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    Republican Brown wins Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts

    Republican state Sen. Scott Brown became the first from his party to win a U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts since 1972 in what many analysts interpreted as a rebuke for the first year of Barack Obama's presidency. Turnout was heavy as Brown ran up a 52-47 margin over Democrat Martha Coakley, ...


    U.S. action on climate policy is key to international treaty

    Negotiators in Copenhagen will try to nail down all the main elements of a treaty to curb global warming in the next two weeks, but a final agreement won't be possible until the United States figures out what it will do to reduce emissions of heat-trapping pollution.


    New York Republican quits House race, endorses Democrat

    Under fire from prominent members of her own party who said she wasn't conservative enough, New York state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, the Republican candidate for an open U.S. House seat, abruptly withdrew from the race just days before the election, and in another surprise move over the weekend...


    One industry that's booming: debt collection

    In the often murky waters of the debt collection industry, United Recovery Systems in Houston is considered a "whale hunter." In its search for clients, United isn't looking for mom-and-pop businesses with a few hundred deadbeat customers. It wants bigger fish.


    Obama scraps controversial long-range missile defense shield

    President Barack Obama announced Thursday that he is scrapping the Bush administration's controversial missile defense shield, citing new intelligence showing a diminished threat from long-range Iranian missiles the system was supposed to guard against.


    Afghan election panel relaxed fraud rules to avoid runoff

    Last week, after it determined that excluding questionable ballots in Afghanistan's August presidential election would force President Hamid Karzai into a runoff, the country's Independent Election Commission voted to allow them to be counted, according to commission and Western officials. This ...


    On Normandy beach, U.S. president salutes W.W. II victors, warns N. Korea, Iran

    On the 65th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy to free Europe from the Nazis, President Barack Obama saluted the elderly veterans who once stormed the beaches and achieved an "improbable victory" in World War II. It was a rare day of international unity, with the leaders of the country...


    Obama invites world's Muslims to seek 'new beginning'

    President Barack Obama on Thursday spoke more bluntly than any U.S. president before him about the chasms dividing the Middle East and the political double talk behind them. He called Israel's settlements in the West Bank illegitimate. He chastised Arabs for crude caricatures of America and conspiracy...


    Souter tells White House that he'll retire from Supreme Court

    Supreme Court Justice David Souter has advised the White House that he plans to retire. The 69-year-old justice's move will give President Barack Obama his first opportunity to put a stamp on the nine-member court, which remains closely divided between its conservative and liberal wings.


    Obama calls credit card executives to the White House

    Executives of the nation's largest credit-card companies will meet with President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday to discuss growing concerns about questionable practices in the industry.

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