalition force in southern Afghanistan and in turn was slain, NATO said in a written statement Saturday. | 10/05/13 19:27:22 By - By HASHMAT BAKTASH AND MARK MAGNIER

Referendum keeps Senate afloat in Ireland, but barely

LONDON - In a referendum many Americans would drool over, voters in Ireland have narrowly rejected a proposal to abolish their Senate, despite a vigorous campaign in favor of eliminating the upper house of Parliament in order to save money. | 10/05/13 19:12:22 By - By HENRY CHU

Man who broke Cuba embargo gets 1-year sentence

MIAMI - Pedro Adriano Borges did not appear for a Miami trial in 1997 on charges of selling goods to Cuba in violation of the U.S. embargo. He had fled to Costa Rica two years earlier, hinting that he was joining the anti-Castro struggle. | 10/05/13 17:52:24 By - By JUAN O. TAMAYO

Palestinian security raids refugee camp in Jenin

RAMALLAH, West Bank - A Palestinian security force, more than 600 strong, raided the Jenin refugee camp Saturday in a crackdown on growing lawlessness during the past month in the northern West Bank city, its governor said. | 10/05/13 16:37:23 By -

Kenya identifies 4 shopping center attackers

JOHANNESBURG - Kenyan security officials Saturday named four of the terrorists who attacked a Nairobi shopping mall two weeks ago and released closed-circuit video of four gunmen walking calmly through the mall, talking on cellphones and carrying heavy guns. | 10/05/13 16:02:23 By - By ROBYN DIXON

Charges may be filed in death of Asiana Airlines crash victim

LOS ANGELES-San Mateo County prosecutors will determine if a firefighter will face charges in the death of a teen passenger who was aboard an Asiana Airlines jet that crashed at San Francisco International Airport. The girl was killed when a firetruck responding to the crash ran over her. | 10/04/13 19:32:02 By - By RUBEN VIVES

Egyptian troops, protesters clash

Clashes between Egyptian security forces and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood flared Friday near Cairo's Tahrir Square and several other locales, reviving bitter animosity that has simmered in the seven weeks since the army and police killed hundreds of supporters of deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. | 10/04/13 18:02:02 By - By LAURA KING AND INGY HASSIEB

Egyptian troops, protesters clash

Clashes between Egyptian security forces and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood flared Friday near Cairo's Tahrir Square and several other locales, reviving bitter animosity that has simmered in the seven weeks since the army and police killed hundreds of supporters of deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. | 10/04/13 17:52:02 By - By LAURA KING AND INGY HASSIEB

Nation and world news briefs

NATION | 10/04/13 17:22:02 By -

Cancellation of Obama's Asia trip a boost for China's Xi

Splashed across the front pages, there is Chinese President Xi Jinping, resplendent as he strolls with his photogenic first lady down the red carpet welcoming him in Malaysia. | 10/04/13 16:32:03 By - By BARBARA DEMICK

Possible Leonardo da Vinci painting discovered in Swiss bank vault

A portrait of a woman believed to have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci has been discovered in the vault of a Swiss bank, according to a report in the Italian press. But doubt exists over the piece's authenticity and additional research still needs to be completed. | 10/04/13 16:27:02 By - By DAVID NG

Ex-officials sentenced in Spanish corruption trial

Former top officials of the glitzy Spanish seaside resort of Marbella were Friday handed milder prison sentences than sought by the prosecution in one of the country's biggest-ever corruption trials. | 10/04/13 16:27:02 By -

Italian Senate panel votes to expel Berlusconi

Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi said Friday that his expulsion from the Senate would endanger democracy, as a committee from the upper house of Parliament voted in favor of the move after his tax fraud conviction. | 10/04/13 16:22:02 By - By ALVISE ARMELLINI

Nation and world news briefs

NATION | 10/04/13 14:22:02 By -

Gunmen attack Egyptian troops; Morsi backers hold protests

Machine gun-wielding assailants fired Friday on an Egyptian military armored personnel carrier on the road linking the capital and the Suez Canal city of Ismalia, killing two soldiers and wounding two others, state media reported. | 10/04/13 13:42:02 By - By LAURA KING

Bus plunges into ravine west of Mexico City; at least 12 killed

At least 12 people were killed and many more injured Friday morning when a passenger bus overturned on a highway west of the Mexican capital, according to government and media reports. | 10/04/13 13:42:02 By - By RICHARD FAUSSET AND CECILIA SANCHEZ

4 killed in Kenyan riots after slaying of Islamic cleric

Four people were killed and a Christian church was burned in riots in the Kenyan city of Mombasa on Friday that followed the killing of a Muslim cleric the previous night. | 10/04/13 13:37:02 By - By ROBYN DIXON

International Criminal Court accused of anti-Africa bias

When the International Criminal Court was born 11 years ago, it may have seemed such an idealistic, noble idea that it could have leapt from the pages of a superhero comic book. | 10/04/13 08:22:01 By - By ROBYN DIXON

Trudy Rubin: Growing Islamist threat

The high cost of ideological extremism was on full display in Washington this week, where a radical faction of the Republican Party forced a government shutdown. Mercifully, radicals in Congress, unlike, say, those in Syria, use parliamentary maneuvers rather than guns. | 10/04/13 08:07:02 By - By TRUDY RUBIN

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